Getting Sauced in Metairie

Wednesday, July 11th


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I united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the job launch early morning show we brought you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. Am a mark for. You'll see this headline every day. Met every waiter accused of stabbing customer. Possibly after hot sauce drinking contest. It will go into a restaurant challenge neo waiter to we're could trigger a bunch because I can't say that I have the honeydew and by the way that's Joshua I doubt she's he's in for Brewster who is on vacation Josh you're usually does a traffic. Good morning nearing a little more exciting and hostels battle yeah yeah I usually what I go into a restaurant I just like to have a meal. Gideon and get out without challenging waiters are being challenged by a waiter. They attack anything let alone drinking a bottle live saw us. And this is one of the stories I had to re read each each little paragraph or five times because like you. Did understand the exact details what was going on because it was at the waiter who challenge yeah. Bet it hit the ball that there's a couple different sides to this story economic rescue who do you believe. Well when I first when I first as the understanding it I hit it it that would there's though. There's the customers subversion word he said he was accused of hitting on. Way to avoid the winner's wife solitude I thought maybe the wife was though with the customer but note the white which is hanging out the restaurant. Where her husband works. So there's that version and then the waiters version is that the fight was over the hot sauce challenge Genesis euros he said he said and she was there. Our meeting though waiters and very strange he says he should be authorities are restaurant waiter at a Metairie restaurant over the weekend. And why do you get arrested because very accusing him of stabbing a customer during a fight. This past Saturday and and the victims got wounds on his back in his arm so palm I'm thinking he was Duncan and I haven't. Trying to think it's that the waiter says. Instead anyone's guess at the waiter 32 year old foiling Diaz Pineda. Of made Metairie and by the way this restaurant it's who it's called. Tucker reais Sanchez. It's on interstate ten service road in Metairie it's a very small restaurant. I have been there I have and I've done but mr. tornado the waiter very he was broken aggravated battery. Home this stabbing victim almost 39 year old guy from Metairie suffered injuries like you said to his upper back in his left arm. Home the wounds are not life threatening. No they have two different versions on how this fight began the customer told deputies stopped other restaurant to eat. Paid a compliment to Walden who turned out to be Diaz Pineda wife. Yeah and that's where the threats came down and that's what the customers have more love what you believe don't love the customers said. Hey I wanted to distressed underground company actors or a woman in there I compliment that are turns out she's the waiters wife. OK so that's one way how was how the fight could start right. From prison customer event accused the waiter of kicking off the fight in a jealous rage food was thrown about. He said the pair broke a television that was Mallard on the wall during the fight. A home. And that's from the customers said Doug the waiter Diaz Pineda was stabbed him. But no. You don't usually can't show all they separate people in the nation what happened right they asked the one guy oil and the list just dozens of customers shut grudge soldier right. Later Diaz Pineda said. Then his wife. Denied anyone had been stabbed during Iraqis. The waiter says after ordering food and drink the customer. Then challenged the waiter. To a ten dollar hot so much drinking contest. OK so so the waiter or the waiter should cigars Dragoljub orders of food and wait a few minutes Susan downtime merit. Joseph look the 'cause tumor according to a waiter. Today during his down time here's ten bucks pulls out and bought it puts it on the table let's have a hot shots tricky context. Waiter in the small racetrack you're doing is they're two completely different stories or do you believe I. I have to say the ridiculous this of the hot sauce contest who leans me on the side of the waiter got. No wait till because here's what here's what the winner could continue to set. The weight heard mr. Diaz paid up then showed the Hudson watched. So he he he lived up to his ten dollar part of the bat. But he says the customer refused when it was his turn. And not only do you refuse to drink download saws. The debate the way to the ten dollars an all the waiter had to do when when talking to bill police within produce an empty bottle. Oh my thoughts yes that's a or shoulder the inside of his mouth reminded a bird rights not as held my breath like that I not to struggle bottle of then they don't list the brand pots all spotlight I look forward so that show the full comes out the check cubs do. And the customer. Not only. Refute the papers phone. Settle up on the ten dollar bet and that's when Diaz Pineda. Evidently you you bring immersed fairway record not from the fight started. So both you and I Josh. What bowl leaning right now we know what we don't know we weren't there. But I I Nora Nora don't have any gravity to it information. No cameras. You can only goes to stories right there there is a video though because they said they it has have been turned over to the police yet who. Who this could be entertaining owners that TV get knocked off the wall. She would seem chug the bottle of the Montrose and we know. He's telling the truth. But they here's the thing while on the side of the waiter I don't believe you could be that mad and to start. Trying to stab someone just because someone's trying to shore do you want a ten dollar hot sauce drinking bad. I feel like if the waiters wife was at the restaurant and the guy was hitting on her. We're talking tour. That would have played into it is plausible story to hit the ball plausible stories of how this fight started between the customer and the waiter at the restaurant and his wife being there regardless hot sauce was involved. I heard a hot sauce is what the guy called waiters wife. A home if she's put that doubt that that's where the drugs are those who both pose a threat to the story so anyways. The waiter says that look the guy. Didn't we looked at his part of the bet that you didn't wanna pay for the food with a check came out and the waiter said. The fight was not it was on at that point. The latest gonna really want that embarks now he's got to replace that TV. And failed with ammunition and on that and win were you taken in a medical bills your priorities. And scuffle started inside the restaurant it moved outside the restaurant against a very small restaurant. But the waiter and mr. Diaz Pineda to anyone back into the restaurant what a friend of the customer got out. Out of a nearby car so now all of a sudden it was gonna be 21 on one. And the waiters like where I get back to work. And the restaurants that the customer has been a problem before refusing to pay me dash that another issue. Yeah tell you there are gonna keep a waiter that's been a problem around the owner of the restaurant Carmen Diaz. He's backing his waders story. Our she Carmen Diaz she's saying that the waiter is telling the truth now remember. The off. The waiter his name is Diaz to four million Diaz pay data. He's the waiter the owner is Carmen Diaz we don't know right now if if are related or not. Rather that was for the you know I love you how they spin this whole thing around after the issues result. This restaurant begins offering ten dollar hot sauce challenges to. He quit your server death among them white or wait for your predicted that Helen Thomas and Allen and we'll take ten bucks off your meal or something. Would you do would you