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Hard Rock Hold Up!!

The Mayor Cantrell is at odds with how to properly destroy the Hard Rock Hotel collapse. The NOPD arrest the organizer of a funeral 2ns line. Osterlind...
John Osterlind Show

LaTaxta Cantrell on CNN

Mayor Cantrell blames the federal government for not cancelling Mardi Gras. Kentucky congressman may hold up coronavirus rescue stimulus package vote. Gen'Xers...
John Osterlind Show

Congregation of Covidiots

Baton Rogue church still allowing large congregations of people to gather. New Orleans to move homeless to hotels. Cheesecake Factory not paying April's rent.
John Osterlind Show

Florida Politician Blowing Hot Air

A politician in Florida has probably said the dumbest thing of the century. Domino's and Pizza Hut are hiring drivers. Congress finally agrees on a coronavirus...
John Osterlind Show


Olympic Director postpones Summer Olympics well into next year. Should people get arrested for hoarding supllies? Covidiots pack the beaches of California.