Pain and Suffering

Thursday, September 13th


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I united five point seven. New Orleans only classic rock. So we've seen fast food workers. In America. Strike. At least for a day in picket outside their restaurants demanding. Fifteen dollars an hour and demanding better treatment at work. Here's something new. With fast food workers and striking. Shalom mcdonalds. Workers. Have voted to strike in New Orleans soon as well as nine other cities. Over sexual harassment. I guess in this day and age of the hash tag me to move it. We're seeing. So fast food workers now. Do the same. Look and in Hollywood. Sexual harassment and sexual assault. That was common pleas. For years. We've all heard of the casting couch we've all heard of some women whose careers were made. Because. Of the casting couch well and in Los Angeles as someone who's never got off the ground because they refuse to play ball yet. And that's that's that's what. The key to that was the the intimidation. And it was it just Hollywood wasn't just guys like Harvey Weinstein that's funk and fifteen. Evidently in corporate America the casting couch. Was alive and well. Two. And and corporations. Big corporate jobs in America women have some women have gotten ahead because of that. And god and like Hollywood solemn. Women's careers. Stalled. Because they wouldn't play ball on that casting. Well in Boldin. By the hash tag me to movement. May follow workers. Have voted to stage a one day strike next week. At restaurants in several cities including New Orleans. How do you go on strike if you're not union. While they. There are there are union surrounding these people that have gotten together and help them and they've well are they gonna help them when they lose their job or some people are saying I've really. Rarely sexual ratcheted down are you sure your still live mad because you haven't gotten your fifteen dollars an hour. I'm not trying to stake out. Really. You know what again I get condiment harassment when I go to fast food places. There do strike users guitar hoping to pressure management to take stronger steps against on the job. Sexual harassment. Make Donald's. Mitt Donald. Went through a walk out. Two start at lunchtime about September 18. That's never get a man to death you know but that's next. That's that's next Tuesday. And it did they've been approved in recent days by women's committees. Formed by employees at dozens of McDonald's restaurants. Across United States. Torre. We organizers include several women who file complaints with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or. The US. CE OC. Dating back in May. And Merrill alleging. Harassment as some McDonald's franchise restaurants. The strike columns as union backed organ is organizations that are eagle Brewster. Have been putting pressure on McDonnell's. On several. Fronts for better working conditions. Including the fifteen dollar an hour wages. And I wish you could throw sexual harassment in there with the problems as some of these McDonald's employees he's McDonnell's. Female employees. Have been. They say they've been facing. This is something that we don't see from any male employees. You know this is Brewster went to pick me up pretty fast food restaurant salad at mayor may not have been McDonald's. The salad. And the neglected put a fork in the bag. They neglected to put a fork. They neglected to put a fork in the bag that's harassment while with the rest of their food you don't need you don't value whether to French Fries whether it's the sandwiches. That's one of the few days I love about a bit in the window looked so we'll put you in the window. Don't put you on the hot seat in in the window. If you maggot salad for someone. In the drive through window or you really you don't stop to think hey they might need to fork. Oh yeah I'm with it and how would I did pain and suffering no none of my hand to gut decision going to be every McDonald's in New Orleans. But this is going to be some McDonnell's in New Orleans next Tuesday triggered they're going to strike. For that big corporation to get tougher on sexual harassment. Which is no joke and they won't make you may know here it is well it's no joke put. You know the women in corporate America over is actually arrest the women in and Hollywood they've gone on to make. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. And millions of dollars. What are the women and mcdonalds were being sexually harassed making. And again decision every McDonald's or New Orleans that they're gonna strike at lunchtime next Tuesday. But it's going to be some mcdonalds here as well Chicago. But Durham, North Carolina. Kansas City, Missouri. Not Kansas City, Kansas. Wash vigilance Miami Milwaukee Orlando. Com. Separatist go in Saint Louis but what we have on the loose I was gonna say it's that we did we did not do a show that day and true solidarity inside solidarity or solid journal. With these workers but it thirst and here locally at noon were already. I've already back to bed by noon. Instead they date can couldn't predict with precision nominee workers were joined the strike. It noted that hundreds of workers had participated in the committee meetings dec. Put these things together. Bob McDonald's Corp. in the meat email defended during a tire management efforts. They say quote we have policies procedures. And training in place that are specifically did designed to prevent sexual harassment on our company company or restaurants. And we firmly believe that our franchisees share this commitment. That's what happens shall throw mcdonalds workers. To do it I'm refer to the casting couch I'm gonna have couches and we now know. While some of them have been in the Booth while some of them playland. Ray Leonard jets. They may meet these creepy maybe this happened in a Booth in the quarter from a to casting couch to casting. Boot completely two point. As for Josh good morning show here on volume knighted by Porsche. I united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The job Austral in morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. M a mark for. Showed America cantor. Yesterday at a press conference in the afternoon Ben Zhan. Because all we all know we've been paid attention to the news that camera and something he did. Last week made national news. The mayor of Canner. Bend Zhan last week. Shed that. No city money. Was going to be spent and Nike. Products when he came to Canada's recreational department or any time they got to spend any money on. Any sneakers Hersh about sports related gear that they were not going to spend any money would Nike. Because Nike made pollen count predict. Though one of the faces. Of their thirtieth anniversary for their just due. Slogan third during there campaign. And the mayor of Kenner widget happy about that and show he said. That no taxpayer money in Kenner. Would be spent on Nike because you didn't want a politicized. That evidently. Over in Kenner weather worry is that you with their recreation department or whatever the case review they spend some money. And whatever city. Spends money they're spending the money of the taxpayers. They shed DR didn't wanna spend it. I'm Nike product wow showed Aziz said that. He was labeled a racist. Should how could you do this and there were many people who should dog this isn't cool. Turner should. Not be withholding money from Nike because. They. Are using Colin Capra. As a spokesperson. And show I guess the pressure got to be too much being called racist got to be Kong. Too much. And yesterday. The mayor. During a press conference rescinded. His city's ban. When it comes to our spending money with Nike. Now do you think that the stance taken in the comments by. Others and Orleans parish most notably. Her honor the mayor. The Torre can't throw. Who says look she wasn't down with it wasn't down the ban would Nike and she said. Kenner that's one thing but the Louis Armstrong international airport may be in Kenner but it operates under the on jurisdiction of this of the a city of New Orleans the parish Orleans. And port act that well. History making marriage she is historic because she's the first female mayor. India us in the history. No moral and I called between can't trucker she's on Twitter she she tweets a lot she retreats a lot. Com mail between it wasn't happy about that off our congressman my congressman here in in the city of New Orleans. There's Cedric Richmond. He friend of the show one on he. He wasn't happy about what Kenner mayor Ben Zahn did all shirt. Ambien labeled a racist. Which leg I don't I don't think you're right and I don't think it's fair. You know you that you could not agree with Colin cal predict. Like I don't agree with Colin can I predict. For taking a need during the National Anthem of NFL football games after yard he lost his job. Penny and me started dating this woman who's