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Friday, August 17th


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By uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the Josh early morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Campbell mark for. So on Wednesday. This married woman is that work in Alabama in Hoover Alabama and Hoover is a town. Where obvious she she plays they're baseball tournament every year. And the woman is that work in Hoover. And she ends up. Going out of video chat. When their husband. But the problem is. Her husband is with another woman. And that other woman. Is holding a gun. To her husband's. Head. Schobel woman who's got them the married woman who's at work. In Hoover Alabama. I joke. Taking a screen shot of this woman. Holding a garden two were husband heard. And then. Sends out a screen shot. On her other social media platforms. Saying. This crazy bitch. He and a Cameron. Just called me I'm lying. I'd chat with a gaunt at my husband's ahead. I don't know if he is OK. I don't know exactly where he is in Tuscaloosa. Can somebody please help me I'm at work. And I'm about to lose it. I think she shot them. And and the woman had to go back to work wherever she was working to. I know things during the day you were you when your your job can be a little bit so hectic. I know things I can get a little bit crazy sometimes lawyer work. But it's your question no I've never engaged in video chatting with anyone while I'm working I just knew that was coming my way. Q can you imagine this though. Come to find out. The woman did shoot the man in the head. Demand is in our critical condition and in Alabama hospital Walton the vessel latest dog that I heard. But the victim's wife. Posted on FaceBook posted the picture of the woman. Managed the woman holding a garden. And what's funny about this screen shot. Is. I don't know is if you're listening right now if you lived here if you have done much video chatting but when you video chat. There's a picture of you at all it's it's a little thumbnail. What are little postage stamp you know what I like little step in the right hand corner. So not only do you see the full video screen shot. All of the woman holding had gone to this woman's husband Ted. The middle of the day on Wednesday. But then you she's a little. Icon on the little stamp like. Photo in the upper right hand corner of laws. The woman's husband who who's guarding which she wanted to chat with her husband to the next thing you know. She's chatting with the woman her husband is what I've and that woman patents to be holding a gun. Two were husband had as it turns out though he was shot in the torso. Who's not shot in the head are he was shot the torso but he was listed in critical condition correct. The Euro. The last we knew I'd or federal. Mobile last few hours. If there's if there's we have machine and operated we have a team keeping an eye on it but it that's that's all we know right now. To the two hours after that original. Message. That I just read. Two hours after that. The white posted. She expletive shot him I'm about illusion my expletive mind. I have to go back to work in my job. What are fusion I'm from an hour workday went on Wednesday after dealing with this. On I don't live chat order she was and like customer service of Rasheed his serves the public in some way that would be. That would be tough. You and your husband who's just been shot. And evidently that. That post that social media post that I read. Evidently it help the police because vague they found they found. Her husband. And they would he was with another woman unfortunately and in and really unfortunately the other woman was off. The other woman said. That she. Is this man's. Mary. There's Mary man's girlfriend. And show our. Police Sri able to find this suspect. He had not left trees. Him and your name. And no. About. She was brought. She was arrested brought to the violent crimes unit for questioning. And that it was at that point when they broader in that detectives learned the thirty year old victim was shot. During. A domestic argument. If you're with if you would your your side I'll shall. Is that still considered to match shortened. He's out of their foreign. And it would be an international. A situation oh so there are so few if he was married in the in the girlfriend happened to be from France or shall blasier apparent okay then it's that the minister. I. These. That producers. I've this guy survived the shooting from his girlfriend that ritual that we're going to. There were pulling out all the stops while mothers probably going to be either lost another domestic when his wife or or domestic period. With his wife. Who is our chatting with a bomb on Wednesday while she was at her job in the middle of the day. And that Brewster that would be like right now. Let's say I was married. The Edwards Edwards Edwards doing come on stop Edward doing the show. And then all of a sudden my pole vault. On the computer screen. My wife in some hotel rumors some wrong with solemn. The man who he was told that the garden where you haven't you figured out ulta Vista yet and you're going to be two video chatting during the show care. Walk up up to shot and I've tried to make a parallel I'll turn to draw uh oh it. Sharpen your principal. And I hope they did of the wife. Who ended up because. Taking a screen shot of that video. All of the woman holding a garden tour who were husband in a room in the and she ended up sending that out. I hope she doesn't get in trouble for are doing that while she was supposed to be working because it looks like she she acts caught a lunatic. And quota of of this guy survive the torso shot shapes the life former husband. So what do you think her job is it doesn't say in in the story what is she doing Hoover Alabama right what is there to do and number of them. All that I wish I shall. There was Italian mover that we heard there was to resign high school Hoover high. That was featured. About ten or twelve years ago. On a big MTV she agrees about a high school football team and then yeah it was just a reality show. What. I have no white DO wet dog his wife. Dosing Hoover where she was able to. Not only video chat with Jewish woman who was holding a gone to war husband. She took to screen showed overture a couple of good screen shot two of the woman holding the guard and the woman looks insane. The woman looks crazy. The wife Monica be did her job to him. You know we all have stress that the on in the workplace. She adds it's interesting because what others she knew good the woman's name with a garden. She should dish crazy bitch here and cam and just called me online. Also show. Why they didn't was looking for the husband. And live cam. It woods the husband resolve the side woman who he was with. He had a camp and just call up the husband and wife on site care. Maybe on his phone. And you know. I technologies incredibly well and this isn't an amazingly ties have been FaceBook. The video chat is really cool I have done it a couple of times now while cook meth now while working but it's it's I mean it's. For the most part it's crystal clear it's really cool you don't pay anything for it. Well I think that might have been FaceBook alive by the bin where these screen shots came from. Well but not FaceBook live I'm talking about FaceBook. Video chat you and I right now could do FaceBook video chat and it would have the postage stamp sized. Icon that that we would see of each other top. Like like I would be looking you've been like you mentioned before. I would see in my own. Self in the picture in picture in the states