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Tuesday, July 10th


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Showed news broke yesterday that almost half the states in America. 24. Of harsh speech Miss America. Representatives. And and and that at the state level. 24. Want the new head of mission America Gretchen Carlson they want her out. Get out. And they want her out. Because they are changing their format a little bit and we talked about about his radio show when it made headlines a couple of weeks ago. They shed debt job there's going to be no more swimsuit competition. I Miss America be Karzai's Gretchen Carlson the new leader of Miss America. As she shed. That the Miss America contestants will no longer be judged on how word appearance. Which made me say several thing. If that's the case. If it doesn't matter what they look like anymore. Are we gonna start having some. Different type coach. Of contestants. In Miss America and all gonna basically looked the same like date like they have for the last how many years. Skinny leg he really pretty. Because they're not be judged by outward appearance. What diversions to me is one way it does it matter what they look like. You can have very overweight. Miss America contestant we should do this Merck about all right well. That was one of my suggestion why why why have a television anymore job Marin look at us that you liked and that's John Marty I inferred the vacationing Brewster. Our home. Dwarfs. We have we got our first Miss America dwarf. Spears should there she uses. Standing at three foot long and as you know all Gretchen Carlson. Who uses her first year of taking over as head. Of the Miss America competition. She was a former Miss America I believe from initial thought. In 1989. I believe that this hotel and that she would want to have her own show on Fox News. And that came to win and win they will order a check for twenty million dollars because. The former head of Fox News Channel Roger Ailes. She sexually assault that's projects actually yeah I was industry actually arrest and at that show law. Wouldn't that be great is that we would dream job. To have a job. You're sexually harassed and sexually assaulted but. Where. You stand up to the person that's doing that. And instead of fighting it. They are right you would check for twenty million dollars. When you're on your way out the door while. Yeah she got a check for twenty. Million dollars told the Fox News funeral because former Fox News boss Roger Ailes sexually assaulted her. Sexually harassed her. Home. You don't know what to me and I'm sure many other men. Shane for 240 million dollars and if anyone wants to pretty much do anything to me sexually. We tell you something John Mark here. Here's the biggest difference between men and went OK yeah. Right deck. For instance the ocean portable those things a man could do to a woman can be uttered a bar. Slipper a roof put up we're up or won't be put it would put some sort of drug perjury and sushi sushi. Passers now. I'm sure there's worse things were just going that's pretty much at the top of all. The most feared less yes that well the most feared things can happen if you think about it were horrible thing to happen. You find me a guy. That wouldn't law. For an attractive woman. To put a drug in their drink. Amended do things to them sexually. Finally got don't don't be the lines of men of lines of guys lined up around the corner wishing. That would happen oh yeah when you know I read it. Honestly would depend on you don't want what's clearly I I dirty Harry took that out of the equation I said an attractive woman card. She lifted a dog a pill would be your dream of Mickey yes Fallujah Mickey. It can knock you out. Or at least pitcher really woozy for the and they can do whatever they want to you are sexually finally got that's not signing up for that. Yet please put heidrick. The big difference between men and women John Marty it's like to peeping Tom yeah it's disgusting when some dude is looking in the window its sole woman and a shower. If I'm taking a shower as a guy there's some attractive woman who's outside looking in the window looking at me I'm not sure you go on. We. All of a sudden now. Room for it to court here on the dance in functioning and should Tom Cruise in risky business and sliding across the bathroom floor. Bob Seger song shortened one. If there's an attractive woman looking at me in the window that would be a peeping Tom WPP and Tina oh. But here's here's. People try to say digital men and women and I shall bow our pour and at that Durham a federal court your. The gender is a segment of society was looking for a gender it was society. Yet. The crimes that women are victims solve all of men most of the time. Sure of their wrongs are awful and those men should be. Should be incarcerated in in in in new should be subject to the fullest extent of the law. Things like. I just mention. But here though I think this is America's situation. We have 24. Out of the fifty states. Who want Gretchen Carlson out. We'd Osha's immediate job promoting a free kick Fox News feverish efforts forty million dollars a week. You know physicians need to gay and think about that John Marty wouldn't which he says it. That Miss America contestants will mole longer be judged by their outward appearance. The first reaction from me was well here's another reason not to watch the Miss America pageant. Ratings haven't been great as years have gone on these last few years and I can't even remember the last time. Actually liked you know by accident and I'd lose you know going to the channels that are out there and nothing wrong in the days ago. And then. Honestly. The only reason I stick around like maybe this should picks coming up anymore. Right. How. Have they've eliminated this swimsuit got college how he shells. For dale limited swimsuit because. Miss America is outward appearance. Doesn't matter anymore does she like. America that's why. You don't want any dean. You do with I'd just have splashes gets like back in the day were you got married and Barbara you have to put to a available over the brawn never until. You can actually see what you look like until you're like yeah well up there on the altar economic. All the all the real familiar well who. Don't forgive me you're gonna kinda wrong ranked. Account you'll be should do with this question have I to amend. That there's at least one or two midget or dwarves. In the next to Miss America contest ever. It doesn't matter what the outward appearance looks like. Now. Can weigh in. Anybody I would be all into that I'd love of many people hall. But there's a meeting Brittany out there dad Paula loved her we better on the show love her like she was gonna Padgett are all at all. You know she turned me down in many British peers as you start for years and I know though I'd I would never do