extremely militant is Colin copper it was like this before he started dating a woman. Obama I I don't like the fact when when players got on one knee. During the National Anthem because I've always said look at how many people. Sacrificed and gave the ultimate sacrifice every dribbled to hide. For that flag so you can live in a country where you can play game and make ten million dollars a year eleven million dollars a year twelve million dollars a year like college got Rick bay. Know that flag represents. All locked. And and and that flag. How many people died. So he could walk away from a contract that would have paid him twelve million dollars a year which is what college are pretty bad. And Colin cap predict which paid by Nike lots of money. During these last couple years when he was being paid. By team in the NFL. And as I mentioned on the show yesterday. You don't be compared Colin camper and with Rosa Parks. With nobody through college property in jail. For his stance. Show our cat are now why has rescinded. It she might he'd been. And or groups rooster that pop up in camera since Ben's on did this last week there were groups in Canada and and and other groups outside groups are said that they were gonna. Only by Nike stuff. And and only use Nike sneakers and Nike gear. For Kenner recreational purposes. But he was buried them where under political and legal criticism. Under pressure. And show off. It got too much form. And he backed off yesterday. He reversed his week old ban on Nike purchases by the parks and recreation department there. He shed. He rescinded his order. Based on advice from his city attorney. And he hopes that this will bring the city of turner. Back together I mean it's not often when a place like turner makes national news in it did. And though many shave made national news for all the wrong reasons. He did do saw. Each stood before united space and air force fighter jet display in veterans memorial park their encounter. And what he did he he also said that this place. Canner in our faults. And unflattering light on the national stage and I think of the word falters important. Because when the people just started calling him a racist and say in the city of cutters gracious and this is where their hearts are. I don't think it's right to Sherri if you disagree with what Colin Capp predicted you're racist. Because statistics do not back up. What Colin Capp predict said in mortally cabernet was kneeling before. We don't have statistics that tell us. That white cops. Are just. Running around. Shooting unarmed black man. And that's why Colin Capra touch why he said he mule. We just don't have those statistics and we've talked about this before on the show. Sure there were a couple of high profile cases trailer on Martin in Florida. Michael Brown. Infer addition Missouri. But and both of those cases. Trait about Martin and Michael Brown were the investigators vase started. The incidents that got them killed. No there are some people they hear the name Trayvon Martin they hear the name Michael Brown they date immediately think that they were hunted down. And shot. And that was advocates. Maarten was basically home and he didn't like. Being looked being stared back. By George Zimmerman. And my goal lead and and trim about Marten. Stop he was almost all he double back. And he attacked. Georgian government and was beating him to death. He was on top of George government. Punching him in the face banging his head on the pavement at George ammerman then pulled the gun that he had on them. Any any shot. Crave on Marten. Michael Brown don't. Rob distort. And that a tactic cop he he leaned into the cop car. And he punched a cop and a face. He attacked a cop and then took off from the cop. And then when the cop got out of the car and pull the guard Michael Brown. Michael Brown turned around. And attacked the police officer and I she was attacking a police officers the police officer shot and killed. Are you would have never known that if you would only turned out she had and because she went CNN showed up they talked to one Michael Brown Trenton. And they told him they told the immediately dig a friend told CNN. That Michael Brown was walking away with a his hands up hands up don't shoot member of the T shirts. Member of the St. Louis Rams coming out of some of the players coming out of the tunnel. While the locker room with the over their hands up hands up don't shoot that was a false narrative that didn't happen now what about shaking. That there's been instances in our country. And our recent history. Where. White cops. Perhaps were out of line when it came. Two black males and how they treated him and young black males. Look we. But it was in those two locations devotion to high profile pictures it was at those stations. It was education Baton Rouge. Was sterling brown. Sterling what was that was an occasion Wear them. When he ended up getting our shot and killed. Buyout hamster. All sterling. By Baton Rouge cops. Who rated one of them lost their jobs. Because they'd they'd gotten them on the ground. And yet they. Dig dig they were called to machine there at that quick you shop. Late at night sharing got this guy who shelling. Stopped from the parking lot has had gone up and and that he did it in the occasional ball and sperling. The Baton Rouge cops. Confronted on. They should they shared dark over your look this year hairs were in a world and to act he wouldn't do it because he already had a gun problem. And he was already a felon in possession of a gun any new once the Baton Rouge cops found that gun autumn usually go back to prison for a long time. He didn't want that to happen so that's why he's fought. With a Baton Rouge cops and it took to the ground and most people watching that video where they were they shot and when they were on the ground. And they shared on the what was wrong. So. Yesterday buttons on the mayor of federal rescinded his Nike ban when it comes to Kenner spending money. On stop further recreation department of parks and recreation department and I just taken by Nike yeah. Two guys were out there. Come up on the show. It looks like Mike that tiger's days are numbered in the cage. For the LA issue mash got over 30000 people have cited their name to a petition. Sharing they got to get that tiger out of there are no living tiger should be living in that cage so looks like Mike that tiger's day. Our number stay tuned for that report. Numbers is numbered in in his current can fight and what what what what what what would happen told wooden was going to be. Cared for I would imagine in legal fight. We'll find out next guy that's coming up. Here on by U 95 point joke but united by a point shoving New Orleans only classic rock. Do you ever heard of I've been heartening to know Brewster from a lot to say the name of the band on the radio. In the Baird from all of Russia. I would know I know exactly which eBay you're talking about and I would say. Let's not. It's a two word name the second name is ripe yet and the first word rhymes what was C yes we just leave it at that. Well der der der right Eddie like my musical acumen there argue nailed that with only use saying the ban from Russia whose name I probably should and similar move. There's Australia there's a RAZRWIRE bring animal parent other feminist punk rock group. Our home. And part of who famously get arrested for this then the other heat especially Russia words they don't have the freedom of speech like we do address. Things like. Walt one of the members of the Baird. Bribes bribes were the wishy guy that day and yes. Has been important. She's in great condition. And not at all. And dom. She's loses some of our eyesight and she's lost the ability to speak. And we know for a fact the leader of Russia. And lot of important. Ease. Poison people before he's at least given the go ahead to poison people before that I challenge him. As shown hours saying as summer saying. That is one of the members of the bear and dog bleep riot in Russia. Has been has been poisoned. And that's why she's in the hospital right now and and and you'd have to be crazy to put that past. Lot of important because we're people in that country. Who was don't agree with him who challenge and people have tried running against him people have spoken out against them they've been portion. That's John Oster in LA TE RL ENG. Period and so now all separate myself from going out on the them. None know now many years many I'm the only one chain of many are saying that you're the only one on the issue the government behind Russia. It's probably behind the poisoning. For this woman who's in the band we'd riot in who. Saying out against him in the in their day are. Now feminist punk rock band from Russia. I'm. Would do stay tuned the. All right coming up on the show it could be over for Mike the tiger. The good to have the best cup for all issue because started to convert