not FaceBook live it's not going anywhere which is go between us are and that's what's really cool. Even though you and I read our city about three feet from each other alive if if if that's something we wanted to do. We would be we could do that I think we should urine was tested. While out during this break. Well wife watches in horror on FaceBook as husband is held at gunpoint before Tuscaloosa shooting. That's a story there and again we don't know how the guy is all we know he took one to the torso. And then his wife probably gonna give more if he does survive that because he's in some hotel or some rumor every was. With this where this other woman then. Says that she's a man's girlfriend. How relationships and 2018. All right coming up on the show if someone else's try to kill Steve's release at least threaten to our congressman. Stay tuned for that. They're on by U knighted by point seven by uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. So wall. In Tennessee. Oh man just got arrested at a traffic stop and he had a boy Jay heroin hidden in his rectum. The party your routes not smack now. Now you know heroin. Dirt junk H garbage yet each orders. He had eleven on the old a Hawaii 50. When I mean Jack lowered within have a big busted he'd pull out of brick just solid he would cut into it. Who's put like a little bit on its tonton. It's pure horse. Chang I shall we just one case. They don't mess with that although. We have such a bad OP OP Lloyd problem with people being addicted to open UH in this country yes I do yes yes we do dead end and and the price of hope you which are pretty high. People are turning from what old Buick and they're going to get heroin they're voting age of only gets mad because I cheaper. But anyways. Derek his big traffic Boston and and in Tennessee in Tennessee. They pulled the budget heroin this guys backside it. Give a totally new meaning to jump in the stroke. Pretty long way to go lot of oh it didn't exit. You yet meet UIE I've bought into at levels that you had me hook that's an issue we have to deal with resignation masked and doctors are blaming themselves because several years ago. They're the ones. We just were more or work are describing sure hope we always to people like they were Dick they were candy they were to tax write. The probable. That is is that the heroin that is on the streets today is not cut would during you know like it was in the Bronx in the seventies. Or New York City. It's the heroin apparently that is gripping cities like Cincinnati Dayton Ohio Columbus, Ohio. Southern Indiana in the midwest so what it is that ever cure it is it is like it's the good stuff apparently and I am. Much like marijuana it's not like there's stuff from years ago it did give people figured out how to make really great great stuff right. I'd hate coming up John Elway did general manager of the Denver Broncos. He said is that they offered Colin Capra nick contract and he should know. What they aren't done with that then no more mention of him no more talking about how he's being out colluded. Out of the out of his profession. Ed if you're going to sage games. We've got some updates on. I've ticket information on how parking yes restrictions stay tuned for those reports call in sick if you have to hear on by you know 95 which up by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. Changes on the way to regulations regarding parking and ticketing. For not just saints' games but all the new programs but first you have a cap predict update yeah memento for for more yes did you give gimme a minute here. John Elway who now runs in Denver Broncos. General manager makes all the moves. He says Colin tapper nick had his chance to be a bronco but turned it down. And now some people are saying awaited maybe shouldn't of said that legally because Colin cannot predict issuing. The NFL offer collusion that they all colluded against him to keep them out to black ball him. Whose home. He says that even blow the Broncos once gave the embattled former NFL quarterback. A chance to be on the team but he turned them down. Bomb. Always comments came while speaking to the press following the end of their team camp. The former quarterback was asked whether cannot predict couldn't could be seen as a viable candidate. To fill backup role. In Denver. To which. Elway answered quote Colin attaches to be here we offered him a contract he didn't take it. Initially went cap predict which still. Off on this temperatures go 49ers and remember Patrick walked away from a guarantee what was it 1112 million dollars. To test free agency your whatever he was doing. You know there are people that are that are familiar with Colin capital Brewster that blame all of his behavioral changes on the girl the woman he's dating. They're saying he's dating a Millen a militant woman. And she's the region why you walked away from the eleven or twelve million dollars guaranteed come until he. Contract with the 49ers. And then nobody offered him anything once she yard Garland me and it's Garrett. He's protest being in. Sega's they will make huge. John Elway he spoke out of turn or or told a tale out of school. But yet John Elway was one of us several and a fellow executives who have been deposed. Who have given testimony on open testimony is the right word war because did that been given a deposition in the collusion suit yeah you would thing. That. There you would think that John Elway it would be aware of the list of things that he can and can't say I can't say regarding that he's an NFL hall of Famer John went well but he's not like most cynical players he's not. Shall we say. He's not an attorney. He and that that that was just my first thing a quarter he said something that maybe he shouldn't have beaten again. Having been deposed you would think that he would though. What he can't it can't say yeah there is a hall of Famer not that is nothing to do just what happens what he's they stick in my in his eyes. Throw that in there via. Solo home. It's a good thing he set up prior to the 26 XX 2016 season so this is gone back a couple of years. John Elway that's where he was referring to. He referred to a trade offer made to cap predict prior to the 2016 season. While he was still on this effort to score forty niners the deal would reportedly not accepted. Because they said won't trade for you but all were I don't know where were gonna reduce sure pay a little Britain and evidently that didn't fly. Week ago with cap predicting cap predict ultimately chose to stay with the 49ers and that he chose to rip up that contract so much. I shut. Do you think there's collusion there. Look there's. Text book definition of collusion but there's no doubt that once cap Redick took a knee. Got a bunch of these guys said we don't wanna deal with his head at. You would think it would that there would be somebody. Some ownership. Group in the NFL that would. Figure out a way to maximize it hand. Yeah there have been very unpopular players in all Major League sports. Who have put pales in the seats and that's the number one job it is not to be upstanding citizens it is not to be a great Americans. The NFL and other businesses. Including other Major League sports job wanted to put pales in the seat and there is no doubt that debt there. Gary are people out there. That would show well just for him if the team signed him. Well there's the opera you know it was with every downside there's an opportunity there's an opportunity. Maybe it's already past now may be too much water is passed over the bridge but there is an opportunity to make college cap predict a hero. To make the situation