Rick Springfield with Kat

Thursday, June 9th


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I'm Rick Springfield. Howry who. OK good we're really excited you're coming to New Orleans. June 23 champions square it's going to be a great. Show with Loverboy and night ranger net Rick Springfield before kicking it into my thesis. About doctor Noah Drake let's talk about you. For. Every lunch forget your Europe Osce a Europe from Australia correct. Yeah I have automatic actually American citizen called the I want should be able to be available for jury duty pace. Well we appreciate that Rick Springfield. Dijjer Aussie accent ever like crop up anymore or only. And build a protester I can't fit it would distract you whether. I made it safe again and sweating oh my god. It brings Eagles did not have we heard god I figured I don't think in my election. And bring it back to early. I'll blurted I just learned to when it started acting which he I. I am public or Portugal or American actions so I didn't think about it it will play well you do all the talk strident. Coupled because. I can't I can't even take that if you do that oh. I don't know what I will do in the audience Rick Springfield I'm just warning. Cut into your acting career now I hate you. Had a little birdie tell me that you gave it up tightly. I don't think he was picked up or media couple episodes is back in the day and you are some kind of superhero. That like stuck to things or something. Eat. This truly. Are you target that's it. Yeah I which supposedly the next Vietnam vet who had this great big. That plane who were sick or letting people and saving people's blood. That it went for about 88 episodes are pretty cool where they didn't. I mean why wouldn't that go on forever that sounds fabulous. That was trick I don't know and noticed that I think. Politics of of TV this. The right to know about that right. Now is up when you're Ricky in the flash with the Greek Meryl Streep great movie. The applicability how awesome is she the writer an. Amazing what it weird so light. Paul Meryl Streep your name because she was Ricky in the movie. Let your wreck. So that. Yeah well a lot of people got confused over that and go and you know really carving you know we have an actor you'd. You have to record gas so that kind of illegal drugs T mean I agree yeah you. Yeah I thought I particular really well aren't great people of all credit card to everybody. Do great work. Thank you mom almost passed and that movie is that true or. They are special edition because. East Coast then up and make sure they want to see it like the next day and don't try to middle mature on quite I didn't have time to prepare so it didn't work. And up to a bed additional intranet and Demi and no I just sit down under our wouldn't be ready for a period I don't know what would have relished that much chance sort of wish. Put up have been. My PR girl Kim should address from the plane older kids and it worked out well. That's actually my I just I loved that movie so much in your gist. As such giving actor I feel like whatever movie briefing you're in like your detected. It just. You just make everybody else better or you get he just kind of candy everybody out your chameleon. Even though you were crew ensure detective Mike god. Yeah we did good second. Don't park clipped some leverage in a flood much like deal Gregg would deal with good guy you know he played the kind of creep which was. You know sort of expect it to help or play against tight. You look like. I don't Ranariddh after a lot of good pay. Olmert here we are tied it. Bowling ball flat and made the tape on the side or face and it lasted rubber band to pull back our face like yeah actually. Let's just very rich stroking the orange. Really thought that what I got a photo report after that I can corporate and applied with strict could that alone and I had a bit of what appeared. Long hair yeah. And then and be treated ticket shut recognition that it kind of startling. The that's amazing how lake creepy and weird they need to look considering. A yeah apple. You studied art today acting and pressures you know but what I get a up close or Portland or pursuit group pick close to home yeah there. You have really angry did you steal anything from the general hospital sat. You know like taking a week you know like something in stethoscope her. Or current facts and come on. OK so the new album is out it's really really good rocket science. Bomb that would kitty come out in April you'll get a copy need to. Yeah it's really like fresh and poppy and in fun. Yeah it's done. That she charted our committee record that's collecting data are. We are direction yet they are you going you're gonna make sure that on on. On tour on at the show I'm hoping. Yeah yeah songs were great lives we registered excuse video for for Dell the song debt mountain ridges. But stronger rover jamarcus from grass flats yeah. But yet it has got its signature rock album welcome but it still has some country element and that it would change our country. A couple country artists. Yep that's great now