a petition over and over 30000 people so I just put vision as they get about that cage I'd get it right it's over for Obama. Over for his current conditions. Stay tuned for that report. Here on by U knighted by appoints them why you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock. Show all. Mike the tiger. Could be iguana. A ferret out what issue while it what I should go to the rocket kill him. But over 30000. People have signed their name to a petition. To free the LA issue mascot. Nowhere in that story uses vague goner. Well you maybe it corner from kidnappers. When you say that people are busy in the making breakfast in the kids are screaming and crying at vomiting he can't get the bleeding what these red barrel when I'm doing a different bit all over thirty so here people here that he might be a goner that he might actually expire. A lot over 30000 people have put their name on a petition to our free. LA issues Mike the tiger they say he shouldn't be entertainment. I'd love. I've been on the campus and I've gone over to his cage which is right next to the stadium over the over the play football. And you know it looks like. He's live in. In the lap of luxury but the problem got more meat on his bones and you do yeah I think that's what he was thinking too he could be let iPad to your living better that I. But there are people let's say I'm so if he shouldn't be in there other people letter saying that I should be out and about like most tigers. Well there are people who will then spout life expectancy both in the wild. Which they claim to shorter. And then living the pampered life of luxury. Much longer. Look I'm an animal lover and I know you're an animal lover Brewster do you have an issue when Mike the tiger. Living there. All over the issue would you very first statement in this story that mascots. Lives living mascots are somehow entertainment I don't think any of their energy rather entertaining. Whether it's hey it's I think it's a tradition whose time has. Coming on whether it's the tiger or it's the dogged and by a College Station, Texas say that what's the dog's name. I'll get a text here shortly. I don't amount of taxes and I'm very yeah it's just I have really it's just. Well I at least orders on the game not the not the mask. About 35000. People have signed a petition asking LA issue to release Mike to tiger. And permanently. Stop having a live. Tiger. Mesh gone. Wouldn't that wouldn't at stake of close so and one of the and one of the students dressed up in a tiger outfit ran on the field. Quote we believe that in motion be used as entertainment they are here for our amusement. Shed Rebecca Gerber of care to. Eight California based social media operations and is coming in California. With forty million members. Cared too is sponsoring the effort that began two weeks ago. Though L issue has spent millions of dollars in proving Mike that tiger's enclosure. And by the way that could be another issue because I wish you was a state university that you Louisiana taxpayers money go into that although. As we know. The attendance at LSU football games. And an L issue the Alicia football program pays for all of the sports. At L issue and that includes the mascot enclosure. By the way just to close the circle for those of you keeping track is rapidly the Collie. And there to readily number nine at ten Texas and in them. Well as our vision might it tiger you you're number eight or number and size and yet the one that they got now. The L issue we spent millions in proving Mike that tiger's enclosure. The people like Kara too and you saw organization that wants Mike the tiger out of there. Shed two point is that having a wise old animal on campus as a tourist attraction. Makes it easier for people to accept killing animals for consumer. Reasons. Which is the most likely and for the tiger's bred in captivity. Of your listening right now home do you do you do you think what life is changing times change I've always shed. When I first started doing radio it was all a lot easier than it is now I can't say pretty much have to things that I used to be a publisher. All tied you drive that tried a little life changes. Businessmen who is just the new life. Is it wrong. For a wild tiger to be kept. In an enclosure. Right next to the football stadium on the campus of relish you would bet rouge. Well let's say that the tiger is done. Let's say that they they have their way with this in the tiger goes to a zoo. I'm not a big fan of citizen that begs the question should all animals be released from zoos. And be released into the wild do we do we really. He's just like the zebra song. What would we have who's who's most historians. This is Mike. Chapman. Meg seven ya. Might shakes died of cancer. As a matter of fact shoot after it might six died of cancer this group gathered. Over hardened 42000. Signatures. Asking L issue not to replace him with a new tiger. But he did anyway. I know some people don't like change. And had for years there was never really a problem with having alive wild tiger in the cage. On the other issue campers or. At a at a truck stop on highway truck stop Nazi models the other issue here at the. As Syria. You know it was not a fan of that we've talked about that before the poor thing died of diesel fumes we could inhaled some fumes absolutely did a porting and received any literally compare like that like a dog mascot with a tiger mascot beach talking about two completely. You know there are too many people with domestic domesticated tigers about. Know there are too ready you know. Why old dogs being held those baskets. Maybe we've putted. Bullock reveling in the Indian dog and and Mike and Mike seven it's it's we deliberately. Revel in nine and Mike's seventh in the cage match to the death. That would be of that would be a meal. For Mike the tiger music has to snack that would be mission that from Mike the tiger. So why do you feel about there's been viewed date that I would issue was gonna fight back here. Forty day go issue is going to. Acquiesced. And listen to these that the people saying that wild tigers should not being cagey he would know the real life gauges which are huge and him area over there I've I've been there. Home stay tuned. The John Austral in morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man into warlords. And the mark for. It's by united Arab point of my united five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans. Be a part of our radio station by united five point seven on FaceBook. I just put up a video of a father losing it at his son's Little League game. He pushes the umpire and he grabs the bat he demands the Little League pitcher pitched to him. It obviously apparent who is out of control. Of but go check that out and again if you if you give us alike on FaceBook or you follow us on FaceBook we put stuff up there all day and night it'll pop last year up FaceBook news feed is that works yeah. And we appreciated. I got a couple of issues a couple of FaceBook friends Brewster and looked look you don't know our FaceBook Uga and you're. Rabbi friend Jimmy people for the most part that you haven't met us there are we FaceBook friends like on in my world. People have actually met and Hadley at least a conversation with. And then you have this I have all the used my personal space crews from every crucial so whatever I haven't met most of the people that visit me I can't have issues a look you can put whatever you want to baseball knobs by June have more issues than you do that's my point. I mean what are my feet when my FaceBook friends just put up please send prayers I can't tell you now maybe I'll tell you later why to me that's just why. Why are you doing. Why are you doing that. I don't understand that's so vague. We should and then the other day what are my FaceBook friends said one of relatives was just rushed to the ER. Albeit old could deplete. Well of of my relatives would just rushed to the ER bowl last place I would be used on FaceBook telling people are real labs like I would be. You'd probably stop well person GG fruits and then put on for days but again you're you picture FaceBook page you can put whatever you want a -- you can you can unplug all of these people without infringing them and then they don't even know they actually are gonna look into got to show you some of the Turks some of the stuff trust me change coming up next we look at today in history why today does it shock is what we call. Knocked out by united front whatsoever by united five point seven nor that you only classic rock. John -- when morning show brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar for. Is that time of our show we'd look at today in history and we call the segment why today doesn't suck. Abbey National. It's off Thursday the thirteenth. September 13 do we know why an international group of them of the penis then. Penis then there when it comes