acting like there. From over six feet tall and I thought so we make decent looking couple she's issued a dwarf George Hewitt Ford. I think she already dating someone. We were doing a show remember I'll never forget it was from a separate game and when they used to be called the New Orleans suffers another new Norwood baby cakes. But we you're out there are doing a show from there and after the show up to date dead many kids they had mini Britney Spears to had mini Lady Gaga here's a secret for you. The mini Britney Spears in the main loop many Lady Gaga shave. Can perform disturb me a couple of the talent. True ha she's she's super hot right. That she can sing sure care I mean I didn't care that she came up the MiFi. A home that was a great show. Yeah. I I guess I got carried away Astor nitty gritty sense shouted well. Going out to his regular guy from New Orleans. Could we tore all over the place I'm sure there are radio guys from all over all different cities all over the country marketers at the university she shall. Here's a look at that many Brittany. Should all others are brought a lot happening without ms. America is at the Dutch weren't supposed to air two months from now. There are twenty forged dates. More demanding. The president of Miss America Gretchen Carlson to resign. She says Elmo about gold anywhere bring. It's just as American means. I have to now about half the country's divided about Miss America much like how the country's divided about our president. Half the country's divided rarely uses digital ready to country I'll say this much odds is that. More talking about it. Reporting was talking about before when we talked about there's a couple of weeks ago on the show when this may news for the first time. John Marty we took the trip and suddenly it's an average paid attention I think they're getting Miss America is getting what they're looking for the getting notoriety shopping they've been lacking over the last several years. What. Getting rid of the swimsuit competition and proclaiming. That miss America's outward appearance does it matter anymore what's the point. Abolish I wanna see when she asked me troubled. Miss America is if it does it matter what they look like if it's what he's on the inside that matters prove it. It. She all the shapes sizes. Treat skin problems. That's what division from looking for right if if the outward appearance doesn't matter you exactly what it should be in New Jersey animal rescue workers were. Moved 172. Cats from a single family home. They should while the place was filthy. Word anybody's. Really don't want. So what great news out of Thailand. This dissolved breaking news. Every one of those. So child's soccer players and their coach that Bob but Letterman that gave. But Dave. But a couple of weeks. And and a sigh of relief yes there are all out way new luge. Out of violin the bad news is that Thailand is still third country. All. And not let can be done about that right now. Its priorities if it goes let's get a look at the boys soccer team let's get to cave boys out of the K right. So. Tight lid cable boy is out of that believe. They've been rescued and it looks like they're all right. Well but more breaking news. After the Nikkei. Three of the Thailand K boys felt little well. Step up and that might actually that is too good though not satcher I actually did think about that looked like that wealthy what was her name. We just could not be. I would be kidding me. That was in west Texas that was in Midland Texas you are with our little baby named Jessica felt on a well. How we hear that well because that was that was one of the headlines in the news. Basically before cable or right wing cable was starting to we only had basically three channels plus public television. We had at least she read daddy we she we get CBS and they were leading with that story. Remember what I usually can't you wake up in the morning he said baby ever ebullient Texas what's grown Jessica yeah. It's just do all while she's like her now she's. Prospered gone actually dove for you. You five hours not well 48 hours and out well for five hours of ratings gold. I don't really what should when they pulled her out of that well and we saw it we shot than it was on live television and our footage shows you how much times you've changed. No biggie Jessica fell in the well in Midland Texas back in the eighties. And we only had three channels now you've got that cable movie a thousand channels on your box. Plus your computer the Internet. And god I can do is go to a few my friends' FaceBook pages I told you so my friend you have to be older women my FaceBook friends they were loving. This this this timely and right. A key boy's story. That the boys are indicated and two weeks. Are they gonna get out your targets from my boldly FaceBook friends following news that they got for the boys out they got another four out. People realized. How difficult it is. Because once they would in that cave it rained. And then the Rainwater. Brought forward that the water up to a very high in the cape. And those dictate boy he's in Thailand the Thailand K boys the quick and swim. Their coach I don't know if he was agreed Schwimmer. I mean he's the one who brought him in their anyway right it was about from my old way for the they would have to swim model that's a long way to get. And most of these entirely caved voice couldn't swim. Day go home. They know how. Ed if there were gonna have to swim Omar Al was gonna have to be dark and and and through very. Skinny narrow passages. That's why they needed a Navy SEALs and experts. In that regard to help them get out but breaking news that it just got you last. There was one soccer player left and there was the coach left about three mentioned yesterday that coach going to be the last one out he was. But dot that don't vote. Once soccer player who was the last player out. They should name him captain if he's not already. When a powerful chart plays soccer game a could you should be and what he's done I entirely educate boys are probably never gonna have to pay for another meal. Or their first drink. In Thailand for the rest of their larger heroes now. They better not have to pay for any tie shtick Ole I'll tell you that the may first decide to go down that road. I'm not saying that they showed they would. Let job. That's a bit this is great news. And I hadn't paid this much attention to Thailand since the last. Normal is that blossomed paid attention Thailand trying to dig didn't they have so big story over there with the American men gold over their looking for that to a big big award age alright yeah Google ladies of the via of the night. Yes. Here that's from seeing over there. But anyways it's great news out of Thailand. On. Every one of the boys soccer team every one of the Thailand K boys and their coach. Have been rescued and now all that much like