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Wednesday, October 11th


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By uniting not point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Austral in morning show brought you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar for. Shall many things to get through today today's one of those days I don't know four hours going to be you know or to try. Try. Roger Goodell. Commissioner of the NFL by the way each what he really is he's just to shield for the owners. He's almost like the 33 owner. Then when he when he makes over forty million dollars every year problem he does make quite the money that the owners made by these. He's not hurt for cash Roger Goodell but if if the owners should not their fingers Roger Goodell was like their pet is like to poppy like her dog. Com he works for the owners actually goes and that's why this whole thing. With the players in the kneeling for the National Anthem. Scott kind of crazy because if you look at historically. The owners are always fighting battling with the players over every nickel over. That's why every few years when they when they when they shine. Our collective bargaining agreement a CPA. That's why there's always that takes them awhile sometimes though what Michael on strike. Remember in the eighty each Dodd there was a there was a strike for a part of it she's in the the scabs played. Com let 1987 yeah as a matter of fact. And that are fair coach was bears quarterback believe yet that's that's Josh right there Joshua. Lesion for Brewster. Bann Brewster should be back tomorrow we boosters get a Spinal Tap and I'm not talking about the movie either. But tell you hear Josh here a year into traffic he's all over the place could see about how golfers is recovering you ought to spinal. In my opinion one of the funniest movies if not the funniest movie ever made. I like I like all the movies those guys made Christopher cashed in and all of those guys I thought to good the movie home about the dog show. Best in show that it shot thought that was one of the funniest movies on the shin guards are mixed final cut me down. Part time New Orleans native Harry Shearer regional this group you can on tap in. So with this thing you're you're right there was an NFL strike and in and those are great thirty for thirty years via documentary done on that. And by the way I've said this before even if you're not a sports fan. Watch those thirty for thirty because they transcend sports destroy America is about shopping sports related bit. They always transcends sports in their old we shall interest rate and I've yet to see about Warners lot more than thirty now I highly recommend absolutely. On that one they did last year on the ex FL. Eulogy I haven't seen it yet I've been I've been lazy waiting for to hit who I thought they did one on the action up well. They did one on the USFL with Donald Trump that was yes that was me it where he got sued for one cent a one he got yet he won though he wanted one dollar yeah yeah he sued the NFL for having monopoly on fall football yes and and you know what the judge -- your right you waited and they gave one dollar. I think you're somebody else still has that dollars from actually gave me to get an accord had it checked in the in the Czech media. Yet they showed it to on this the thirty for thirty cigarette as he showed trump the check for the first time and from took the Mike call them walk that he was so was it. And you know if you're wondering. And back in the day he started USFL because he wanted to be an older he wondered NFL franchise. But the owners didn't want him and he looked at him as one of the outsiders. It so if you look at today how he's passionate NFL he has a problem with the he's still there is fought for the NFL owner there's a good argument be made that he is the reason we don't have a spring football league. That it's the though the 3030 makes that the guy should should should we have a spring football and that's kind of overkill clearly via clearly that. The real football league has a tough time you've been together. But he does make he they they were doing they were in the top college athletes and their pay. Yes and would you guys like Herschel Walker Steve young and she got an NFL hall of Famer reached in the US about Jim Kelly and Kelly Warren Moon and made it it. But if it they were competing in the it was just they ego got there's like well let's go head to head. When and that was it where everybody else all the other owners of the USFL could trump on the New Jersey team. The generals. All the other owners of the US Appel said no let's stay here at let's that your in the spring or make money. Let's not go ahead at trump should know we got to go ahead and he got to play if you have to wonder with today's climate with the NFL and at and Howell though the public. The public relations fiasco that it's become what eight up and coming league would do now. Are there are enough great players for two weeks but if there was enough money behind somebody said like. Of course the NFL is this machine at this point shark bite. Is it can be fickle when they're down kind of situation could something like US fell happen. Good question should I got the money that doesn't mean that the players the quality of players would would would be would be as good that's the money would come and show all. Yup and Brad to existing home at it's that's trump still hazard out for a lot of these NFL owners he gets along with a few well but there's a lot of them. That he doesn't like anyways. You know all situation with the players kneeling some players kneeling for the national implement a lot of people were upset about that disrespecting the flag disrespecting the military disrespecting. All the people would die for that flag I mean from a flag. And it and a couple weeks ago Roger Goodell and Sean Payton and a lot of the coaches. There are like yeah there's what the players want because once strong gun law she's this all started Josh last year with Colin capita. And his perceived. Thoughts that black guys. Are getting a raw deal when it comes to law police officers in this country because what you see on the VT was but even before that I think before happening you had the rams players during this whole Saint Louis. Situation where they were running out with the hands up don't shoot that was a false narrative do because Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown is is we're never are up. And he and he wasn't running away when she she. Should've should've should've paid dearly for that could when he showed up that day Josh and Fergie should misery they talked to one young guy and he said. A white Katja shot Michael Brown who was running away. Shot over the back and it's airdrop well that's the first story that got put out there and then what Jewish great the way all the layers of this story you'll realize that didn't happen. He does rob distortion draw armed guards are pretty good out there. And what do cops came to a because he had stolen goods he charged the copy punched a cop and the finish. Will it's true or not once once you throw hash tag up against hands up don't shoot I mean it's that everyone. In the media is run with of course they are and and let but that that would relate that story went away after a like a month or two with the with the NFL players that became an outage same cabinet. It it went catalytic was pretty much done. There was a couple of guys week one into this year there were a couple of guys on the NFL that were still taken any but for the most part it was a done deal. But that would trawl should we shed on the Friday night in Alabama all the dust yeah it really did and he called he should tell these sons of bitches and and and and and you know. You really should be protesting and that's a couple of things were allowed to protest in this country. All but but here here's what here's what's interesting about all that would trump got involved. Connie unified the lead to all pygmies and he and he did it for a couple of weeks and that a compliment. And then just change did what they did in London it took a needed Bob before the song but finished it up during the song. But still that's still rubble fence along way and look I don't shed. I should the same thing from day one yes we do have a right. Took it to to protest in this country to the constitution. Look I don't like what they did in my opinion they should have done and on the road time I mean how many of these guys multi millionaires and in a Feller going out on their own time. Trying to trying to make social change and also when it comes to your fan base. How much of an issue is that all he's doing that he believes in those things. How's that infecting your enjoyment of football for some people a day Josh for a lot of people did I dare you disrespect the flag. You know there's this country is bigger than this game now if you if you fret if there's an American flag on every one of their paychecks would do they not catch those top top. So I know we said the same thing I said well I don't like what they're doing yes they have the right but the same time the owners. It's there. They ever right to say get up I'm paying you. You know what I mean so shall. Again what trump got involved got bigger then lash it it cut its starting to die down again a little bit there are still few guys I think this recent Roger Goodell while yes statement is is put it to bed Roger Goodell changed his tune he really did and it's funny how the threat of losing money. Well changer cute is two weeks ago Roger Goodell should raw for the players it's forty owners for the players to fight for everything that's what they were restricting fight him for every nickel and not. But they realized. They would look politically incorrect. If they could most of these players are black most of the owners and management are white and if they didn't have the players back they were kind of look like racists. The net and on the fact that rapper yesterday guiding comic called Jerry Jones of modern day slave owner Chris he over the cowboys said. My players are either gonna stay at the National Anthem in order to show. That's it that's what he could do that Nash should all Dick Dell yesterday writes the memo to all 32 teams. We want your players to stand there's Rodgers drew was already scheduled owners' meeting next week in New York they're gonna trained one word in the rule book. Original rule book right now which says players should stay at for the nationally at the they're gonna crush or should there will. Players will stay for the National Anthem where you'll be able to adopt them page you'll be able to. So we'll see what happens is we put its funny that when they put the games in London based and stand for them they English anthem they staff. There are God's name is queen did they realized just always play when he was killing average. If they get they could have laughable game and any country you go ahead that you just sad that countries that them. But if each bit of letting you play a football game you that didn't look good so we'll see what happens but it's funny how it goes to a change look television ratings are down. I know that some of the Euro as sponsors have threatened. They've been no major sponsors of pulled out yeah but the initial public relations nightmare for the NFL. When you've got guys in the richest most successful country in the world make him millions of dollars playing the game when they are disrespecting the National Anthem flag. And value of people look at different ways we will see what happens this on that because now have guys taken me it could cost them money. And that's your post the global change and does the job especially. It's not just pull out in the NFL's big as much money is it wasn't about it could affect the players the players are going to be making the money that they were made it. So a lot of those guys make more money on their own their own deals on the side there can't solve it took yet no doubt. So we'll see what happens when it's 41 home Roger Goodell change is junior after that we will see this weekend how many guys actually taken me. I don't think you're gonna Shiite whose respect affecting their money all of a sudden and market research social justice warriors. All of all right we ought to view on the show today hangouts. Adrian Peterson has gone another another bad horrible player personnel move by Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis. Wasn't there's a peeping Tom running around. Uptown. What is ever up keeping Tino why Asian and never an attractive woman that's doing that could I would put on the show if I've got a good look when I was looking in my would've. More women coming out what Harvey Weinstein. Including Angelina Jolie some of the