hero. This minute. A different way. Yeah but no one is willing to. Put the time of the effort of the money money into that as it is their thirty or 32 teams in the Monaco of the 3232. Of the Major League baseball's thirty yet so shall thirst 32 teams in the NFL. I mean is all one. I think everybody agrees. There's mold package today. He's not one of the best 64 guys to do that job to either be a bad call. But if you're keeping a couple quarterbacks on every team well is he is keeping himself in shape though. And that will you talk back happening at the end of the you know aloe is the densities. Played juniors what he did lead his team to the Super Bowl when he was within one drive away he was within a few yards away right here in New Orleans in the superdome and then the power went out when they lost yet. Of home. And then after that kinda went down a little bit to it that talent around him and his team wasn't as good. It's so his his results weren't as good. And then he lost his starting job in the starts dating the militant and the militant is the one who in my opinion. And who will lead him to do all was right. And now he's suing the NFL laws for collusion saying that they're keeping them now surprise we don't we don't hear more about these about the girlfriend. That's good point. All right tonight is the assays pre season home opener there are a couple of changes here parking policy. You can't get all of this at. The saints website bid for those of you have the steering wheel in your hand you can't do that. Parking policy due to increased security measures not only at the superdome but of all the NFL stadiums. Parking in certain areas and the closer you get to. The the stadium itself vehicles are now going to be. Of vehicles parking in certain areas of the Mercedes-Benz superdome parking garages will now be subject to security screenings at every home game that's the vehicle. As NG New Orleans will implement enhanced vehicle screening. Of all vehicles that pass through and park within close. Proximity of the bill so it last year to allow extra time during a searcher are. Make good. There's a big to really dig or there's a much better chance this year that you're gonna get your car search and met in the past the closer you parked to the superdome itself the likelihood that you're vehicle. The subject to canine search. Bell and now the something that I think affects a greater number of people and one of the cool things is when you buy tickets whether it be through Ticketmaster and it fell. Ticket exchange dot com you have the option to print at home. And that brits out that treats it PDF file and you pray your tickets I don't guess what you can use those anymore. Not only here in New Orleans but with all NFL markets ticketing policies will prohibit printed PDF tickets from being accepted for entry. Into the Mercedes-Benz superdome this season ticket holders you get the booklet or whatever it is and those of you who have individual gain actual paper tickets. Of course those are Roque. What they're trying to get you to do is to download. Either. The saints mobile LAPD or ticket master or seat he grew one of those. That actually. Shows the the was it the Q work code who were the bark notre whatever so if you're one of the people who prints out the PDF file and uses that as. Tickets for entry no. No no no more war no more paper tickets no more print it at home paper tickets yet make that clear they want you to hold up your cell phone and they wanna scan your cellphone right if but he appears season ticket holder or you have actual. Actual four hill. Printed tickets those are. I opt I'd love football and I'm excited to I'm excited and it's back I'm excited to watch it I just wish all this other or don't. We would. It would go away pilot nine years I've never used that term that John rush early morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man into warlords. Am a more for college by the united by points out by united five point shop in New Orleans only clash o'clock. So we've talked about. A big problem they haven't shepherd Cisco. Where they are shall we homeless people and the homeless people are just going to the doctor ministry when I talk about number one. Other drop induces. All over the Streets of San Francisco they get number one do but that's not the problem and it's all because they drop deuce is all over there. All they had to witness what we talked about the date they've had to come up with the home. Little maps for the Torre should stop. Where people are should stay awake for or if you're into that meant I mean there all kinds finishes maybe you wanna deceit that. There's an app for that. And stole home. Instead of addressing their homeless problem and again this is either the richest are second richest city most expensive city to live in an America. If you wanna pay rent you wanna pay mortgage this is easily either about the thus the most expensive the second most expensive to live in this country right. And gasoline is a law. No no no no no. Five dollars italics it's incredible how expensive it is all wall now instead of addressing the homelessness problem Shepperd just go. The city has launched the poop. Patrol. To clean human waged. They have hired people and that's. That's their only job is to go around the city and shivered just go. And clean up people's crap that is our job and I'm sure. Like fifteen dollars an hour you know people about food what fifteen dollars an outdoor. You know because it's so expensive it's averages go. All. They have hired people to go clean up the street to shepherd just go in and that's their only job yes. And I I I I always thought an entry level position at a strip joint which probably. Wish it was probably the job I would want least in my life for a cleaning up rat. Turns out it's actually the poop patrol. Try. The entry level position to strip joint. Has just been replaced by the poop patrol with separate Cisco as the job that and again I respect anyone goes to work every. This would be the job I would won at least coming up next we look at today in history we call the segment why today does is talk. Acts on by uniting but what's up. By uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Austral in morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. In Lamar Ford. I know you're going to do. A couple of politicians that said things that got them in a little bit of trouble Luke before you do that I wanted to fuel only one quick point. And people were we got there. At the panties in a bunch a little bit. When Donald Trump. Addressed. The president addressed the media in his comments is he is. Often want to do and I started out. Talking about Aretha Franklin and there was one particular moment that some people thought was inappropriate. Why won't do it again today by expressing my condolences to the family. Person I knew well. She worked for me in which case he's terrific Aretha Franklin and passing. She's or joy to millions of lives that are extraordinary legacy it will pariah and inspire. Many generations to come. She was given a great gift from god her voice. Houston well people loved to rate this special woman so I just want to has sunlight what was. Best wishes and sympathies to her that some people or a little upset that he says that that that she had worked for him. When actually she had done shows that his casinos like many performers and entertainers. Have done and do sharp. But it just sounds like John. You know she worked for me on the plantation but she's clean my toilet yes Islamic yes people Patricia took a runway of course some people will go right in that room. But does Jen no matter