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Friday, August 10th


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I uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the Josh early morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary men and nor is there Lamar for. She always good is she football last night although we just the first pre season game. And voltage Brees didn't play pretty much all the other shouldn't starters played. Bad album. Again it was just the first three she gave against a team who went to the AFC championship game last year in the Jacksonville Jaguars. With that being said. What we've heard a lot of about the change how great they looked her defense in camp this year. Willard their defense to not good last night is when the games started the first unit of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Very easily went right down the field scored a touchdown. And then if you pay attention to this change pre she's in camp reports. People keep talking about how great their defense slogan or Sharpton Drew Brees and practiced there are ownership and Drew Brees a lot practice. Their their first string defense will not good at all nationally would target practice yet again it's and it's again it's the first. Pre season game. I'll put the starters didn't play our defense. And and most of the starters are all let's play that looks like they have a decent backup. To Drew Brees and Tom savage. Our he was a starter for a couple years for the Houston. Texans. Home but he never had he never have a real quarterback around over as a mentor someone to look up to he finally got that we Drew Brees. In god forbid if anything happens to the future hall of Famer. They have Tom savage. Arm and they got this other guy to patient hill who's been there are couple years he excites people more on special teams on the kickoff coverage amount punt coverage. Thirty dollars. As a quarterback. But column again the defense is is what is what. We're going to be keep our eye on the share for the shaped the show HR issue for bowl contender this year there's no doubt about it. And god the all sides is the last thing in the world you have to worry about when you've got a future hall of Famer. Leading the offense it's the defense that all we're going to be focused on this year. And the first focus on the defense. Not good but there's. We welcome all practice yeah gain not a gain not a game we talking about practice. And there's still plenty of time and are still three more these games. And there's a bunch more practices to go so Wall Street but but and I know it's their job around here. When you follow this changed good to be act can't you know practicing again tonight I mean they they are back at practice tonight. In Metairie. Com. And I know they have jobs to do we have law a few local affiliates like cover these guys. But I follow all men you know the last week and a half personal every day oh look they're tweeting in their FaceBook being in their social being and the writing in there. Respective papers and there for the respective television stations how great defense has been looking good practice. That's all I heard about it was just disappointing to watch plea portals. Lead to Jacksonville Jaguars. Right down the field on an opening possession then he came out. And I think that letter for a decade from New Orleans from Saint Augustine. I think he has a chance to make the theme of the Jacksonville Jaguars I think he's each. Either XP and I think he you can you can actually meant as chair as a starter but onward and upward and meanwhile and other NFL games last night. There were a few guys aged let me old during a National Anthem there were or few guys that. Did the 1968. Mexico City Olympics. Rafa are finished in the army Tommy Davis and new and in their job Carlos induct Tommie Smith Tommy Smith. Yeah. Those from ago. On the door toward the guys who played aspect of the guys in the 1968 Olympics. Race who did Arthur. I think they had more of a region to do that because you know they won an Olympic gold that representing their country they came back to this country in his sixties and there was still. Our racial problems in this country. Now do we know I've big you know mrs. Brewster hire about knee deep in the hoopla moving hog and mark the date from hell. When the big. Stuff gets moved not not police the slip of the calendar I can speak from experience here nothing like moving in all of this yeah I did nor great planning yet apparently we have a calendar upside down and so did they play knee in the belly of the pre season games last night did the did they show the at the mine no it's not quite the same causes the viewership is not nearly I don't think so intent. I didn't Shiite turn on this change game data needed to show much there and I didn't see much action with the saints. Palms but I know in the Miami Dolphins game and a couple of other games all one guy actually ran out came out of the total in the middle of the song. Like a streaker. And I guess that was his way of making his point that he was it out because remember how the NFL said what they were going to do. They they shed while the players yours say yes they should we want all the players despaired of that are not gonna stand stay in the locker room. During national weather and then run out after the National Anthem but at that everybody said the border to throw that away if people weren't happy about that if they thought that was oppression right. Although one guy I guess was make a newspaper that he just I don't know the. Go to the bathroom where I've I don't know what that would during the middle of the song. He came running out. He came running out of the total. During the middle of the national madness yeah and end and one more bit of in a film news. There are several glitches apparently in Madden NFL ninety here's one. These days sports coverage of the NFL takes us to the mission valley area of beautiful San Diego town local. How well reject. Gather there's no TVs at age seventy in beautiful San Diego well it'll play a little bit north of Los Angeles chargers target acting. I gotta go the kinks worked out of everything videogame. But it's it's precision for mad today. Man I used to I used to play in Milan nice to be pretty good right I've stopped playing video games and a thing about starting you've moved on to higher things like my 600 pound line I figured I've bigger Brewster. In the time that I users play video games like that I you know I should mature version what are they don't live. Maturing why is isn't isn't the word game is that what it is amazing that here's my thing about shows like my 600 pound life. And we had this discussion yesterday or maybe the day before. And you were saying how you don't watch much episodic television you don't watch much scripted television here and I listed the shows that this is Bruce or I watch. And and for the most part better. Scripted episodic shows but I do like for example survivor. Survivor would be my guilty pleasure that I would put alongside you were my 600 pound line of that on TLC. Yeah it was okay. But here's the thing about video games you're not. You're not growing up as it is you're not becoming more adult they Nutley videogames do those keep your mind sharp. The hand I coordinate a we will tell me what how sharpen journal your mind to watch. How Warner have to hour. Hour after hour of my 600 pound life not valued it dollars TLC that doesn't keep your mind sharp but watching jeopardy keep your mileage. What you do you do do that than you do do that you do that from home or I give them. So all mic maybe you're right maybe interest or play video behavior I just figured you you just seem to cast some sort of the dispersion on them by saying well stronger world war but not so. Well on what more do you the first generation were senior citizens are playing video games occurring that. I mean not afford did you ever hear of things like