biggest names we ought to do on the show today I think analyst edged by united five point jump right back five point seven war that's only classic rock. Job cost related here with you every day's a different day you know last week it was national ice cream day one day one day it was national boy friend day. And and usually these days I don't know picks these days who comes up it is but the usually three or four different things on Wednesday all the today the only thing I actually. Today. October 11 is national pet obesity awareness day evidently that's a big problem in our country. Obese pets dislike about usually people are Juno you call an obese pig. Harvey Weinstein. More out of him coming up next Iran by united by points out why you 95 point seven. Nor was only classic rock the John Austral in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man in New Orleans. And Lamar for. So the Harvey Weinstein fallout is amazing. Here's a guy that was as big a guy didn't get any bigger than him and another just island on what ya novice shall courageous but their all every registration of the when he was stolen power he was one of the most. Powerful men in Hollywood he ran Miramax he started Miramax. Movie company was brother. And some of the biggest movies are Walt time he green lighted he produced. He was a guy a multi gazillion or here's a guy with one phone call that could make or break. Careers he could make or break studios he could green light or red light a movie project. Every one had to case these guys fat disgusting cash for for 3040 years Dick de acted at the accused is. Disgusting. Behind. What I would always has mystified me it isn't it Hollywood is when you have guys like that run the show how to how to such creepy individuals. Get up the latter the boot it where's the quality control of at some point he was always assistant an internal walls and souls like. Dude gold back today giggle back to the golden age of Hollywood I mean you look at your biggest earliest that the biggest names that came out of high Hollywood MGM studios that was that was our goal went in Bowie Mary. You know those guys and all that well Cecil B. DeMille you know those guys you know when you're when you get to a point where you're that big word where. You're decisions could could make people millions of dollars or could could if you decided no they could be in the bread lines to be an issue point. Odd that people had to keep sure cash register with some of these people Josh did the power hosted or hedge and dog. And Harvey Weinstein was a perfect example of that it's got to be an awkward. If you're good person going into Hollywood and then you move up the chain and you Andy do you pretty much to people of the cigar smoking your face and tell you how it really is yeah. How politics. I mean you would think most of these guys go to Washington DC with the right intentions but what's up there lobbyist and people start paying a money. The next thing you know what what word they go wrong. But you know this Josh I mean Hollywood it's a sleazy sleazy place and sleazy business shall we get dollar back to the Academy Awards the Oscars and when he thirteen. And the guys Seth MacFarlane. Cracked a joke and congratulations you've five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Just. That was 2013 four years ago and they laugh at people laughed. His ticket occurs it's not even though it's a big city when you're in that industry which everybody kinda knows somebody who you you know everybody knows what's going on. These new. People new to it to get anywhere with Miramax to get your film bombed with Harvey Weinstein you what to go on the casting couch. A home. It was the first actress to to put her neck out here where we're at where it where is is coming from the who's the hero in the store I don't I don't know of their I don't know the Reggie hero. Because obviously. Everyone knows four years ago everybody in ten years ago this started happening about a week ago where. I guess some people were complaining to which company which yields when his brother's company fugitive got a big board of directors. And the match from the board of directors and his brother all got together is said boy we're starting here all these stories and Bobble Bobble law. Let's get ahead of vision that in a boat and they fired a promotional company. I think it change your name of the company now. US too good question Joshua what was the first one because now or hear names agent in the lead Angelina Jolie back in the day it happened Hershey ever said anything. Mom when it Paltrow sort of how throw it happened on her back and today she never and they never set ping because they're afraid if they said something. He would pick up the phone and they would never work in Hollywood guys that's how big he wards. All Mira Sorvino the actors who I've always liked her father's an actor to Paul Sorvino he played Pauline good that was yeah I'm surprised you don't miss what his daughter. But Mira Sorvino said she sets up as some Hollywood people which got it today but why we haven't heard from her movies and at 1520 years. That's why we we have a we have heard from are our arena. So for him as saying he. He's released a couple of statements. And unequivocally denying everything what he does just about everything he denies any. Physical rape already thing like that he does admit. That he did get touchy Feely he does admit. That he did was a sexual harasser and that was why he paid out eight women at least eight women that we know over the years. He paid the night he wrote a check to further shocked. You. Is someone else who just came out and not with Harvey but Terry crews. Said he he was at a Hollywood function. And up. High powered Hollywood executive came up him and inappropriately grabbed Terry crews a guy a guy a guy and Terry crews got used to recruit character is that big a black athletes that there's joke. Old spice commercials. He grab Terry great premise why few who grabbed. And Terry crews said before he could react like to like punts this guy in the face drew thought of what the headlines would look like of Terry crews punches you black man to punches Hollywood executive at party yet Heidi he admits the shut himself down and he he set what happened in this tweet that went out yesterday. So but he did name the guy he did not name the guy so there it is another example of oh what happened to me too