drink a bottle hotshot is no no absolutely not no I would I've got an outcome that's yeah I would I would neither the repercussions of which could last hours. What I don't understand. Is that there's a lot got to understand. What the ball but post. According among those two stories who do you believe. The customer was the one. Who served up to challenge the hot sauce challenge the customer looked at the waiter while waiting for my food here I got five or ten minutes pay ten bucks. Let let let's see who grew bigger to monologue so much and another wrinkle here is that the waiter. Accuse the customer of hitting his wife in the guy who lost sweeping. A beer bottle or swinging a beer bottle. So there's another little bit would that when the video does come out there's not there's no beer bottle being swung at the girl. Is that has the hot sauce challenge and by the customer according to a waiter and yet yes. Yeah out of action for small restaurant. Yeah I know there was one other person sitting there eating they've probably got it is what. Our Saturday afternoon in now in Metairie it's not quite late. The godfather. When there was just a few people in that restaurant and Michael Corleone he went into the bathroom to retrieve begun to come out and then take care of his rival. And take care of the cop Brian and walk out. You know this is just talk hey I saw a challenge in DO ruckus a fight between these two guys were there may or may not have been a knife. As we still don't know I mean reverend Doug Doug the customer who has a history at this restaurant of not wanting to pay. This saying that he got stabbed intuitive replaces. I don't know how I don't know if that's how that up in the air like a stab wounds and stab whom and here it's at the restaurant is the restaurant is still trying to get a copy. Of the video to investigators parents that I I didn't think that was kind of or invented the investigators come to you elect with a gives us a video of this incident. Yeah I know I know that the whole thing is topsy turvy. Yeah. I'm getting hungry enough then. We're gonna destroy you want to infrastructure but Diaz predate he was booked to do you have to parish correctional center Greg no I usually play an hour later. On 151000 dollars bond. That's a lot of hot sauce. You know what when we tell stories and shall we do on the radio show we retake stories whether the local or national and we. Try to try to figure out what the hell's going on when we do with this one we're gonna tell you and hopefully would have figured out win this. Mysterious tape that either is around or is missing or. From inside the restaurant dog years. Udall after she is the waiter showed not saucer and then the guy. The customer shaking his head no and Elmo because does what looked at still hold reason that does that give you read this down to buddy. Then I would I'd still leaning towards waiter. Yeah even though. Wouldn't it if I would never have different shots early in the hot sauce would be terrible option to win any argument put you over the might run struck. You order food and there's a ten minute wait for your boards should you challenge me. I had my turf or both stories are true and the guy hit on his wife and his reaction to that was a hot sauce last challenge. Maybe maybe that's what they do. Did the truth is somewhere in the middle of these stories and maybe there's a little bit of truth to each story. Home. We will when we figured out election. All right I got Willis are coming up on the show visions this is a horrible story we're gonna tell you about did the poor husband. Who came home. To find his wife. With per mechanic. In the garage. In the car. Dead from carbon monoxide poisoning it was so short of barter deal the fix your car. You know. Stay tuned for that report here on by you know revive or jump. British composure Oliver notion has just passed away at the age of 86. He is now decomposing. Chad news who it's by united five point term. I'd buy you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John asked early morning show what you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. M Lamar Ford. You hear Reche on the show when we see a headline that we don't see very often. Here's a headline. But you'll see very often. Million New Jersey woman. Armored caddick. Die during barter sex in her garage. It is but doomed to everything it's it's it's a rough one well a good mechanic is hard to find. The good news. Amanda returned to his Newark, New Jersey don't. Two days ago Monday if that's not bad sad and off lives in Newark, New Jersey. He returns to his home in Norton New Jersey. Monday night. To find his wife and the mechanics she was doing shacks where it did. After they were overcome by carbon monoxide in the couple's garage. The 39 year old woman was apparently paying for work on her car. By doing judge with a 56 year old look at it. The border I've got a lot of questions America's there was that written down like next to them in the car and they know that. That's that's one of the as my first question. Well they probably asked the husband who are these people and he probably symbol that's my wife. While that's good that's our that's our mechanic but and I was a little bit short on the on the on the money this month. To pay for the car all he had he knew in advance of author says in the question too was how good of a mechanic and he V 56 years old doesn't know. And you leave a running car and enclosed garage. Could point. Up along the woman's husband. As told the police and he's talked to the media. That he found his wife to meego. After he smelled a strong order of gash in his apartment and went to investigate the source. That diminishes two nights ago Monday night. Police responded to the apartment complex. The officers discovered the man and a woman in a running vehicle inside the closed garage. In that bowl were per announced that it does she. So the car was running for. But a day. I I don't know how long did you just the car was running. The agent and is under investigation but it appears to be accidental is a quote from the Newark, New Jersey police department. Elizabeth tiny garage that in order for both people to die. Fast enough that neither of them would realize what's happening. Because you can you can't just do the running to host from the tailpipe thing anymore boo when it comes to people with suicides because of catalytic converters. Then that it's so it would have that car would have to overran four. And ordered it was a small world because that's the thing is that they garage must have been various very small. And again as a mechanic in the car doesn't know what's happening. But that's it yeah I know he's a mechanic how easy TT he would he would know better I hope she didn't promise of too much. I think they struck a guy guess her and her husband would have known what was going on. While her husband knew it was his wife. In it was a mechanic and he told the cops. He didn't get it was a barter deal. To get the car fixed. Now what is he more bombed about. His wife for the car not getting fixed. I I. Again the third term barter sex is in the headlines so there's no secret here. Said it did did the husband is like look if you're just going up and we we needed some car work I didn't have to cash. Talked to my wife. Don't know what you're seventeen years younger. Than the mechanic. This he's 39 to. I just controlled by 39 year old and a 56 year old both unaware that a running car in a small enclosed space could potentially damaging or should you think there might be so foul play your account I'm sure he's saying it looks like it's an accident. Do you think the husband at first said OK look I'm broke I don't I'm ramadi defector cars are called McCarrick. Do what you gotta do get the car fixed but it may be maybe he went to a a profit of breed. Maybe he shut the garage door may be the husband and that's that's a weird way a lash out if you call your wife with someone that's