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By uniting my point seven New Orleans only classic rock. Good morning the job I'm sure the morning show is brought Schumacher the most ordinary men in New Orleans. And the mark for. But we have a lot of things to get to shoot today and he might be one of those days where four hours using Ambien up rooster I know. Have to go over pay scale pay grade I've got my finger here on indeed the which called the speed dial for guilty. Guy who follows a threat to push him back we'll because we have we have the justice this amount of stuff to do he might get to sleep in a couple of hours which sent down. We'll talk a little monument today but not that marked for guys will welcome back to actually be scared obviously there's a lot of people upset about. Com the monuments being taken down the monuments or pay tribute to confederate leaders Jefferson Davis went down in the middle and I actually. Early yesterday morning. I've received a world rural work what's the over under on how many monuments will remain when we go on the year Monday morning at 672. Hours from now would you bring up the good point. 48 hour harmony errors because there's two more set to be taken down the Robert. PGQ Bogart monument. With that they have left the door open to take out more monument after that including you and your introduction in Jackson square. This is what tar our mayor Mitch half when drew has has done. He's really divided city of New Orleans Bowl talk more about that labour could you imagine taking that last statute. We wouldn't be New Orleans it was a bridge rejection of the war of 1812 he shaved this city you know you ask guys a hypothetical. Could you imagine taking that down but now my answers yes I could imagine them taking it down can't what is it and what I said all along the first domino has fallen. Where does it in use now start changing street signs. You start changing offer away just it's nice one of my favorite places to get a ball boy does she you know toward yours to Brewster is a great parkway. Diner over there raw are gonna change the name of that well H Jefferson Davis is parkway. Amounts to mobile technically on Hague and that's on that corner there let's look up Hagan CN who that if humans is taken offend anyone children's who's with me double talk longer but more about that later on normal we've we've obviously we've talked a lot about that. And yes sugar and gimme gimme the ball hard ball parks thumbnails cashier will there be another went down. We go on the air on Monday might sources told me he was supposed to go to out a couple of hours ago we needed. So all I did quite possible Big Apple take the weekend off. Maybe maybe that you may be the cops. Who are being used it taxpayer funded dollars. That we don't have the firemen. That are being used taxpayer funded dollars that we don't that we can't fix the streets who diluted bottles and we can't hire full police force. And and and a half moon winters of bare. Already shed. And he said this. I'm more than one occasion much like when it came to obamacare. Barack Obama set a million times if you like your doctor you're people if you like your help play new people. Those two big bodies. A few years ago that was a time magazine lie of the year but but Mitch Landrieu said no. She eighty dollars note taxpayer dollars will be spent on removing these money which any already light because they they out with the cops and firemen all around there and and learn masks don't they do take a weekend off it's another celebrate white supremacy weekend. Yeah. And and the fire chief. By the way there's this character McConnell Lal who who he's he's he's worn masks a couple of times at these monument. Removals. You know the rest of the New Orleans fire department they're not happy about that wouldn't wouldn't when they found out he was involved in the first monument removal. Are they gave Mota big letter the fireman's union and they date dates and we don't have confidence in this guy we have a lack of confidence. In our fire chief. We have to Mitch Glazer. Probably one of the only politicians decade decade get the public that. Tell it turn against firemen at fire. I mean who like and respect fireman a big big gold note burning buildings risked their lives cut to attempt to save people and animals and such. Well because a lot midnight Mitch capital management the mayor of New Orleans using the the captain that the chief of the New Orleans fire department to help take donny's monument now turn the public against the firemen. What can demonstrate delegate rich trash talk all the firemen and have some guy walked by him it's that. Me think about that permitted fighter and I did. Don't ask him. I saw this story are and and I. Just said boy this guy's had too many. Letterman had flash deputy Gary DW I traffic stop. Standing headlines them. A cameraman attempting a field sobriety test during a traffic stop is accused of flashing his genitals. At a junction parish sheriff's office deputy. So I'm pleased it was a flash I mean if you look at that the upside this it was like a long lingering look well. He was attempting a field sobriety tests flashed his general Brent I'm just assuming without reading further Donald story. He passed the field sobriety test would give any details about a whole lot more coming up real lot to do on the show this morning. Exe John optional morning show. They're out by 95 points up I 99 point seven New Orleans only classic rock it's that John Austral in morning show rushed there. I remember. Being in high school sleeper now for rush tickets sleeping outside the arena that would tickets go on sale at 9 AM. I know we have a lot easier east Asian open the more sleep without sidewalks. It's much easier just to go on line in and get your tickets probably got a we might be easier. But it was as much fun when. Great memory sleep and outside concert venues overnight with friends we protect the great thing I like about tickets online and even on your on your phone. I Alex and on the aisle because I'm an old. Mark and and you can go and actually pick where you're going to exit Kazaa and I'd like mrs. Bruce turner like this and on the Nile. Got an excellent reliever is convenient. Easy yes but not respond to sleep but outside the arena I give you that when your friends when you markets. Coming up a prominent New Orleans businessman and his new younger wife in trouble for revenge port. Stick around report on volume 95 point seven by uniting one point seven New Orleans only classic rock Led Zeppelin. John Austral morning shows like you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. And Lamar Ford. ECB actor Johnny Depp does make it some news evidently he's. Blown through much of 650. Million dollar fortune just. This couple movies he's been in have been non. Really a great but he could always break any he just did actually and another pirates are sure Caribbean now but. You know laws so people are giving Johnny Depp some crap. Because Zahn. He expressed a lot of money. But I can only think of two people who can do that in the blew through 600 million dollars Johnny Depp and on me. I'd be foolish if I make that much money are probably spread to. You make it what do you make of fort shaped. How many guitars I would have gotten one of 60650. Million dollars he doesn't only have a vintage guitar collection. Brewster from what I understand any great rock song rocket car that you never seen a guy a lot great rocket power play in any event you'll tighten. That's that's one of these issues he's got like a 450000 dollar about wine issue. Who lives in the south of France while much is one of his part part of he has like six houses in the Hollywood Hills CEOs and I would in the Caribbean not just I mentioned on an island. He owns an actual island in the grip right. And you're right about his Villa in the in the south of France and he's starting yet he's got to sell a few of his property but. Always got to do was maker make another pirates of the Caribbean movies gone through a couple of relationships. And divorces and it cost from a lot of money's well. Look at finally got kinda cash. And evidently he always has tour three bodyguards slash assistants around him 24/7. I'd like wishing he wakes up in the morning he walks out of his bedroom door you know you and I we have a towel around our our partial liberal. Yes over the Internet now sure. And economic or are you a Johnny Depp fan very much very much so I. He is mice will I think he is probably the most. Versatile actor of our time. He's up there. If you he's there he's an he's an Gary Goldman. Conversational. He is Gary Oldman makes odd doesn't make the choices that John the Johnny Depp does that. And I think that's I think that's on purpose. And I think what it comes Gary Oldman is is still in that B level he's yeah he's just he's just half a level or allow yet behind John yes both. Both I think creatively and the movies that he makes me as far as him being in popularity because Johnny that was a really good actor for Johnny Depp is off to a movie star. You can't call Gary Oldman a movie star not Gary Oldman as days is spectacular actor right. And I don't think Gary Coleman wants to be a movie star because when