but I still wanna keep my Al. And open it's interesting column. Harvey Weinstein wife moral trophy. Less than half his age gorgeous girl gorgeous young woman she said she's leaving on her name is Georgina Chapman. And she says she's out again she's on a TV show called project one way sometimes because she's a designer. Let's PR move on our part at this point our outlook is stable she knew what she was doing was she married a month and you look at her that you look at him it's like that he did know is going unless this guy's got good zillions of dollars she would never even touched discussion would never be in the same room with him. Because he's such a physically repulsive disgusting slob of a human being. All but now that it comes cub delight that he's. That debt that he paid out all these other women Melanie lost his job she's out shall take half of everything that that triggered what is worth which is which is fine. But but she's just as much about. A who looked as as as anybody else because she knew she was doing what she marry this guy. I have to imagine someone like Harvey Weinstein had a contract. Regarding this kind of issue before it got married you Dickey got a pre nup or or something where. She could they couldn't come for issues like this she's so good look at I can't believe she married him if if she didn't get a lot of what he had what she left them she's back she's got a good look at. I mean. It's like beauty to be should look at these two. As the other thing you look at Los Angeles has put a lot of time out there when you watch some of these gorgeous girls walk and royalties. All their disgusting do just like man which I hard reality I wish I had Marty I wish I had that kind of money. Middleman. To Harvey Weinstein evidently yesterday was supposed to get on a plane to go to Europe to go to some sex. That sex addiction therapy all of this is that is the Altman you are crucial for any any celebrity he wants to work again home. Put your right now Mort if you're coming out and we told you yesterday how actors Matt Damon and and Russell Crowe among others went to bat for this guy. Who say it could focus third. Years ago the New York Times is gonna write a story about a new thirteen years ago Josh. He walked into our offices should you realize how many millions of dollars by companies spend what you your newspaper advertising and those actors were still waiting group for agreement on some project yeah. Us. That debt that lets wait for this to get married in Angola for the New York judge okay you what you advertised they bought off. Matt Damon and Russell Crowe bought off. All bought off of Ayers met Dave and this is bastion of liberalism is no treat everybody the same women inveterate. Dave and one was was basically bought by Harvey Weinstein say he's a good guy even though Harvey Weinstein was what was an animal. We could make a long list of actors in all of his movies that have been radio silent. The last. Month but now look at ball pile on. Bullet then they ruled that in the vehicle or say anything he just stated that no prop possibly more than what's come out -- still it'll just they will you you'll you'll never know. Are coming up on the ouster which showed you realize state Louisiana is number two in America when it comes to chlamydia gonorrhea and syphilis. And I state to medal more. There are about 95 point 0595. Point seven the classic rock on the Portland shot Austral in here with you. The State Department the United States is warning Americans not to travel to Cameroon. This year that country is now extremely dangerous. To actually more dangerous and Chicago. So I stay out of Cameroon. When you. Put to other places to go come up next. We look at today in history it's a segment we call Y two davis' cell. Stay tuned for that next. It's next I'd buy 95 which you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John nostril in morning show was brought Cuba the most ordinary man in New Orleans. L mark for. It's about time that we look at today in history. Y two days Darth is sock. Natural we call. It straight October 11. It was on the days. President Jimmy Carter. Wins the Nobel Peace Prize. You know all most people agree Jimmy Carter a very nice man whose heart was in the right equation. What we came to be president of the United States who didn't get much worse. But today when you're young and new and Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize for his decades of efforts. Try to provide peaceful solutions to international conflict. All of that today's day I don't. Sock Boeing is Carter still alive. What he's still out there are building houses for the poor people I saw mile stage I don't want what Kobe was really on the roof. He was right next and what he had a hammer to nail it is that I watched that CNN. Show the seventies went about this the F so we're Carter was elected the he 76 and it was all the same rhetoric as when he sixty. It was only the political outsider he'll chase things every edges joining us that's Joshua dash. I Egypt for Brewster today you might you're shot because traffic here we go Hawkeye to figure registry entry for him. Yeah you know what Josh eagle mode this week even go back in time. Weight gain didn't even before and after him. There's still argued about the same things it it it's amazing how they can just keep the loop so it couldn't. This somethings never change why today after his sock. October 11. It was today it's 1776. Benedict Arnold fights validly. I felt coral island. On the fence about. British fleet under certain guys Carlton. Defeats fifteen American guard boats out of the command. Of brigadier general Benedict Arnold at the battle about. Think she'll plane that's now Clinton county new York and that's before. Benedict Arnold of the game. Before that turncoat via the moderator the most famous trader ever wide putting a thousand sock he fought hard that battle but you were. Hot it was on this date 2008. All blind driver breaks both land speed record. How blind man know where it lives of black man from Belgium. Is named Luke crashed amongst. Set a new world speed record for blind drivers. 