to snacks are probably. One of the best match for you. Compared to potato chips or pretzels and things like dot theater they have the the last jar. Meaning that third circuit for your heart. You did you do is believing everything you see doing it. You can't just think what you just gotta make it up there's got to put all our other detail we deputies are good we are productive regard. I will stand by my previous statement likely originating in south that's South America around 3500 years ago. This league doom and it's not that not they grow underground like potatoes. They're the actual edible seeds that forms in a pod making them. Belonging to the family lived Newman knows. With peas and beans come up big peanut fair there they're very powerful better ones that are though either. Well did you realize that today. The star spangled banner was written. Is that what it's also Uncle Sam today. Is it that do and it was real picture of those two went together it might be and now we all know that the star well we might not know. The star spangled banner. Wasn't written as a song it was written as a whole. By Francis Scott Key and two and is an old I believe old British drinking song. Yeah actually midi songs are better he will go home. Off while he was watching and why she did he she. Get back tax. 81814. What it didn't become the song. Until 1930 wanton. It didn't become America's. National Anthem and you know that song the National Anthem. Has since brought some people to their knees. I see what you did there. It's Uncle Sam day because the man behind the iconic image and fascinating nickname for the United States government is recognized on today. Uncle Sam day. So started on September 13 1766. That. Lot of it is true today doesn't sound. September 13. It was today. In 1971. Wide today doesn't sound. The massacre. At Attica prison. In New York I was mated to a movie and that chance some people that is based added coach added cup. While it was a four day revolt at the maximum security Attica correctional facility. Near Buffalo, New York upstate there. And that four day road revolt and it did today in 1971. When hundreds of state police officers storm the complex and a hail of gunfire. 39 people were killed in the disaster or so assault including 29 prisoners. And Ted prison guards. The employees. Were held hostage. Since the outset of your DO four days off previous have you received a movie Attica. I had to believe they have you know I'm a big fan of prison movies. Yes especially women's prison movies but there are more mail amendment to movies in this is one of it took to real good prison movie. Attica. September 13. It was today in 2004. Flight today doesn't sound. Oprah Winfrey gave away about three under brand new cars. Honored television show. That's when she pointed to people on our audience that she's dead you would a new car it'll put a new car until we're in new crushing debt almost 300 times. And god you know you would pick most of the people there would be happy for when in new cars what. Some worry because they realized that they had to they had to pay. Income tax. On winning the new car from open solution Oprah kitchen get mr. new car without making us pay income tax on. Is she says no. People wish scream and cry in somewhat quiet killer app because they wanted to others are rising outlet of eighty acre of Baghdad is Cochran it was an emotional day. In the Chicago Illinois studios where they used to do the Oprah Winfrey yes Harpo studios that's Oprah backwards toward the where it used to be filled. She does her own network and our national its veterans called own. And that's the after the Oprah Winfrey network where do we get that I packed people here like a thousand Channel Tunnel I don't know all right get out of what I have to pay for what which included in my. And I don't I don't know. You can sit on my cable but I don't get it so I'm not sure how to really answer that question. It was on this date September 13. 41 years ago today. In 1977. Flight today doesn't suck that we heard him. And we have paid homage to the voice here the rule he has since passed but at one time the voice. The prices right. After Johnny Olson yeah. It was the first time we heard this. This is the story of two sisters. Jessica Tate. And Mary Campbell. These are the tape. And these are the Campbell remember where I was a kid and this is so. They're great rod Roddy was the voice of its own. And that show premiered today. September 13 41 years ago. As I show under rated show. Yeah and now was and it made news for a couple of reasons. At present the first show that haven't openly gay character I would say they would get credit for that connected Billy Crystal was the actor that played sectarian there a bid that was the first time the America saw Billy Crystal. Com. I would say so yeah I I would I believe so I think he may have audition RE or. Saturday Night Live and I think so policies 77. Now that would not be the first okay. At the same time that Saturday Night Live started on NBC. It could actually be called Saturday Night Live because Howard Cosell. Had a ridiculous. Attempt at noon Saturday night variety show. Billy Crystal was and that casts and that was actually Saturday night live with the Howard Cosell. Billy Crystal subsequently auditioned for Saturday Night Live wouldn't get on that show until 1985. During that one year when they had the patents he's made the superstar cast if you will look Billy Crystal. Christopher Guest. Help me out here who else was of that yet it was just. Here each year. I think. Part time New Orleans resident yeah I'm forgetting a couple of other ones but it was the year that they had just. The really the first time they had known. Known actors and they debt that has stuck together for just one year. What was the question. Well but that's I would say it. For a small number of people Billy Crystal had been seen at least once a week. For however long Howard Cosell show lasted which was not very long. September 13. It was today in 1980. Why today doesn't suck Willie Nelson it is band play alive at the White House. Ed the president Jimmy Carter showed up. And that was that was that when Willie Nelson when he went out to the roof. And eligible to join I don't know that story the other story goes supposedly Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the roof of the White House I don't know if that was. Today in 1980 in his spare and he and his Baird played a gig at the White House. But. About that. In rock and roll. Iraq general. It was on this date September 13. In 1969. I mean that's why today doesn't suck one that's when John Lennon in the plastic Ono band made their lives debut with their clapped on guitar. If Toronto the Toronto rock and roll revival festival. At varsity stadium. About. It was mostly pretty good except win Yoko. Got behind the Mike and started to do her hits like. Hello my. Moon. You remember that yes you know it's interesting bald Paul McCartney and John landed after they broke up The Beatles they both got their spouses involved in their musical. Careers as sadly neither of them could and I know Linda McCartney in and then Yoko Ono or not known for their musicianship. Other acts on that bill included Lyndon heroes like Bo Diddley gene Vincent Jerry Lee Lewis Little Richard also. Alice Cooper and the doors on that and that's notable because during Alice Cooper said. Lied chicken made its way onto the stage in. Why Alice threw it over the crowd expecting that it would just fly away like is like the white move. Of peace instead it plummeted into the audience where sadly. It was torn to pieces. Yet all we live we learn story you have about rock shows we issued that don't live version to ground now it is time for the white today doesn't suck quiz. It was on this date September 13 I won't tell you the year. But the most covered song of all time was written. September 13. Eric you need to hit September 13. 