you're all may be on the premiere episode coming up I think at the end of June and in. It's called greatest hits and he profile. Rock stars from the eighties. It's not. Yeah he mixed. New artists. And cut what they called in on the divinity your own and our greatest. Our great registrar but anyway. We. It did not really great this. Generally does. Because the grammys so he knows a lot of like dams and it's great to be. The trick to play live on TV can be doesn't happen. Dre opera or it doesn't happen well the dish there's a great show the camera right up by just our stuff happen. You're their premiere episode. You're you know first I think so that'll be exciting ABC. Let me and I are great bet that patent and it really shows in general I woke slides setting up like that electrocution or you can really. Here. Bluntly and bit bit Loverboy. And let Rangers showed going to be great or everybody could play the other a long time that controller yeah great wrong attitude basically wall to wall hips. Yeah it's it's just a hit show really end. You menuing New Orleans champion square is phenomenal you're gonna love it. Yes right here yeah let the orbiter to the younger favorite charity he released a new 100 or. What the result around whenever whenever that spring he'll help amount of Eric or. You're gonna love. Champions square June 23. I tickets are still available few and far between people wanna get on that. We actually have some to give way of course in we will we will do that coming up here on by 95 point seven OK Rick Springfield. You plain stupidity too many nurses balls on jet yeah. Either you're. There only god I walked right into that nurses ball denied Internet I don't usually makes the ball called jet. You my monies to let. You leave school early. I'm back in the days so I can watch. So I would miss a lot of like general hospital I think he came on at. Has the political work not done yeah hospital in Boston College. Seven veto such summer happened to be. Like the biggest show on TV is I had no idea that it is that what kind of. So you really had no idea he used by Al soap opera this is light good. Practice this is like. And glad I was broke shall I did I would broken leg and I recorded working class stronger and it. And I've had every out up before that really gonna need you know it was written down on this when they get out acoustic thing will happen. Sort of could. The role and that a typical cut it took off at this stage. To plant worker. Phenomenal just phenomenal you everything you decapitate you and kill you off but then bring you back to life I mean. Each time he kind of went away came back. Yeah are you Obama put my first song was more luck. I pulled the plug in 1985. Hour. And it would buy Beers and sought to I've done my retirement rate reduced platelet tropical. I I gotta say though NA it's on the YouTube and I I looked for it. At Ford for a couple of days and I finally found it. Mom. Like your very last time in general hospital I think what was that in 2013. Hello I'm very Qaeda and Demetric. Predator trigger happy fiftieth anniversary yet another day and nurses ball. Here's what happened. I think it deal which aren't short creek creek church ignored Drake might be a little straighter rocker leverage virtual. I mean me easy I mean it's realistic I I leave I felt foreign. Our body that only proper right but at the very. And you know what I'm gonna say when you're like leaving. You're here going you'd taken a flight like back home to Seattle or what wherever the new job you're gonna work that. And you who is not the same flights. Your first general hospital girlfriend Bobbie Spencer. You know that's. But don't. Tell what you learned that who are that many airlines my big credit bureau we have certain room here but her. Don't you have Whitney credit. Yeah I was like look we're both on the same flight. Word you're going to start John added new hospital in Seattle and then you both are right artery. Yeah but it was a great like wrap up TU you know character because we always money GD be with Bobby nobody else. Read it right Tiffany and just telling him. A lot dry. Not by eating I was I was pro body and no injury that's just me though Rick Springfield. Yes this is a great girl I could actually see are still around then Jackie zeman and change. We treat person. Well that's possible so we're hearing where we cannot wait till we showed June 23. She it even square. Feet here to win tickets. In Rick Springfield. Can you say a couple of things really quick for me. Like hey this is Rick Springfield. And I love. Good bridge rebuilt my two camp. I can he say that at the show oh my god if he say that at the show. I already told Blake your manager of the promote her the security he. Like when I do jump on up on stage and tackle you it'll be towards the end I won't ruin the show. Yeah on me go easy on the. All right well we're all obviously. Anybody torrential jovial good. That's gonna be fun Rick Springfield where each travel safe and we'll see you establish Aaron. Portrait all right Rick Springfield thank you so much. All right but like.