492. Miles an hour. A blind man draw 492 miles an hour he was driving down that salt flats right now for the defense around him. Nobody he was actually drive without veterans in Metairie a hot you might you have visited slept late not actually he drove off borrowed way of repeating. Go Largo. And it was a long straight stretch of airstrip. Right near Marcellus frail. After it happened user property buyer carload of sophisticated navigational equipment. I don't think any humans don't get a car we're applying guy driving a 190 miles an hour you. But he had gotten a thousand soccer carload of sophisticated navigational equipment. He had what you would call pilot what navigation that he he's going straight. Bob to the bill you don't would you get a call what do I am driving on the 92 miles an hour he's lying to. He won human co pilot believed he had a firmer oil which recently. That he was given directions from the passengers she could get direction straight ego trip that was that was the direction. And why today he's got his sock those you know reject. Why it was on this day of boys 1793. Yellow fever breaks out Philadelphia. You know I think we've got that would under control right now put to death told from a yellow fever epidemic of Philadelphia. Hit a hundred people on this day and 1793. And about a time that ended 5000 people were dead of the American play. I viral he should was called yellow fever and you know what some parts of the world Josh that people still die of a of the plate and things like this. Mosquitoes are very much still threaten most of the most of the world. Yeah yellow fever malaria. Things that. Yes I love abroad we gotta we gotta we gotta we figured out what I'm pretty quick. I wish today in 1962. The Pope opened the Vatican to. Think it's the Vatican one was enough so Pope John. The 23. He convenes. A council of Roman Catholic Church. It was the first time in 92 years in summit summit summoning a council. It was a general meeting of bishops of the church and the Pope hope to bring spiritual rebirth that catholicism. That was what they they redid it by two roles that make it less strict. As as an as people were bad it was with a six. Well yes but that it will lead laps that many rules all he did was open the Vatican do the job. He said we need second Vatican over here. That's what he showed it much like a shopping mall you know we agree that I'm a little bit. But they really have little accept many rules like Comcast and Josh I'm not perfect but the best I could. You know I always had an issue with that with him and you're not married which are not allowed to. I would Tucker from what I we had the toughest time with they have a lot of rules. You know some people say they should have female priest won a female priest. Or or or let let priests get marry. As the president of the bigger deal when he's seventy you would think with dirt dirt dirt stickler when it comes to the rule believing the Catholic. I know I did but a tough vote as a kid growing up but that her real self when I called the tail end of that. First grade math teacher with a ruler over the finger. I think it was maybe the last year that had you got lucky comes off as it was today October 11. While today thousands sock on this night at 1130 East Coast time 1030 our time. Some new showed just debuted for the first time they didn't think it would last. A couple of weeks let alone a year. Saturday Night Live debuted. Tonight and 1975. That first cast was something. John Belushi Dan actually doable radner Jane Curtin and more. They were really really good. Chevy Chase turned out to be the breakout star of that first year. And he he. You've got to cover time magazine's what people watch that show he's actually he's actually in town right now shooting day up pilot for TV show. Boy he was that off my what my roommates that that lows as and I felt that. But he was as big as it got new job when she was upset with wind. Chevy Chase was on the cover of time magazine in 1970 fives and look at this new show on Saturday night. He always thought Chevy Chase's catalog the I John Belushi was the real talent and yet if you ask big job which is right at do you remember who. Chevy Chase was a drummer and you remember who you played with before. We got the best feeling yeah that's right that we talked about that would one of the teams do we get guys Walter Becker dive a few weeks ago. All and its average every case we shall pay after that first here's our lives yet to go left that he went became a big movie star for a little while. Bill Murrow he replaced a much lives and he became one of the great. But that I Chevy Chase's big for a few years and at all just. Hopefully that TV show here nor I don't know I'm probably was the work he's pretty difficult work but yeah I it's I've heard that if a draft is sock. It was today October 11 in 1975. Bruce Springsteen scored his first popped it. With the title track of that album from 1975 that he put out born to run. It didn't go to number one it was a it would it made it pretty high up the charge. But the only number one song Bruce Springsteen never ever had. He wrote it but he didn't sing. Blinded by the light that's right yup that was on one of his early albums that was ever released as a single it never was on the pup just what would may have for men. It never read her pin covered that with the number one need only Bruce Springsteen written song. Ever go to number one Bruce Springsteen didn't think and look how it's helped their career. Yeah the it was today on October 11 but what of one of the day he dropped his sock. Hey it was the wedding day in 1975. Bill Clinton marries Hillary I don't. And are still going strong while you wanna call us out of a marriage. Kellogg. It's just funny to hear Hillary Rodham who. Used to be pretty good friends with Harvey Weinstein and he donated a whole lot to her last political campaign to become president life here. Love seeing sales that they took a few years Picard took a few days for Hillary Rodham Clinton to finally say oh it was awful. What are we once he did not you could give back the money off nobody gave Hillary an absolute non. And I don't want to hear Hillary Clinton make any disparaging remarks about any man who sexually harassed women. When she's been married for one should teach. Bill Clinton was even worse an army wife he'd literally. See a real great missed. Yeah we just talked about that's the part of the game Hollywood of politics Jeff and I guess if you're because if your president will that you just you played the game that. And finally October 11 it was on this day in 1961 president John F cut cavity ponders the Vietnam situation. Why today Darth is sock he