a very passive aggressive reaction not like keep quiet. I've heard he knew. She had the arteries in the headline. The two people that were bartering you're dead but isn't the only one person that knows anything about this story about solid bid. He do this Jose there's a big deal checks. For work on the car. Well no matter what happens he's a suspect immediately. We'll let it did look I watch you know shows on television Josh that I I know that. Or shooters are husband or wife. Is found dead the first person they always suspect is the spouse and they would they wanna do is immutable rule them out so they can move on. And every one of those shows that's the first when they interview and you know that's the guilty party. But yet the show last another forty minutes the never got to fill did you pay a lot of time to fill launch and is there any other kind of sex the barter sex. Even even with married couples. This sometimes sometimes I miss the husband could have been a guy that was on the hook for fixing the car he just outsource his labour there. One story. A man returned to his ignored her Jersey home two nights ago Monday night. Find his wife and mechanic she was doing sex with dead. After they were overcome by carbon monoxide in the couple's garage. An end and again the only way that the term border. Is in this have lied and in this story. It's got to come from laws that this was a deal this deal they may. Yeah I've a leading towards that because I'd hate it if they move really was just the husband catching his wife with their mechanic. He'd he'd be tasty BO show Donald that he used the term border. Yeah I don't think it does have patience to just slowly shut the garage door on them and walk away. Yeah that death martyrs yeah it's been awhile that Tim barter sex in the headline it's a little while. She barter the checks and I have lied to. Know it's interesting you brought up as are all sex bars are pretty much is whether you're married or single dinner here I'm Peter garbage here whatever of the Cashman and his. I sort of problem when my friends from FaceBook friends post it so the other day. He said boy I missed engaged when you can just date. You know read when yours dating someone and have a good time endured sanctions. Then all of a sudden you get engaged and then you get married and then all the guys seemingly. And they either don't know what that foreigners just I think dating involves a lot of bartering is well. It's a big border is just the stakes gradually get higher than most of the longer you know the whole thing rolls along. Bed and then I don't force is the ultimate border people get divorced OK well here's what you get so thank you feel you into how you get to call you get did she get that. Tall big barter. I've been elitist husband was okay with a top. I guess from your little bit short a short while short of funds. May be that the whole thing may be the part of sex which is cheaper than buying a new car. When they did the numbers and said. Well. But the weather outside Joshua doubt if he usually does or traffic a year and a morning show here but I he's filling in for the vacationing Brewster. Our Brewster will be back on Monday Brewster ventured off to my home city by the way Baltimore does was she Brewster a good time though. Come on up on the show there was a brouhaha outside of upcoming ten convenience store. Where nine people got arrested that doesn't usually happen in Covington. And then hearing New Orleans over the weekend for questions plus an extra over 500000. People on our fair city. Thirteen illegal guns removed from the streets of the French Quarter and the she BD. It'll show too bad for over 500000. People trust this and it's really good at Celtic are almost a regular weekend here are normally we would details criminal. Here on by 99 point job. By united five point seven V classic rock a New Orleans the State Department is warning Americans not to travel day eighty. There are no question about that time share. They say that crap all was now more dangerous and Chicago. The will be careful covered up next. We look at data fishery because the segment why today does this suck we hope you'll stay tuned for that report shock is next on volume 99 point seven. And you know on his radio show. When we look at David. That that judge wide today doesn't shock you go Joshua dilution filling in for the vacationing Brewster years leaders traffic. A tree here Amir you eat it to a show here on weekends to right. Get out more Saturdays 49. And you're a gun another one of the hardest working man in New Orleans were not quite John Marty super show. Now he does you got to come up with a name. Him with a pump to like I mean you may be Josh extravaganza or something went on the weekend here. All right com July 11 pick that musical road America. I wish you know he's keen on form. Why today doesn't talk. This ladies and Hamilton in duel. You know I always say people think that heroic dog for real tough political times right now. Half the country despises our president Donald Paul Sheehan and a lot more form if she's found a restaurant to get harassed by people. What it was bad really bad it's not. Like this back any deals for big head fools if you associate Josh we should bring back the dual. I think people would actually prefer that the you know what. I think to do it might be preferable to all it is. This this this this nasty talk and is backstabbing. We'll we'll talk about the good old days yeah I don't boast that someone in the back sure on an affront. In a pool held it. We hawking New Jersey. Vice president Eric Burke fatally shoots his longtime political antagonists. Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton only leading federal list and they chief architect of America's political economy. Died the following day could do it. Let's just say. I'm trying to think that would be like if you woke up this morning and I gave you a story. Mike Pence the vice president. Paul. When that would let me jump. Off again I think this five people at my back kind of politics. And by the way. And the way this can be a seventeen of artwork eighteenth century conspiracy theory is Hamilton supported the banks or hated the banks boy got mediated. Well he was the big economist he was a big moneymakers again. Have you ever seen very very hit play that's been going around I don't know I have not known it came to the singer theater here. Hamilton a great place. Evolve July 11. Why today doesn't thought they would talk. It was very 1916. President Woodrow Wilson signs the federal pave the road act. Ceremony the White House president Woodrow Wilson signs that out. Bolt was established a national policy of federal agents to highways. Got a start start getting that federal money and then that was the first time that ever happened. Foam for off from the mid nineteenth century the building and maintenance of roads had been seen. As a state and local responsibility. Home and here we are now sitting in traffic death. But America's road for general we import condition especially in rural areas so that's why the feds got involved. And now they do things by the federal government. When when it comes to highway money Josh they do things like. We withhold money. If you don't lower your speed limit to 55 miles an hour. That kind of thing. They they do things like got Fred Fred. No motion motion for each of most municipalities are dependent on the federal highway money to it took to fix her crumbling highways. The new benefits when you lower the speed limit. Is that and they want people to posted a more global run the speed limit. They won't just sit and so no big deal and sometimes you have to do things to get the federal money right. Com I don't mothers against drunk driver bush. Were were tied him with that big. May be sure events are staged to do wherever they cared to try to to try to lower. The amount or drunk drivers and if they don't do all those things. The federal government