you're a movie Star. Search fifty million. Well exactly what what your off the top your head all like when you're you're usually Johnny Depp today I should block okay. My turn to Johnny Depp to me. John Edwards I love apple retail that is just dimpled one of my top ten. Not the best movie ever made the favorite enjoyable movies to watch you know fairly rewarding opal rose Johnny Depp movies have a common yeah. They get real people yes. The poor bloke I George Jones each I think he's just get out of prison right around now there was that at Tim Burton directed no no he probably gotten enough. But I I had Ed Wood was absolutely loved the movie blow I loved the movie yet what. Kinda like the pirates of the Caribbean movies are minimal for kids all but. He based his. Character on captain Jack Sparrow for pirates of the Caribbean on basically that was Keith Richards and writer Ralph right. We will eventually wound up in what the second winner of the third when yadier every death and a cameo on one level. But he'll be fired for it he's got a shelve those from Israel was Dayton. With obviously I I give it 55. To me that which when he I'd probably do seem to impact. Coming up. A home off high profile New Orleans architect. His name was on buildings that you know it is much younger wife mean trouble. Her revenge poured. We hope you'll stay tuned for that report. It's see John luster when morning show. Here on I 95 which. Why not five point seven orbits only clashes rocket to John Ostrom and morning show. And I you know told you a little bit about the story when the show started about an hour ago. Kenner man flashed deputy. During DW I traffic stop. Our cameraman attempting a field sobriety test during a traffic stop. Is accused of flashing his genitals at a Jefferson Parish sheriff's office deputy. Fifty year old Henry Williams. Of candor. Was booked with DW on obscenity. And resisting an officer. And he couldn't resist. A key is a great American Identity just happen to be in the area when Williams practiced car into a parked car. In a Metairie parking lot and airline drive the other day and 430 in the afternoon since. On the deputy judge stop Williams noted that he smelled of alcohol. Had blood shot eyes slurred speech. And was sweating. As Williams what a party here as Williams was performing a field sobriety test he lived finisher. Pulled out his prayers and exposed himself to the deputy. Definitely you're not supposed to do that during a field sobriety test and I think Condit gave away the field sobriety test. How the deputy determined that Williams performed poorly on the field sobriety test. And dump. The deputy also determined there was Williams had nothing to brag about the earth. With get out. He had struggled as a deputy attempted depletion Williams and tried to patrol car the dip you came to search warrant collected blood samples and all of it's shaped the deputy is male or female. I drunk in a drive run against pulled over and rescheduled to do to DW why he. Would sit out. You would think it would probably be a female law officer but it doesn't play here. In addition to the DWY in the whipping it out charge obscenity charge. He was booked with four counts of being a fugitive from tanner. For outstanding traffic attachments. That's a crime of fugitive from Kenner that's called an FFK. Apparently he had off. Several traffic attachments. So long. I hope the couple's story leaves me scratching my head. The I hope to show us his and his mug shot he mocha marketers mug shot right now he's got a look at his version. Yeah I whipped it out pretty well for me. All right Jack covered up and actually after a joke we will look at today in history to segment we call YT date is as sharp stick around for that that's next. This act. I'm by 95 points up. I'm 95 point 72 wallets only classic rock. It's the John luster when morning show brought you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And the mark for. Quickly all I mentioned this story off few minutes ago about the guy and tanner who got pulled over for. On if you wanna see not that put if you wanna she away. To beat a do you want. Go to the volume FaceBook page right now then. If you wanna see a way to beat a DU whining about how about teaching people how to. Scoff laws of the men got pulled over in this video that's on the buy you FaceBook page has he unique skill. And that's still allowed him to beat do you walk. That's still prove that he was neutral button and I'm not telling you needed to drink you drive but it's too wild video go check it out right now it by you on operational. Before we move along southbound causeway is closed. And Michael Weldon. Came in here and gave us that information and didn't tell us why so there you Dutch I expected. Perfect board it's likewise the clothes sort of cause really you accumulate a one liner. Can be backed up command of a child. Expects that. Oh well we'll tell you why historically. Today doesn't it's a segment where we look at today in history and we call. Today at least we don't have time for him and. May twelfth. That means like yours quickly and easily. I was like like all the dramatic pauses that we normally have. Not doing this to. It was on this date in 19321. Today he doesn't the salt. Nobody'll smoke Lindbergh baby was found. Well you know Charles Lindbergh and she became very famous that being the first got to fly across the pond. Yet a cynical we got out of a senate stole Donald. Not to be the first guy to get an airplane to drive over via a fly over the Atlantic Ocean with a thermos of coffee and hands him. Solely then yeah when he became so very mid. That's double dog picked up his baby brutal Hoffman. And it was on this days that start Charles Lindbergh baby is found in 1932. More than two months after he was kidnapped. From his family's home well hoosiers the American Bruno Hoffman Hoffman was executed for them but I think he went to his death. Disputing his. It is guilt that I believe and you know what state still I mean I've obviously got shot. But the fact that Charles Lindbergh was an American hero for the same time he was also and anti semite then he would say I'd Nazi sympathizer. We could really be an American hero and the pro Hitler. Stuff. That's a tough one to call Fiat. I had to wrestle with that what my whole life now wouldn't ally really feel about that gotten. May well it was on this date in 19071. Man tests. Katharine Hepburn was bought. All cage and they called me. Cap and had a bird the legendary Fed's view was born on the day or she was wide. A legendary coach in up more on Thursday night you know shut. She was so beautiful for sure you'd think. I thought she was actually done in new and they are true we do you know those movies from 3540 pound going to start the end it was like rock. You don't mind at all getting old dude we don't minds we are afraid both threatened by the other day posted a picture of it being. That can't be familiar Griffith show is sure what she'll remember. Back into the end he was a walker. Don't pictures ever from the twenties she was like a swimsuit model can't be ones I. A lot of people were high a lot of women were hot when they were younger you act like you're surprised by that now if Fiat I am surprised by that dew AMP. And liked it one bit thirties Q was a model she was gorgeous they're like eighteen joining gadget somebody posted a couple of pictures of her modeling. And I think it was a one easy of course it was like look. Boosting victory but it was a uses them you say that picture like 1965. Larry Dolan because it's hard to get that mind that. Giving jedi mind. What and he was gorgeous in like the one he's been very. Go over who will win if your board. Google and V from like the 1920s you're not gonna believe it is they want it but not at your drive. Golf course trying to kind of one more piece of advice for you. Yes let me back in the freezer. I am. I never felt honored today. Some criticize about it do you go but I don't and he. But bush and the Republican who who couldn't be more wrong about Katherine Hepburn you don't think she was sexy guy actually was she was had a body like at twelve year old boy she was Ulster aided angular. And very. Mainly shall we say you know is nothing evident about a young Katherine Hepburn oh. You know you know we disagree with you everyone the great Specter race. Well because for years even though Spencer Tracy was very evict tablet he would never get divorced for years image Katherine Hepburn or do we check. That is also possibly an urban legend because Spencer Tracy. Heavily rumored to be dead I'll come on now expects Google. All I know there he got a long bomb you with govern effort do Google Spitzer Tracy gay do it. Right now we get a wrap up this segment. We'll know that there's anything wrong without. He's wrong with this offense but don't tell me that there it would real urged not out there there's there's a very heavy rumor out there. Well there's that was all that she was. On the play every other team and he was playing for the other team and they were each other's weird beard okay multiple. Okay that's not what it would tell me if you tell me every grip was okay. There's no doubt about it they regret 100% homosexual I mean there's no