grab pop. Don't stop yourself play Tiger Woods golf or stop playing Madden football or style play you'll call of duty. Put that Dow finished second about the bitter rip up. But stuff like that will keep grip borrows money sharply you know you're right about that that Provo we could split. The nation about maybe. It should probably thank. And the things to think about too like a family. And I got it like it here anyway emotional state one thing at a time. So long anyways but I mentioned back to practice and our practice and tonight. In Metairie and off I think next week you'll she Drew Brees for a few sheer reason nom but betar drug pay. Men and then and there. The coaches recently they weren't that not thrilled with the operational auction actually. So that's that. And I did not hear. Our sister station is coverage at all I did not hear the very first. Professional football game that new play by play radio play by play man Zach Strief yeah offensive linemen did last night July. But yeah I heard just a tiny tiny snippet the only the only reaction I actually caught. Was just they said he's putting I think what you're doing is putting the letter I in the word jaguar. Leagues that you are you fire that you wired jagged Jack war earned him again the only way that we can change that is if you're British and they say. Jack you are. But not jaguars. Eyes somebody's putting and I and there are nurture. I think he'll be fine I think it'll take a few games to get him going but I think I I think he'll be fine you know what this. We played offensive line for the change for all of version your version and and now now he's the radio play by play man of our sister station and I'll give a few games I I think he's going to be. Do E. A. SPORTS Rory McIlroy golf on a 58 in big screen. She nightlife is good they let me take in life is good but maybe I should have put video games. Our public next. But toy pitch for all the men are the history making mayor of the city of New Orleans. Fired the 911 director a guy who was with yet copd from 42 years. It was one of the shady how it happened to stay tuned for that here on I 95 which by united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans. Sure you know all the people that hate president Donald Trump doesn't matter what he does that you locate him. Especially Democrats. And yesterday at the president at the Pentagon. His vice president Mike Pence outlined the administration's plan for the United States based force. Predicted Lee right after that announcement Democrats are accusing president trump of polluting the martians. And it intersected effect collusion. So all. Stay tuned for the latest on that that's pretty wild the space force is much lower branch of the military. All the flap though about the name of it because the they keep saying that there. There they're throwing in the Ford Expedition and and and know its enemies speak it's IE. I don't have it in front of me better you are you aware of all this flaps would yell just the media jumping on somebody ms. speaking by one word. Ball all I know it this is something new EEE he wanted to be like another bridge of the military is but it's based right that's why their pollen at the space force. A home a god and and and again hit his Jewish critics no matter what he does your shares are gonna jump all over shall. Now lower Mars or weights that's one of the look at those. That there that the working on that you can vote on. Go to Mars. Mars or where it's pretty wild are covered up next all of LaToya Cantrell our new mayor art history making there. I just fired the head of a 911 system here in Michigan on the guy. Who she fired. He was what the general Pete for 42 years and I don't it was his fault or not if you got a fender Bender every time here in Michigan New Orleans when you called on what it took like eight hours for up to shall. I don't know that was his fault or not affect the undermanned stay tuned for that report coming up. Here Od IU 95 points out why you'd ID five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The John monster when morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in new warlords. And Lamar Ford. I'm excited for tomorrow. To go she a great rock show is in New Orleans tomorrow night Irena great rock show not a not a good lot rock show or really good rock show a great rock show is in New Orleans tomorrow. Nice Stone Temple Pilots the colts and boyish. And they're playing the champions where over there next to the superdome will be the support too much. By tart that's tomorrow there is supposed to be doing the rainfall is. I'm going to be a question I guess today and tomorrow now as TP happy at the way by tomorrow evening now. This eligible pilots say avenues singer and he's got rave reviews. People seem to like them. A home. I had a tough gig though because as you know what killed Scott why Ireland and the big guilt Chester Bennington Philly and forced Iowa alone. And he was that too soon I've always said the poll. Is one of them most underrated bands in rock I don't think people like give them the credit for the Asian or I've always generally under rated the just not even thought yeah he'd just they're not even in a lot of conversations not I I I I think they're fantastic. And then you got bush singer blew his marriage to Gwen Stefani above we did check for the babysitters but a dirt are good bad. So law passed tomorrow night or Saturday night oral and I'm I'm introducing more of the bands although they haven't told me which one so I don't know. Just want her out on stage of that. The show often we'll say get over there thank you Cleveland in the ash that you were doing tomorrow night trauma before that very excited. So art history making men are here in the city of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell. I Paula tweet because Shia tweets watchers on Twitter line. And she's history making because she's the first woman. Mayor in the history of the great city of new world. Sheaf yesterday she fired the 911 director. A guy by the name of Stephen Gordon. He bit a part of the moral of police department for 42 year urged. And dollar toy Cantrell payment. And she fired him. I don't know. If if if he's at fault. For would you call mine won one here in the studio nor would you feel if you get launching a fender Bender a car accident and six hours later in the New Orleans cops still haven't showed up yet. And that happens a lot. I don't all of that at his fault if he's the one to blame or not for the fact that or about 800 top shorten the shady we have been for for years. Well that's not on him but that's not on him to appease the 911 director guess who takes the fall of course he's not there Manning the phones and it's not his. Direct responsibility but it. Somebody's got to take that Paul. What we get big about a Brewster. And if we are great and we are 800 top shorten the city. Of of having a full police force we that we do look at a city where people get shot every day. And usually would someone get shot you call mine one woman's constitutional law. You could understand. If there's a fender Bender. And it takes six hours eight hours of four nor has copped to show up to deal that your deal with you're assurance. Is that maybe by hash tags city obviously you Coleman won one yet and you say yes I've been shot. That means city via its you'd have to ask what tweet to deter deter hashed out she's not returning my tweets this year she came up with now. But what they're particular about doing and we talked about this on the show all public times. They're thinking about hiring people jealous. To beat traffic cops Joseph is not among dogs are not real New Orleans cops with their basically traffic officers. Who award show all if there is an accident or a fender Bender. So the two people can get their stuff but taking care of with I don't know all of you get a bad maybe half a badger may be a bad job looks like a car and it sounds a little something