1965. Why today doesn't suck. The most covered song of all time yes to date with the over 16100. Different versions recorded. But both male by females. By groups. Yet another had risen solo in 1965 really covered song released today and they people six weeks this should give it away. This song began its lives scribbled on to a probably a cocktail napkin. As scramble day. Well that didn't give it away. All right one more ahead as the last one I'll have to turn over all the cards it was on this date September 13 1965. In white today doesn't sound that the most recovered most covered songs and song ever written with over 16100 versions recorded. Scribbled firstly on to a cocktail napkin as. Scrambled a. Scrambled in these. All my troubles seemed so far ruler Ali yesterday. I don't I need get a dimension. I didn't know that was the most coverage solvable only yesterday so I thought we looked at what learning something. There are people scheduled in studios right now the coverage tomorrow. Two more quick things finally. But today September 13 in 1990 to tell why today doesn't suck the television show law and order they viewed for the first time this is Bruce your favorite. Yeah John Reid runs everywhere and and fair on every TV in my house today in 1996. Y today doesn't suck some call on the best rapper ever dies to puncture core. He died after being shot La Vega she's lived for a little while in the hospital but he died today. And his killers are still out there there's no real search for. Who shot and killed two Portugal did except for that that segment that we call why today doesn't sell off. Coming up on the showcasing what's been going on with comedian Norm MacDonald was supposed to be on a late night show but he made some comments. And it got to banned from that late night show as showed that he just base are more comments strike to make up for that and I've got him even more trouble. Ed. Didn't. Oh so yeah. Tell you all about that coming up here on by united five point jumped by united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans. She knew surrogates out with a happy is an unhappy states in America. According to that survey. Our Hawaii. Is that happy state the people in Hawaii are going to be even though they got some problem that they're Dele hot lava right now at the not a watch out for. Now they go to papered things and and and pay for their taxes paid taxes. But I guess of the living there I guess I give her eyes yeah you know we can they can deal with them. And according to that same survey. West Virginia. Is he unhappy state. In the United States. None of that West Virginians are so what happened how unhappy are today they cheer themselves up by visiting New Jersey. Makes you feel will better may go back to West Virginia. Hey coming up next. Norm MacDonald got himself all kinds of trouble for not just one thing you shed but that's something he said that try to make that one thing you said we're gonna explain coming up. Tehran by U. 95 points up. By united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock that John Oscar when morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Am a mark for. Are coming up on the show the mayor of tenor re sins. His band Nike anybody from the city of Kenner Kenner recreation department buying Nike shoes the city couldn't do anymore she was unhappy that Nike. Named Colin cap predict one of the faces of their just due at thirtieth anniversary slogan. He had a back catalog that that's coming up. And also Mike the tigers days could be numbered. At L issue alive tiger being held on campus because there's a group that's got over 35000 signatures CNET that tiger should not be on that campus. But Norm MacDonald was made some news the comedian. Best known for doing the weekend update the news on SNL SATA alive years ago when he was very publicly fired from the gate. I fired because of all of the OJ jokes that used to make the OJ Simpson jokes when he was the there's usually yank. Does the story goes that win. Help me out with the the former NBC's sports guy Dick Dick Ebersol ebersol when wicket when Dick Ebersol became the president of NBC. During the time that Norm MacDonald was doing a weekend update on SNL. It was just one OJ joke after another and diverse always good friends of okay were tight they were they were thick as thieves well one might say. And that's if you believe the story that's how it goes. Of course norm McDonald and we can update one of my favorite jokes of all time well for the second year in a row. The worst job in America is crack gore. And ironically afford. The same number of years and wrote the second worst job in America. Assistant crack or are able agreements Norm MacDonald an optional. Yet I remember where the got fired from a personnel and as a host of weekend update. There are a lot of people about Russia a lot of people happy but no I think there are a lot of people got upset about the what more McDonald's in the news again and he's got to show one Netflix as so he was gonna go on the Tonight Show when this old body Jimmy Fallon. And it to promote. But yet he had said something about the hash tag meat to movement. And he said that he was happy that back hash tag meat to movement had slowed down a little bit. And god. He used his friends comics Louis Louis CK and Roseanne Barr as examples. And he said it's really good and when someone up puts a gun to their head no pulls the trigger. And because he said that. His appearance on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon was scrapped. It was canceled. Let Daschle people of should say now's the time when you have someone like that a comedian who angered a lot of people with something he said. Now's the time when you have someone like that. On your show Jimmy Fallon. My job. Very. AJ didn't and they should Norm MacDonald your appearance on the Tonight Show we Jimmy Fallon is canceled. We did and another interview yesterday trying to clear. That help. What he said something that angered people even more. And it got a strange when you're trying to clear something up. The words were I'm working on the audio here to to play. What weaken air of this so. I Jimmie just a minute extension when you're when you do what interview tried to clear something up. That you said that angered people but then you ended up saying something. That angered people even more. Then what you would originally said. And download the Dutch were Dutch would have would norm McDonald and I guess all of this publicity is probably good for his show upcoming television. Talk show imagine how. On on Netflix. But what he said originally. Again I told Jay and then he showed there's a lack. This year he's suggesting. That there was a lack of forgave him forgiveness out there for entertainers. Who are. Boucher some opening. Unpopular. In quote now which admit wrongdoing in your finished. And the only way to survive these days is to deny deny deny and that's not healthy and and that's where he shared that he thinks at some point the hash tag me to movement is going to and completely. When an innocent person a prominent struck commit suicide. Yeah it's he was interviewed by the Hollywood reporter as I heard this and I actually the program. I heard the program live yesterday on which the clip we're about to play comes from and he'd. He mistakenly used the word victims. In reference to people like Roseanne Barr and like a Louie CK who lose everything. Instantaneously. It instantaneously. In their career. By by one moment and in this. This big interview. He tries to explain and just makes it worse. Learn you have to be you know turn Down syndrome as head down senator. It's a national search through you know I of course I've. And I. Need to is what you want for your your daughter's. So he's he's he's. In his own way he is supporting the meat to movement the Hashemi to movement. By saying that you would have to have Down's syndrome not to feel sorry for victims of sexual abuse correct. And now that just angered people even more than may be his original comments did because now we'll adoption. Boom it's it's in mixed in hearing the thing in its entirety as I heard almost all of it it's inexplicable. As to why didn't mind it Norm MacDonald goes there I honestly some people say. He just has a you know as they say that all comics are tortured in and sat inside. This summer saying he just has this inner need four I don't need but this inner inability. To not sell off. Self to must. By saying these things which are going to go well around the world instantaneously. And self sabotage. I I think is what he may be some. Personality makes it look like he's making fun of people would downtrend central way and he well just try to tell a joke when you read the headline that's that's yes. What he was trying to defend himself against what the Hollywood reporter. Apparently and I didn't see that article but what they printed was the headline is Norm MacDonald defense Louie CK and root out our. They take just a little peace and odd looks like now would Down's syndrome your ego and you know we used to be able to be a comedian and shake things that would anger people and still but but these days. Not anymore right and I still wonder if this is going to be good or bad promotion of publicity for his Netflix special. And I wonder now series he has a Netflix there yeah whole series I wondered how it Nutley just got to keep these series are there gonna just say no we can't deal with this and more. Too little funding is it's opened it by united five point jump by uniting five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans. Want to remind you if you're on the North Shore you're meant to build this weekend. On Saturday night sledgehammer. Is playing casinos I was just talking about casinos don't sabotage yourself if you love live rock. And not. Go to casinos this Saturday night because sledgehammers. Played those