doubt about that a kid JPG. James Dean did they check for men. I don't I don't I don't detect whether I had not heard which James Dean did check the vet dogs detecting equipment but not that there is everything wrong with that. They he has a great American Bob May twelfth it was obvious that in 1963. Today to ask some. Bob Dylan walked out on the edge salvage show. By the end of the summer 1963. Bob Dylan would be known to millions who watched her witnessed his performance at the march on why she did and millions more. All we've got no Dylan himself. We know and love his music thanks to Peter Paul and very smashed it copper. Well floated away then went up back at bay Bob Dylan was just another aspiring musician with a passionate Meeks. And value and obvious overkill he walked off your home. And if Edwards had to ask you about I was too young to remember them. And that's why I historically. Big twelve. Doug saw one today. Golden boy young got beat from the Andy Griffith Show you he was our school. Spencer Tracy and Katherine have. There have burned. Dear are coming up next study utterly show more on the monument removal. Fallout and I've got to get to this story about the high profile more lenient. Who got caught up in revenge born and we hope you stay tuned for those reports it's by united five point 0595. Point seven. New Orleans only classic rock it's the job luster when morning show. We're going to some of the monuments Brewster. I'm Lisa Jefferson Davis monument look at ticking down it's starting to become mop pilgrimage for some. Have you noticed all the pictures of social media people could think hit get the base of the decay at the big shout. Great to take down the monument and Jefferson Davis. But where it was word which standing on top up. The date they are unable or not strong enough to get the based so many people walking over there getting on top of that standing there are taking pictures sure. I think at what point do very briefly yesterday they thought they were gonna have to bring Jefferson Davis back. And put him back on the pedestal to get the pedals a lot as all one piece but as it turned out that was a spurious report but how ironic would that have been. They have to bring him back put him back up the take the whole thing out bid that didn't argue that in itself. Then go figure are coming up on the option which all tell you the dumbest thing I read all week and I promise coming up next where to get to this high profile. And odd new more lenient who got caught up in the middle of this rough edged toward Cuba or you keep saying I promise that's next. I'm by united front which is why you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Oscar when morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. Am a mark for. So we have a high profile. Architect. Here in the city of New Orleans. Who got caught up. And something that has become a thing over the last decade. Revenge poured. But for the Internet revenge port is something that no one I don't worry about. You know both for the Internet ticket naked pictures of yourself usually was something you never I don't worry about all well back in the day. Naked photos of view or your loved ones and you're. Mike for your husband your boyfriend or girlfriend revocation be. Used to be really makes apple Polaroid picture. He wrote well you could get in trouble through snail mail like if you're broke off that someone could put that picture in an envelope lick the envelope put his stamp on an address to anybody wanted bush. Sure they're not alone prisoner and the scares me the natural evolution of that was in the early days early early days of the Internet. You could actually take a digital picture and have revenge born on your mind the with dial up it was like you would take a week to get the debt who knew email is somebody so. Walt revenge port has become so big that most states. Many aged each they have laws on the books and now they have a revenge porn. Wallace and if you're wondering what revenge portage it's very simple. Let's say a husband and wife for a boyfriend and girlfriend break up. Chances are that they have naked pictures of each other on their hard drives her father on the shelf all gets everyone is taking naked pictures of them are. Forever and that it. Most beef maybe to get revenge on the X. Spouse or ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. And you and take those naked pictures of them and send them digitally Revver you want. And the were actually web sites devoted to revenge for you could go. And you could put that the photos the naked photos of your ex who your very upset with because Bernard Iraq's you could put those photos web site for the whole. Policy. And that's why not I can understand and that's why laws have been made on the on on the books and many states. That are done or specific to revenge for well. Here in New Orleans. New Orleans architect seventy year old Gerald bullish. And his. Wife his latest wife. 41 year old. Too bad for seven year old wants your money does Brewster you when he does he pitches seventy year old guy looks a lot better is when his bank account repeated that he would without it. With seventy year old high profile moralist architect Gerald bullish. And I think that's I pronounce his name BI LL ES. Could be piles luggage that was God's visibility and a BI LL ES. It's bill of some bills player anyways and it he's seventy. And his 41 year old latest wife. And her name is Carmen. Millions. They've both been arrested. And charged with revenge foreign. Evidently. On the architects ax. Is it too happy that her former husband is now with his latest woman who was thirty something years younger than him. And evidently she metal than their relationship well the new trophy wife. The that the new trophy wife. I joke getting pictures all of the ex wife naked pictures and she showed them the people. And the ex wife evidently saw. Call the cops and now this high profile in the world's architect along with his new wife who's thirty years you'll remember him they got themselves arrested. And doc how high profile of an architect is you know war was coming rockets hit. You're not that. I'm not. I don't see architecture coming from you. His architectural firm. Arm has developed projects such as these two of the aquarium of the Americas concourse G at Louis Armstrong international airport. The French market revitalization. He's also bought his companies also don't work at the New Orleans house of blues. And the whole foods grocery stores helped out in mid city this guy's a high profile aren't. And the expansion into the Guggenheim Museum in New York's east if they but now. But now he's on what publisher affect whose. Business but no more all Orleans parish district attorney Leon and Kenneth arrow. I'm gonna be about the budget that is office will prosecute revenge or charges against the prominent New Orleans architect and his wife. Who stand accused of sharing naked images of his former. Girlfriend without that woman's permission. Now it's interesting what the column you know when you get arrested you're not supposed to talk you know the first thing you're supposed to say as I wanna lawyer sure. Put them or Europe. But never evidently. The high profile architects new woman whose new girl who's who's thirty something years junger let them. She of their pocket of the police a little bit. She said quote. What is she can carry what was it she said quote. Yet he dumped her as she never got over the fact that we got married why you lie a lot of yeah that's what the other took the new woman shared. Our music yeah. The dump her if she never got over the fact that we got married so evidently she medal. And then the new low woman was at cabinet took the naked pictures and sent to maul the plea to friends family coworkers beat the priest. I praised the that I do. Really set it bridges NAFTA that is not to my grandmother. Died that net to really. So wall. And he was we'll see what happens with the that you don't see that every day high profile architect and his new woman who's thirty shall in your judgment. Trouble for revenge board despite the fact that you maintain that most people have naked in naked pictures of themselves. Brewster to younger generation that advocates after convictions of naked. Shall conduct directory to the seventy year old man it's part of the younger generation what does diedrich at Pepsi is new woman who's thirty something years Charlotte and has dragged him into that younger generation. All right coming up next more fallout. From the indictments have more belligerent American warlords who stick it on the monument. A stay tuned for that despite united five point 2595. Point seven New Orleans only classic rock it's a job luster when morning show. Sunday is Mother's Day. And what has become an annual tradition. MTV won't want their 24 hour sixteen and pregnant marathon. Coming up later in the opulent show we will tell you about scams to watch out for mothers these scams to watch out for. I'll stick around for that and more monument fallout coming up next it's by united front what you meant by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The John Austral in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man into