what trump does or says people are gonna. People don't likable like it's that simple of course but when when are we gonna do our IP Aretha. We talked about that Ali in the show yesterday you know one thing I learned about Aretha yesterday brochure which could very you know they said she had a tough life what's that. She gave birth to her first child when she was twelve years golden. But as horrified written. But you actually she was something else you know you don't. Z. You're not given the name the queen of soul. Offer. For dolphin. So a lot of her from she was something else. So I do love this story here a couple of different. Politicians. Said things recently. That made news. Op in the state of Michigan. A Michigan State Democrat. Apologized yesterday. After calling her Asian opponent. King Jong. That's what she called their region opponent was that drawn and her Asian opponent's. Campaign staff she called them. Change all longs. State representative Betty Cooke Scott. Who happens to be African Americans. That came under fire after she hurled. The anti Asian Chang Jong Shuler. That state representative Stephanie Chang. She H Chang it's not seeing court jaw. Was that rang good it's change. During the primary election last week. She you from referred to her opponent as Ching Chang. And Jim Jones. Outside out to voters outside of polling precincts right. Oh. And here's what we didn't. Saying don't vote for Ching Zheng urging Jong vote for me. She said quote I humbly Apollo. Just representative Chang and her husband mr. glee gray. And to the broader Asian American community for those disparaging remarks in the of this of age. We find ourselves in I should back tribute further. To debt divisiveness. And of quote ironically mr. grey she refers to show Andre. And that is ms. Chang's. Husband is African American. The plot thickens. Boy oh boy what a mess in Michigan. So that happened up in Michigan. Itself the when these politicians say something like like elected governor of New York major Cuomo's. What we're all his success is response to make America great is make America great again is. America has never been. How many people died for this country you're gonna say that. I'll tell you debate of the voters in New York for frat guys get and they deserve all the high taxes that the yet as he loves that need to diesel they deserve everything again. So meanwhile in Broward County Florida are down Aaron how Lendale peach. Familiar with that area. Why the mayor. Check it. She head to the female well. Know give it away and that's okay. We tried a case of them than the mayor of Allendale beach keep London yes. Is having the budget discussion with the city's. The city commission's budget. Commission. On Monday night. And I am and that commissioner's name is Anna bell lean but Talbot correct and her mother owns the spla. Which happens to sell. We'll see skin bleaching cream so here is a little bit of that exchange. From beautiful Broward County. Then see. How much. Or she were my earned income came from last year and Wear it. I'm sure you do. Was he getting much stricter bleached the that would like they normally comport. OK and I'll be you and your family business. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Center bleaching is a very open coming business. And well you wanna make a personal commissioner will make a personal all day long. So if you're not familiar of what he has said. And the audio there the reason for the mismatches. Which he was clearly on Mike and she was off Mike is that recorded this. So to give her levels boosted up there's. That's what she speaks a little bit noisy at one point chooses a look I have a college education. And part of her exchange to demeanor and the mayor of Allendale beach Florida he's one didn't. Who's talking about getting his shrink there bleached. All the Kardashians do that now I guess just how hot new trend right. Form because that well him describe. Should address shrinks or bleaching well they don't referred he he they don't Paula that it's just referred to his anal bleaching. And as we age. Things. In different parts of our. Pigmentation takes over in different parts of our bodies. Of is their music in this and hooligans nearer. Feel like I'm eating a high school film script will run. The bureau right when. You know places like South Florida and Southern California those are the places I was talking about a tall talking about of the human body ball they dated people out there they'd. They've been spending money if he did get to get there to get their filters this down there and you know you've got bleached and down there. Yeah will now all. All of a sudden she's saying that. You talk to me how dare you talk to me that way worse hash tag meat to this that hash tag on to. Moment. And not talking about getting their shrink to his leash but being labeled as someone that that's how you make your money reviewing your mother. In that horrible business. Apparently it's up and coming. Who do. Think it's an ass backwards business. I've never heard of mayors usually forge Victor before. I'm sure it's happened did in the history of mankind. It has to have happened. There's no first for anything. Now is that worse than what the woman in Detroit are in Michigan said which geo what she called her Asian opponent. Kim Jong. Which is worse is this. This worsen in Broward County or worse in Michigan data I would say worse in Michigan. Yeah I think that's were still. Could unleash renters are prettier words and well two things about. Lost her name. Annabel Lee met hop hop. The pony tailed commissioner. Turned appointed me here. A pony tail commissioner turned appointed mayor of London. The current maker. Has a history for your remarks it's what he's seventeen he told Broward investigators that a fellow commissioner. Was a quote migrant worker in quote he wasn't. Earlier this year he was recorded asking the city employ the if the performed. And the particular act while in prison. So apparently com. The mayor he's London Allendale beach mayor he London. Will say anything. He's no holds bar. About the apple whatever whatever politician uses the word stricter several times. It's it's probably gonna make news. Can I ask that you don't use it anymore. Would guys. Yet. It's buy you 95 point seven by united five point seven V classic rock on New Orleans. I think the ward may enter here is Yiddish. I think he hit restricting acute. You would know me yet Asia it jumped up and bit you in the shipping pier 88. I've lived in Miami Beach for five years would you do on route it is news dude to grow a little proved to me I don't know you'd. And I think that's where the word chewing gum from Miami might make shekel. Outlay got there a careful. And commitment. Careful the issue is. Healthy men can earn up to 15100. Bucks a month as sperm donors. You guys might be surprised to learn how easy it is to turn your hobby into a home business. Figure. Are coming up on the show someone threaten the life of our congressman. Steve's release the house majority whip. And the dumbest thing we row week stay tuned for those reports. Here on by united by point seven buy you 95 point seven New Orleans told me clause. Classic rock. I was just thinking about that song right to that is the ultimate stalkers. Ample. The John roster when morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary men and walked in the mark Ford. It's Friday it's about 835 result. And this is where we tell you the dumbest thing I renal week. And runners up yet we have a few runners up and we are much impact on shall started off tightly as today's headlines. Argument over a wreath at