like this. You may want to argue yeah. But you hit deep route while I'm Mike and LA that you iron and I'm here I've been around my area he map I thought America. That rate we're. Won't even if it did sound like that wouldn't be better than waiting ten hours or eight hours or however long. Well there is that beat because that that happens when people are getting a part fracture in his studio in New Orleans because we're we're we're abortion wonderment and waiting for Goldberg it's going to be awhile as the boomers gone through it's real war. A I've too soon but barred her firing between his fire hearing. Of Steven Gordon who would again he he had been a part in the world's police for 42 years. Called. And there's a little bit of controversy. Because I don't know all. For instance evidently you're supposed to. You're supposed to go in front of a board. And you're supposed to how low. A big meeting I don't know she did everything the way exactly she was supposed to do on the amount a 100% sure. Hershey might just kinda. That it did dish and it shouldn't had been shed a board approved this in the nation okay we're gonna improvement but she really. Of the meeting in front of the people that she was supposed to I'm not sure about that. All but that's what some people are saying. But a lot she's got a lot of work. Ahead of her form you know all she. She didn't see this exactly the way I'm about to say it but this is how she feels. She feels that very 911. Situation. Was a dam disaster under her predecessor. Mitch how often winter. And she's already said just Georgian water board was a disaster. Under her predecessor. Mitch have more winter. And we know people still continue to get shot everyday in this city as they did when he was mayor they were shot people got shot every day initiative New Orleans ran much. Is that a bit of a cop out though isn't she making these these statement of the list of things the laundry list the following things are not my fault well. Sergio waterboarding is not my fault people getting shot every day not my fault not one not my fault hash tag not my call. Well maybe I should be your next hash tag which she wanted this gate. At and now that you have a job I mean you knew that these things Rory issues. We -- you were brought up the crumbling and are structured the streets. Weather did the pot holes that are are filled with blood. She wanted this job she wanted to be they history making first female mayor of the great city of New Orleans. Yeah and you know on people don't like excuses and people don't like playing the blame game which she has done some of that. Shall will see. She has named someone. I mean in term basis to replace draw. Steven Gordon and by the way. Com. That person's name is shining her east. All I know I actually the person that that diet that she appointed. To replace Stephen Gordon. The head in the 911. Gay is Tyler Morse. He is now the executive director Tyler Morris had been serving in a temporary role after his boss shiner Hayes. Resigned from her job. In April right soul of their Fulton mall. I just wonder. And we'll see if if they ever do what they they've talked about doing getting civilians. To basically be traffic cops to be part time cock pops. It took to beat cops to show up only dealing with traffic accidents. And in in the city of New Orleans and New Orleans parish Whitney yeah he would possibly go wrong you're Tellme Brewster you don't think it would be better. To let's say a half hour after you get offender veteran who coached by Bobby well obvious from Algiers shows up wearing top of badge that was like a police car to get Soledad Don. Instead of a real cops showing up night hours later. What happens when was the first time the situation escalates. And punches are thrown and the second time when guns are drawn. Now what you did. Do you call the the secondary force that. Comes in as backed up. For the peace you've got citizen's arrest in that you've got. What is. There could be issues if you have fled from shell met being a and want an all out on time. Cop oh don't cast aspersions on the payers will probably leave the Packers haven't been. It's not gonna words are gonna happen. Because they're gonna work. Well stay tuned and look in his years if if you are gonna get a car crash. Just told to ignore let's try to do injection parish with the cultural pretty sure I don't bring them here. It's buy you 95 points but you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock I've never owned a pair of Crocs. Have you machine. Now they have afternoon noon you know. I don't know the reason the reason I brought that up I saw a story crops is closing its remaining manufacturing. Plants this year. So does that mean it's time to get a really good deal out on a couple prayers are crotchety. That's a good question because. Is that something that can be engineer surprised we're you can buy. Moon maybe it's not they're not technically Crocs may be their CEO RCR. Old CK us. Yeah because a lot of talking about ST RO CS right and are based in no I walked out Colorado. They announced their clothes in that plant they have to overseas plants one in dollar Italy. Italian Crocs. And one in Mexico. And those two are gonna be closing by the end of this year so I'm normal but no one. Try that fashion or non McGregor and hurry up coming up next we're looking at today's history on the show we call this segment why today does this up. As acts here I'd buy you 95 points out why you 95 point seven. New Orleans only classic rock. The John Oscar when morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. And Lamar Ford I think I hurt myself. It's about that time of the morning where we all all look at today in history. And on his radio show. The segment is called. My today doesn't sound. Happy. I don't know that you're gonna you better you can explain it do this. He spent some time in this neck of the woods happy Connecticut today well. We do we know why today's Connecticut you know white to me that Connecticut that I have no idea even know why that I that'll make two of us a very familiar with the place it let's. National committee today. It's a unique state it has a couple of balls richest zip codes in America. At it has a couple of the poorest zip codes in America woven into the fabric of the State's historic landscape we find revolutionaries innovators in philosophers. On August 10 national Connecticut they recognizes the contributions. Of the fifth state to join the United States. Five. I don't know that probably. Which you thought it would you probably do with the fifth day I'd acknowledged I knew was one of the first I didn't know exactly which one important. I'm fine. But I knew that about the zip codes coming in at number five it's also happy national small hours today would have loved them you know I don't think I've ever had that. If you've ever had a it's more you probably should start now that's it and today is that. Now I don't feel like doing it. Nationally these days. Food makes this no public enemy. August 10. Follows today 81846. Y two Danny doesn't. This Smith so. Institute is created more than did you publishing yes. We went we went to we had to do the as the Soviet airspace museum we did this with Sony's history. Museum and the only one we did not. Have time for was the the one with the hi hang audits Erica because tomorrow you have do what I was gonna say they don't want to almost dinosaurs are there American. So natural history Coca yet to dismiss so what do you look almost 200 years old when you're walking around there could you tell us today to 1846 it was created no but there's a building called the castle which is the original Smithsonian. Probably. Maybe built during the time that mr. Smithson. Was alive. That they use for it wouldn't you don't believe we went in there have been no it's cute Tom play a simple play state of the yards. The air and space museum probably was my favorite. You know I've always being the