didn't partner very well. Have each have you watched any of the Vietnam on public PBS yes. Brutal. Actually grew put. It was today and think about 96 he won the war denied to what a 1514 years later well there's always been rumors that he wanted to get out of that situation. And everyone else that though we're gonna stay involved. John you've got to go. Waffled over the post and that's what that's the that's why don't the loser probably view the loser from New Orleans we are we Oswald actually get real here. And that's why historically. October 11 even though there's plenty of reasons why does. Didn't so why today does is soc. Are covered up better watch out if you're a woman uptown New Orleans. There seems to be another peeping Tom looking into windows why are these always disgusting dude why can't there be any good looking women who were peeping Tina's. I would mind that at all state you without report a whole lot more. There are about united by Porsche by uniting my boy shot in the classic rock of new Portland shot Austral and here we view. What whatever nationwide ranking of states come out Louisiana. Unfortunately re usually at the bottom. All the things that you wanna be the top that. Education in. Being in good physical shape. Com. Health care things like that we usually number forty to 49 usually we have Mississippi behind for it was fall back on the festival's per month. Well well well what were the top but here's something else Josh also to topple we don't wanna be to topple. We Deanna is ranked number two in in America and chlamydia gonorrhea and syphilis rates. Technically though were the number one time. To have sex technically go where were the number one state in America ought to come to that because for number two only behind Washington DC. Which isn't really technically. State it to District of Columbia so they get different that's there that's just her so many people and yeah. This is for capital so thick concentration is divorced in DC. Yeah actually we got that going for his politics. Yes STD's. And when it comes to a chlamydia gonorrhea and syphilis reached rule. Makes me so happy that I with a college in the eighties I Josh because you do it. The worst thing when I with a college that was going around that was right before regional. The worst thing you could go up act and in. Our most people aren't or haven't used to be election he she them. Did the Crabtree fees to jump around. Yeah I don't hear about that too much anymore we we long for the days where she's I wish Saturday at their pick crabs are basically like you would least. You know you have a daughter you have a cat scratches lot let those behind in Baltimore. So Louisiana ranked number two in America when it comes to chlamydia gonorrhea and shift which reached behind Washington DC well. All right coming up. I'd be careful that you're an attractive woman uptown New Orleans because there seems to be another peeping Tom running around. All Bohemia new details on the next I still wonder why are peeping Toms or we met just once just watched can't be a good looking woman. We to peeping Dina. A stay tuned for that report more thereon by. 95 point 7595. Point 72 wanted to only classic rock the John Austral in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary men into war looked. Am a mark for. Saw this headline. That the do you guys always army's crack in my. Nor those police department searching further a suspected peeping Tom hoped now. The world's police yesterday released surveillance video of a man. The department shares is being is believed to be responsible for multiple peeping Tom incidents. Uptown New Orleans including some that targeted Tulane University College. Students of their world where else would Bibi coming out. Of here in the peeping Tom business in the college down. Yeah it's down about a guy out it's probably wouldn't be a peeping Tom and let's say central city year. You know I probably wouldn't be peeping -- some of the rough as it has got to know that the police's work cut out for them they can only be somebody square blocks. Why is it why is it that only guys do this Josh why why is it what why are there any. Women attractive women that don't wanna just look into windows. And at such as the peeping Toms it's the it's a public exhibition this is well. You know the guys in the over coached. Whether their walking around up Parker inside of a shopping mall and they and they and they they open up their over coach and her naked women scream and and they go god I if they run away. I've I've seen so women kind of tend to drift towards slightly as the naked by crime rate they do the body pain. And the it may be at the start they didn't hit there's like a message behind the protest law that's when they kind of get that they're says the temple why are there any attractive women walking around we're over coached. In the park early shopping mall I said that all of a sudden they whip it open call the police are matched. Because they know thinking get money for. Yeah you're probably right. We'll just wait till later at night of dignity and but when it comes to BP dobbs. I always wondered in your old guys will get right up to windows and go look in there and we'll see the women in the it in our apartment they get all excited these. I I that's got to that doesn't fourth of that and antiquated. Vision of the peeping Tom like from the fifties maybe it's the Bob back the future of the guy climb in the treaty with the binoculars peeking in the windows. And they're probably not all doing that. Not this dude that's on the surveillance figure that was just released by the auto pretty special measures to normal guys should at the end at a bar. Just sees glance and then. Yeah but the but they got them they'd be they'd be got a ma I'm on video so people should should know now what he looks like. I'm curious where where does that peeping Tom rank or India on the of the scale of how hard they're looking for him. You've got (%expletive) like you're armed robbery what you're New Orleans where people get shot every day yeah where's the peeping Tom on their priority list because I was you know it looks like in the know what they've done sang about it. So we can get the update of when they apprehend him. Watches it judge can you bring out a Josh because and Josh is in for Brewster. We'll be back tomorrow. Drive or talk to Brewster one day I told them because I live in New