Portland. Am a mark for. So the biggest story of the week the last couple weeks. We've talked about here on the show a lot and you know how I feel about it. Is dog the removal of the monuments that. Have been standing here for over a century. And those monuments that paid. Tribute to the leaders of the confederacy. Jefferson davis' monument went down on the middle of the night. While two nights ago into the early morning as New Orleans Mayor midnight Mitch half Moon Landrieu. Strikes again. Struck again. And the interesting part about the Jefferson Davis monument is they're unable to get the base. Of that monument where he stood. They can be beat can't remove that I don't know if you don't have the equipment there. I was gonna say there on the money but they never had the money. And and that's it directors told there's a couple of things about this that are driving me nuts and I and I and I should just before. It doesn't really matter how you feel. About the issue of the removal of these historic monuments. All but how it went down in my opinion is completely wrong. I've always said they should that they should have made it a ballot initiative question put it on the ballot November. But to let the voters of Orleans parish vote on it just make it a simple question. Should there should monuments that pay tribute to confederacy should they stay or should they go. And we all know. Looking back now history. That the leaders of the confederacy what George Jefferson Davis or a Robert. PG keyboard guard. We all mold looking back at history they were wrong we know that. So people that they Cuomo they weren't wrong. But history tells us they were on the wrong side of history now. Back at the moment. All of those guys. Fought they were doing. What was in the best interest. Further for other people. For their folks. It doesn't matter how you feel about about the issue of of removing the monument. I think most of us can agree the way it went down the wrong. Q of one guy. Halfway through his second and final term as mayor of New Orleans remember this all started a couple of years ago. Half moon wager now is only got a few months left he's gone at the end of the year as mayor of New Orleans. On but there's no doubt about it when he brought this issue up a couple years ago and he brought it up right after all that young white racist guy. Dolan Rupp went into that church predominately black church in Charleston, South Carolina. And he yard shot and killed. A bunch of black parishioners. It was unspeakable it was it was horrible. And he should've gotten the death penalty for. Although he didn't. He ended up getting on will be spending the rest of life and independent federal prison. I think that's wrong authentication taken a mile behind that church and did to him. What he did to those poor people. Assures that happened. The Merrill Andrew I have to move came back here he demanded that the City Council go invoked. To take down. What he deemed the nuisance and gracious monuments. I pay tribute to the confederacy. If you call they voted six to one. The City Council to take them down. Eventually vendors City Council woman she's no longer City Council. But eventually city councilwoman Stacey had was the only person that's a slowdown or wait that when I can do like it but the rest of the. City Council bush stepped. To the order. I'll have more manager. And they should pare down these monument Walsh actually voted on that one of the City Council women who voted to pare down the monuments. LaToya Cantrell. She's running for mayor. Ed. She has. Reversed. Her decision she has flip flopped on her decision. To terror down on the monument. Peter I think she realizes that there are a lot greater. Problems here in the city of New Orleans. Over the murder capital of America and our streak of Third World country issue. 500 cup short. We have a lot bigger issues to deal with. And the removal of historic monuments that have been standing for over a century. So. Once that went down. There were groups that pop up. Save our circle and our other than the historic monument preservationists. They took this to court and it went through several different layers of court. And dumb. Vote vote the last the last level of the court system ruled that know the mayor of New Orleans received New Orleans does have a right to take these out. So we started taking them down. And there are two more monuments to go at least. They still gonna take on the Robert PG keyboard are monuments. But they you have to who went through the other day and he said. While those are the only four that Herbert taken down for now what in the future there could be more. And now you've got some groups and the the people that are really behind this. Not a moment are from new warm most of all are from New Orleans or from Louisiana they came from out of state. You could go to the FaceBook pages of these people take him down Nolan. And most of all Marty even from here. In the front here they have liked to FaceBook friends. Meaning those profiles were shut up. To do this. You have this is something that came from the people of this is something. That that the folks at their back to you the voters Orleans parish that the residents of the world if this is something that that that they were hankering for that they said look we need to do this. One thing. That didn't that didn't happen this came from one ideologue. Who doesn't like the history. So he wants to ration hell there's a lot of things that a lot apart two history that we don't like. What does that mean that we race in the pretend they never happened as the worst thing you could do. Because we need to educate people on our history the rights in the wrong result it. At that now that you're you're you're ticket Downey's restore my arguments. All the men who look at history shows were wrong. But at that time after time. They thought they were right and they thought they were doing. What was in the best interest of their people. Taking down these monuments would what are you doing. You do wanna you wanna just forget about at all. And this came from groups from out of town. And and the money is the other thing Brewster the monies he kept saying. You know whatever it was gonna cost the first figure was a 160000. Dollars that was at to take out one monument is that to take out to monument. There's got to take down all four gonna cost a lot more than that. And in this city that he always cries we were broke we have no money with a fictional puddles. An artist album full police force we have money to take down these monuments have moved way Jewish I don't know we've got the money's coming from out of town we've got donors and we've got its government. And when pressed on wearers of what become a problem. In a very and a very east. Just a very stock got way he said on we've got the morning I'm I'm not telling viewers come. I mean about transparency. We don't know where the market but we do know taxpayer monies being spent on the police and on the firemen. Who have to watch stand guard who have to be apart. All of law's taken down these monuments. Do we just don't we knew we don't have what is is the best resources is the best way to spend our money cops. Guarding monuments are about to be taking out putting snipers on rooftops. While this is going on the city is so damn violent dangerous for the murder capital of America. We should snipers on rooftops every weekend here in New Orleans. So law and now we're saying it might not stop with these four could be Andrew Jackson it could be more could be streets. Word is an end state to but I don't like it I don't like the way went down and I take all stakes its CEO John Austral in morning show. Here on I 95 which got five point seven New Orleans only clash across a week from tomorrow. New worlds Harley-Davidson on airline it is the annual bite you back oh. I can't wait for it yet that's one week from tomorrow starting at twelve noon. All the crawfish you can eat all of that beer you can drink bottle or glass I think there's maybe it's too two beer limit so let's not take all you can. For a year from New Orleans Harley-Davidson the area. And everybody from the by united five point seven crew is going to be out there are no publisher and I'll be there. And catch going to be there DT. He's going to be there and aug come out and say I but. And and it's gonna be really cool but you can register to win a brand new Harley-Davidson. Motorcycle. That's one week from tomorrow. And chat New Orleans Harley-Davidson on airline drive across from the baseball field there. And are coming out. Brewster got the one thing I've learned you tell people free crawfish. They go it's like boom that's starter Rick Crawford boom era and a boom units. Starting at twelve noon one week from tomorrow yes. Looking forward to that effect pay real quick on how the mighty have fallen. There was a camera crew following James called me around that gave mr. after he got fired as director of the FBI means she's. Was ahead the FBI camera crew caught him. He was investigating his neighbors to find out whose dogs continue to dump on as long that was sure which one it was self. Can the stakes are covered up next will tell you that dumbest thing I read all week. It's by 95 point seven by united five point chuck Wallace only clash across Led Zeppelin yeah. You'll. Yeah. The Jon Gosselin morning shows what you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. MR four. So while. We do something on Fridays. We call. Here's the dumbest thing I read all week. I. They're doing things combined has it right. We do that than we do. I don't like that you might zeppelin was at a pace down a little. I see would you say there. Now we'll start over the going. But mentally men accidentally shoot girlfriend with shotgun not a an accidental shooting with the Asia who. Accidentally shoot somewhere shots. Well we're we're about to buy an outright dumping it only. Jefferson Parish sheriff's office investigators arrested a Metairie man. Accused of accidentally shooting his girlfriend. While leading the shotgun. After a few drinks and read that in. Action. Futures. 