the Chilean miners are few years back remember those miners were gaga got trapped in a cave in. There was a bunch of them there was like like fifteen of them and they survived pearl we got one kid that to the finish. Home hell can shore and yeah I would like to bid out of all those Chilean miners those those coal miners in Chile out of all of those miners. I would like to be the one that decided you know what to bring a candidate to defeat that would be today usually hear oh that I never asked the paper to would've finished. Meal or drinking Chile. So I had much like Baby Jessica. In Midland Texas. That these are all happy endings. And I wonder have much like Baby Jessica there's gonna be of a movie of the week that her bit and made about these are the highly NK boys. As national open over the Shia I'm happy Eric in Iran we say when you watch the news. Most of the time you watch the news is bad news. I mean you can go to any news website look at the first five stories right now usually it's. Bad bad bad bad and good news usually doesn't self. The old if it bleeds it leads in the gin and that's why. I think it's funny bring that up to and really that's always gonna stop watching the news for a long time. It was all I don't blame it all full every time you turn on the news like this is wired boarded die. Here's the person that got shot and to afford it and it's all it's all just like this peer based and and depressing stories until you just don't watch the match which so many of the old ladies on FaceBook. Most of their pages. Let's get get. Another way people over here do you believe that what happened over here. Can't even swim in the in the water you're gonna get seek life yeah exactly. Go all this is great news for the title educate boys are all out happy days are here again. There should be Corey June. On the street to title and now I'd like yourself that I'd like years any other kind of good news out of time and answer that would be the so while last night president Donald Trump are announced his. Suggestion. And it looks like it's going to happen for a Supreme Court justice you know what's interesting. All. About this particular about this particular pick. And of course the people what like Donald Trump well the pick of Brett capital to replace justice Anthony Kennedy. You don't eagle and then the people that hate tropic district. But what's interesting he went to the same high school as troubles last Supreme Court Neil ports which. Georgetown prep in DC Washington easy to the odds of that are. High schools are as country. Odds. Of two Supreme Court justice is coming out of the same high school. Arnold's like the odds of some guy avid two songs in the bowl. Becomes Super Bowl MVP winning quarterback. OK. We'll talk more about that coming up on the show but all of you out of a big night if you Supreme Court. Two or three real old people. Should our top. Both peppermint. Pay our last president set rock Obama burial he said elections. Have consequences. And he would have people hate Donald Trump. I mean if you're conservative you're one of these prediction if you're not your ticket to this of god. We mostly to own this dissolved. As a shock like this that makes life exciting. All right covered back or are there are a couple but I think it will sink. I don't judge you won't be a part of our radio station on FaceBook. Our our bio you've FaceBook page give us a light give us a follow our stove go global global commodity your page all day all night I just put a video up there. Probable. I don't know where this was wrong with so I wish weapons somewhere hitters are crocodile. Like defects crocodile. At his party is out on rock of all of them. And he shot the crocodile. With a professional wrestling move he jumped up or why it. We'll look back when things don't go. Well and yet you guys went to street to you think well if it's not epics and so I can't. K boy being rescued from a cave in Thailand. It's always something. So that big a part of our radio station on FaceBook the by U FaceBook page there's always a step up there that we hope that you point interest. It's about the time of the morning you would probably look at today history on his radio show we call the segment. Why today he doesn't sell. July 10. There was today in 1925. Monkey trial be. Is cool. Local and long future yes but it's not. No monkey did actually go and a quarter yeah. In Dayton Tennessee the so called monkey trial begins with John Thomas Scopes. A young high school science teacher accused of teaching evolution in violation of a Tennessee State law it's the old debate. Right evolution yeah. That wall which had been passed in march of 1945. Mated a misdemeanor. Of the intense any. Well my keys body. Well punishable by fine to teach any theory that denies the story of the divine creation of man has taught in the Bible. And to teach instead that man has descended from walk lower order of animals. The show law. Today in 1945 the monkey trial began pop. All what we just a question about whether it's John Marty filling in for Brewster were on vacation. I've always just a question John Marty. Can you believe in god and dinosaurs. I guess you could I I I should yeah because. I believe in god in him and the guys know created the dinosaur. Right or a city that would be the case to me I mean that's well. I think you went down but that's the media the saint. Why today in essence gotten. Big day with a monkey drowned. July 10. It was today. In. 1990. Gorbachev. Is reelected as the head of the Communist Party jelly head. In a vindication. Of his sweeping economic and political reforms. Mikhail Gorbachev withstand severe criticisms. From his opponents and his re elected head of the Soviet Communist Party by an overwhelming margin. Corporate Charles victory was short lived however as the Soviet Union are collapsed. The next year and 99 month. Ago. We toward download all they do that mr. Gorbachev to tear down a long season which meaning you do that. July 10. It was today in 1962. United States patent issued for the U three point seat belt. Why today dozens. The United States patent office issues the Swedish engineer. That's pretty cool Oster blenders of Swedish descent Nazi so anytime I think could win that damn World Cup game and I'll tell you quote on the hood and they're not really that great soccer don't they are good in. Tennis the meatballs didn't let's go. Around the Swedish people I key that's the only reason that you're IKEA. The United States patent office issued the Swedish engineer mills Bolden a patent British three point. Automobile safety belt. For use in vehicles especially road vehicles on this date in 1960 do the kids rears back and thanks Phil well luckily luckily got. The waste error I'll tell you how much she felt. Dogs knowledge has changed in my lifetime. When I was a kid in the eighties. When my parents bought a new car a couple