Orleans I should you know what if I got mauled one day in additional myself for my wallet. When he went off I called the world's police department. I knew what were 500 to 60800. Cut short on the city we have been. For the last eight years all under its the entirely and drew since the 2010 when he when he cut yeah I administration. Shall I hope I'm living in a major American city what were anywhere from five to 800 police officer short. And I'm but it really they've never been shy about announcing that fact Null and I'll I just got more update date they took my wallet and my cellphone. I'm really gonna report out to the cops. When where I live in a city where people get shot everyday I'd livid murder town USA. Not only not only that we feel him talk about the cold cops. I don't even though I get mad about it like that happen I would have more an attitude like well is only a matter of time. Or at least you shoot me yeah oh yeah it's my lucky day. Good for me. What last week who did two lane police department there involved in this as well. The Obama. Entered the college cops they need something to do. Yeah I think I think this more falls under the editor yeah this is rated their wheel house. Yeah you know you could you could go you could go all out eager jurisdiction you could leave the actual campus. A few blocks if you if I if if on the door lets cops I've given the two lane police. Permission to leave the campus to jurisdiction to go find his peeping Tom to have to leave campus by a few blocks by all means. I've always sad and this ball below popular with people on property in this area but for me personally I felt one of the most dangerous areas. In this city is for talking uptown. Is that block of were all the college kids lived between Broadway in Carrollton. Well you dad and you take all this brought cots kids live is like this is where I don't I would rather be walking in the quarter. At 3 AM then down one of those quiet streets. Oh over towards that riverbend area because. They they're looking for use specifically. The police are look at the two lane police and yet overeat either look at for this guy they figure region is mentally twenties. He's in between 6163. Slender build short blog there. Kind of it kind of trying to describe you blog Josh I've I have got to checker now could possibly being all but he's been looking in windows they know all of between September 30 and October 9. I should they know it's funny the NO PD spokesman. Bomb who made this announcement his name is Erin looting. So us both and a PD officer looney major media announcement they're looking for someone who. Lives up to his name you gotta be got accretion view peeping Tom though. Port opportunist. If there's one about this one young woman laws actually salt came fairly close to a to a the other night. Around 9 PM and not she actually each green to. And then he ran away she got what they want whether it's a peeping Tom whether the public exhibitions. That we had the public exhibition this story. Whether it was last Rainier park in battery there's been a few park should be area is always park it's of course the library of course where these guys were they would put out. In public. And you know if if you're a woman. And a guy comes up to you Eddie whips it out and you scream. You're doing exactly. What he watched because you screaming that's why he's doing it and that's what that's what does it for now does that peeping Tom got to get away car. IRobot. I would probably close to the public exhibition is just what experts tell you what you should do if you're a woman and some guy whether you're in a park or whether you're shopping mall. If some guy which it out. Laugh and point. Just ahead supporting outage at his. I've got to get. Exactly. That they go kind of just had a rock sounds like a sound strategy yet they'll just turn around and walk away as I doubt. But if you push green with the public exhibition is whips it out that's what doesn't for meant that that's not that's why he doesn't. No I am glad it's. That's why does it. Could go. Don't scream when Woodward would somebody groups out like the common thread here is that none of these girls had a guy over who can be like oh what what's wrong honey and then chases guide on the street yes there's. So guys is not a single women out there by two and if you wanna. You know I understand I've always shut I understand it it it takes all different types to make the world go around and if everyone was the same should be really board placed. And I understand what's at turn on for some people could be repulsive rod or other people I get that. There are a couple things oh Josh I really don't understand what the foot fat shot on the San how could how could you have a beautiful woman which arrival we shed in my opinion God's greatest creation. Is an attractive woman and I stress attractive because I don't wanna get confused. If I should God's greatest creation is the woman than usual Rosie O'Donnell and Lugo got no. But I've always said in my opinion I thought God's greatest creation Z attractive woman. Attractive woman stage in their front you and you think a beeline right for her feet. I was guilty about that because that puts a medal favorite in their footwear. You know they have they buy hundreds of shoes yeah and so I guess they want other women look at the issues and be jealous of them but yet that's spoke the last place my eyes are drifting. When I get I get people are two different things afloat Cuba as long as his legal deal that that's fine. But. Did the afflicting a rock and a pumping out okay. If you've got enough shackle walk off to a window. Not gonna Gordon had come up the line he'd gotten a shortage of confidence yet just like holed a twenty dollar bills say hate I just saw this up in your driveway eager to did you drop did you loses. At least have to conversation starter but about giving and you might. You know good things like there was a bar over there in that neighborhood and a lot of bars of that bet that they specifically said back in the dead at provident do this anymore because of peeping Toms in the like. That you could drink for free if you came naked. That was a good old days you can't do stuff and I anymore. Once upon a time get a crazy people would have crawled was Josh. Jordan wage jobs are New Orleans be on the lookout for this guy. Is that he's a peeping Tom I'm just wait one Dave I'm just