41 year old Rashard coach. He lives on some are evident in Metairie. He body heat is a great American. He was quote we. Illegal usual weapon. And negligent injury. Evidently it has happened last Sunday. Joseph yeah. Investigators he returned home after drinking and decided to clean his twelve gauge shotgun this. There. I don't hit as hard as I usually what. I still enjoyed by my fear and what I've returned home. From drinking a few Beers arson after opera hard for hours on the air yeah. I returned home after breaking a few Beers. There are several things I could do. No I could throw on the television bucket with under par right here. All I could take up my shotgun that tragically. After I haven't a few Beers. I've she took the weapon into the bathroom. So not only easy clean and a shotgun after coming home drawl he's cleaning it in the back room. He was no despite his twenty year old girlfriend and again she was unhappy about that comes home from the bar he's strong that was in the bathroom cleaning shotgun. If she felt a little bit tome left alone. The woman entered the bathroom and tried to take a shotgun from Joseph grabbing the barrel with both hands that's when they shot gun discharged. Injuring a woman on our right hand. The projectiles from the guard entered the apartment next door and damaged a bathtub thank god the person next or was it Dayton about search our. No one was home next door known was injured and the woman sought treatment at Tulane lakeside hospital in Metairie where staffers stitched upper hand bandage the wounded center home. Deputies to Joseph and custody at the hospital. He was booked into Egyptian parish correctional center of their Gretna. And he was released the following day this past Monday on a 101500. Dollar bond that's a lot of shotgun shells. So it had a happy to dumbest thing narrowly. I guess it's dubbed happy ending all lower and urged. Kind of like yours yes there you got a bandage on your hand over that who have management hand surgery on Tuesday may be just needed to be your and you live in Metairie to maybe discuss the Gaza suburb maybe you should just gonna we're it was how's he gonna taking carrier. Your hand when shot. Metairie man accidentally shot girl from which there is. Aren't they John Austral in morning shall come and double talk you know. Scams to stay away from. For Mother's Day which is on Sunday there are mothers base camps to look out for. Look out for that that's next as by united front which. By united five point seven V classic rock of New Orleans it's the job popular morning show. Racism is is is back and we know that and I think we've come a long ways country all him. I don't know what percentage of Americans rushed over Shuster have reached his feelings. You know there are a lot of people out there that say about many people are racist and they don't even know they call it institutionalized racism that. On a daily basis people are racist and and then we would know there. I challenge our Reynolds about your notion that we've come a long way because it's it's a human thing it's why I found a we talked about this ad infinitum when Barack Obama was inaugurated the first time there in Lincoln Park in Chicago. We are the ones that we waited for and everybody thought wow after four and possibly eight years. Think how far we're gonna come as a people two to eliminate racism from the human. Condition. And he did not think he's squandered his entire. Eight years yeah I think racial relations had thought they'd get better after re elected the first black president we'll have to reply but but they got worse after yours to be honest with you. All but look and bruised right still say we've come a long way ticket compared to where reworked. And it's something that that people work on all the time and hasn't as a country I think that debt that generations go by I think it's gonna. It'll have a 100%. Be gone I'd. Because I don't know if people they helped us subliminally. Levee LB I don't know how. Well anyways. What's just as bad as racism if not worse the races. Is playing the race card. When it's not appropriate. You know the story of the former congresswoman from Florida yesterday just got sentenced she's probably gonna spend the rest of her life in prison tell me. Former congresswoman from Florida or green brown. We just convicted this week. She was just convicted this week on eighteen of the 22 charges against her basically what she did she did well bottom New Orleans politicians got in trouble for. She stole money from nonprofit organizations that was supposed to go to the poor black children in the pork lacked and we shall Florida. Over a million dollars of it and she spent it on on on Holmes lavish parties callers and things like that. And they hatter they've they have they've got the evidence that they've got everything she set up fake non profit that she was just go for it from. So while the trial was going on at even before the trial when the government was looking in honor you know which he kept saying time and time and time and time he's gotten. That they're doing this to me because of a black woman. And this is what they viewed the black people this is the history of America they come after us. And RB persecute us and it's only because humble. To me in the than that that's the victim card yet there's that ritual picked emirates cartoon. To me that was worse than racism. Because all black guys and women who were persecuted because or racism the black guys that were lynched from trees. All guys that were in jail for quite. That they didn't commit sheet using the this this this congresswoman. Aged. I'm using this defense that used that they obviously can't use anymore and she was guilty. And she was guilty. But what they know about is only about a million dollars maybe a little bit more. What it's looking like she's just turned seven years old and this woman should spend the rest of her life in prison she's a democratic congresswoman from Florida. Are you she represented the northern Florida the Jacksonville area. Chlorine ground. She said she was being persecuted. And she was guilty as sin so after jedi thing worse than racism. It's plain that cart standing behind the car of people that. That took one for for real legitimate reasons. And you're just nothing but another crook. So that's that Q later she should go to jail for the restaurant like coming up in the last hour of the utterly show it to our commercial free right. Campbell take a few mothers they scans to look out for. It's by the united five point chuck like 95 point seven wallets only classic rock. The John Austral in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man into Warwick. In the mark Ford. Duties in the item hold her different strokes for different folks. There we found that earlier this morning that you really like the young young Katherine. And what I did seem really should just happened to come up and why did it hasn't sunk in I thought Archie was pretty got back into did you site. Ain't beat. Can't beat from the Andy Griffith Show she's don't look back and when she was younger there are pictures of her local don't get beat one and is okay. I'm gonna do that because I honestly have not seen young pictures of eight BMP but I have seen the Yamaichi's found the young. The young Katherine Hepburn to be too tall too. A body like a twelve year old boy I'm numb frankly not attracted to that just just just not just angular and kind of stiffen. You know you're doing your unit of very good Catherine Hepburn earlier we'll see Mike Mike gathered Hibbert is basically Martin's short doing Katherine Hepburn in wears like. Every morning I only get 5 AM. I have a large bowl of bran and and I phoned friends this is not nearly it is usually not I would though that was cute. Actually don't pick up we take you know like really older deadly he's cool with it. All we generational whatever all of he has all that is old or dead. Well back in the day they were schmoke and I've got one well out of it. He blows my mind from the AD group that Everett I'll tell Dick got a picture over in this one GT posted. She's supposedly George is kids and that episode assigned Felton worries any underwear to boxers yesterday's weigh it down. I'll tell you are you broke it for me to have anything go look up young MB went all mobile call. Yeah that was said that yes yes I