guys rule. It's a drummer from zebra it's the guitarist from Lillian ax. The biggest rocket that ever came out and warlords and yet there are cover bad but they do epic cover songs you cover songs that most covered bridge. Wouldn't even try to do all Reno rock. In casinos. This Saturday night. And I I've seen them before they'll probably be there again Saturday night what do venue to see that bandit and dome. L issue was playing all over on Saturday afternoon and I know casinos has that game on. And dies just a great place to go to eat fantastic Italian food. And debt to rock out literally and figuratively Soviet bucket for a for for a rocking good time this Saturday night. OC sledgehammer. Attack casinos Italian girl. Are coming up. Coming up on the show the the mayor of Petr beds on had a dual back pedal. And he made national news for his nom. His controversial policies that he shed no taxpayer money will be spent on Nike's. In the wake of about nineteen naming Colin Capra nick. The face of their judge Dewey campaign for the thirtieth anniversary or he got a lot of backlash from that. I was called racist you called the issue of so he backed panel about that and now there is that that dead is not happening anymore. I'm up on by united five points up by united five point seven. New Orleans only classic rock the job roster when morning show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar Ford. Already is out about how. The history making mayor of this city of New Orleans. I caller with tweeting Cantrell she's loves Twitter. She may have done something wrong. And this all has to do with the New Orleans sewerage and water borne by the way. I don't like what she has gone with the New Orleans Georgia water board. That fiasco over an organization. How home. Not long after. That temporary. Higher ups over there gave themselves big time rages. Pot she fired the I like that and the New Orleans sure Jim water board finally has its. The leader in the air who doesn't have the word in term in front of it and god. I'm like what she did all low. The story goes. She held. Too sure urgent water board meetings. Out of public view and notch and a violation of the open meetings law. But to be honest with the I don't think. What she did. But having a couple of meetings over the phone. In private. With this Georgian Warner board members. I don't think that was the danger that your expert legal yen. Won't in my expert legal opinion is what she did by firing these people who gave themselves raises Brewster at that's not that it debt that was that she did the right there. By no bid deserters and apparently views. You know I'm black and white there are two dollars down. Near zero Grey's that's an illusion that's what they want you think what they're saying in the days leading up to her firing these people. That well OK bit it's not that it's the meetings that were talking we got in the days leading well that's when she held. At least one if not too private phone meetings with a majority. Of the New Orleans sewerage and water board. Board of directors Coca and that looks like it's a violation. Of the State's open meetings law. And an insult so what's the what's the remedy here what's the in my opinion the remedy is didn't say that I've meant to what is the what would do east. It's a state statute books the remedy if it is found and who binds. Whether or not I don't use we're guilty bit whether or not this is actually transpired what happens. Slap on the wrist and then. Because. She she I had one. Phone call meeting. With a bunch of higher ups after New Orleans sewerage and water board evidently. All week before she five this is when. These people gave themselves a raise is and you got to remember something. There ever shot that you talk about the mid what are the most dysfunctional places in the city of New Orleans. It's Georgian water port I mean not only did they fail. Win win when the palms were often they weren't working when it rains heavy into floods in this city. What they failed big time wind. They end up billing people. And and they just guess at what their goals are and this is many many customers. Of the New Orleans sewerage and water board okay children dysfunctional pretty much at every level that they're supposed to be. Functional. But what what I think what LaToya Cantrell between up what I think brewer. Off. Into another realm of are you kidding me is win. Our very they did the in term bosses gave themselves and others around them pretty big races. Albright before that they were gonna they were going to be leaving. The Georgia what report. See I'm more fascinated by the not living are in Orleans parish I'm more fascinated by the possibility. Of alleged. And it would call this mean it's not dressing these issues and I'll tell you about right now. On the phone. With some of this Georgian water port okay member okay well in violate OK okay because technically it was a meeting. And it was it was a violation of the open meetings law and that's my question sheet as it now lol. Or someone hit inform her before she has this. Before this action is taken before she. Ostensibly. As someone dialed the number for this conference call can somebody say it way okay woo woo woo would he would do this. Behind closed doors order on recorded or or whatever the case. Why evidently someone didn't do that now I don't know what she's thinking in her mind that vicious. Quote unquote meeting right. Instead of a phone call war on the big goal racial meld with these people on this phone call right maybe that's how she began to get around this. And get away with all. She picked up the phone twice over the course of two reached with some people to sewerage and water board as she was unhappy with them. And and and and right after that. She edged up firing these people of these people were forced to hand in their eager to resignation and could you just don't walk away from way out. Our cushy 130000. Dollar a year job urged her checked actors are just gave themselves raises. 170000. Dollar a year job you just don't walk away from. So she obviously shed unique to resign over gonna fired Ned and that's what happens when you have these high profile jobs because when you resign it looks better on your resume. Com. When you're looking for your next gig. Then you were fired. At the F word is always bad when your jobs jobs seeking and we all know with this preside over it before and believe me I didn't help with these particular firings. While we all Mo that these people were told they got to go by it was between Cantrell open. And they were told that either over the phone or face to face and not on Twitter. But now they're saying that you know these couple of phone calls that she had. With the higher ups of the sewerage and water board. It looks like it's apparently a violation of the open meetings law and I got to be honest with you. If the issues the worst that you confined. Omelet Tweeter Cantrell when it comes to her dealing with the and I love the way she dealt with the New Orleans Georgia water board. To me it's not news. But it did make a big story over the last couple would gauge because obviously the people that she told you gotta go resign or we're gonna fire you. They obviously aren't happy with her so they've probably. Called some local reporters showed what she had these phone calls with us. And that was a violation. Of the open meetings law will these people need to go. For it. And for being. Whole red fish. Failed leaders of the New Orleans Georgia water board and when the city flooded. When we got a heavy rain storm. That showed you that but that they had the audacity. To go give themselves raises. That was horrific leadership as well and they needed to be fired for that Q so there are there Ed but by the way. What do we put in my opinion what they needed to be fired for the most or just making up people's bills. Well without going out to their homes. And looking at their meters and looking at how much water they actually use they just overcharged. And made up people's bills. By overcharging by a lot of money. So they were deet tails the tails from the Norwegian Georgian water board world war. Wrong in every facet of their jobs the high erupts over there and they needed to ago. So I don't have an issue. With some of those people be an upset at America for for doing ash. And then radio are dropping a dime on her calling some local media outlets saying she violated the open meetings laws. While because she got phone calls where the ocean did they weren't open so. We'll see how. This is resolved but I like what she did. That's up pretty shocked at that I've I'm actually supporting. This mayor what do that you once had her tweet that says that I think I might. Come and listen to the show. Barrett. It's by united by ports up by uniting five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans always talked about the fact. That you can even say a majority doctors are doing polls. All of mall when he holds a majority of younger Americans. Like the idea of socialism. More. Than capital was. Bomb. In New York City a a a woman was just the limit talks. A woman was just elected to congress if you ran as a democratic. Socialist. Yeah I had Bernie Sanders. The the senator from Vermont who's admitted socialist. He. One of one of the democratic. A primary. 