won't hold hold back those particular states federal. Highway phones. That kind of thing got to send a highway funds that do the most important thing is that that's what it. If you wanna bare bones kind of government you just want them take care of the highways and defense and that's pretty much hit another strange that the cops the fire in the schools. Yeah as a political libertarian which I am I want as little government intrusion in my life and there's always a fine line. I mean all I'm on the big stage right Fred oh no why is the federal government getting involved all of this differs don't quite get this Dave Campbell. Home that kind of thing earlier today I did notice driving into to work this morning that the little trench crater the head informing. Across such topical is down around Mike Milbury was filled in with with fresh asphalt. How about I knew I was waiting about three or four months of missed a big deal any time a pothole is filled their New Orleans I don't think that's federal money although his Jillian tuchman set down here. Post Hurricane Katrina zone. I know might have just been a good samaritan it's definite that definitely wasn't Domino's Pizza. That's more than a good samaritan and if so much fill bottles such a great samaritan. July 11. Why today does the thought it was today it's 4010. The Barefoot Bandit is captured in the Bahamas I remember in this story on the news. Eight years ago today after a two year manhunt. Nineteen year old Colton Harris Moore a Washington State. Is arrested following a high speed boat chase in the Bahamas. This guy was like this that was like the guy ever. He was six eight there's this kid. The nineteen year old was suspected of stealing airplane in Indiana and then crash landing it in the Bahamas. The week before he was nicknamed the Barefoot Bandit for going shoeless. During most of his alleged crimes. The teenager was a suspect in scores of other burglaries in the United States and Canada. Where he was accused of swiping everything from potato chip your credit cards well he's a teenager. Penny also small school small planes boats and cars who potato chips is small planes is big jump for abandon and they were looking for for a couple of years and during those two years. His time as a fugitive and this kid Harris Moore gained a cult like following online. With fans viewing it was a folk hero in praising his. The reason this and his uncanny ability to elude law enforcement officials. Think about it he's still playing you're a teenager and then you crash land the plane the bombers to get away. You survived but you still got caught how has this not been optioned for movie I don't know I'm sure there are working on it or maybe it was one of those lifetime movie of the week that we mission. I'm I don't know what that would be Alamo a movie. Hi July 11. Why today doesn't suck they wish today in 1979. Sky lab crashes. To earth. Feel like you Michael marsh faced off. Now when it's crashing to earth now that skylab. America's very first base station parts of it. Came crashing down to earth. In Australia we head into the Indian Ocean. Five years after the last may and skylab mission and that no one was no one was injured. That we know of but I doubt I happen today or 1979. By July 11. Why today doesn't suck this Coca. It was today. In 1995. The United States a stab wishes diplomatic relations. With Vietnam. Oh decades after the fall of Saigon. President Bill Clinton establishes full diplomatic relations with Vietnam. Citing Vietnamese cooperation in accounting. For the 2238. Americans still listed as missing in the Vietnam War. So it took some time but we finally. Gupta is diplomatic relations going can recruit people over there. July 11. Why today doesn't suck if it was today in 19420. The Hollywood Bowl opens the I've been there and I know you've lived in Los Angeles for a little while Josh not a partner the other Hollywood Bowl pretty cool placed there while a Lotta Lotta good concerts and stuff goes on over there. Don't try to get down and Hollywood though when they're having those concerts because. Then the Hollywood Bowl great off beat that main exit it's kind of like driving around downtown New Orleans during essence fest we yet BA and that you can't get anywhere if you like trying to get off to chop the tools ramp. Turn essence fest it's. July 11. Why today doesn't shock it was too. They in 1914. May wind made his Major League the eight year old George Herman Babe Ruth. No way to Daniel was because when he made his debut usually make sure. He pitched seven strong innings to lead the Boston Red Sox over the Cleveland Indians. He was a great picture of what he was even a better hitter and you don't see too many guys like a few days there's a Japanese guy pretty angels. Okay tugging these are great picture great hitter. He he got injured but when he's not pitching they DH a you'll see that very often was Babe Ruth got colder and larger. I'm sure that the day hitting. Just took precedence over that. Broadbent kid he had the pitching probably still caught up with the Yankees back then had a good pitching staff they do need him to do bowl. Home. And finally. July 11 wide today doesn't truck pulled too quick hook up two quick ones today's 7067. Our future president John Quincy Adams was born. The son of a president and today it 18169. Pull bull buys. On the big fan of the old west LA apparently the tombstone quieter but stuff like this. Well around that time told volt a prominent leader of the Cheyenne dog soldier warrior society. And Indian the native American. He's killed during the battle of some springs in Colorado. He was a very distinguished. I'm I'm on 1869. Right around the same time I think that my little bit before Brady answered before we talk right before custer's last stand. Told Almonte I've been hanging around custer's last thing we don't know. Foam I know he would've made it if you got killed just before question my sense Custer was a veteran of the civil war and it was like 1870. Something and 1876 I think this is yeah I was accustomed last stand was a little bit after poll bowled by. And that's why even though there are reasons why historically July 11 Osama we have accomplished things open and that's why today doesn't talk. Are coming up on the shelf should be dictating all essence fest weekend over five more than 101000 people came to New Orleans this past weekend. Guess how many illegal guns were removed from the streets. We'll tell you come and out. There are by now you've unfortunate with its buy you 95 point chairman. For his last meal. Georgia death row convict Keith we were way far. Ordered three fried chicken breasts. Our roast beef sandwich with saws off fish sandwich onion rings hater logs are Vanilla milk shake and an apple pie. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message. Don't wait sorry. I just start told Jew Michael Moore. There's filmmaker what you're driving for breakfast. Actually actually Georgia's death. House is famous for toppled by inmates say it's to die for film. I'd buy you and I by point seven. New Orleans only classic rock that John luster when morning show is brought you by the motion ordinary men in New Orleans and the mark for. We just gave you all a Georgia death row inmate's last final meal. You know it's interesting how what every state is different. But you know people wonder. Thought geez can I get anything I want you know there are about to execute you you would think. You show last meal these you know they gay dude coded anywhere you want the best suffocation and in most states. Some stage go out to restaurant shouldn't bring your bank your last meal all urged each. Seeing noble quote what you want to hear in the in the prison kitchen that a liability thing or an room. The just just it's up to their preference off the what do they wanna do well. You know some people are shale ball for sympathy give me you know a really great rush but put wire they. Why are they being put to death I mean you should know what happened is a really matter. A home but it's fascinating and and and we'll talk more about all of the different station and there and and how they handle the until the final meal. On the on the night that these guys you know who have been sentenced to death Knight may get the death penalty. All but one other thing about the death penalty that's in the news and we've talked about this before on the show. Station now awarding out of this year from that they got big give the people to kill them. And so no I was sold actually if you should have been halted and stomp. Because. The states have either one out of this year on. Or could dig they still have some but the date on the on the Shearer has expired. But you're really matters you know I mean you're killing a special breed. Like it matters like milk. Oh boy it's two or three days after after the did do. The expire date on the on the rug on the on the Milt golf. Now they can't check that and say hey this year is gonna expire in six months. We should probably. It's a big they're distributor resale back to like the military or or something negative you guys need extra poison. Did it somehow someway I have no problem with the minimum expired here and that's too. Just might if there if they're not if they're not killing people because of those two reasons the reader running out of it this year this year is expiring. Now people's lives are being spared in me almost beaten these these people they did whatever they did to deserve to get killed to get executed. They run out I'm I'm also thinking that maybe the state can't afford more serum why god I've got to I've got a book on I can solve a problem. How little fat and all that cops are taken off the streets didn't get that's that drug debt if you even touchy you can diet that's right yeah. Guys fat at all if you ran out of the serum or you're afraid it's a Cheryl expired. Cops are polar imploding of federal law to streets what Joseph gives some of these are people you're about to actually if you go go hit them with some threaten all that and I don't design not despite all the bad. I don't think so. I think it's foolproof but. Anyways. When you buy thing and all the street that are is there an expiration date on the truck I couldn't tell you have never bought football history. That's that I Joshua doubt she usually hear him do traffic here under showing. He does his own gig on the weekend cheered by you he's filling in for a Brewster who is on vacation and also think that if you're into buying fentanyl you don't forget about it. Believe in like the back of the fridge probably not. So this past weekend here in the city of New Orleans. Every fourth of July weekend. Every year. Mall for the last 44 years. It's been fashioned trash. That magazine. Passage magazine a chair too big musical and lifestyle festival and it's gotten bigger and bigger every year the traffic in downtown new war will just worsen Mardi Gras. It's wars and Mardi Gras. Now has the have you guess these guys cover like did the travails of everyone trying to get to work on Friday here at the station. But the horror stories that we're going around yet all I had to do we checked FaceBook or email because I was. She and all third excuses why they're related and they wireline. You couldn't get near that you couldn't get near the she BD amid a French court they just closed off the streets. Quit dreaded as far as the central business district goes downtown New Orleans. Couldn't get near I'm on Thursday Friday shattered Asia could legendary. Give my commute in was a twenty minute you fifteen to twenty minute drive became an hour and forty minute drive. It's it's much like Mardi Gras but I had the whole time I was good I was thinking this is worse than any Marty grove ever sit and 'cause I've sat behind every. We all have every time into the flow chart. And it and I there was at least there's logic in that when you sit here this kind of concessions and other high guy gets I guess I'm behind the trainer got sucked on the floats. I I'm I'm gonna not lose my temper. You know bomb sitting here in traffic this was this is on another level as well. We all knew it knew it was essence fest what would this is next level though and any festival of ever got this dog this is insanity and they figured. Over 5101000. People. Came into the city of New Orleans for ash and trash for those Ford gauge think about that. Tore up a million people into downtown Portland. To New Orleans is. Not that big that's more than twice the amount of people who live here we have about 400000 people that live in New Orleans. It is like that in the though the city proper like that you and that's spread out all coalition visit were just talking about a few concentrated blocks downtown. Called fleet. Insanity. Take cash. How many illegal guns the new Orleans police departments across the street so out of 500000. And a half a million guns. Or half a million people over half a million of rallying people they confiscated. Team callebs. Not yeah but. That's the slick regular weekend here in New Orleans thirteen illegal guns removed from in and around the French Quarter in the CBD. Over the weekend and home. What they should go on illegal because on the big Second Amendment gun. I I I cherish. My right to protect myself. Now it and beaten yet no permit right if you're if if if you have a concealed weapon but you don't have a concealed permit him. And they got a couple ball fat way but the majority of them. A home. Are they walked into a business with a gun that they didn't they took a few off that people she can't walk into bars and a French moreover the garden and if they she have a good you got arrested. And then they saw a couple of guys we've gardens and they I don't know why they checked but they were felons. In possession of a firearm. They did you can't be a felon in the trash out of prison but we're still only talking thirteen guns I know. Think about that old when you're talking about five to 600000. Extra people in the city of New Orleans for four days. They only took thirteen illegal guns off the street. That's pretty incredible but at the Sid the city didn't have any extra police officers or your organizing traffic. Has to stop and let people go all this major intersections downtown. Now they had how Abby would they have spared to take. To confiscate guns off people yesterday at a press conference outside the eighth district station on our police station on royals' streak in the eighth district. That's the district that job polices the French Quarter the CBD temerity. A home. You don't have one district has removed 120. Illegal guns from the streets in the first six months of 2018. I brought that no overall because that's more than the 97 illegal guns that were removed from the streets by the ace district. At this time last year. And if she did the 1990 illegal guns that the eighth district removed from the streets and all of 4016. So all other dirt door a decent job. Are there more guns or they just removing more guns back. Good question whether they are they confident early frisking the same amount of people. Or checking their cars hook or what is it and is he was aboard guns or are they may be all the ball. So long and look. Didn't ignore those police department while I respect. There are five to 800 cut short they have been firm pretty much job the last eight or nine years. And did Gershon boldly trying to get back up so the level that we need. But you're talking about a police force that is incredibly undermanned. They are overworked. And look at this city that we live a nicknamed murder town USA or why I nicknamed look at last week with 500000. Extra people. And only thirteen illegal guns taken off the street at if they took that many off the street how many. Do you think he didn't take off the street how many how many did they miss Murphy took thirteen illegal guns off the street