Franklin leads the shooting witnesses. And I just think when you are you actually do. Dateline's Suffolk Virginia a witness to a shootings as an argument over who played it or would play Aretha Franklin. In a movie about her lies led to shots being fired Suffolk police responded to the shooting Thursday morning. The witness tells TV station WKT. Are you heard two people and in nearby barber shop. Arguing over whether Oscar winner Halle Berry betrayed the queen of soul. Anybody you fight reportedly spilled onto the streets turned physical one of the men involved produced a firearm. Out the other man at least once. Book it transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The TV station reports the gunshot victim's brother. So that he was in serious condition in a sort of the dumbest things I've ever read my life I just did not just this week exactly can you imagine that cash back. But how did you say what's interesting Aretha Franklin wondered how we buried a player. Halle Berry says she doesn't have the vocal chops right and so that's why they gave the gate to Jennifer Hudson that's a much better. Singing wise a much better bit and just visually. I can picture Jennifer Hudson. Over Crowley Mary. Halle Berry would have been game on way. To bully a wreath in certain portions of her life. In fact most fortunate for a while go oh great actors and actresses do that remember Robert De Niro how much we can be gained per region bully eighty pounds yeah I like them. We Jake LaMont are right so you'll have thrown things asunder by the taking that once and yeah. I'm still good. I I still have one Nadal runner up in the and I've got the art runner members in the woman think. Her own kidnapping to try to get 600 dollars in ransom money from a father and you'll do additional delight the issue should maybe have a little bit bigger gold. You're you're gonna figure own kidnapping. For for 600 bucks. Abby Abigail Farley nineteen years old was arrested for fifteen year old kidnapping. Her father reported her missing on Monday. And received a ransom taxed on Tuesday. One cash reportedly asked him to pay 600 dollars for his daughter's safe return. Another tech dropped a ransom to 400 dollars. Too big a hurry up and do it faster and gave her father drop off location and then of course to look minding your daughter when they. One of us yeah I mean. You probably could have just asked them for the 600 functional 400 bucks without taking your own kidnapping and doing it you that way round. Another runner up here. I do gambling according to family police used Kaczur you probably saw the story around social media like police used teaser to stunning 87 year old woman. Cutting down the lines dateline Chatsworth Georgia Georgia police chiefs and an officer was justified in music it's easier. To study and 87 year old woman after she didn't Obey commands to drop a knife in her hands. Martha Al Bishara was charged with a criminal trespass and obstructing an officer last Friday when police over at gunpoint before bringing her to the ground with a jeweled. From the electrified prongs of a stun gun relatives say she doesn't speak English and was merely cutting out their alliance with a kitchen knife. I think we've all of them. Near her home in chat with the jets worth that's about 85 miles north. Atlanta. 087 year old woman with a knife still has the ability to hurt officer says Chatsworth believes she is Josh etheridge. He tells that to the daily citizen news of dolphins there's no anger there's no malice in this in my opinion etheridge says it was the lowest use of force. That could be used to step simply stop the threat at that time. So the cops fought that that 87 year old woman could've. Cut bamboo instead of of the flowers look it's a human being with a knife the kitchen I mean you know you know you don't know. Family members say Martha spent about two hours at the Marie county jail before being released Friday. And that she's questionable sleeping in his nervous about it going outside so it has a happy. All right okay. And I just wanted to say one thing before we get to go to the the winner of it all this story I just told about the nineteen year old woman who picked her own kidnapping to try to get the 600 dollar ransom from our father you made it no. That happened in Corbin Kentucky. Corbin Kentucky coaches the how the original Kentucky fried chicken isn't Corbin Kentucky oh really yes you'd be good to be the first one. Actually got the original Kentucky fried chicken and this not. Yes but I just said that I didn't say where was I hear you saying dateline my outlet that's why I wanted to go back and let you know the rat that that story happened. Incorporated on stealing that from the lead to legendary Jim Healy and team PC Los angels and now here is. The dumbest thing I read all week. We put a lot of work into the show and sometimes some of the stuff that we've you can read a lot of stories and please say when we put words into it that well reading his early work. Really go the air it's worked for them. Naked man breaks in the liquor store. Steals one can of soda. Walks out. And it's all on video from a but there's on the buy you greet the preakness. The Susan's a Georgia. Ford's. County Georgia merit. All the local business owner expressed surprise that the naked man. Broke into his liquor store. So old or grabbed one can of soda. And then walked up. Maybe he was only Thursday April with a one game. Will we know he's a minimalist. Police say the man huge debt hammer. To break into the fourths. County liquor store and that is are spelled apple are and it's why. He will be fortunate that clip for which you that's foresight horse like OK let me go to the opera. I like the actor in new Charlie's Angels John Forsythe okay of us that John Ford through. What does it may read it yet this is all on surveillance video. Naked man walks into old liquor store after he used a hammer. I don't know worry help memories. But what now you're right. Pretty used to Hamburg one did it get old. Beagle is ready for this notification quite hit. Well who's gonna grab a forty but it didn't have anywhere to hide thank you. But that. Usually you would think someone would take as much as they possibly can but again if you're Beckett were you gonna put all the all the boos all gooch. Well he could have stolen. A donut. Or maybe two. Millions. While there it is the other naked man breaking into a liquor stores nearly one can of soda than walking out is the dumbest thing that I wrote all week. Are coming up next. Steve's release our congressman as of last year was an off beat the bullets but so but it gave another death for a poor guy. Stay tuned for that report here on by U 95 points out many of the people to be with you why you 95 point seven the clashes. Rock of New Orleans. Treasure far congressman and house majority whip Steve's release hasn't had a bad enough I mean they are most animals killed among the baseball field wash your when they shot. On some guy just got arrested for threatening. Soon tournament does what. A 63 year old not named Carlos they owned. The we just knew we indicted on charges of threatening to assault and murder United States representative Steve's release of Louisiana. And Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State. He just pleaded not guilty. To leaving menacing messages on their voicemail recording the moment. The teachers are and aren't there on the voicemail he said hey listen this messages for you in the people that fit you there. You are taking our news we are taking years anytime anywhere we know where they are. We are not going to feed them sandwiches we are