mean you know I think of words you are really older dead but we shall those old movies. Me and she was good looking you know who really believed that. Accident may. God I told you activity. What happened. I mean that may back in the freezer column I ran it really makes you think getting old soft but the same time. What's the alternative to get no look at this and get to meet the freezer and took it in I David Sutherland as a favor Gardner. All that all our daughter old mind on that little cleft energy and the dark here. You know we did check from our for wildfires laughter they were married and a bird. And then she won't live baby as she left him for the bull fighter in Spain all the way of something like that you go really really really hot would you coverage on TV today which is really old anyway no while it was about it. Leslie stall. Shot sixty minutes she just CBS news where he Blakey. Very that you she's always as very nice legs even to this day I shall she's got to be seven I sought easy. Easy. Find I saw pictures on her in the in the seventies and my gosh let's we shall always a looker you don't well. Seventy (%expletive) yeah you know well look certain Barbara Walters. Never. That's what Letterman always with say he was always battled my way always cozy up to her with few tickets so women wore really old now and or dead. Boy back in that very accurate to shoot low key and I. Each woken up. A break Jane Fonda or Lawton because Jane Fonda would like with her Barbara what movie it. So we'll be stunningly gorgeous and are now she's like eighty and I know she's got a lot of work a lot of what she is still. Very very hot yet probably the only eighty year old I would take ago I would think about doing checked. Prompt me to come up with them an addition to that list that. Is I bet there are others that you just you don't think. She will be she will turn eighty in December Jane Fonda. She still looks incredible you know she knows what it's ish range because we look at some of these old women like our grandmothers had stopped and he never you'll look at them in your life. My god all you she is senior citizen all you see is old but they have their date too well sure well not only that but here's the here's the really strange thing. And this is true with every generation. You know when your kid let's see your teen years old somebody who was forty or fifty that was like ancient China that was like. Ancient I mean I always look at it this way okay. Let's say that. Now on we were being signed film fans on the show OK so let's say side though you pick the the average episode of signed on originally aired 25 years ago. Okay and stick with me from our right so when I was ten. That was 1972. Ish so that's the equivalent of watching something from like the early fifties. And that was like ancient history that was like watching some Shara on a high live from the cave somewhere we've got to be able to put everything in perspective yes. You brought up so I feel. Stop what the actors who played side filled smaller. She did not factor today as a matter of fact in effect these she got a three soaked with James Dean and some other actor. I don't remember that episode what was not O but that the woman who the actors who played Jerry Seinfeld moment. I'm mama I don't know legendary historic ship comes on fell back in the fifty years old thing Shia yeah. She was all Booker activate day observation I currently Sheridan is Saturday there. And. See I even hear the woman who played the actors who plea George Christy is mother would look like god Estelle Harris yes she looked like. Hazel other made. Are back in the day Estelle Harris from what I understood it was it was a looker. Policy I'm new old genius in math here. The it's the news. It's wild to see. Some of these women and you would never ever ever thank you look at the month screen you'll they're really equally which you can't remember they had their day to. And some of these women it's certainly is shared in his 88. Actually enters mother yes put back into the that he hears good things about the management training program at Bloomington Bloomington camping equipment. Though. Those are just a few. Thought Leslie stall I just awesome pictures over from wrong from from back in the day boy oh boy. She did this day on sixty minutes shows quite a bit of leg or someone for a choices advanced years 75. Guys and it's not it's in it's not on an attractive. Legs. And then you see like Bridget bardo today vision picture of her Reno and now I've known that can kind of rocketing to Brevard Arnold back in the day look at look at you compare Jane Fonda who was and identify with Dolly Parton look at Dolly Parton she's had too much work she's a secretary aggregate yet earn apparently drag Korea. A home. Do you want to face the way. She still looks pretty gotten appreciation and he's pushing 82 groups in the mid seventy I also halt all still say it. Faye Dunaway a body quiet which in which she played Bonnie Parker. It doesn't get much more better look at that it doesn't get more pretty you're gonna she's seven now. That's in Jersey she 76 Madonna U2 tells you have to work you know you think of her is being very tall and dreary lady she's my height she's 57 can you believe that they dunaway. That's what camera angles and camera tricks will departure city camera the camera there's crazy things affect what I forward my first McGinty. The data comes in after us Susan I only saw his picture on the Internet when I when I when I met them I should pour you look a lot shorter on the Internet. As a person said to. Went to. In the hasn't spoken to you since it's nobody's come and applied about an hour's stick around. Wonder are you surprised if they don't always only a listed as Aaliyah 57. I would have thought of her is the least by ten or 51157. By a 52 those are always written mr. think a total exploit. A one time married to Peter Wolf of the so any judge everything is a tidy yeah just remember were too wise any time you she a real old lady on television or on the news runner and a movie. I guarantee you forty years ago smoker not done. I don't see them that's why it's always a subjective beauties in the eye of the beholder it's that John luster when morning show here on by united front porch of the free ride. Why you 95 point seven. V classic rock of new wallets. It's a job Austral in morning show this portion of the show brought to buy a diamond Dave alarm system owns. My mother. McClellan tourism even seemed to notice. That's why you need the diamond Dave alarm system scare off potential looters with the help of David will be wrong. We'll just press a button. Diamond Dave let you know your cars safe. In game one approaches your car diamond Dave what's your neighbors would and I'm driving passion and a lot extreme. Only David Brock can deliver. Truly care about some rookie of the year transient and stealing your cassette copy of diver down with the diamond didn't call. Also tried to diamond Dave Holmes securities. Every morning to David Lee Roth with the diamond Dave alarm clock. Protect your property protect your family. And get up on time with the diamond Dave alarm system David Lee brought shouldn't everyone have a diamond Dave alarm system. You bet Jack diamond Dave alarm systems. I'll and I'll back you. That makes a great stocking suffer through that area. Degree give Paulson you know it's time you walk by car alarm and you don't even despite what. Just a bit generic car blog pages get your hard drive away yet you don't get a stop and tell people now that the diamond did parliaments to editors. Premature with Rick and over is sure but on the funniest thing he what my life I had a car that that was in series it's the of them while I had no muffler it was they would the the muffler was gone and I were third shift at that time. And I used to come home into the apartment complex where I lived. And the role of the rumble of the muffler would settle the arts has fought so it's like midnight to be ruler laid out in Melbourne it happens to be. The topic to me before I'm sure if you're listening to tap into you you walk by whether you whenever your park you hear some car along. Generic car alarm go off what you stop you do and of course now. You just keep walking you get your car you start you drive away and let Karl on the generic car arm is still going up you don't care about that I don't care about. You would care you have to diamond David Lee Roth core facial mothers' day's out Sunday. And I every day should be bothers me because Obama visual best. The relationship between god how can we speak for sons and their mothers. Are the scenario once and I'll tune want to alike 21 and only. On relationship. Unfortunately my mom's been going for awhile now but on Mother's Day. Is on Sunday. Every day should be published there. Are few mothers based scams you'd need in your mother or grandmother need to look out for. Just a few mothers based scams I am here. You know what people invent. There are great for everybody whether it's theater better Mother's Day. We'll be people figure out a way to skip it sure I told you my my shop teacher Joseph Jackson. He said crap. You guys don't go down and seeing got to go to the restaurant and go down