how many other people run around with guns. Illegally that they should have been run and around with a home but we don't know because it. We didn't have that many more shootings that usual there was a damn anymore maybe seven people that have any guns though because. I would imagine if there's a bunch armed people sitting in traffic on pointers Friday afternoon and it's pumping but what might have happened this will match probably a couple of the guards got taken off that way people just so pissed off they were stuck in traffic they did flash they're going to need you did get more movement. Don't anyways all right coming up on the show won't tell you this story. A law about. Outside of a store in Covington. Nine people got arrested. The other I did just Kobe did this isn't a war would you expect that New Orleans you know move to Covington that no there was a brouhaha outside of a score. I stay tuned for that coming up here on buy you 95 point seven. By united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans should Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee. A judge Brett Cavanaugh he should be the next Supreme Court justice. On it looks like he will be the Porsche to. Supreme Court justice is that that's good right well yeah you don't want a guy who's loaded and fit to be a Supreme Court justice but rather saying this guy was so poor. That's all he hears a lot of cases in his bath robe. The drugs so yeah he could use a few extra bucks I think there's a pay raise. Comfortable justice yardages a period which are becoming a Supreme Court justice I come from next. A former Shane. Is now in jail for attempted murder. And he could be sure are joining Darren Sharper. Interior. In the jail cell pretty soon we'll be reading details on this coming up on by U 95 point seven. By uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John nostril and morning show is brought to you by the bush ordinary men in New Orleans. M Lamar Ford. Twitter yesterday or Monday we told you about the story. All bomb. One of if not the worst free agent signings. By the New Orleans Saints in this recent change era. Member Rleal few years ago. The most penalized man yeah in the NFL he's led the league in penalties. Defense showed that Brandon Browner. He had played and won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks. He had played in wanna shoot the ball with the New England Patriots. And so this change Sean Payton. Ended up. Given him a big contract. A three year deal. Awful lot of money. Any only made it through one year of about three year deal present Israel Mo. I NFL contracts aren't like the NBA contracts if you sign a three year deal whether you play or not you're getting paid the NBA for. All three of those years and I when he left the saints he went back. The Seahawks got ending got cut pre season ya. And it was pretty obvious in the NFL so like that you could sign a five year contract. What if you shock after the first year they could coach you would know another four years I don't want to pay. It's. I mean the big four sports it's the only only knowledge about spore like that this country. And because the injuries and are good good good much greater risk. Jaffray lifted the saints when he went back to Seattle. After taken all the money from us. He took the league minimum Seattle. What is he he just wanted to play. He was exposed when he came here because again before we got here. He was were Super Bowl winning teams who have really good defense is in really good defense of Bob back fields. And I guess the other guys cover for him because we came to the states to change defense was good very good defense and backfield was a very good everybody is watching him and he was exposed in yes he led the league in penalties seemingly. Every third or fourth patsy was told when somebody pass interference for every case may be he was horrible. Well anyways. Natalie EU he led leak he received more penalties for that season and any player in the league since they started tracking that data in 1999 it was ridiculous so since I was a box it was so horrible signing. Anyways it's got nothing but worse for him. Since he left football because he's got a football now and we mentioned this the other day he was arrested but now charges have just been all greeted. Top attempted murder. You can add that total list of felonies have Brandon Browner has been arrested for. Huge Brandon Browner. Just charged with the attempted murder along with three other felonies. After he allegedly assaulted his ex girlfriend and held her against her own will. Over the weekend in California. To 33 year old also features robbery burglary and false imprisonment charges. He's also facing two counts of child endangerment. To a dangerous although those are just pull misdemeanors. The story goes. He broke into his ex girlfriend's apartment in California. Is east of Los Angeles. He then changed. Dragged. And saw twenty days suffocated her with a carpet. When the woman tried to escape. Reagan brown are forced her back into the apartment. He's also accused of stealing a Rolex watch. Valued at around 40000 dollars. He was later arrested after fleeing the apartment before police arrived. Home again these two at a previous relationship. And she had a restraining order against him there's another. Another blow you broke him. Didn't pay attention to that restraining order. Home. Is not a hands off kind of guy you T felony can't touch ET Dutch guy you guys and guys have played the NFL's surged 4015. And it looks like life after the NFL lose your job. There's not going very well. Fur for Brandon Browner and if he's convicted on all these charges he's going to be do what a lot of jail time. All like another former Shane. A Darren Sharper. Yes I did company known for sharp was a surprise sharper you know he was a good player unlike Browner. He didn't cause much trouble when he was on the team on my Browner. But they both have Super Bowl or. And you just wonder does that devalue the civil civil reveal little bit. Why would I. I don't know attempted murderers go around as a rule over and what you would think Drew Brees is Super Bowl ring is worth more than Darren Sharper edged Super Bowl ring you would pay. I mean even go there both the shame right Ryan Shay law amount of diamonds shame they're there. Probably face value worth the shame but one has a number nine on it. Any other has Darren Sharper summarize the says that is sharp that no. The Browner also stolen. Rolex. Value that 20000 dollar. I guess she gave back toward one that backed an NFL monies that come and then anymore and hit it you know when your Reagan when your make you know a few million dollars a year at 20000 dollar Rolex to throw around is no big deal. But you've been out of the league for a couple years and you don't got that money come and did you leave out my role actually Heidi got that Rolex back though and at this point being charged with the attempted murder. That's gone to the lawyer immediately. Yeah this is into goddesses are looking good for his bomb. Show on. I'm so excited were two weeks away from. NFL training camps open. It ate it. Cereal two weeks away and the first the first home pre season game at the dome is the seventeenth said it that's almost a month. And I don't think we're gonna see any of that crap that we saw lashed here with some of the players. On kneeling during a National Anthem. And I know that dad got completely out of control. A home. That's something that's started a couple years ago. With the former NFL quarterback Colin cannot predict. And then all the players are joined him in colleague cannot predict started dealing during the National Anthem to protest. His perception. All how police officers were treating black guys. In this country but that it it was a little bit before that though before the the Anthony ailing because back when they were having those of a riots in Saint Louis. This how far back that when the rams