of times that they bought a new car the first thing they did they cut out that she can be put out. Because they hated that noise it made when you didn't. We've do you fear. We mile man literally has them like it yet that the fees of electrical tape in the black electrical tape over those on the heads up display over the it's adult life you know the big the big red light comes on a good good usual black electrical thing that's exact what that has never put on the seat belt like that Burke. Got to it's a whole different moral right told the world. Our July 10. Like today doesn't suck. It was today in 1992. The Exxon Valdez how did his conviction is overturned. Remember that oil spill. That was the worst oil spill that we all can remember our lifetime out there in a Pacific northwest right what do we go. While a total one afternoon and problematic for two years later. But today in 1992 the Alaska Court of Appeals overturned the conviction. Of Joseph Hazelwood. The former captain of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez. Hazelwood. Who was found guilty of negligent for his role in that massive oil spill in Prince William Sound in 1989. Successfully argued that he was entitled to immunity from prosecution. Because he put the oil spill to authorities twice. And it's after the ship ran aground. Well. He should've done now what what was his alternative to to try to lie about who it was not by gravity here. No we drive and just being an issue all the oil coming out that I. I didn't see. About how I plead ignorance of flooring. Low valuation it was actually but the overturned. July 10. It was today in 1995. Y and today he doesn't suck. Actor Hugh Grant appears on the Tonight Show after being arrested and Hollywood. For all being with de. Is. A lady of the night what there's an interesting couple stories here. It was today 1995 Hugh Grant showed up on home the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and less than two weeks after being arrested well Hollywood prostitute. They are a good. The show's host gigolo don't. The first question yes it is soon as we Hugh Grant sat down was what the hell would you take. A couple of things here. This rumor that he did you like float is that well Q grit we huge at that point. He got caught. He was in a car with us but he was he was his girlfriend or wife was Elizabeth Hurley the beautiful actors. In the first it to the Hollywood Hewitt. Earning was Divine Brown. People the notions of man or woman and that was it was very scary. And he got caught John Mark because he was parked on a Hollywood. Three. The ignition was off or what we kept I guess hitting the break with a sport. When he was in that in that groves. Yeah the throat and I guess a cop saw the brake lights flashing and people what but he should why is this a list Hollywood actor with this Hollywood prostitute. And so here's. Here's the other interesting thing about that story not only was it his career really affected Kazaa that kind of thing especially when you're Noll when you're not. Actor known for being romantic comedies. Known for being in Chick Flicks right you'll most chicks are gonna wanna go she's this guy you look what he just did. What because you fastball he went on the Tonight Show. His career really was heartened that much not only that. That night in the ratings David Letterman had been beating Jay Leno every right. In the ratings between those two weeknight shows. That night Jay Leno not only beat David Letterman for the first time we are you grad done. He never washed warm again while for years and years and years. Shut one interviewed her probable hold late night readings. Battle where which was a fairly interest. Pot July. Why today. Doesn't suck it which today in 1850. Millard Fillmore. Was sworn in as president of the United States. Here's a name. That'll never beyond anybody's list where they say we think the greatest American President Obama. Abortion rights for the Cold War I never ever talk about it says Wallace here enabling parents. Like Ronald. Re here and I don't more guys you know I got a today at 1850 vice president Millard Fillmore is sworn is as the thirteenth president of the United States of America because. President Zachary Taylor had died. Yesterday. An 1850. Her just a few days before he teed fifty. After falling ill. With severe intestinal ailment on the fourth of July we we mentioned that yesterday in Colorado column itself and I would've killed them today. What. How about that Millard Fillmore and. July 10. It was today in 1985. The sinking of the rainbow warrior. Dome but what the rainbow warrior bringing both work. In Auckland harbor in New Zealand Greenpeace news rainbow warriors sinks after a French agents. In diving gear pled don't follow the whole of the vessel. One person Dutch photographer Fernando. Off for a area which kill the rainbow warrior the flagship of international. Conservation group Greenpeace. Had been preparing. For protest voyage to a French nuclear test site. In the South Pacific war he now but that was shaking shaking our Greenpeace ship. The ball striker yeah. I'll go forth lying to do you doesn't. Suck. July 10 almost today in 1941. Judge Greek jelly roll Morton died. A native of New Orleans. I know everybody always talks about Louis Armstrong he's the first thought of this city and especially when it comes to the world of jazz will tell you what jelly roll Morton. You became the first great jazz pianists. Not only he was he the first great jazz piano these are great composer arranger and band leader. He died out in Los Angeles today in 194100. Is that it. He enjoyed Jodi Ross that he was born Ferdinand. Shall we shall bomb off. Right here in Michigan New Orleans. And his yeah his birth year was recorded. Some say 1885 others say 1890. And he was just some of racially mixed creole parents. Would start jelly roll Morton. Will either like eating jelly rolls or his body resembled the jump in right I was well nobody was that element guy with kids that are jazz pianist at the they're like to date doesn't sell. Harm. Don't like that it was today in 1999. The united stage when you win the world called shock or something arm band probably won't leverage oh. Didn't even make the World Cup this year on cylinder that at that time I was you could bring it Brady Justine and she takes your Jersey off and yeah hall of the penalties yeah. She made the shot she took a shirt off. I think sports brawls were selling like crazy. Right after she did that may be Hamels on that team I've crossed little old. Jewel we Saudi yes. Yes I remember a few of those players. And because they were so good at 99 yard we just wanted to get a couple years ago right the last one that we went all want. And there's a couple of really attractive there's a couple lookers on that Keaton. I can't wait for the world women's World Cup again right now watch the American