there and smoke cigarettes crap is like smoke smoke crap don't do that and you also said crap. Locks are not for honest for dishonest people locks are for honest people. A lot will not make it as honest person honest Jeanne does it that is the version of which are talking about via because there all has been no matter. No matter what good intention there will be in the anything they're always be some some real figure out a way to. Exactly. So here's a few mothers day scams to look out for. Are greedy and pretend wanna better than others and let them greeting cards. Back in the day before the other that we would go to our local national or local. You know drugstore Walgreens CVS and we go and on the card greeting card I'll. And we buy Graham are mild we we by the denial regarding the cheapest when he found cheapest one that initiating an immigrant and used that I'd love the saints. She's some of the cars I love the saints. But the station eagle eye caught everything brochure and check it and if you got to mentally it can cost anywhere between that dollar and eight dollars and in those times are tough but some people. What are you mail it costs eight dollars that the card what are you talking about the great big giant offers car you have to write all 500 people sign of hallmark cards these days what about four blocks five auction that you got and got a mail that they. I don't think that's gonna come to eight bucks well it can be anywhere from from a dollar date when that some people don't have that kind of cash. Is everything all right and home Father's Day cars righteous box. But Sony is looking to save a few bucks so instead of sending the old hallmark cards where you physically go to the store and buy them inside them put it in the on low. Dar. People are using now. And you just go website or wherever you get the car that you said your mother IndyCar sure but that could be a scam because I love that you mentioned that is if it just happened. Like this week but go ahead. Your mom could click on that car. Clicking on that guard could open up all Cole can't go arms well Internet. Sure. It could be a virus yeah it could be a Trojan horse. It could be fishing it could be the serve the virus the that I got attacked with almost a year ago that locked up every file. In my entire life every photo every song every document election I mean you figure shave a few months and you're doing your mum a favorite you send dirty car she clicks on it. I could open up all of our personal information to play Internet hacker gets another another Mother's Day scam fake flowers. Nothing brightens mom's day more than a beautiful bouquet if you're ordering online makes. And it's make sure in the URL matches the shops web site. If you clicked through from anything other than your own search results again sending her flowers ought via the Internet fake flowers. That could she could click on that and and that could open erupt all kinds of Internet steamers. Our fate coupons. Free coupons for shaping. Are making the rounds again this year and most recently on FaceBook. Where people have been attempted. By a fifty dollar coupon redeemable. At places like Lowe's home improvement if you click through again they're just too harsh gamers waiting on the other end for you to just click on these things. And here's one Brewster that I felt the most interest figures the last. Gift cards if you go to best buy or if you go too well bullish or won't be able oracle Wal-Mart. You can watch your check it out they have to give cart you can buy gift card to put up on however much more you wanna profit. Forty bucks fifty bucks a hundred box. The problem is. Ski embers go into those spores. In the old paint pictures are right down the numbers on the back of those cards before their soul. And then once those cards are sold. And they get through this day and then all of a sudden those those gamblers can go and they have the numbers of those on the that they got in the back those gift cards and they go. And they can go spend the money on those cards yes so what you do if you get a gift card. It's huge it immediately yes usually it's fast as possible because the longer you. Receive a gift card and you put it on the shelf for the table and the longer that time goes by. People could or you've written down that number on the back and active guard what are we sitting on the short shelf I wish to god you're right so those are those are all Mother's Day scams to look out for. One other one in the in the realm of you wanna make sure that it's the right URL if you were if you were sending your mother something that is based on a link whether she's going to redeem better. Flowers or coupon or whatever it is make sure this hasn't happened. You don't want to look at your peripheral jobs. If that's just you know it ruins the whole. You know as far as women go. Which is we're just keep an eye out for your nausea this week of the mothers these camps. The John popular morning show is brought Cuba most ordinary man into wars. Lamar for. The commercial free ride continues. Here on by 95 points out why you got five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. It's a John Austral in morning show real interest in short about that bear in the cars. Really really really big bit and they were huge sold millions of records. And not only that they're singer Rick location Tucker some bugle call Mirko casually. He walked away when they were pretty much on top. Never wanted to be here heard from again there's good there's a guy to collateral looked at rock Sharpton. Just a huge band in the eighties when when he when he walked away then. The other guys have been most of them look at that normally we do what it's like when David Burr and while we've been Talking Heads is that. Think we're staying should have the other two police guys should rent the rest of the guys most of it like we told well staying wanted to do different. Different things musically I don't know about guns. And second when you mentioned. Are yet to talk I'm not sure but David burn because he's just nuts there. Book brick okay sake I mean if you had the chance to can you know stay on the road do all that or go home to leave opponents call what that was regrettable which would you do how a guy who looked like him and did a good element longed for space yeah I live along faced with the but exit as just another example of a guy just walking away with when he's on parliament and and he ended up off a two shot interview with him somewhere and very rarely does interviews he actually kind of looks to shame. It's been a long long long long time. Her horses older yeah over yes whether bin who's the one that passed away bass player back door. And he's saying he sang a song drive yes there's gonna drive there a distant probably era. But that's the wild storage walking away for stopping the band was one of the biggest fans go Clinton just to go do what repairing some good putts that. Our home David Byrne one of the strange. People. And I lived there for four years and saw some of this but they're just there's a long line of strange people. Who are native to Baltimore Maryland. David Byrne. John Waters. And all men much of his on two rush to great filmmaker Barry Levinson and Barry Levinson what about it through wouldn't seem strange that just some odd people. And those who just come to mind me. The latest woman to China this is some storage restore in the last calendar year. 48 cars crashed into this woman's house faith and we see some houses here the United States where there might be at their houses might beyond sharp curves. It's sometimes cars can't man may occur sure I don't like raw. I had I I knew someone that lived at the bottom of an off ramp to a highway bullpen. And if the brakes gave out her good date and cars when it's in our house a couple of times. Put in China. 48 cars are crashed into two or right near the same house in the last twelve months. Making the property almost certainly the on luckiest in this country and perhaps the world. According to the newspaper the China youth daily. Rag. The house's owner zoo once congress. I'm I'm sorry who exudes a Persian event last name REN. XIANG. A key is a great American. Who aren't shocked. Always Wear shoes. Even when she's sleeping with the gets you would be Jew. All she she should she's always wearing shoes. Robson she can run and in case she asked huge bridge to wave from another oncoming vehicle. Magic that he when you go to beg you Wear shoes just occasional car crashes and the house is a bungalow. It's I'll say it in the northeast of China. It's situated at a point in the road where the road outside makes a sharp turn. Without warning many motorists have reacted too slowly in drew retreat into the couple's front yard. Despite a huge flows sign. Erected six years ago because we know now I. The story I read it says there's a huge sign that says slow as LOW and maybe that's the problem maybe they don't understand English over there should be a Chinese side would have. Weller could be maybe should be NS ROWs. Beef sold like that role dozens wrote down. See that's too you know like in Lugo at this is so news or that your and so. Imager a surprise you did say how many at least 48 card companies