21 against Donald Trump to be president if the democratic primary was it fixed if it was a raid for Hillary Clinton to win it as a as a matter fact. We Bernie Sanders suddenly bystanders. Just read and got blown out in new Hampshire democratic congressional primary. On the advice of his father Lee bystanders is now demanding that the votes. You re distributed. What it has to what you did but what is it went with people thinking was in front of this was Howard Dean member Howard Dean said. I'm gonna run on a combination of socialism and capitalism. Whatever that looks like and by the way socialism has been tried all over the world ended his failed everywhere. It has never worked. You brought out of people's money. Plus think about it. If if you really are socialists were we all get the same. What looked at you. Fur fervor for people get up and go. What that view that would that would stop people for wanting to wake up in the morning and go invent things and go create things and go. Do what they've been doing in this country America that has made America great for how many years what were the greatest country in the world we're not perfect. We try to get better every day. But it would socialism would take the incentive out of every one. Ed Ed Ed if and when we haven't of of that yet have all got to get the same thing anyways why would why would some of us aspire to do great things that. We wouldn't because we're all gonna get pages saying I had you seen the latest version. Who is said hey socialism we should excepted immigration which way to go. Actor Jim Carrey who away from work all and could million dollars he has to live. If we went socialist tomorrow our government would take every penny out of his bank account. I don't know he realizes that I don't know that the public is paying his bills somebody pays the 101000 dollar. A month mortgage on his home. I don't know if he understands that Christian Cuba that's what Fidel Castro did it right there were people that we're live in the great life in Cuba and then 1 morning they woke up. And Fidel Castro took. Would it every Cubans bank accounts an empty. That's what he did at the Jim Carrey that's what that's what would happen to you. If if this country americorps would socialists. They would go and they would take every penny out of your bag can you shoot the rich Los Angeles types. What saying stuff like this because they've got their money. They don't have to struggle anymore and they think if we go socialist that their money would still be theirs. If we actual legal socialist there what he wouldn't be there. The government would called an empty their bank account the third trying socialism right now in Venezuela. People wished our they're actually going to different countries Venezuela are leaving Venezuela. And they're trying to go to Brazil and other places. Because it doesn't work you know it might seem like a good idea and look good on paper. But socialism for the reasons I just told you does it work and you will never work at it hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried. It is pretty sad and pathetic that a majority of Americans don't people think socialism. There's a better idea than capital was. Big Dig couldn't be more wrong and it's a sad state that we have teachers and our schools whether it's high schools or colleges. Better better better telling the students that are telling the kids but you know what. This is a better way to go socialism than what we already have capitalism. It's sad it's pathetic that that that message is being. Spewed about. We're gonna South Carolina and Oklahoma and. They're cold we're gonna California and Texas and really work hard to go to South Dakota and Oregon. And then there's the dead. And then we're gonna watch it's did it might not know it. You know about one sound clip that that you just heard. Did Dave Howard Dean it's his his snow or were really big before that and that after people heard that saw that they sent special would it. Imagine that yes socialist and is enough. And by united five point slowed by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The John roster when morning shows brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar for. So working florists even though they've ma. It's dropped in power and it's gonna hit later today. At first it was supposed to be category four dollar Shane it's going to be a category two or three notional lecturer. When it hits later today it's gonna hit the Carolina coast. And the the news stations are all laws are already four. As the time. As about a ride all the news the network news last night and or CBS had our guys stand and on the beach in North Carolina for their national evening news. And I know whether it's not CNN or Fox News we're all gonna be covered it you know hurricanes are are great for our capitalism. Because people go to stores are made for big. Clean out the stores by almost up at the stores are solid. And dom. That did the news channels and it did usual gonna be all over as well will have to work when you get home later on it because it's supposed to hit. Sometime window when you get home from work today is that something you're going to be watching on television or you be watching the coverage of hurricane Florence plus. OK so her kids are good for capitalism you know the estimate already is for property damage on this storm. While by way of comparison Hurricane Katrina estimates of property damage. Upwards of eighty billion dollars they're talking about property damage from the storm. In the brow and the range of a 170. 1000000000 a morning according to once source and what are you do or thought jokes a milk and bread and water that's gonna. It's gonna make up for that. No not just no bread and water but if your house schedule Rowan and what are you gotta do you undergo. Body all the stuff to build a new house. So you support. Cat 345 hurricanes that I should I supported well. I should hurricanes and storm you're at least for your capital you at least make the best of the situation by looking for the bright side in the eye of the storm. I'm just all like shed wish that storms are good for capitalism is people go to stores and buys what an insult that happens you're out that you gotta go buy stuff to read through your house but. We talk about it all the time that in this role in this news bites news by the world. That if that would be. To reduce to writing and edited down to a headline it's going to be John hostile and pro American hull not a course that is what I I just. There's nothing we can do to control the hurricanes which out of our control oil that's what they want to ethic. Think I don't for that. Aren't. Britain. Are you good to go home later on in in NW RU gonna watch the hurricane coverage because you know. Of all all loaded news's are going to be dared to going to be haven't reporters over there the weather channel you know Jim can't you can't always already there. I'm taking over your question. I don't really watch coverage of numb. Maybe I gonna just say maybe. But no I'm gonna watch Anderson Cooper standing. Oh was his hair not moving in an otherwise eighty mile per hour wind storm now. I won't watch Jeff Glor who you mentioned as being the anchor of the CBS evening news. I might watch as they brought back and rather. With the CBS evening news lies in a wind storm somewhere off Cape Hatteras. North care. I might watch that. Addition to caddick core category two as we speak right now but have we all know that could still. Messed things up. The Waffle House has gotten involved did you see this. Now enters what did they do. While the Waffle House which is open 24 hours a deck wood which. Most emotional. They have now. And are making news about this as well. Home. They. They've activated a storm's center to monitor. Hurricane floors. A Waffle House restaurants are known for staying open during hurricanes and other. A natural disasters. And federal officials actually do you know push you push them to determine the severity of our hurricane tornado or other hazards. Of a local area. Feeble. Has coined the term. Waffle House index. To measure the effect of unnatural disaster on an area. If all Waffle House shuts down or limits its menu after such hazards. Federal officials conclude the community took a major hit. And I can't get a perfect over medium a relieve. Them yeah I'm on the fennel Waffle House adult while I shall we agree on. You have a Waffle House passed. Just doesn't tell us how quickly your business