men plays soccer. And you know what we went well and you realize more children. Male or female to male. Plays soccer in this country than any other country in the in the world yet we still are very good. I believe the soccer moms. I look at the soccer moms are public often and if we have a shot. Doubt that we got more kids played sucker that today our country's oil why can't we. Five that they don't world golf. It's the soccer ball to not engaging about national blaming them her. And that's why historically yard July 10. Scholl. So. And there's a job Mardy is filling in for our Brewster was on vacation or dusty on this more John Marty if you if I don't I got from somewhere you know you did John Marty super show on the weekends I only wish I could be issue we're human right. So a lot of that in it's a title. The argument to me and I. Clearly did not make that well here on weekends here in you have like seventeen other jobs you're one of the hardest working man in new law. And it's obvious and it's good good due to show him what you. And it's only a Marty's going to be with you on Monday Tuesday or should I should. As well as well La La and so there's saw. An NFL football player on the New York Giants are just had a really bad experience. With TSA that's the guy touch the agency the Transportation Security Administration. Those are the people that make ten dollars an hour. But at the airport there like gods. Those are the people that a fresh gosh before we go through the year or beaver before right after we go through the metal detector and of the TSA goes and of people that Arctic or shampoo your toothpaste. You know I always found interesting about that. You know mobile pay your your ship go mobile take leadership who will take your toothpaste in a throw in a big garbage here right there right next year. I don't think it myself if it's that dangerous. Now we have all garbage can't polish crap that I think could happen at any moment an original right here you're trying to get out airplay your niece and nail clippers to the airport there all right there in the bed you know of course to TSA came about after September 11 2001. And I gotta be honest with you John Marty. As a political libertarian which I am in the and that means I ones less government intrusion in my life. TSA is he did indeed gay der PI. Pain in the paint the ball right after TSA is. How many terrorist attacks have they stopped. A play harmony zero. They made our lives hell. And Utley and he she. The issue an old lady an old wheelchair. He inched period shrink searched. And are so young guy behind her walking through with a briefcase and her wires that it out of it because they be politically go. We don't always know we'll get an elbow valuables and I think that terrorists are using senior citizens in wheelchairs. That Boogaard usually. I did and there that people would greet you when you first come to this country that's that those people the first people that you you come Paul. And I can tell you in New York in a Miami. It is as bad as the jets those people. It is they are they hate life and they are not happy. I used to really enjoy flying before September 1 2001. You literally. Could get drop off in front of the gate fifteen or twenty minutes before your plane was leaving. You would be on the plane with playing time to spare. Why you used to be enjoyable. Now do you eat it's no surprise we CDs videos people freaking out on airplane seemingly every week or every other week. We get videos that go viral hope people lose their crap. Terribly stressful. And then go to bodies that are. Good good this this whole security check it isn't some super stressful. Well anyways. There's football player with the New York Giants just tidy up bad experience with the Russia. Arm in his name is is name is Zach AG France's number he's a defensive tackle. He's traveling the other day in. One of his possessions what one of the things she's traveling wave. There's an earn. What is dead mother's ashes. And evidently. TSA didn't handle them very well. Here's the tweet that he treated out after going through TSA at the airport. With his dead mother's actions. Hey you pieces of bullied at TSA. Next time you think we polled feel the need to go through my mother's ashes for no reason. Make sure you quoted back short remains ours filled. I'm Mike well all. Belief few pieces of garbage can do if your leaping job. On quote. Does not turn the ball well again. A lot of these TSA get an early start at ten dollars an hour. I don't know if they're like fast food workers and are demanding fifty dollars an hour. And if they worry I'll make you fifteen dollars an hour I don't think that's gonna guarantee that you're dead mother's ashes would end up all over your brand new Italian sue. New York Giants defense to ready. All. While. He roses so battled so many levels I mean direct debt we got like 5316. Times. All TSA has apologized for the incident. Via Twitter you follow them on Twitter could you mentioned following two guys. The fun thing to do would be to follow won't like I used to follow warm air out belligerent. Just to like make fun of just a ripple to see all the comments. I think I'm gonna follow TSA just go just go tell jokes about them under on the Twitter feed that the region of which what are now. By the way our new mayor of historians and history making what point Cantrell the first female black mayor in the city of New Orleans. She was going crow she tweets like crazy about wrecked she'd tweets so much her nickname now is the tweet tools to quit to care torque interrupt. John Marty she wished tweeting out of her mind this past weekend for us at everything women empowerment. Black empowerment of women in this. Albeit the empowerment stage I'll be doing various albeit of pride in women stage and it. And I'm not too many people pay attention she gets like two mikes. You know should go ahead this is awesome you know. Women empowerment this is what I should fest is all about hash tag CVS hash tag essence fest hash tag history to likes. And she's she's the mayor of New Orleans. Show TSA has apologized. And nation at all. Under no circumstances. Are TSA officers. Supposed to check containers carrying cremated remains. All that's not that that's not part of your policy review checked everything else. I'm surprised it didn't take you debt mothers catches and yardage and those are not you know give me that leadership Mulligan you're stupid at all this garbage cans next to you check right here. You put the post reporter at the clock back now. Now mom is. If you case. All looking legs. You know some people thought that does that that was that was protocol for T yesterday. To figure what they're going through your ship with toothpaste like technical through you're big big go through warm. Containers carrying cremated remains as well. Wanna make sure. No one tried to do anything to