David Spade with Kat

Tuesday, December 6th


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Space. Hate Kate did stay. Do you learn there. Yeah. Let's. My hair Rick we try to yeah let's try it. All right we're I think David Spade here early. But my dad they're calling directly at about oh I'd like I get like five people lake menu yourself off somewhere. Why do you think in Los Angeles you not like those people. Iger and you know world Baylor. It's Adam Sandler Rob Schneider a mix sports and Thursday night UNL you are almost sold out deeds speed in its gonna be spectacular show. I would dare ignore. That start or. Say it again. There Harley that's okay we accept New Orleans that's Exeter back. No we have a totally out. I would about average voter who shot. Cop car the way. Yes without their on the North Shore I was gonna get that David speed up the old goat broke up he let me do you remember anything about. Beans here then like what your favorite spot. I remember what I would bet my hotel. And I go. I got articulate to go to a lot it is gaga yeah I just don't go to the right. Oh what does that mean it. You know I mean guy he's not look I got yet I about mcdonalds already got. In that area McDonald and no world title morality it's beat him veto I got that locked up my. That I went through another McDonald's. Had all the employees are streaming any other are meeting like. I think I was scared yeah you're. New Orleans every block is different by. But they're probably like black police say it. Speaking agent dirt let's make number three happening let's do that next year can you make that happen. I love gender somewhat chilly got. Street cred with Alba southern states that's. I. Feel like your shorts in the gender movie that you Wear. You probably either stole those broad land me. Aren't to be family and me and Miami is now buried in them as my guess sometimes gets it bad though are that they need us. Allegedly at all people should to wait let me shorts. Showed beard today may need I mean I thought let me on that that rain the idea that. Core I. Thank you yeah we took cool to live in LA David Spade I don't understand why you live there. You know I'm Eric daughter of what you need redneck they're all out yet art. You're born yeah she did. Our won't let you go girl I felt we key in stuff. There's no signs you grew up there in the midwest easier. You just sweet little mid western Yunel but who knew you lived in Phoenix most yearly happily team. Went missing again and I was born ally. We're Audi five Saudi. Everywhere it there. Got down and then. I stayed there until you know college lecturer opt to have. EGR a aren't. Well now let's get you don't need that silly colleague Steve it's B. I'm not a genius at buying. I'm not iRobot I need a hybrid sort of where it and I hit it up yet you know if it is. Comedian in in and and you know acting thing doesn't work out there he got. Or. Or about. Eight or you have my lovely. I get out I don't know anything else I can do it step mum on my belt belt. I feel like I got it they get that there shall we do it only guy is so on. Even in older and I you do eat here all but I mean how awesome. Yeah I'd but I mean there are more I was late the other night it's out of our. Blab away and he got over Donald thank you and I go away if you want to expect Adam upstairs an elevator away. And they start interdicting the and I start running. My body starts building its line. School. That the real act in Zambia. I can't wait for Asia yeah when I was a great venue. Really my degree. I would what I would there I think I met should Albert something and it is going on the water and so we all. We all are right on the forehand what should you on their part to. Well good they're great audience they're all about all there is very tight and. It's really. I love that the you know comedians stick together like that there's really a brotherhood sisterhood their love. Yeah is crowded like gory and they were. Of course fired but I remember about the red and they were up black and we can't help my goodness you've begun to. I had a great bring your a game. He's great at. AT and it's paying did your favorite popular favorite comedian of all time. Wow favorite comedian of all time who got you do what you do like what inspired you won her a lot written. Well I think top and it started being Smart went big Carlin. Pryor Eddie Murphy. Like Israel in mixed bag. Weeks and we've been newer guys is newer guys are great you know out. I don't like Obama and get doubt. Lot and if somebody got game I got up guys yeah. Awesome well you know what inspired some of the young dudes you know that. I don't want where I'd bet that a lot. Don't eject and Jimmy Mary Pierce paint. Act. Are now right yeah because we don't wanna kill anyone deed speed the world's two terrible for that right now you can eat dairy and three rotten teams in you Tammy you bone he'd marry you expect. The way to. You read go out there but I think. 83 prods him understand. That Locklear. GTD. Day had he grown like she's like that hot model. Yeah yeah yeah well may very. Well. I might not but it yeah I'd seen in the body but I mean how does that work. She app that like. Take the big bloated you know you're out. And who marry out there and thank you should marry Heather you guys would make a lovely couple. That is great and it era that you usually eat. Yeah. (%expletive) I get on either hit it off well. That is wonderful David Spade last crime but one of the last questions for you do you. He watched the Walking Dead and if so I heard another fake news story. That you want to be dead body on the Walking Dead or at least use your fears. Yeah because they did you wind allegedly Johnny Depp speaks. And then someone reported that use at all I want to do that. Now aren't home I have not been a lot yet but I did me read it she got ormat and being. CNC a that I reject as Joseph dirt which is even more bananas and that's awesome and we got a picture. And then I expected them activate the or something fighting back or what but. I sure how it is bigger at Atlanta. Most of the Atlantic yes. Outing in Iron Man yeah well I is there so let me play on a grounder back into it yet. Yeah play by did you start changing Angel zombie and someone's gonna like chop your head opera like. You know put this year's Arab rain maybe on some. Channel buyout but I might go for it yeah if I thought. I liked it speed and norm ingredients. Together. I might run unity my clothes off. Our ideas yet that I thought nationally at you're dressed as gender in he's like dressed as Darryl I eat it. It got dirty air ball you know and that it is Eric at large that the Carter administration. And the royals. Every bit. Good that you like this I and speed so when do you go on like you switch at the line up we have. And I go off and I at all before Adam but you know we switch it up yeah. Whatever happened Batman and Robin doubt that we desperately doping which is hilarious and it just good to see everybody and it yet we all. I can get pretty. It's lawyer you wait this is gonna be great yeah he tells a lot. You know Thursday night there's only a couple tickets left people. Adam Sandler David Spade Rob Schneider in exports it what are we calling this tour the bra or are. Now. All. The teller did adds that. Can't play pretty ship David Spade. You have. Great time in New Orleans when you're here and I hope you come visit us here at the reduced he should. Of course I would be a bad. Night you better be wearing those those might shore. You right back I and all right guys and it's.