that more cataracts. To brighten too. And say that over now she's got a big slow side of her front yard and slow it down the ball Mandarin. So that they speak of well that might add beans on what province her and her husband might be Mandarin her and her husband. I have photographed every incident and launched a campaign to persuade Chinese officials to all in the way out of wrote. Or pay them compensation. So they can move to a safer place. China's Communist dissent that he's in a move. Journey to the Communist government that kind of money work but it just move these people. About that last twelve more. 48 cars have crashed into the same house. Because in about a sharp turn somewhere in China. Where. All of this all of a sudden I'm in the mood for a little bit general showers ticket and support progress homes and Kawika we Chinese delivered to your publisher to to reduce Haitian a lot of inaugural open which early in the morning. All right we all British our show every day with a segment that we call my two Danny doesn't sound. May twelfth. Right up the that I predict is gonna suck. Well yeah well there's always a few things in this segment got shot that. Well we don't play out I'm more. From the neighborhood checked I think it's more like he is he a bit of irony I think it's more like a juxtaposition. I think it's more. They wouldn't melancholy he wouldn't quite I'm not finished it wouldn't be quite like on a lot of media. But I think they'd be. Yours is wrong and we should possibly re name it will think about that mobile will take that up today it posted productive yeah. For an. Well may twelfth on today. On this day 1930 you're the body of the Lindbergh baby was found and that's not fertile Lindbergh baby. It's horrible. While Charles Lindberg an American hero to many because she was the first guy that got to play it we will prosecute an explosion and a very good record setters don't. You know he had to walk. Got your great advantage you have Baghdad. What he's so famous so popular. That is crazy which it now and the kidnappers figured if we can't not let it make some good cash. Well it was just one guy it was a kidnappers there was no call than we do it was what. Despite the fact that happened eighty years ago what he's thinking to himself you know would make a lot of money because disguised loaded. If I returned his baby I'll just trade appropriate to peacefully cash this medal for that era because it was on Tuesday. And Nike dirty use the the baby's body was found child labor guys and I was so. They shot but it got to a consumer. You know we're trying to he's known as. Rocky ran bar there. Probably families. Hopewell New Jersey mansion. And it's horrible the babies in little babies or should never happen to them but. Charles Lindbergh was not a good guy. Sure he was he was a hero he had a lot of contravene the first got to get a plane flight question Atlantic Ocean when I want it done before he survived doing. We was in Nazi. Hitler sympathizer. He believed that what Hitler and the Germans were doing. And now we hit an American hero that isn't she that is what. That is equal. You can be pro got you know that the funds ice game nothing but you can't be pro Nazi too I'd be telling your Charles Lindbergh today. And I believe that's still the name of the city big wherefore I still believe that's the name you fly into Lindbergh airport. I don't know which by the way toward the coolest airports in the world quietly which right next to downtown there's not a lot of room there. He had left where he was you know they've been at practice and a lot get ready for his life. O'Connor's Jay Diego what I was devastated by the news if you wish them. Caught may twelfth stop saying bodies of babies. There was other state 1907. Katharine Hepburn is part. We have we've talked about this. We forgot I didn't think it was sexist thing I thought she was kinda sexy Heidi that you as the sexiest thing ever if you make it worse you didn't exactly when we talk about this before. He just thought it was really really really attractive and her younger years. Yeah. For. The choose a lot of good movies still. While we're that's not that's not what is now part of the issue and I think she wasn't the tremendous actress and as good movies. But I don't put her in the category of actresses. In their youth who were attractive. Out at all. Steely. Bone he. Angular and vanish that's how I would describe the young. Katherine Hepburn turned very we have a couple more it's white and it is instructive that brokered. Why today he hasn't bonus may twelfth it was on this day in 1970 Ernie Banks that is 500 valmont Bogut. There's only a handful of guys and a 500 home runs while and you wanna take brought pickle we steroids. There's even like to have my hands you know the guy's the real 50500. Home what involvement in Major League Baseball note where it was on the state 97 either great Ernie Banks is Chicago Cubs. It is 500 problem. It was on this day in 1903 big twelve Teddy Roosevelt trip to San Francisco. Cab. Again it's captured on film. I think you are 190 right. Wording they were just averages go Teddy rose more trouble right from the earthquake was tonight the whole thing. Go to the next you know three together after the earthquake. Got a good question on this day 1903 president Theodore Roosevelt trip to ship which is go his caption I'm moving picture film. Making him the first president to have an official activity recorded it not me I'm gonna. Well there was a PBS special how. The story behind the San Francisco earthquake and they had film. Going down one of the street cable car lines and I don't recall who it was I thought it was before. The earthquake. I could not tell you what they we will what will factor that. I yeah I I think I think Roosevelt street it was a little bit before probably didn't make he hopes to learn what better topic one today that's. Yeah I would imagine that the first time in history that an American president was captured doing anything I'm moving picture film. Many years later Bill Clinton was captured doing something on that but it hasn't been resolved released at a public. They're finally. Thought it was on this date in 19631. Today. Since Bob Dylan. Walked out on the Ed Sullivan Show you know about a big Bob Dylan was when we get that attitude. And I just so it was a happy would have involved a little was unhappy with that Ed Sullivan of Sullivan an attitude he really tired he really cared. The song that caused the well. Was talking John birch paranoid blues a satirical talking blues number. Skewering. The ultra conservative John Birch Society. Hey Ed Sullivan was a very conservative guy go figure of mainstream media guy that was conservative you'll see that too much anymore. What I bet fast forward a few years at Sullivan's didn't want knowledgeable person to say. Girl we couldn't get much higher well and he didn't want the stones to say let's spend the night together they had to say let's spend some time together what the difference as Mick Jagger was today as elevated as it is all their. Jim Morrison basically gave up fingered absolve it. Said girl at a much higher particular. And it felt would go get them off mission you'll never returned to the Ed Sullivan Show. To which Jim Morton says we already played the itself which right. If Bob Dylan. If you had told them what would Bob Dylan. And bad. Ed Sullivan for years and years was he wielded some power and there's grass as a columnist for the cy it's a the entertainment columnist. And he could make or break. A performer. With his head and then when that period over the TV we got about. It was it was such a mismatch because he was so stiff and awkward as opposed but and it. Wildly popular. And I do remember. The last year that one off here and seventy ones some old enough to remember like the last few Ed Sullivan show us what you got caller. You've got to remember it didn't get any bigger than it felt there was only three channels that run from New York to LA that everyone go Washington. And with so everybody wants to gets like 506070. Million people every Sunday night on the edge so would you. I'd like if you played solidly pure and whether you work a median. All rock band that your. That forced The Beatles playing and so would change the world if you change. The world that absolutely there are no TV shows like that anymore now. There can't be by definition because there's 8000 channel exactly two mini TV and and that's why historically. Big twelve. That is a few reasons why does. Not so why today doesn't sound pressure to rocketed to a for the John Oster Alicia thank you very much for Alicia. Home you do it will again TO Bret because we were gonna let him sleep that we thought we were going really long and has turned out we are run on time we could stay another two hours but we cram everything into these four as I say we're run on anything you can. Thanks for listening have a great shape weekend. Arm happy Mother's Day and a happy Mother's Day if you're a mother or to your mother. And then Monday will be mother leveraged these are coming up next is the aforementioned DT. You got your music go to new and a lot more and we'll chat again on Monday morning at six inch gash. Only about 95 which.