that airplane. And and other unrelated NFL news the biggest free agent. The biggest free agent boss to shake ever sign. The worst free agent signing ever made member defense to back Brandon Browner. Even EU led the league in penalties I'll. Well he's going to be leads anything ball may be the jailhouse league because he was just arrested the other day ma. And he's going to be do with the Mars some time in jail for a while broke into a woman's home early in the morning. Mom. Not only did he violate his restraining order which that woman had against him. Mean he strolls off former house. And he's just been arrested. With several felonies. Including kidnapping burglary false imprisonment. Without a violation of a restraining order. So. And exchange fans. Shaking their heads this morning that the biggest boss. And freeagent boss at the saints ever signed Brandon Browner. Led the league in penalties his only year he played here. While will not be playing in the jailhouse lead. Off and we were gonna go for a long dark. We mentioned on the show yesterday. People close to Hillary Clinton say she may run again for president are more time she doesn't get the hit too soon in toward each wanting. Friends of Hillary Shea eighteen months after losing that election to Donald Trump she's bitter angry and unpleasant. Hillary she and her share of ups and downs so it's good to see their usual self again. And then there's that video over Bill Clinton that would viral yesterday of them sitting in coach I'm on a plane sitting in regular class like you went on break. Completely shut up doll complete majors trying to show you that they're like everybody else. I not. In case you're just joining us breaking news this morning a brawl. DD year works cited. At all. Every one of the Taiwan Qaeda boys. I don't achieve or out of the cave are shaped and even took the coach to. They got him out even though he's one Letterman. Show law and great news out of Thailand this morning the cave boys are out and dome now pilot can give back to the white rested their Third World for problems for. But job I thought I had never been but what a great feeling. You know due to tie linking voice partially. So did you. Cedars sub although one group of people that talked to the streets and now they're taking to social media. Are calling leaks in our country. I'm not talking about the stuff you put your drinks too cold. Irish immigration news costume. Agency immigration. Enforcement. Ice to protect our borders. They're calling them a terrorist organization. You know who's running for mayor of New York City oak shouldn't. One of the stars of the old television show sex in the city. No doubt Sarah Jessica Parra exact. All day and all right it was in the older blonde woman world where everything was a sexual pawn. What was her name Kim Cottrell will run on she's not run for America and it wasn't there really attractive when the Brunette Kristin Davis. Well the redheaded woman who is now a B I'll I think she'll always a lesbian but she she got married and had cajun and she's done on the alleged. Cool. But the along with that. I'm sure kids are happy that you made a discovery after Shiite Dem. Maybe she'll we knew which you wanted to have kids wherever the case maybe you don't win that. To Cynthia Nixon you're talking about shipping and kicks in is running for mayor of New York City. And she is running. To ball left. Of their current mayor bill the Bellagio. Who is a borderline Communist. She's running to ball left of me. And one of the whatever plan. Forms. Is that I east she wants to abolish ice. Because they are worth terrorist. Organization. This is all being said now because of what's happening at the Mexican border and we we mentioned this several times on the show. Nothing is changed the Mexican border under this president Donald drop compared to the last president Barack Obama. Compared to the president before him George W. Bush. The same. Was. But because Bob most of the media despises. This man who is currently president they despise him. They want us. They wanna put on bought off camera on it. They wanna put microphones on it and they wanna get as many photos. It is much video. And is much audio. To put our television. All of young children. Being separated. From their mothers. At the border. And they are saying that Donald Trump is ripping. Three girls. Minerals from the arms. Of their mothers. And god. Good to have people like Cynthia Nixon running for mayor in New York City. There are now calling each that the people are charged down there at the border they're calling them a terrorist organization. How anti American is that right there at the bit of a stretch right there protecting our border. And they're being called. But terrorist organization that people who don't want to have any protection at the borders. The people other daughters saying we have to all polish argues. Cash had abolish I she see that all over the place. They want and borders they don't have a problem. With the Mexican border and and having anybody who watched this coming year. Or can you imagine what I'm all for immigrants weren't nation of immigrants. He got to do it legally. It would legally. What what else is interesting. Whether it's Cynthia Nixon running for mayor in New York City or whether it shy any of these other people. That are calling ice a terrorist organization and they want open borders. It's it's. Quite easy to me. How they can run with this call. It tie in my opinion anti American. Propaganda. Really ice is a terrorist organization. You'll allow these people are the same people. That got mad Donald Trump. For calling members of the MS thirteen gangs out there the most of them are are from mex. Calling them. Member few weeks you all how could our president these are human beings you know they came front office situation. Well. Because our country illegally. And you rape and kill people. Poll. If you're a kid. You wait and kill people. Hole. Are people look at what you can be called regular human being Julie may have problems in their child a devoted but pump at least injury. We weren't at thirteen if there aren't at their games around this country that are breaking killing people. They all what they are our. But job. You know we we've got the mid term elections coming in November. Congress. 