radio and TV none that I am nerd that I am. Here you always hear about Archie bunkers chair is in the Smithsonian's. Air and it was a let down because it was. Just kind of over here with mothers there's not really. It's the it's. The TV portion of it is laid out rather oddly. They don't like just say that though you know you have to break the glass than the power goes off there's like a big big. For lawful. Here's my tip for those of you going. To Washington DC. Don't go over the fourth of July like we did and don't know what kids are out of school yeah. Map up warehouses that thousands that did bring him around it's good. Very complex. After a decade of debate about how best is fed to vote question left to America from an option here English scientists what you call me. President James Paul signed the Smithsonian Institution act into law James Smithson and died in 1829 in Italy any left behind the wheel with the peculiar footnote in and that was to do something with with that money right. That's what. We have the Smithsonian something that every American should have civil strive to see much like I say every American should see Mardi Gras at least once in their lives should be here for Mardi Gras I think every American. Should see the Smithsonian's. I mean maybe not that order when moon. August 10 tee you don't go to the quarter for for Marty grove. No I enjoy Mardi raw all Austria Charles avenue long time I've run as the place to enjoy for residency when you tell people. Not here but when you say that outside of the year. It's that misconception that for trade we've talked about this like going shows lecture today. Hey let's go to. You know as it is just say hey we're we're go for lunch part way okay they say. Let's go to parkway in April people boys ages this this contrived. Dialogue that would have you think that everybody. In the entire area in all the surrounding parishes whose of Richmond street every night that that that had been ahead. August 10 don't get me started. It was today all I remembered as it was today I was a little kid. In 1977. Why today he doesn't sat one. A big arrest though. Okay. I don't know. Son of Sam oh are arrested in New York City a 24 year old postal employee named David Berkowitz. He's arrested and charged was being the son of Sam. This had New York City for a year. I mean women were cutting their hair because he was only he was only shooting along air women. He would go to different parts around New York City where people would. Young couples would park their cars or they go make out and hang out right at this suit you which turned upside down for a year. And that's why how how they caught up he got up parking ticket. And they and they traced the parking the exact car was his car was parked near where somebody got shot. And when they went to Yonkers to the apartment where the car was registered to they knocked on the door you open it Doherty said. What took so long. You got the right guy than you have global that's sob story though this honest I am not that. That would take at New York City turned upside down for a year. That's the great side nova episode where George is dating his cousin and it's the band out in the hit it the goods and yeah. And not just that nobody and no it the the the whale went right. He had. Son of Sam David pork which is bail back where he was a mailman and used it to get Kramer out of a bad week that's open and it was over. That was for those pretty point. August that. I remember this too it was today in 19840. Why today he doesn't sell the very first PG thirteen movie is released to a year 1984. Why today he doesn't sound that is a great movie. The movie red dog then. Starring Patrick Swayze. It opened in theaters and it was the very first movie ever in history to be released with a PG thirteen rated probably biographers see that movie Bobby. A great. The Motion Picture Association of America which oversees the movie rating system that Greg had announced the brand new PG thirteen category. A month earlier. In 1984 hogwash and I that was a big deal PG thirteen and what was uninteresting I was right around that age in 1984. And I like a movie I had my argument drink. Good movie with the red on red dawn. Gather there are some town and out west and it all was on the Russians invade Patrick Swayze takes the young. People and they go into the woods and fight the Russians had pretty good. I don't buy it report it was a very Asia was not on the list the date but thank you. India. And pay a couple of ball or. Love this liberty were happy birth date of may be the most popular wrestler ever would you say whole Hogan. In the conversation you guys in the conversation. Paul Hogan have a report date today and all so happy birthday and cute teen mom star that show on MTV than happy birthday teen mom star Mason book out. If you wanna set to give she could use birth control. All August. Ten. It was today. Bear in. 2003. Why today doesn't sound. Temperatures in the United Kingdom top 100 degrees. For the first time. During a European Heatley. Do you realize it was never old or a hundred degrees in Europe before 2003. They must have thought that the world was coming to an end. Yeah. Of course it is but just not because of different. We get out until August 10 it was today 1793. Hulu. Museum opens. Over there and why today he doesn't sat Paris France and I've I've never been to the move you've been apparent no no I've been to Europe a couple of times I've never made it up to prepare. It was on this date August 10. 2002. What I did not remember why today he doesn't so I don't remember this Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie. Married for the third time you ever wish you very good. Who her third husband was let some repressed I know it didn't work out what Michael Jackson did she write up what his brother Tito. Actor. Former New Orleans residents. High forehead. Actor Nicolas Cage home loans they would divorce or a 108 days later in their divorce proceedings lasted longer than their beard. Now that they would split bill sounds like nick cage's wife yes. I did that was agree description of of them I did. Do your job there we're going to be here tomorrow but I wanna say this about that or that about this. On this day tomorrow August 11 why today he doesn't Saturday did this wrong. August 11 in the you're. Boy if I would print these out in the go get them off the printers and who want anyway August 11 I guess it was. When your business. Well maybe we will come back tomorrow is gonna take me that loan for a August 11. 19661. Today he hasn't sat Jon linen really stepped that it would heap for plane did. That The Beatles were bigger than Jesus all that was that was all that was tomorrow. The 52 years ago tomorrow just an off handed comment the next thing you know radio stations stopped playing and they were they were burning their albums in many cities absolutely they were they were. There's a famous film where he chases. You know what The Beatles have said so bring your I think was in Birmingham. So bring your Beatles trashed at the bottom of The Beatles bonfire where are gonna put up with this and if he would just to. The sedated and see what he said was to truncated it was too abbreviated it was two. Too much brevity to it. Maybe maybe. Maurer. Levity the brevity was needed yet just an off handed comment I got because woody that was at that time were kids of that age sure. The their focus was more on pop culture. That it was on. Religion. And he didn't help would be paid back it said in a sorry you affinity one does. The decision at the we were bigger than Jesus are bigger than daughter bigger than the thing or whatever and you know whatever it is. But yeah that was that was one of the first. I would say. At that time high profile. Media folk bonds committed by. Somebody of their stature and finally. It was today in 1937 why today he hasn't sent the first ever all electric guitar patent. All awarded to the electro string corporation. All the way back in 1937 today somebody and they electric guitar what let's patent this thing and and finally. Related to that born on this date in nineteen old nine why today he doesn't sad happy heavenly birthday to Leo. Lenders are. Figured if they come mobile today about a police chief who got arrested for buying cocaine. And that's a segment that we call why today he doesn't sound. Here on by U. United by a point out by uniting five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans this weekend. There's something really cool going on in Kenner at the pot to treat senator. It's a city of Kantor's great lady. And it's. 