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John Osterlind Show

Mask and You Shall Receive???

PornHub is allowing small businesses to have free ad spac on their website. Another person was shot over mask mandate disagreement. Johnny Depp is in debt...
John Osterlind Show

Extremely Sad Day in New Orleans

Very sad news out of New Orleans yesterday. Three children were shot in broad day light. Police are looking for three suspects driving a white Jeep Wrangler...
John Osterlind Show

Last Call for Louisiana Bars

John 'Taco' Bel Edwards issues a statewide mask mandate along with restricting bars to curbside pick-up. An original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo cartridge sell...
John Osterlind Show

"Almost Famous" Day!!!!!!!!!!!

The movie "Almost Famous" turns 20 years old this week. Washington town comes up with their own currency. If New Orleans has its own currency, who would be on...