Rest in Hilarious Peace

Hola Bitcholas, Soooooooo, we talked about death today! Yup. Always a fun and entertaining subject. Of course that is not true, but today's death conversation wasn't as morose as most death conversations because the kind of death stories we were conversing about were stupid. Sure, death isn't...
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Oh, It's Strange Alright

Hola Bitcholas, Today was a very strange day. It wasn't a bad day, just strange. Strange callers and epic failures on all of our behalves. Miles admitted that he had never connected the dots between Yosemite Sam and Yosemite Park. Ted made fun of him and then said Yosemite Park was in Wyoming. It's...
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Long Story Short

Hola Bitcholas, Christ. Not referring to the historical figure as much as simply using his name in vain. This is in reference to the callers we had today. I love you all, but damn, some of the stories we heard today were depressing. I wanna be clear, the stories weren't depressing but the way they...
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