might rebound. It also tells how bowl larger community is faring. According to FEMA. So when you go go figure Waffle House now law. Whether they stay open an outer limit their menu or not that determines. How bad the shortage how bad the natural disasters. In the shoes prob. I would I would say that's one of the one of the elements that the use one of the indicators one of the barometers that the use. I wouldn't have it's the only one god I hope none. Would love what you do you. It's supplement Waffle House test there in the middle of so let me ask you or you gonna go home watch coverage units. Where you have. You have picture in picture and you always have CNN in either the big picture or. I'm seeing guys I am sure you you know I never used to watch CNN that much until Otto. Until Donald Trump became president because I can't believe over 90% of the time when you turn on CNN they are saying bad things about Donald Ross and they're trying to take down an American president. Why that you believe that we may get a handle on why in God's name after all these hours of watching CNN can you just. Oh you know that's what they're doing what I'm proud to covering the news CNN is not news. I see waiting around. Later on but I mean would that when it hits landfall. Later on today early tonight when it hits landfall on the arcade Florence on the on the Carolina coast. If so what is there wobble I'd like dude I'll probably check in. You know one might be farnoosh chooses is the Larry King infomercial that makes it look like he's still doing show wolf because I dare and the AMT you'd. That there are people on this earth and I don't wanna say that they may be of the advanced years. I don't say that. I say I don't wanna say that they may be of advanced years. But I dare I guarantee you that there are people who turn on that show and it has the black background sometimes they even have the colored light bulbs in the set and he's talking about some sort of miracle drug. People think that's. Why all they told them. They they. Got it. But that's how they that's how they got him to do that should look you're really doing your show you just happen to be talking about the spill beast under shared Idaho go ahead. Where you're on with. Mitzi Gaynor. Pretty sure Mitzi in Tuesday but I just want British judge Larry kings did I just wondered if you're gonna watch this hurricane Florence. When it wouldn't it would it hits land involved. Later on today early tonight because. You know there's a lot of people like to watch that. And they like to see the storm from their television. You know a special people around here than New Orleans area. There's a hurricane coverage on TV it is not involving those they've got to keep one eye on it does he was going on my. My apologies to Francesca mar lean this. Show is an all move on Gerber you've been over batteries Mitzi Gaynor. She's still alive in fact she just last week celebrated her 87 birthday happier today. You're probably beyond Larry King on the that is until show and well let's let's keep undergo an apparently. You know what I think is fascinating and I can't remember the the website right now or I would give it out that they have. As long as they last in the way they have stationary cameras. Posted that are on either YouTube or online or whatever. 24 hours and that's that's fascinating when you can actually watch. Laden. To me that's more fascinating. As a weather event as the meteorological. Event then to have Anderson Cooper repeat himself. Every two minute gas only seconds that's what I can't stand so if I called it coverage than our inaugural watch that. Okay obviously keep and I pay attention run new new and hopeful plugged into the political was bad as some of these people wishing intranet and thoughts Amber's got it covered up. A woman on on an author who wrote romance novels Arendt wrote novels about. How to kill your spouse. She just got arrested and charged with killing her spouse. It's by you know I vibe which are by united five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans so his wife and who wrote a butcher romance novels. She Michelle published but she had some success. As she wrote one book that was called the wrong husband. She just got arrested for murdering her husband. Her name's Nancy cramped in broke feet. And job. This past June her husband was murdered. And the investigators were looking into it now and all of a sudden. The other day. They arrested her. And charged her with the murder of her husband of more than 245 years Daniel broke feet who was a beloved chef. Out of Portland organ. Culinary school. Not only did she write a bunch of steamy self published. Romance novels. But she wrote something called how to murder your husband. My nephew trophy. Apparently it was a true story got and again this happened in June and show the cop show were investigating for a while July August here we are September. And the other day they arrested her. And off. You know appreciate you all Lotta times that art imitates life. On. Or just life imitating art. In origin of romance novel was arrested. For murdering her shelf husband. Coming up now standing at depth. Are coming up next it's. All were given away Shane stick fish au pair for this Sunday's game against Cleveland. Bad the mayor of Kenner. Is backpedaling. I might get tiger. His final days may be coming in that cage that he lives in next to the stadium in Baton Rouge. His one of these is bundled these where he is where he years yet what a lot coming up lashed out. Jam packed it's by you knighted by ports up by united five point seven. New Orleans only classic rock. By the way real quick I don't know if you quiet here there aren't aren't did you see what Aaron Rodgers did the Green Bay Packers human. No but I have. You're talking about is post post game. Not talking about the fact I view he came back after hurting his knee and he literally beat the Chicago Bears on one leg. You couldn't put any pressure on his left leg. And he. Came back in the second out. They scored three touchdowns or and they and the heat heat on one way. He's probably not gonna play this week can hear huge Rangers European really back. And the fact that he came back in damn. I'm on and on 11 late only a couple of days after signing the contract that made him. The highest paid. Professional football player in the history get a well here this is what I thought you were talking about in regards Aaron Rodgers. Norman and locker room and all the tests. Or indoor facility trying to get loosened up I know once I got back on the field of dreams are going. The bill negative what was the injury. My knee. I just felt some minute took a hard time but wait on. Doctor had a conversation there and we didn't tell us. It's almost gone back. You come back on the field it's funny and nothing that wasn't looking you're on what are you thinking. Some special. Note that is until we got the halftime I said these sudden now we're gonna win gives sixth but I'm. It's gotta feeling. Which its market and get things going if we just to get a couple drives just went in with a field goal. And it doesn't make advice as we said now don't you gotta mix boys team had a great jets. And Brando you know. Read about it here exercise for us. I guess it's Michelle to foil on NBC. I guess what they're talking about is Aaron Rodgers for some inexplicable reason. Serves talking like is what kind of southern draws and I want a reason why is it art library as it stands an ally total miners Kimberly. Got photos just as neat check out our but it sounds like he's had gone oh. EET but he literally there were down twenty you know put it up I'm eager heat coach I don't want it. And he and he beat Pete dep right and you know I appreciate your near 2018. And Tom Brady Drew Brees are the three best quarterbacks in the NFL and then you could start talking about all we should like just below them right but those three. No story. Our victory matched all right speaking of football. If you would like to go with a pair of tickets to Sunday's saints game deceived him. Pummel Cleveland beat caller nine right now 2609595. You must be legal resident of Louisiana or Mississippi. You've got to be you to pick him up no less surrogate no proxies. Call now to music zeros 9595. Caller number nine means predicts cool. And September 13 1986. Bonus bonus bonus they show premiered nine. I love this show. The. No witness. He always play house fire. Debut Saturday September 13 1986. Can you believe that was thirty. I think 32. Years ago. Club that shows. You have congratulations over there congratulations to Dallas. And who weighing. Dallas was our night caller and he won a pair of tickets negotiating new orleans' street played this Sunday against the Cleveland yet. That's Edward island yet specialist at the show debuts next. T music notes at noon we'll chat again tomorrow morning around 530. Here are by united by a point out.