going to feed them way to. Make no mistake you won't pay and then he shared. Oh joke oh hole. Poor old oh. DIK. Toward the end. Of Spanish for eye for an eye tooth for tooth and I guess she wasn't happy about what was happening at the Mexican border where the young families the mothers being separated from their children. The being put in cages and Wal-Mart blunt like let's hope that he doesn't wind up involved in the next you know high profile. Crime and then we sit back and wonder ha. Why didn't some war why it was somebody watching the calls that a hundred dig up you know we'll there you go. As well there is again he was just indicted John Madden. Hope somebody's we'll keep watching it again and it's crazy politics we talk about how politics they gonna rock rock and roll shows they. They lead to death threats. What I I I know it's serious stuff and it's great to be passionate about it but it's politics. He did did death toll this. We got an email that well we may. Look at. In about. In the next hour before we get out here somebody taking immediate task about how I say the onus is upon. The consumer to know what they're going to see when DC entertainment. Wall and look him when it comes to border issue people are mad at the way America is handling. These women were bringing these children margin that the women in the children's book of risking their Jim lodged their children. Mexico's going to want to get to the border. Our commercial free ride is next on buy you 95 points out by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The John Austral in morning show brought to you by the most ordinary man into Worley. And Lamar Ford. It's about that time of the morning were. We look attain history. And on this radio show we call segment it's time. To have sex why today doesn't sound. Did we changed the title again and. Maybe it could be. Why today doesn't suck. Parenthetically. It's time. To have sex. Tell us are more like Mississippi than than Texas. My Dr. Phil is. It's not all it could be. While not Dr. Phil has got that part Texas part Beverly Hills. That's for when you're making 87 million dollars a year that here and do their. August 7 yeah August 17 it was today. In 1993. Why today he doesn't sat. Random house gives Colin Powell. The largest auto biography. Advanced today. They wanna do a lot of they wanted to hear what he had to say in his book. You know its interest Jake is now. I'm almost who's got that book out. And not some random nut house. But today 1993 random house agrees to pay general Colin Powell. And advance. Guess what in 1993 the highest. Visibility. But gosh guess how much he got. Before you roll one more delegates say we're gonna. One million dollars times six. Yeah 1990 during six million dollars negate it for the right to his autobiography. Before he had written word one yeah apparently what what he was a pretty accomplished sued right. Can you imagine a bit in what. If he could have been convinced to run for president. What do you think what what what move would the world be life would we still not have Saddam Hussein not have Qaddafi. Good question to you you don't why he didn't run right. Why haven't spoken to him recently demo it's public knowledge won. His wife told them pump I'm afraid. Someone who would would shoot you were doing because. Your black in your view 1993 and rent that's why he didn't want. The block that random house paid on. To right they gave six million dollars from my American journey it's a real good read and he's a really. Fascinating guy and military hero. Old Colin Powell's. Home August 17. Well don't make by the reproduce Brewster here we ago. Because today at 1877. Why today he hasn't sat well Kilmer as well as Doc Holliday close. Billy the Kid kills his very first man do you have a view of the the website just bookmark that is. Today in Billy the Kid slash tombstones slash. Gunslinger history no world fascinated with the goal iWeb is that you and there's only got one picture that we know all of do we get it. There's that one picture restated their he's got there's a legal fees in the California. Redwoods these turnaround no access death squads are absurd no it just like there's only the one picture of bigfoot. There's always the one picture of really think yeah he's got that goofy look on his face he's got the god are you suggesting that. SaaS watch his Billy the Kid. Though only a teenager at that time Billy the Kid wounds in Arizona a blacksmith. Who dies the next day. He was the famous outlaws very first victim old Billy the Kid from. August 17. Happy national Massachusetts today. Do we don't know I. What it would it would look like Brewster doubtless. National. National visit. Massachusetts. They don't know why I've got a couple of a couple of days to OK you're gonna go there aren't. Why we idea I would there today is also a national. Thrift shop day I saw that this years theme. What's that smell. Meant to crack yourself up there provide national messages that they on August 17 recognizes the first debate legality. And the sixth state to join the union it just doesn't say why August that's been the that's it's just that I don't know maybe I need to hear this site as someone who went to college in that. I should stay commonwealth renters are released statement. And someone who were some who worked on the radio lived there for many years I was a homeowner in Massachusetts. It's chaos pretty wild place. Also today August 17 is national black hat appreciation day. And let me just say this there are a lot of people who associate black hats with the padlock and Friday the thirteenth that familiar to witches. Black cats if your cat lover now those of you who like dogs and dogs alone. Just to be out for a second and then come back. But if you're cat lover and you've never owned a black happier than sweetest. Most lovable. I love black pants today national black have appreciation day yeah I loved black cat and merit theme is black cats matter. You overdrive a black cat. L got through and agro yes talked about him before on the show we he's almost like a dog any stranger that comes in my house you just want to jump right around there. You're right about that being sweet I'm telling you. I've known several. Herb Kohl owns several black cats over the years whether they're just wonderful they're delightful. Suite animals. Guy I had I had an issue my cable television the cable guy was over once and in my my pat Delgado Negroponte and jump out of shoulder while the guys trying to fix the cable and the guys I would vote or what he's friendly. He's a ninja Hollywood what do you want from me he was strangled the flashlight apparently. August 17. It was today I think we all remember that. In 19981. Today he doesn't track President Bill Clinton testifies before grand jury. He becomes the first sitting president. To testify before the office of independent counsel. As the subject of a grand jury investigation. And god. The testimony came after a four year investigation. Into Clinton and his wife. Hillary's involvement in several scandals and you'll in 1998 this is what we thought Bill Clinton was the biggest liar out of the a couple. Is that where he says. Sexual relations with that woman. Hillary. Not a single never an apple and said that because of this yeah. And that he said. I'll load the whole of the bill. We gotta all kinds of accusations of sexual harassment potentially illegal realistic deals suspected cronyism. Are put into that truck have a tough time right now. Involved in the far in the white house travel agency personnel and a tennis star was the independent prosecutor. The heat that uncovered the affair