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and then on Sunday it's 11 AM to 4 PM this is great if you've got little kids. And they are so much for the kids to do edit and I'm going to be there for tomorrow from noon to two because I heard cat talking about it she said there's gonna be our single moms that are. Tiger is your warning the single mom loved his show so I'll I'll I'll go their tomorrow from noon to two but it you've got little ones. It'll be great to be inside the cool air conditioning and show what should there for a little kids to do they're gonna have a great time it's extra bucks to get an. And you bring their cage and I you I understand fretted about the kid but for the adult I think they the picture beer do. So all. That's a cool thing this weekend to do with your kids. That that the city Kendrick Turner's annual great. Played eight and I will be there tomorrow at the puck to train turner turner from mod noon to two. And I hope to see you would know and and a little ones out there and now I promise will be good dot. All right then I covered up next we gotta tell you this story about the police chief who got arrested for buying cocaine. It's by united five point I 95 point seven. Norwood told the classic rock the John Austral in morning show brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Campbell mark for. A couple of police chiefs or in the news. Not for good reasons. While of during the new music can't be for for good reasons speakers. Why would a police chief be in the news for good reason I mean if you shapes a monarchy he's just doing his job. To be some sort of excuse me despite special accommodation or something. And umpires. They're they're doing your job you know they're not seen that aren't exactly you don't think about exactly. Well one of homes on the East Coast one albums on the West Coast I'll start with the law on the West Coast. And perhaps she shall all the video because over the last few days a video went viral. Over FaceBook over everywhere you saw these two guy he's. Beaten up this old man on the side of the road the old man happened to be muzzled because he was wearing a target. And these two were younger guy who's. Where were apology dome and they knew me try to get LP kicked om and it was all on video it was awful. I saw them beat you and I should look at those punk kids I'd like to do that to them what their due went to that guy. Home to find out. That one of the one of them one of the guys just seventeen year old. Who wish beating all the Muslim guy. On the viral video. Ease the sought. Of accounting California's. Police chief get out gap and dog the police chief is holy week. Bummer now. All saying that he doesn't understand how one of his three kids could go so far off the beaten path our Chevron Cisco Bay Area police chief said his family is quote shaken to the core. After his Shawn was arrested in the beating of a 71 year old Muslim man. These eighteen years old as names Tyrone McAllister. Along with chaos sixteen year old boy. Are beneficiaries. Chargers. And and Tyrone McAllister is the Sean. All of you Union City, California which is a suburb of San Francisco. Union city police chief Daryl McAllister. Who wrote on FaceBook. Two days ago. Quote words can barely describe how embarrassed dejected and hurt my wife. Daughters and I feel right now. And you could sheet of video which its edge brutal. It's just his Muslim guy you desire you use driver and a car you get out of his car is right there in the road. And these two young guys this guy happens to be black Tyrone McAllister. As stars of whale O'Donnell beat Null. And then they left and you thought it was over than the guys start getting all. And then Tyrone McAllister comes back he kicks him again knocks him down spent some. Exit eighteen year old kid doing this to a 71 year old man. And god guys that died dead video went viral and it was awful. But at least they are. They got the guy they know what is. And how does that happen you're the sort of a police chief here eighteen. And this isn't the first time he's been arrested. Almost Wii shop that non. Yeah you know you're you're you're you're you're cop. You're supposed to off. You know make sure everybody's acting good your town. Yet you can even make sure that everybody's acting good in your house well but that's that's the classic case RO. On the preacher side nor the the police officers on. There's extra focus on then there's extra pressure on them to be good to be hated to be somebody. And it's out. Give me a lot of pressure yet the are Muslim guys have got beat up to 71 year old whose name is sigh he'd sing each. Does he was speaking English he must've been like mall in whatever language you speak propelled going on around it. I do IIR I saw a video I a couple of days ago and that to see that as a police chief shrugged when it's like he's. And then the other off. Yellow local police chief making news. We guess its side he'd been seeing that. Mets end all right say. What about the other police chief making news is for something he did yes and not his sought. Saying in this is in our small town New Jersey new police chief. New Jersey police chief or rested for trying to buy cocaine. Our New Jersey police chief was busted yesterday for trying to buy cocaine. And then having it sent to his PO box. So you can't do that. Do you think if we just tried buying it without having it drag descent into his PO box he would have got away with a ass. Off 43 year old Michael cup pole. He's the police chief of palisades. Interstate parkway police department and that sells like the causeway cops. News as if New Jersey had a causeway could be the palisades interstate parkway police department he thought he was ordering cocaine. Through the Internet. Can you do other places you can go on the Internet and by Coke and you can buy just about any things so. How it would not surprise me. Bailey he was only Internet he thought he was ordering cocaine. And he thought he was having it delivered do like I should do as PO box of mail spot in Bergen County. New Jersey and what job. Was actually talking to a united states postal inspection. Guy. Maybe talk into. And a narc. A male mark Wright and dom. He filled a package with fake cocaine. And then he put it in a post office box owned by the police chief. And then of course the police chief woods and opposed obvious violation when he picked up the package with a fake glow and they are still at all. And he's been charged with bomb attempt. Possession. Of cocaine and he's chief of each 48 officer department that patrols an eleven mile stretch of highway. Between the George Washington Bridge in the New York State line. And that doesn't told police force. Up there. Now they asked a couple of the other cops if they want to be interviewed how they felt about this all the shed was no they don't wanna be interviewed and this blows. No home. About that I used his police career is over. Hey coming up our man was actually Q did last night at Tennessee but there are some people saying the controversial drug that killed them. It put that a lot of pain that he should abandon a stay tuned for that governor. Here on by 95 point 75 united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans if you follow the local news here in New Orleans. You. Perhaps