are still in Saint Louis with the players would run out. With the hands up don't shoot and that was a false narrative Josh by the way that's Joshua doubt she usually hear me do traffic here. He has a weekend show here he's filling in for Brewster or John McCain and it was it was the first snowball of of of moot news coverage of players making. Social commentator we'll statements I've got to think yeah but they were wrong. Heads up don't shoot date they came out yeah when they were St. Louis Rams they gave when they came out with a total with their hands up. The problem was they were reacting to the story that happened in nearby Ferguson Missouri with that guy Michael Brown who was shot and killed by a first in cup. But that whole narrative was wrong right I'm just saying it's been seen kind of building since then where where this the narrative goes out. And then have everybody's guilty of instant reacting specially on social media or an album without me you're on camera in front of millions of people yeah. And that was wrong and so but the whole. Ferguson Missouri thing you know how that happened. CNN shows up they interview one dying any shade yeah he was running down mystery what is heads up and a cop shot over the back. And he was charging towards the top and accomplish we've got to stop. But that got. Oh that was just to detail. Meanwhile Ferguson Missouri burned in the right it's CNN should at a pay by the way for those businesses to be rebuilt because I don't want to put that false and heard about. Hands up don't shoot but anyways so why you should college cavernous. We win which was coming off of that. As a couple years ago. There was some players that joined on I would think that this is not gonna go even though it's a new season we'd like to put everything behind it over behind us the it's just good all eyes are gonna be wanting. If one person does something. It's it's it's gonna pick topping get traction immediately put it. They let me find it thrown out of league. Josh last year the message got got all misconstrued. Chris last year that critics started during the beginning of season there are only a couple of a few guys in the whole league that we're doing it was fading out it was just develop on. Until Donald Trump went to Alabama. Any any redoing that rally for that senator. And Donald Trump says that wouldn't July 10 day take those sons of bitches or any any and then he made it he made it personal. And then the NFL. You know most of the guys get a fellow black. The most Democrats. Don't like Donald Trump. And then all of a sudden after that happened. More on the NFL guy started going to one knee and that it became ridiculous the saints were doing it I didn't like it. I was felt we were better ways that they could revive they want to demonstrate. Why. Well in this while she is sooners are now in open week so we're going to be want to this year the world where they have to stand and if they don't wanna spend the stay in a locker room. Until the National Anthem vote for sure now everyone's going to be waiting pretty endless song it's staring at the locker room to she comes running out after the so. Right it is that's gonna be the way employee testing nation the only way around that is is is if on the broadcasts it just is never mentioned you have. I just wish for you practically have football has been able to see the guys jog out afterwards in the stadiums and do but all the broadcast has to do is not. Not mention any of that you know these guys they have plenty of money pimp when he had time if they wanna if they want new wall. Protest or they wanna make a political point that that that's fine but to do it during it just it got it just. It got so emotional and we gotta get back to play football. And then of their problems what's going loads of shiny. To the world time. Football's under the gun on so many different angles with the within the trying to ban new football too could also the head injury ahead interiors to run every angle it's just it's not. That's such a great gave you gotta put the blinders on just to enjoy the sport really I know they're going to slowly but surely being that being chipped away at it now. They have such great care what he weighs two weeks to opening amounted to two training camps open. And who knows for a Brandon Browner will be my tail salsa more of often thought about this we did the three straight seven in nine seasons but did you notice. That first season mu wheat may. When training campus back in the Metairie in August suddenly the team was better I had no I doubt. Hey coming up next we'll tell you about a couple of Louisiana guys that are in trouble for torching their Chrysler. To avoid car payments. Stay tuned in to Smart stay tuned for that come up on by united front porch of buy you 95 point seven New Orleans only clash at rock. Two men accused of torching Chrysler to avoid car payments. Like it's such. When we want to pay for the coverage gonna cost you probably a lot more now he got caught. Two men from Louisiana. Have been accused of setting fire to a 2016 Chrysler 300 to avoid payments on the vehicle 37 year old Anthony burns and his vocal. I don't think that's I get out of payments. Well Louis Josh and 37 year old Anthony burns got arrested along with a vocal anti well hold on Anthony burns I know. But a and his own goal 33 year old David Caldwell. So he's 37. And his own goal is 33. Not that good in math. This is that type well not yet. Know at both June. But you have a local or did you know anyone that original goal or an odd rouge junger and then didn't you are so the reminds me about baby. So the 37 year old deferred to the wisdom of his uncle for what to do with this car yes his so called the 33 year old and this is why there Bolton and I jail right now. It's by united Arab whichever. By united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Austral and Maury show is brought to you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Air Lamar Ford. I want one more thing about that story about the two guys in Louisiana that got arrested. For torching. A notorious sixteenth Chrysler. Because they didn't want to well one of the guys. Didn't wanna continue to have to make payments on actually figured you fight the fight like as a matter of pride let the portion instead of getting re code. Right and or does it Horry is eager to claim I was there goes somebody. Like an insurance claim like. A me I don't. What you do those options but. At least getting a revote you're not breaking the law by buying by light a match is true. And we mentioned the guy that got arrested the 37 year old guy. Along with his 33 year old uncle now he's 33 year old wild goal is denying that he helped. There's a crazy old are nephew. A torture torture Chrysler but it got me thinking and I mean if you're listening right now. You any unsure locals who were younger than you. And if you did. Would you go to them in this situation like this were you needed advice like. You can't make your car payments anymore so you're thinking about torture depending on the go to my local for a vice yet. He got three younger than me he didn't wanna go to his uncle for money. But the fact that help him because his elbow jumper let me belida about the money and he probably did have the good advice Schuettler. What does that just how common is that to have an old school or not who genre than you are. As I can't imagine it's that uncommon. AP. It isn't like mathematics a got to do my head here. Amid a good about the first second. I brought upon baby before I mean. How how old. Common is it to have an own goal or an hunt. That is that is you Holmgren venue and then you're you're you're going to them for advice when it comes to torching their car because you can't make the payment anymore. What you wanna find it all polarized I don't know I don't let you video of life experience a few more years. Total could indulgent you know I don't. Don't think this is the