Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead

Tuesday, December 27th

Abraham from The Walking Dead checks in with Kat before he hits Nola's Comic Con in Jan 2017.

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Career. How it got its name it's like chicken Catholics. Yeah perhaps it's close Michael Catholics at comic con in January here in New Orleans he's that guy eight. I mean you're and everything south land lost. Free and very. From the what's the other old Milwaukee debt. Yeah you know what Michael I really want to speak about your greatest role ever that you've ever done. Unfortunately you can't do it again. And that he served Michael cut rates. Tony Miller. Of west Beverly high school. In Beverly Hills nine and you want. A look we're. You were brain is. There's. Would cease handers were doing bad spirits. Of all that's that's where he makes a big controversial stirred up. Serbs very controversial. Yes the football team doing steroids. To interpret and then you take rented to the prom. And you get hotel room. You and your play telling asking people log attitudes withdraw adult in the room shirt can name Brenda Campbell. I they've seen out if you'd like meets you know I think you're already are any of my favorite show in the world the kind of course she turns you down. And then he just speaks regarding your mouth you go try and knights probably get a good idea out there in that room. We just throw away their own. Yeah. He's bright red though. 89021 now and I don't know if it was the bad. Quality of the film Ingle Laura uttered out but you're definitely. Everyone's favorite ginger in the world. Well it might do state red pepper for the show a bit because of Pia. Abraham has the right read here in the color cover of the comic. That's right Abraham forwards. Your. You know you've heard and sure you're sick talking about it and I. Euro area your hair in India. When your head gets flagged it right then that in the blood. You know my husband was looking forward to it had you not died. Was maybe a little trouble with Rosie and Sasha. We did that happen in the comics. World saw just read in the conflicts yeah obviously read them. It sort of it was but there was another. Another character that he Adam. There's. And there are ethnic insecure kissing him right now poems. But they could be thought of it but what he let their first summit out it was on the construction crew all of sir yeah. It can stretching drink it now he's gay in Alexandria. Yeah okay and I loved that construction yeah. You know I kind of figured long before. This finale media couple episodes before it was going to be you. Particularly happy. Yeah. I picked you because you're happy there was this beautiful sort of lovely happy arc TU you're accepting of what was going on the future and you know you can't live like that in the Indy zombie after world so they are particularly. Well I think I think it had more to do with them you know story told to sit there. He really really have come full circle. I'm getting her everything and I try to block it out of my mind though because you are by far fee and thievery you know that. There. Are sort of start sensor are truly truly amazing. Then we get certain meet them you know what most soccer there to meet these conventions these salacious stories other show there is suspected that maybe. You know it is it is you know you can sort of say it's just entertainment. What people. Use entertainment for various and their way to the memory of some sort of escapism summit. The sum of all amateurs together. Some people really process. Some some really really really heavy stuff at least. With these characters and then they touch their lives and it's so it's really amazing to see it's. They're really dealing deserve this to the world for winning it really does happen who know how to survive. I'm sure it's the puck. Well there'll be some sort of apocalypse. Probably a well boy weighed on the road but I don't so it'll be used up our. Sell me and tell you hey he. Michael. So all year he didn't die in two episodes he did the crowd. Do you not about it a couple weeks in advance. Her. I think everyone sort of sat in the back of their mind that there are we've. Becoming true I think we all when we get you know we get a focal from a produces like today we're going did you ago. Baby in my. It is I I would I would guess that. Probably thirty to 40% of its time we we beat them to the punch. In saying. You know. Org right. Wow getting that phone call a producer and never talk to her. Sony does a million legacy is now that that would be here especially somebody actually got ample and well you serve water. Yet he's very with and that. I think he's still reserves heavy responsibility that comes with with that then it used to be delivered correctly and currently. The big talking did. Talking dead. Episode after the season finale was just amazing. Yeah all of our family and if you can just tally it starts from the writing. To the act mean to everyone behind the scenes I mean. Nobody knows what again bully is it on other shows and show runner is. We had a bit better your little I know that they had to drill emissary that we have those but it noted that shows he's he's. God as much as Abraham is it's so incredible. Grown BT mark put forth that it was just a lovely tribute to you. TU into Glen when you've got smashing your real people to me Michael. Yeah that's the color they've met I think we're real people to a lot of people that way. They need to see us afterward they need to know that we're okay. There's basic feel like they say especially when reconciling with the conventions what's social media loses there is a connection that spans have that is that is knots. Just you know looking at some turnovers and they bait. They feel like the interact reverse you know during the week of Twitter on you know against a gram so when someone is killed or. Is that they need to be reassured in some cases that we are we are actually okay. Maybe eating smasher heading need to disappear redheaded zombie make it a late. You make me do something. Only to be used her for good not evil. You know no comic kind it's going to be tremendous. In January. Michael cut links. You know how do we have when it wouldn't it is good that he doesn't get get her purse was in world. We are rural come that they had better that's the that's the big one the year you know I hear debate here before but New Orleans that time a year act. We comic con. Where even got gonna be written as well. God bless them and a popular eye out for him. We'll let you know I've often tied and you get that from totally would have gone upstairs to the hotel room I would expect you what up. I'm Q I went. It was a British it would brutal Michael. Odious Hewitt yeah. We can see you happy holidays in Mary Christmas in all affected staff Michael Cutler thank you very much we'll see you it was a work comic con. But our Arctic air and they can't.