13 of the senate. Very important political seat federal is this what people on the political left are this is going to be one of the Montrose is this. I age is it terrorist organization let's abolish ice. Let's Cynthia Nixon. Jim being this whole thing though she's she's very angry about a lot of stuff but this have you met. How many happy lesbians and the paint everybody with a broad stroke brush I'm sure there's plenty happy lesbians out there but to not show up on my video like TV screen and what might show from media. I've got a couple really good friends were lesbians to. They're really you know moral watching football together and stop you know we always look at each other like man. It's just so great if we only you know OK get along one other way this would be a pervert remotely you'll while football you like me you know he liked Gordon ordered pizza good putts really our data is great we share close. Meet this is great if we can get along the way. This could be a perfect relationship. My lesbian printer creek. So long. I don't I've urged is abolish ice because they're doing this all because they hate this presidential. And I said there's a hundred times about the cultural. I would rather have a guy. Who who might who might be considered by a lot of people. Off a narcissistic. Conceded self righteous. Big mouth new Yorker. I'd rather have that person. Be a good president. You get things done that happened nicest guy in the world the president. And be a failed president like Jimmy Carter. By doing nicer guys Jimmy Carter we fight too many worst American president Jimmy Carter. Guys that a lot of people look at say you know why wouldn't ash but boy he's get a lot don't outweigh very intelligent Harrison. He usually is he's always been the same. That's Donald trawl that we use so people bought. You don't what to be good if he becomes president which nobody ever believed that he thought that. What people thought OK now that he's president. Yeah he's gonna changing he's got to be more presidential when he's not going to be that brash talking new Yorker well. Really hasn't happened I'm still pretty much. The same tiger. Would you rather she changed all of a sudden personality has to be out early dues worked out beautifully. Type he looked very presidential last night. Introducing his latest Supreme Court nomination. Brent Cavanaugh. He looked very presidential last night and he said yes. You'll Donald Trump is set. I could be presidential wannabe president presidential. 0:2 AM tweets. Wicked people you know at first I didn't like that. But it's a anger sure many people it gets so it gets people all upset. That now so what about it because it make some people so upset special about that that cracks meal. All of I don't understand. How shall we people on the political left are calling. For ice to be abolished. And are calling Irish terrorists or to pick up that. Al-Qaeda. Is it terrorist organization the Taliban. Is it ditch cut people's heads off on videos. You're good very good people there protect Mexican border. You're comparing them. Those. It seems it seems a bit extreme right is sick all that and clearly immigration. I work. He needs to be restructured. And needs to there there there needs to be changes but what top discussion had to use the word terrorist. I mean we our country of laws that you know you watch winning these people would you're watching the news or read the news. They know they don't even cause all these people the proper name. They did call migrants. They call them undocumented. Immigrants. During all immigrants Flickr for you in our country without proper paperwork. People like cobalt let's do something to change the ball but we are a nation of law. And again this president. It just follow the laws. That were already on the books. Led by the guy before him and the guy before him. When I don't see where where where the political left is going with this one if this is one of their mantras abolish ice because I wish. Immigration and customs folks protecting our borders risking their lives every day when they go to work. Calling them terrorist organization. And a woman running for Romero right now in New York city's Cynthia Nixon before bush bore. Of sex in the city. She's leading that charge she's very angry at you were into that web site Sarah Jessica Parker. Has a horse faced dot com. All along that. Hello wolf. I remembered that I just she's so it's terrible and you could she resembled. Tough. If you don't score on right now over Spain it's the running of the bulls. Right now. Hours the bulls call it the glory of the idiots. But yeah that it happens every year over there with the running of the bulls and that's where I'm sure you've seen the video people you like to go crazy and have a good time in an and one would bulls. We hear it in the French Quarter right but it's a little bit different RO it's like to go on roller skate yes. They're not polls now. Some more. In them but home so that's happening in and aren't related. Bull story. Famous one guy matter horse galloped by bull in gory video. A famous one I'd Spanish matador and I wonder of the region he's got one rise because global. He's been previously scored at least twice. Suffered another horrific injury over the weekend when a bowl Maltese galloped him in front of us bond crowd you know if you've been if it hurt your matador. And you bring court at least twice to retake wouldn't. Retirement in the near future earnings this is not my gig maybe not the but I guess it's it's a different culture but I'm looking at this guy he's right he's pleased to have these would mattered Aureus patched. He's basically like a pirate global fighters but he league and you would think you would think all we having won nine that would might peek out of the ring. The bull ring because. Depth perception right. You know you dig that ball was maybe not as close you you really is with the with a one idea got put dom. That is guy his name is Juan Jose Padilla. 45 years old and if that name doesn't mean much do you well it does in the bull fighting world. And dome. He's beaten gore for a third time in the hoping he can maker recovery Shui to get back out there continue to fight doubles off. And the car how about that different cultures right. I had no idea shall many people. Enjoyed hot dogs. Act Costco Aaliyah. I only found this out over the last couple days because cost go. The wholesale store. All over the country. They decided to end their relationship with their polish hot don't and they said they're not gonna be serving them anymore if you. The costs go over here on the biggest play faculty yeah we warned flyover whatever you call that there are off the inertia that Delhi. It is out thoughts you can only look at the membership to go eat there you can you just walk all well. All in Europe to show your card if you want a lot I don't think so I mean I've never show my card before. That's John Marty by the way occasion just joining us he's done filling in for Brewster was on vacation. You know it's Pete is great. Slice of pizza for like give a dollar thrifty well. Costco just angered a bunch of people because they just unveil our new menu for food court. And one of the changes is not going over very well at least not social media but then again. What does go over well on social media with the current abstract acts. The retailers don't offers its famous dollar fifty deal for a hot dog and a fountain showed up but the