best idea. So it can only happen if you're grandmothers had a baby after your mother has had view. That's the only way that's that doesn't. I I. If it bit hesitant but I think Google these things is actually Yahoo! answers yet it can only happen if your grandmother has a baby. After your mother's had view. So it couldn't get stuff that's the only way you could have an all cooler not measure younger than you that doesn't sound like that could be that uncommon though. It sounds weird. But life. So the good movie thing to do it where like you know the daughter in the momma pregnant at the same time. I portals lifetime movie via her. What we see here you don't want we always your babies having babies and you know here in New Orleans I mean is that that big of a deal for a seventeen year old to have a baby and if that's seventeen year old. As a mother her movies I don't know 3738. And that her mother has a baby right out of they got if she now which may be surge although it doesn't make any sense but you do. I don't think life was meant to be that way it's still doesn't make sense of burn your Chrysler. No that doesn't make judge June 3 but going to your local luge younger than you. I don't know I would look for an uncle who's at least a few years old motivate that's me of all looking for advice I can't pay my car note anymore I'm looking to burn them. Brenda damn thing I would at least try to find a local relive those who are older than me. Doug from now when I go to someone younger than me I've lived longer than you should know more than you. I wanted to bring this story up because she all she has very often in Covington north of the week. Nine people arrested in brawl outside of Kobe didn't score. Again there's a story. If does that line happened here in New Orleans. Probably when he re talking about it. There's lots of oddities here this thing Covington and then it's out of the bars is that the convenience store yeah. Involving nine people that's not just some getting an argument it check out there when nine people get arrested outside because I got the doors are brawl. And that's why the cops showed up out and they arrested nine people because it appears there was a brawl outside the store. If that happened in New Orleans. A role might even be mentioned maybe I would give it a little mention but that wouldn't be a real big news story in a city where people get shot every day I would think the people. Getting in the broad in the sword New Orleans would know they have a window of time for the cops arrived and that nine people can scatter gun pretty quickly. Putting calming down. The pub brawl breaks out outside of a sport. And nine people get rested that's the story ninety or arrested at. At least three people were injured including one would stab wounds. This happened last night to Tuesday night in Covington a tour really. But a brawl outside the company didn't convenient store. No guns ought gunfire broke no. No shooting victims had been reported in connection with a large fight. Which occurred outside the convenience store called it stop grocery store I stop like this or I stop. In the thirteen hundred block of north Columbia street up there in no. And coming to. One person was stabbed. To more people were taken to a local hospital with a other injuries from the fight. There's chocolate and between 8830 mile it's not usually. Ned bedroom community people are. But the one that kind of now adding to how much how we illogical this whole story as. There was somebody brought a knife to a gun fight no he got shot for some guts that about that. And he Covington police chief Tim Lyons is his name. He says he's not sure what sparked a fight. Do you think they were arguing about Darwin's theory of. Relative the year or love. Darwin's theory on lottery tickets mission. You think you're arguing over Donald Trump's latest us Supreme Court justice picked. I hope. The fact what do possibilities people arguing about outside of a convenience not a government arguing yes nine people felt it was it was. Important enough. To what about the guns and knives over it's Tuesday. Anyways just one of those stories that fit as it happened here in the city of New Orleans and probably wouldn't make that much news what. And Covington that's a big Tuesday night. Yes men and ensure it there sure is. All right coming up on the show we told you how this city of Seattle. Has now outlawed straws plastic straws. Are you can walk around the city of Seattle with a bunch of weed and not get in trouble but if they she with a plastic shrunk you'll be in trouble. And now others want to follow because I guess for plastic straws are being open our rivers and our league so marsh screen just now there in twenty team yeah. I'll stay tuned for that coming up here I'll buy you 99 point shuttle by united five point seven the classic rock of New Orleans. We talked about this on the showed the other day Seattle Washington is the first city in America were plastic straws have been made illegal. Evidently. While lots of plastic straws have been ending up. In the air went way engineered or by observed by a good mood in the waterways in the projection it's not bad for it's not good for the earth. So old they're the first city in America to say it's illegal. Down plastic straws and what's interesting about that marijuana is now legal and in Seattle Washington State. She you can walk around Seattle with a pocket full read. Then then bump into a cop not get any trouble yet if you a couple of plastic straws in your pocket or on your possession. You'll get you'll get in trouble. And look I love this earth to win and I want I want a protected to put I don't know Ole. How many years to that gets the Louisiana. Will it ever get to the real a little get totally won't look at the grocery stores Josh win the grocery stores always used to have paperbacks. And let me say you know what. For the ecology we're gonna switch to plastic bags and then the plastic bags started ended up. All over in the river it and and by the by you admitted in the water wages are now not to go to the grocery short go to Rouse is here. You guys are George paperwork slash go back the paper wealth or four Louisiana what about the plastic to go cops everywhere. Well that's a whole other thing why just stop with the strong is right and what about the stirs. People go to Starbucks in your coffee stirs third third bush Kinnear is smaller than the straws. But there's still plastic and are not good for the water women make it biodegradable coffee stirs they don't somehow melt. In your hot coffee didn't and that means or some other chemical in your biodegradable call these stirred up. Keeping that thing together the question is do you think this is going to lash or is this just some crazy. They get out of the box idea and we're gonna get back to straws pretty soon because this is. Oh I think and it's gonna last big deal I think it's gonna snowball across the whole country they think you're. Far more than 500 million plastic straws are used per day in united any guilt trip legislation if you don't like this rule that you hate mother earth. And then Europe against the wall a more than 500 million plastic straws are used per day in the United States. That people are gonna have to change their way he should visit a new thing it's as the new thinking. There's thirty years ago plastic straws for so choking. Choking rivers air quotes. It he while the desire more classic Charles in the were ten years ago while Seattle's the first city in America to make it illegal Woolsey comedy follow. Animals you've the last you'd think it's going to honor any Portland snack if you do. Who's gonna be the first guy to come up with a way to. Replace those over 500 million plastic straws are used that are used today. There's a business opportunity for people that are paid attention there's a businessman at Seattle making biodegradable plastics Charles right now did you buy you 95 point seven.