heard the story. A couple of weeks ago that. Our guys burned body was found in Algiers. Additions and a car in their car was on fire and and in the day. It is gonna take a little while to figure out what they date they figured out who watched. They've identified big guy as go Vontae Lampkin. And they know him well. Go Vontae Laird and by the way Dirk and there was also are he had been shot. Before I was set on fire. Go bond tale Lampkin. Was also the target. Of two different shootings in in 24016. Two years before. He was recently found shot to death in his body burned in the woods of Algiers. They did they'd be found them last month. The reason why he was shot twice in 246 team. He was first shot in June of 4016. He survived. That shooting. And that he was shot again in November. Of 4016. Because. He was going to testify. Home. Against men. Who. Were going to trial. For shooting people. Seoul this guy you don't much like the guy. Who was shot and killed in the parking lot of chicken and watermelon a couple of Saturday night. Is that guy they. And they said that was payback because he shot and killed some dude in a wheelchair. All gang related. Much like news. So all. When I go about Taylor didn't. I've got a couple of years ago survived the second shooting. He said he still planned in the intended on an odd testifying. Against these guys who were shooters in another case. She dash Y. When when you win when you wonder why neighbors and bad neighborhoods. Don't talk a lot. Win win you wonder how crimes get committed. And because nobody says anything because there are afraid. This is what they're afraid of this is why people in wealthy neighborhoods. Don't want bush beat golf. A lot of the time because they know if it gets out that they spoke well. We're going to be the next. Victim of all of of a shooting they're going to be the next hit it's that simple. And show Aum. I get much like the chicken and why ultimately shooting from a couple of weeks ago. That was retribution. And and and they've finally identified the body of the guy burned to the Algiers woods. And they tried killing him a couple of times. Two years ago we year and a half ago because he was going to testify. Against these guys and by the way there are robbed there are four guys. Who are in jail. And and are awaiting trial. That Hussein trial I guess that this guy I was supposed to. Be a witness in this guy was supposed to testify in but they're not gonna have got Vontae Lampkin. Because saw. They took care of that problem. Hopefully the prosecution zone somebody else. These people don't know about that will be able to testify but this is exactly why. Ball a lot of people don't Cheney thank and I know people get frustrated the people in the better neighborhoods here in New Orleans get frustrated at the people on the worst neighborhoods. You who did this. You don't committing the crimes of history what you say shop that. This is exactly one. Are covered up next. The state of Tennessee executed Amanda last night Summers saying they used the Doug the bad drug. And it cost of a lot of pain and under some other guy in Nevada. Who's about to get executed he says we jury please. Stay tuned for that report here on by uniting five point jump by you. 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock the job popular morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in nor. M a mark for. Sold last night the state of Tennessee actually Q did this guy. Billy Ray I ripped. Then ray Cyrus not go to. A Billy Ray hybrid. And they used the draw Dutch may can headlined the controversial drug. That some people say. Our shouldn't be used because it inflicts. Torturous. Pain. I know we've we've talked about executions on the show before because I remember. Last year. Bomb. That they said that there's a shortage. In some stage or how when it comes time about Philippine election here. Because they have a shortage of the draw well and not making any more of it and then the state of Arkansas had to use some. Knock out drugs some. Go to sleep permanently drug because it was going to expire. At the end of that particular month and my question was. You know if the use it past the expiration date. Is gonna kill them. Yeah right yeah I remember talking about Arkansas could they had a handful of guys that they static kill before. The expiration date of the drug don't like what's with some big deal and they were they were killed when these guys faster all. And I. Mean how do you feel about the death penalty stroke you'll fit though probably. 26 one love is also asking because I mean you're either you're either for you're judged that there's really well really no on the fence I mean. I mean is the way I feel as always they got the right guy kill a kill ball. That's the way I look there's no question that. There's no. Cool minded judge there there's no question. That. Innocent men and women have been executed in our and our country's history to pass added there's no question about that so do you say. Do you say Rex Lex Lex Rex is the king Lawler is the lock king. Do you weigh one to. Executed innocent person. Against the ten bidder and presumed guilty beyond a shadow of doubt at least through. What we have now I just. I want to be left alone at 12 while when the wind is so when these it's a sticker calls I'm not going to eat his liver. I'm just going to slam the doors they leave me alone that was just a guy who went more by Brewster promise. I had a friend who used to work for goal dot com. Advertised for acute and two or three different times he had to go cover and actually fusion here in the state of Louisiana. And he shouted halt. Sheds he should it bother even though he was for the death penalty he says beer and Aaron have to having to witness she. You will wish it was you'd fallen right but. Because the lethal injection is not W closure rising go to sleep. Well I don't know it's not know it's not. That was because there are so many that that have. That you're about that have been on the use the word botched. Well horror. You know things go wrong but still you're watching. A human being. Regardless of calm illnesses are guilder watching human beings last moment what how what's supposed to work is they get to. Drugs the first exactly three it's actually created a three drugs the first stroke which initially. Though the first drug. As I understand that does not put them to sleep it just relaxes. Their bodies. This. Two or three I'm not sure about that one stops the heart. Now if you that's the last one but from what I understand their unconscious when they do that last shot yeah now that's the and I've always said you know. Most people will never get to die like that motion most people will feel paid whether it's a little off for a short period of time. For a long period of time not all lethal injection. Subjects. Do not feel pain. It's not going to be the same for everyone. Because there are there are things that can happen and there are botched. Lethal injections. Wall but I know there has been offense neither here nor there towards the argument that. All right I and I know I know there is their third there's been Juan. Salma botched. Actually Q shoots with the shots. What's home. How it's supposed to work is a Dick they're supposed to speak yet and you're supposed. Relax and then get unconscious. And that and and are supposed to stick yet and that's approached acutely. And I've always said to myself boy most people won't have the opportunity to die like that. Our home. And and most people never did that heinous. Things that these people that kitchen inched to the death penalty. Did. But last night others dish dish guy Billy Ray Ira. They they put him to death. For committing an in 1985. Reap in murder of a seven year old girl. We think about that. And that was in 1985. And he has lived that long. And show all. The drug. You know that they use to to actually cued him. There are some people they say that that our drug causes