polish dog combo. Also with the showed up for the same price. Has been banished. You could still organizational technological development he just not the polish dog and showed. Per dollar going to be it is you know pull it. They don't they got dog and future. Column. Again assure that social media is reacted to news appropriately. When I touched tag. Though. That's the hash tags in the polish dog Joey tweeted. I'm completely and utterly speechless. Every part of me feels betrayed. This is not my America. Hash tag saved the polish dog. I guess there's a big difference between the polish dog and in the dog that are still gonna keep on the menu and continue to show. I think it hasn't been this size. I have never had the polish dog but it's clearly Lanka electrical box or something. Now. Our our you was sausage. I am because there's a big difference between polish sausage. Kill bosh and Italian sausage term. Big difference. We do they make it is kind of a shame. Let go what gender its two with a beverage so much like there's a big difference between. Your raw those two types of sausages. Your polish and Italian spies on sausage. Did there must be a big difference between dog though the polish hot dog. And then there's what does that say where this other it doesn't say where there's other hot dog cultural not a done. I am assuming it's gaga and if you if you shoot up ask you lower the warm well. And home. A debt issues there's room men you make over by the wholesaler Costco. You'll still be able to get for a dollar fifty a hot dog at a found showed that you just won't be able to get the polish at dog. And we are. Minnesota the changes part of a food court make over that includes the addition of a burger. What is eight CAI. Don't know clicks and plant based on that and that because you get a bowl that. The HT AI bowl. Ky Heidi again I didn't I am assuming it's some sort of vegetable. And you could also get a meatless Al pastor Shalit. Point dished up and over there because dog. You're gonna be taken about about shopping shut it on 31. As a lead over 'cause going to divide and yet you need DR you do need to turn down diminished. No one else you need barely a high. Bowl is that I guess some sort of like Brazilian dish. They may with a frozen and rushed home for. That you can. And tell your wife or husband or whatever edge of the destination is a culinary destination. And an almost a week Errol by the way if you still need a box of 300 to have Biden we have taken off. But what about brie first over here because look what Castro was doing with their own food court menu make over. The axe dialed the polish hot dog. Has put the company in the dog house. There was some discussion. For a while John Marty you know this. Well one guy Marten this guy Dan treated I'd rather have a college bowl than the polish dog what. Said no one. With functioning taste buds but. I that was our Dan being funny on Twitter. Bar Cammie. Tweeted about the news. I really tried to avoid political talk on social media but something has to be shed and use my voice to enact change understated view on follow me. But I can't have my kids grow up believing I stood by silently and did nothing. Egg Costco. With the hook looked at it can't mean for that are very vocal. Polish dog. It's a Wiener. How about this guy. Guam weeded shape the polish dog girls like it to my membership in move over to Sam's Club and smashed actually the polish dog. Asked are you shocked. Old law practice. So social media is being itself again it doesn't matter what the issue is you can usually get right to the shore within our two or three Checketts. And I and one more Jana. Tweeted hey Costco. If I wanted to healthier begin friendly option that would be your food court. It is very good boy you know. You know Derek Noe that reminds remember a few years ago two or three years ago John Marty might have been three or four years old Burger King decided. To offer. A second type of French fry it was it was a critical cut fraud. So late you you could dirt they had two different types of French try you can out and they sat. All I think they're called sandwich Fries. And I like them to be honest with. But they said. Dishes for. You know all the issues war if you're looking for a healthier option which shot that shed yeah that's wrong I health monks who we could hurt. So that the that corset I can't I'd like those critical cry for confronting our record McDonald's and working. Joseph whatever like that. Wait. Much like dish Tweeter. Is not going to the food court. At Costco to get something get healthy position. The Duke Nukem. Should always stay tuned hopefully the polish all welcome back but it till if you find yourself meeting before Gordon got to go. Go with the unnamed dog it could be from anywhere. Every ago. Could be could be from anyone who has questions. She'll why all Donald Trump was making his Supreme Court pick last night. All 8 o'clock our time. When the dome when you are nominated Brett capital. You know was going on outside the White House. Stormy Daniels wished ripping. What. Right near the White House. Bright as Donald Trump. Was I. Was nominating his second Supreme Court justice in the old. Yeah. Adult film star stormy Daniels from Baton Rouge. Home. Exercised her powers. About a mile away from the White House wearing nothing but black heels god bless the united church thank you very much. I don't know if you could find the video. Well by Taj she had a crowd should be about a mile away from the White House and she took off while she was standing there. In the ball. Wearing nothing. But Lackey hook up again she's trying this is the longest fifteen minutes of fame she's trying to milk this is as long she can. All. You shoes at the border on the Mexican border not that long ago. I gish. And again showing those those did. Illegal immigrant mothers how to be ecstatic I don't know what she was doing their equipment that's more than that's where the media was that for the cameras in the microphones there. So she showed up there hall. And I get what any good we get a stripper who regularly with the headlines with a sitting president of the United States. You've got to take advantage of that for as long as you possibly can't. It stormy Daniels is continuing to do that. Arm from what I understand she just a spec 45000 dollars are up top. Didn't well bring the ball about talking about all of brain exercise well. Yeah they should not go to college or anything like that now she's back when he about a thousand dollars got up there and twins yes. It sure her her fifteen minutes he's really gotten stretched out really getting tired at all while Donald Trump was doing that. From the White House east room last night. She was about a mile away from the White House outside. Shrimping nothing in her black heels and she had a crowd. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message.