while he was looking at all of those other things right that's what he undercover DO TE yeah uncovered the affair. Between Bill Clinton and the White House intern Monica which. Speaking of the president of the United States I have his comments about Aretha Franklin will. We'll. Jump into that and a little bit it was on this day the seventeenth in. Any any. Well in 19998. Today he hasn't sat Led Zeppelin topped the chart of a different kind Britain's most bootleg musicians with 384. Bootleg titles. Seized over the past 25 years. And by the way none of them Ernie did. Yeah not a big argument not a big fan of you know I love Led Zeppelin as much or repetitive. But I just and boot you know you what quality and the well is not reported it in some guy's hands. You hit in my pants diet that's that's just not me you know oh here's what I wanted. Happy heavily birthday speaking you know Massachusetts. And Boston specifically. In the kind of roundabout way born on this date in 1949 why today he doesn't snap happy heavenly birthday to. Boston drivers sit hashish savvy viewer I played golf what yes the guy. And if your ship dual birthdays this it's the board's six years a force it pass it. Happy birthday. After Robert De Niro. I like his work Bob yeah I like his work but terrible wound when he's not Utley on the movies but loses you know who who who doesn't. Fitted to that category. Hey August 17 it was today. In 1987. Why today he doesn't suck. Adolf Hitler's last living arrangement died of smoke. And any in 1987 left and long time after World War II rough tax. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's former deputy. Is found strangled to death and spend out prison in Berlin at the age of 93. Apparently the victim of suicide. What are those matches dating there are willing to kill themselves normally. How we got how many people kill themselves by strangling them exactly. Didn't happen that often on this date August 17 the boy this was a big one. August 17 1991 why today he doesn't track Nirvana films the video for smells like teen spirit in Culver City, California. Video cost. Less than 50000 to make I can guess 5000. In that in TV to favor alternative bands and pleas of pop metal bands of we talk about that. How in. 19891990. At the headquarters of Columbia records. Is it more. So that the story goes you know wore it there was there is nobody bigger than Warren that they've just walked into. Columbia. Record headquarters Warren is Warren what do they walk did they see. Alison she needs where Warren used to be and that was like the beginning of the in their late singer Cheney lanes that I knew was over that you know. And finally. August 17. It was today in 1978. Why today he doesn't sack fumble moon crosses the Atlantic for. The double eagle to complete the first trans Atlantic balloon flight. When it lands end up army field their Paris France. A harder and 37 hours after lifting off. From Maine. Let's get that hot air balloon in Maine in the next day and going all the way over the Atlantic Ocean and here terror threat level. Gotta have a senate stones argue or senate who got to do that yes I don't have that cannot who aren't well. Are not educated you can't break yourself that have McCain I need to get like like the invisible fence. Were you aware of the little little little caller that you get you close to saying that he and about as. You look at slight correction that's segment we call. Your watching news twelve that tenth. Which any stand true now. We actually call why today he doesn't sound bite united five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans. According to The National Enquirer. The American princess. Dutch and may doctors make. Actress meg and mark the factories. And Lacroix. Walt supposedly her father is now living with a drag queen. Big deal so as prince charles'. On a witnessed Camilla. The future are coming up there's a couple of politicians in trouble for saying some things they shouldn't have said. We need your views details coming. Here on buy you 95 point Joseph Biden united five point shot into war that's only classic rock. The job on us early morning show brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Am Lamar Ford. This story is something else. One week ago today. At about 9 AM. So almost almost exactly one week ago today. This guy is getting gas she's she's putting gash in his car and Claiborne avenue. Another guy walked up to warm and ask them for a dollar. Which happened here in New Orleans all the time. While he was asking him for a dollar. The man who asked for the dollar cash old bull wallet. From the man who was putting dashes call and it started to write down Claiborne avenue. While the guy chased them. And he chased them. But he caught. And then proceeded to beat the living hell out of them. For five minutes until a couple of witnesses finally got over there and they hold. The man off of the wallet thief. An ambulance came. The wallet beef was pronounced dead. And now. The man who had his wallet stolen. Is in jail. I'm a manslaughter charge. The guy's name is Simon Morse. He lives with a longtime girlfriend and their young small child. He works should BB king's. Blues club. Everybody you work with likes him. His lawyer is trying to get his 450000. Dollar bond. Lowered. So we can get out of the Orleans parish rigid 2.0. So we can go back to work and support. His longtime girlfriend and his young child they haven't done that yet. In my opinion Brewster this is just my opinion than you know longer does sharing. I street justice would cost Roland nostril and it's I think the wallet you've got what he deserved. If if he didn't want to get beaten to death. He should not have stolen Simon Morrissey is wallet. You know this gonna go to court. I don't think you're gonna be able to fight twelve jurors. That are going to be able to say convict this guy a manslaughter and send him to prison. The guy's wallet stolen. He chased her down auto. And I know you might be thinking OK putt from a couple of times thicker wallet back in and leave. We abide eat it just kept punching and punching and punching. Until. Get it lasted about five minutes Chris couple witnesses cable workers say they heard that keeps screaming stop beating stopped beating me. And then the witnesses got over there and they pulled Simon Morris off for the wallet beef. The wallet beef we stated. Our league history. So in her Oscar low landed. Wall nor there actually petty continue to. Teddy oh nonchalantly. We're gonna get to the bottom to nostril homeland. I don't know how much money we're talking about it we will we will categorize this is petty theft. Aren't going your wallet it would be Betty. That's now we're talking about. The amount in the wall this. The the the whose wallet is as no better. Because justices blowing right. To ban on its approach wouldn't let me finish it out excellently and petty theft. Purse snatching. Wallet grabbing. Is punishable by death. Yes or no. If the guided want to get beat to death he should not rational that's not yes or no answer. And Brewster in your wallet you might mean it's only a point auction there I'd look at twenty bucks in my wallet what does ATM card was an area credit cards in there he had other things in there I mean. I don't wallet stolen or lost he's okay is having your wallet stolen the nostril and number regardless of what's in it. Is it punishable by death is it punishable by street justice being beaten to death. On the street won't move on though there is no well it's yes or no it through clear you have to give two answers. And you wanna waffles and see what. Yeah. I think it is saying no you're