some pain dear do you really care. That this guy if this guy. Raped and murdered a seven year old girl back in 1985 do you care if he felt some pain when he died last night he hasn't felt much pain. In the last oh I don't know 1985 what what is it now 2018 well years. Coming that he's going to you in in addition new and not feeling pain you'd think he's going to feel remorse. There are some crimes there are some criminals that commit crime so heinous that. That they don't reckon. This life or whatever they perceive as the next life the same way you do well so it's it's. I don't care this guy had remorse or not he raped and killed a seven year old girl in 1985. Well I mean then if you're saying the death and lead to just be repeated it. Hello somebody like that then then then there's the argument and I always I always thought Iowa. Said that DNA. Wasn't God's way of telling us hey you've made some mistakes. Don't make mistakes anymore. And and now with with wood DNA you can pretty much. Guarantee that you've got the right guys. Ed Dalton. Look I don't care of this stuff is expiring. I don't care whatever but any human being that rapes and murders of seven year old girl needs to die Brewster that's my big. And they don't need to do well at least you're giving that that. You're giving that done. Task to the state. And not to street justice. Like you would do so often on the show now stents. But I am feeling that you're gonna make it you're gonna make their case for that as well you thought maybe somebody in the prison he was it over the years when they found out what he did. Well that's three justice out of a prison justice predate they would taking care of well that happens all the time it just didn't happen in this particular case. Doll. And job. He had his last march oh OK I comment on what goes on in prison because thank god I've never been there where. Then he had his last meal last night I think golly it was a he yacht. Get a hamburger. Onion rings and Apache. What I noticed more people would make in the switched Apache over over Culkin. I like Pepsi. How about that that's what Pepsi. But just some people say they didn't like the way he went down last night because they feel that the edge to do drug did they used when they when they stuck the needle enemy killed them would cause of some pain. Really it did that does that bother you that this guy who raped and murdered a seven year old girl is gonna feel a little bit of pain when he dies. Really does that bother you when we tell you something I slept great last night. And I'll go to sleep great weekend tonight. Lilja and gloomy yet now on motive in editors say he's opened commercially but haven't. But I. Ted give me to walk him that didn't Anders one other guy. Whose is set to be actually feuded out in the state of Nevada. And he said job I guess his electrocution. Has been delayed a couple of times. And he shares would you would you just hurry up and get it over with you see I like that attitude that's the attitude guy Sri should death row. Should dog should have. Well. I mean there's there's as far as execution methods I mean there's. There's there's the there's a casing could be remade for the firings sure especially if they're running out of this Cheryl they're not they're not making well they used or whatever the case may be because of that bit more because of because though instantaneous. I mean there's there can be no more quick yeah instantaneous I mean. Firing squad traditionally win for the hard but it you know who now. Oh my Brewster. Mean are coming up alternated dumbest thing we read all week there's usually at least water to runners up are stay tuned for that report. Here on volume 95 which outside united five point seven. These classic rock of new warlords. So others. Baseball player I was retiring his name Jayson Werth. In a pretty good career was on a guy on our radio show the other day and he says that Schubert nerds are killing baseball. He he's saying that. More now than ever before there are each in front offices. Who have never played the game and these guys come out of MIT they come out actually effort. And it's all based on analytics. And if you ever watched. The Brad Pitt movie money ball where Brad Pitt. Please delete being any little more he's pretty old now. Billy dean is still the general manager of the Oakland a's and they do things a certain way and it's all bi analytics. I mean they never. Sacrifice bunt they never steal bases right there are wig you're always end and what Jayson Werth with Shane is. You know the game is being ruined by these guys would never played baseball or they're all bombers experts. But but they even though they've never played baseball they can't throw a baseball they can't hit a baseball they get jobs in big league baseball. Team's front offices because there analytics expert Brian. I think one of the great things that has come but I have not seen money ball that's on my list of oh if you like baseball which I know you do yeah you. Is on the list I just haven't gotten to it I'm I'm assuming that. And others one stat. That I believe came from that. Billy being school and that his wins above replacement yes and I think that is a tremendous stat that I am surprised it took so long. In the 160. Year history of of baseball. Attitude to come about you would have thought that. Iran coming out of the those the fifties you would think you would have thought that somebody. With a giant room of bank in room computers would've would've come up with that but that's that's the call it war that's a rate that's a great stat. Yet after reached out and now when you look at hitters the only numbers that really matter are aged GOP yes. Andy on base percentage mine and you know it's it's it's wild how that is changed a little bit. But I think it's a pretty good point out front offices in Major League Baseball who used to be filled with baseball is. Are are now field with a what he calls super nerds guys who come out of MIT at such and they've never played baseball but they get hired because they know with the numbers. And he says it's killing baseball. Pretty fascinating stuff they have come up next we will tell you the dumbest thing I've read all week and we usually have a runner up or so a stay tuned for that report. Here on by 95 point jump by united five point seven. New Orleans only classic rock. The job monster early morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar Ford. A tickets Friday. It's about 835. This is where. After a week of going through all kinds of stories for this radio show. Some of them much dumber than others. This is where relate to bring US segment we call the dumbest thing renal week. And usually we have one or opera to I know I got a runner up do you have a runner up reached I do have a runnerup. Do you want media give my water up first and then you give your runner up and welcome back with the dumbest thing I've always sure that okay. You might Christine might run rockers this story went viral and admit a lot of headlines. Woman tells police not to arrest her because she's a clean thoroughbred white girl. This happened in god. It's a story happening South Carolina and it's a story that we're all over the place but truthfully can happen anywhere in small town America while all woman. We've seen speeding through a stop sign. And god when the cops pull are over. She told the officers that they should know register because she's quote a very clean. For a red white girl. Unquote. Now what does thoroughbred. And they've well. Lineage that can be positively identified in the narron blog is amusing the the act wine the worse. Horse analogy of that term all on the dating scene right now Brewster and would that help or hurt me I have five really if I really like the woman and I said you know you look like we'll find thoroughbred I is that is that a positive or negative thing for me to check isn't a positive or negative if I throw by the year. Well. Anyways this woman her name was Laura in the caught show all this happened in the loft in South Carolina. And I she's had a few other things as well even though while she's 32 years old was well. And she also told the arresting officer elect people tried to save whatever they can't try got a ticket you know would we went every which you do that up to you what I think we've all been there sure. But she said she should be jailed because she was a cheerleader. A dancer and a sorority girl is at the bit she you can mumbling. Who graduated from high accredited university. And then she described herself you know. And what's the cubs were already odder Brewster that's when she made the line which he described herself as a white thoroughbred right and went on to say quote. I'm a white clean girl or arrest me. That sure about that we see here's the problem. Everything that she mentioned there that should. In her in her view give her out of the ticket. Would just be too small to put in fine print on the sign that says speed limit and 35. And she blew a little bit too high in the breathalyzer policy. She was. So anyway I got thought she was pretty stupid and I thought that story was stupid. Home. No argument here and that was my my our runner up number two thought. Moods. Headlines one million dollars we even hidden in let us seized. Traffic stopped well. It's a party your house small creativity. And dateline Putnam county Indiana State Police confiscated a million dollars worth of marriage you wanna during a traffic stop on interstate seventy Wednesday. But trooper stopped a tractor trailer near the 41 mile marker in Putnam county Indiana. Around 7:30 AM after detecting several. Criminal indicators. Who's the troopers searched the trailer and found 260 pounds of hydra product marijuana. That was being concealed by the trucks load of fresh lettuce and lettuce was being taken from Colorado. The Florida street value of the marijuana. Hidden in the lettuce estimated at one million dollars. Say it with me that's a lot of cabbage to drivers of the semi identified as 33 year old. Hard hey blah go to the ass of me out of Miami and hey Dan led big Ninos de LA Cruz forty of Cutler bay Florida see how did that anchor thing where they say and today in. We cannot yet were both arrested on felony charges appealing marijuana and if you like to visit them they're being held in the Putnam county jail and think. 260. Pounds. That's like a party are out that that Tudjman said it was worth a lot of money and it must have been like really really. Really good so the million dollars in gas at the gives them that must sound like it was really good. Gate they both have they have their mug shots here they both have that look like what do you want from me. Well they probably have a look on their face heat we hear behind bars because when I get out I gotta explain to somebody what happened when there million dollars worth the open. Yes the our rivals DO waters obvious there which leads us to. Here is the dumbest thing I wrote all week. Argument over politics on FaceBook. Leads to man being shot in varnish. I yet it didn't. Happen in Tampa Florida. An argument on FaceBook over politics. But it. To the shooting of a man in the baltics in Tampa street we unload peace and love. According to police 46 year old Alex Stevens and aired 44 year old bride he bring. Became involved in an argument over politics. I'm FaceBook now she's got all the time IC that all the time on FaceBook we usually it ends right there. I should transcend our chance there. She tomorrow. But at this particular case after receiving several explicit messages and threats. She break in witnessed even as home to confront him. Yeah she would start as an argument on FaceBook about politics should never and would someone saying I'm I'm coming to your home. Hot and so she brings anticipating the confrontation would escalate. What his Glock semi automatic pistol. So he's bringing his good. To the whole of the guy he's arguing with the about politics dug they bought. When he arrived at stevens' home. Do you bring home to support and waited by his truck for the big film. To come out we will have probably a murder of four I never killed anyone. Anyone I think it. Cho Stephen he knew who was outside it's that guy I was just arguing look on FaceBook about politics. So he once he's out of his front door. He immediately each bridge towards the race. Who then drew his pistol and fired two shots at Stevens. Hitting him in the right by and the body. Fletcher Shareef. See Stevens led the way and he brings fled the scene. It was easy for Stevens to I've got to pricey. Bring as the shooter and he said here's what we were just argue about FaceBook here's his profile he. Is pictures right here he's got 28 other pictures right here do you need to need to go look for. And then I she bring new brigade was up to return himself and the police and he's been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. And with kids a year are carrying a concealed by certain. So long. Let and I know Brewster you would told me that you I don't water to friends that you've had problems with over politics but that just ended with a on Friday. You know this is why it might put this just and with a non threatening Wyden to have that and with someone getting shot in the buttocks but you've got five points out. Now. I checked out FaceBook argument that turned you may and shot but is the dumbest thing that I wrote all week it's. Hopefully next week at this time will be back to argue your stuff that you are even dumber if we do then of course every. Yeah. Now that's doll bird into the violence thing I've ever done anything. Page by you've batted about point job by the united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans. I told you I love Lowber it's one of those things that you wonder how you lived with. Before it was invented. And Albert have been in the news for a few different reasons lately but what are the reasons why the ride share service. Was in the news in incident happened last weekend in New York City okay. Where. The assistant basketball coach of Wake Forest University. I don't punching. The or or driver in the face Agassi misstate that was somebody else. Any driver heads up dining. And now wait forest assistant basketball coach Jim mill Jones has been arrested. And charged with third degree assault in connection. With bug that incident. What did you think about Jones. You like imagines the Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach before he was very assisted. He was the assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University. Under the current LA issue coach. But that the the man that was killed was actually a tourist he was not an uber. Datsyuk was mistaken as Neuberger gave the dish I thought he was into overdrive or not why you. Why he would want apology to overdrive well if you read on there is some. Some question as to whether. This of course has happened at 115. In Queens new York and nothing good ever happens in Queens new market while 15 AM. Apparently the moon the man might have been pounding on the coach Jones is limo or or vehicle or or parks service or whatever was so. A tragic case of mistaken and identity. Yet that's what it was that a while Bruce driver I told you know what we weren't there but this guy seems to punch first and ask questions jacket. You maintain that there's a culture that seems to do that yet. Well anyways heart while coming up next we are we one of our commercial free ride and we'll tell you what we thought about the saints first preceding game last night. It wasn't. It was at that especially around by united by whichever that's just about gonna do it for the showed tonight thanks religion and have a great shape weekend will be back Monday morning. At 6 AM six. Try and come on up next it's DT he's got to music notes at noon and a lot of other things as well. It's the John Austral show here on volume 95 point two.