hitting it should be a death sentence. Steal someone's wallet and on about it I don't put gas in his car on on Claiborne avenue. So okay so in that zone what is that seven that 7011. Nine may be okay figure make exceptions in certain hot zip code you racist you braces piece of trash. I think guys Simon Morris happens to be white and down. The guy who died are up Karl when Duncan I'm just guessing you're black idol I don't know. What would you guess he's black kirwan. Known and wearing what I would ask you again why would you guess he's black. Hawk eyes names. Or you're. Would you please pass by age Europe yulia doing the look just read the pamphlet just read it too late. If the guy didn't wanna die he should not have stolen that is not disguise wall that is no no we're in the Pip. When you go down and read the HR. Department intercom paint it does not see anything about it. He gave the heaney eat it while we don't isn't it. Yeah we don't know forty years in prison. Now and we don't want to discriminate based on perception of who you are or your father was based on your name they're all kinds of names. It doesn't matter what color on these people war. What I've bombed another guy's wallet. And I chased them out of the of the death. Case closed. You know I was at time would shut up Ireland has spoken to was dominant culture religion well and should national casual. While there was a time in this country where we didn't and understand that germs Youkilis to. Doctor Lister. Germs can't stealing someone's wallet Gardner could gutless yes doctor Fleming. But solemn. Boy I I I can't find I can't think of a jury that would convict this guy you'd send him away. I mean now he's got a little kid he's got his longtime girlfriend there by themselves. He should mean no Orleans pairs Bridget 2.0. But I mentioned that this is a jury of your peers not a jury of your clones. The candle Bailey you. All right it's his day this sticks that's alive to say about this that's my official commentary. It's by united five point jumped by united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans. So all headlines in New Orleans sewerage and water board has made over the last year last year and a half last two years. Animal all the headlines they may when it rained the city flood so the pumps are working are the pumps are off. Home. They do you overcharge people they date there's many people were fighting with us who are you were Bart board because they've been overcharged. Famously that led day in August last year where. Much of the city had some significant funding and Claudia I'll call it that. You would wind challenged on the answers to their questions they just changed the answers. Every time the sense of and after they had a different answer. Just like big gash in people's water bills that made an agenda he always gets high. Well there in the headlines again in New Orleans sewerage and water board. Because a few of their high ranking officials just got big races. Hey Regis. So last thing you would think that they deserve. These pay raises are coming amid rule amid very rough Financial Times for the board. A 45000. Dollar pay raise for sharing judge didn't. Her salary goes from a 130000. A year to a 175000. Dollars a year. Our 20000 dollar pay raise. Fur Ronald Doucet and Valerie rivers. They're salaries just went from a 130000 dollars a year to a 150000. Dollars a year and there are few more. The these people with the way the New Orleans Georgian war board has been performing over the last few years. This is almost like robbing the taxpayers Orleans parish that bobbing at least they should stick forgetting ridges like this the the question I have is a well are they hiring him right. Coming up next a couple of politicians take it to meet right now for things they shouldn't of said state due for that I'm by united five point 75 united five point seven. New Orleans only classic rock. You know yesterday we were talking about other Roger Waters concert. And you mentioned earlier today about Robert De Niro. Nam and now. We're talking about the politics getting in the way well big yet you mentioned how he gained weight for raging bull like eighty or ninety pounds or whatever I said that. And the UN rights to the around a bit it is politics and everything and of course I do I maintain and I I clearly say the same way. And it's kind of rewarding to me win in a word or phrase that I used turns out. Well. It turns up. What do listener uses the same word or phrase when we get a letter. I say a letter. It. Here's a check the mailbox. It's it will dusty in there you know while it is in the mailbox. Female. Who was the last time. Yeah a lot of that actually mail me. Don't know what the question is when the last time you have. Because your record is loaded. Because we're trying to say is that you we will go what's the last time you've done it. And not desire I think most people don't write letters anymore. So the email and I can't really agree I don't want to the email is from eighty I think it's a business and I don't want to includes not fair to include the business so it's just a a listener writes. I have against people who were at work doing their job using their job as a platform to share their political bent. I believe it is a well known aspect of most professions to keep politics and religion to off hours. It is not the onus of the person who was going to a concert football game or theater production. To know when to go or not to go to any inner tame it based on political stances the bonuses of on the entertainer to entertain with the music player or sport. While on the job and keep the political speaker action out of the job if you want to say the onus is on the person attending because of freedom of speech. And every person whose spouse hate speech on social media against their boss. The First Lady a black a Muslim a Jew and Asian Hispanic or a poker dotted bug eyed alien. Should have the freedom of speech at their job and not be fired you can't have it both ways. This is directly. Related to loan. What what it actually came from as you and I both attended the Roger Waters show last July our the July of last year Tony seventeenth and we were talking about how appropriate is it earned him two. Smash. The president Donald Trump both politics and both in song both in music and in word and in having the giant pig. And vomiting. The caricatures of Donald Trump is part of the part of the show. And I maintain this really the whole. The whole gist of this came from the people who. Decided after a few songs to exit the Roger Waters show 'cause I didn't like his because they didn't like the trump bash pot I said. I said the onus is upon you do especially with someone with the fifty year history. Political statement. Like Roger Waters and I still maintaining this letter none. Notwithstanding I still maintain that. My basic point is don't go to show. And then not agree with the information and then leave the complaint you should have an idea of what you're going to say I think so. I think so. Because it was remember I showed you like a video by some long before I think we even bought tickets for I bought tickets for Roger Waters. A video showing. The Donald Trump on the job. And I still say we have to revisit that any standard bit of the ocean how Russia that was. It was a good video we growth approaching eight years ago how time flies now honey here's com. We use this every seven years in in December. To collect and give thanks for listen and we appreciate it gave these next. He's got your music notes at noon. Won't try to get Monday morning around six have a great weekend by 95 points out.