waiting for the story when they shape really good looking woman cultural look at four she's looking in the garage windows. Mean if there was have to was attracting peeping Tina. And I thought about issues looking in my window Josh. I put on a show wide open up all the blinds are going to shower and a pull up all the drinks the blood I'd be like Tom Cruise and a new movie risky business I'd be dance and I'd be. Now I will say though I I know some people not this specific case but before work. There's nothing really scarier than when you. Look out the window and there's just a face looking in the corner that vets I've had plenty of women tell me that that they've had that happen. And that's just terrified this Clancy had a record your aren't some is peaking in the corner of your window. You do in the dish sure there's a cigar look at straight up thank you. That that could be scare that stat yet if the all right coming up next hey good job problem channel four WWL television here in New Orleans. They requested a Freedom of Information Act. Would barely Andrew and his texts text messages. Back and forth with his staff which is all public record. The fascinating read yes they do reason why they ask them for this it's they asked him for specific text. We flooded about the going on Saturday afternoon when we flooded. You know couple to go all that he was out Aspen Colorado the gophers next job and needing combat. Very interesting read his age were telling him get back here it is and the American couple things as his said he thought it. They do for that more. Iran bite you back point 79 and Amanda by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock John Austral in here with few. According to national enquirer. Yeah you might chuckle. But The National Enquirer or you know they don't wanna teach you'd. Dreams to be a time when you're you reach a national enquirer in the first thing you would think of all shifted joke attempted to tall wise tabloid regular. Remember the men in black jokes like this for you to real news from yeah. Who what when you look at some stories are an inner and our recent history The National Enquirer which would the first. John Edwards not our current governor John Bell what Richard John Edwards he was gonna run for president relative and any of in the affair completely shot down his chances love child they broke that story did his wife had cancer and use cheating on her was that Howard yeah yes they broke that and it was several stories that The National Enquirer broke CI you can you can say that's kind of a joke but. Want to shoot. So let me show you something but they're kind of it saves them because they're the inquirer. So so instantly most people wouldn't take it's seriously. Well according to The National Enquirer pop. Pop star share. Watched to date Caitlin Jenner. But Caitlin generation interest did she think share is a weird. He becomes something. Hey coming up next. We've got that text messages a couple of months ago never flooded out Saturday afternoon here in New Orleans. Our mayor our fearless leader was young Colorado at the Aspen Institute the good for his next job. Text messages from that they've just been released we hear these that's next on by united front which I. By the united not point seven wallets only classic rock Led Zeppelin yeah. The Joshua morning shows right Cuba most ordinary man in New Orleans. In the market for. So I'm sure you remember a couple of months ago. On a Saturday afternoon we had a heavy rain fall here in the city of New Orleans and the city flooded. Mid city. Even. And lately view was trauma is just a disaster are on even the French Quarter. Flooded and that was the first time anyone in the French Quarter can't remember the French Quarter ever flooding it the French Quarter and fled during Katrina. Alms. To flooded and flooded back and we now know why after we were arguing the dog and pony show the three ring circus. From our city officials are city leaders the DJ would lead to blame climate change first. And a nation and we'll get this is a new normal you know. I remember that day after that apple it was a Saturday and I remember being on the radio the next Monday I should. There's no way. That all the pumps were on indoor work. And we didn't give the official band of the John I'll surely show the outcry around and we did this song while cultural. To the Elvis Costello tune home. I'll put up. And and I said they're not telling us to truth because there's no way the city could club like that we got some heavy rain offer a couple of hours. But there's no way our our our homes are working properly our drainage is working pop properly. And in my opinion. I guarantee all will upon for even turned on. Well as time went on we learned the truth. That not only were some of the pumps Tom Donnelly. But public to the palms or even working during hurricane season atlas. Down for maintenance Josh not only during hurricane season. But this is the each year of the wind would ministry is a good final year. In a post-Katrina new warlords in your tell me not want to any users now that's. And he wanted to start and are adjusted on an average ordinary let's just check the equipment to achieve what works. I've seen an interesting side effect of this in it since we just had that hurricane scare last weekend. Was. I did this city has more PT SD with. Its own infrastructure not functioning than the actual weather moving up. Good sport it's not as like 080 mile per hour winds could possibly blow our roof fall it's. It it might rain a little too much. Allan it won't get pumped out. Made a show because of that disaster in the mall lies in the call her up after that disaster. A bunch of people lost their jobs to New Orleans sewerage and water board are several people lost their jobs. And one person let this job and still gets his pension gap. Do you they had their he's not the only former new warned that you were urgent water board head who's making a 175000. Dollars a year. Being paid by the taxpayers Orleans parish for life. There's a couple of other New Orleans Georgia water board former heads that are making them what how could they collect that money what did they do other job. Think when he was when that water board director resigned in. I looked this up this video was up on YouTube right after this happening in all the heat was coming down. It they would had this whole press conference probably for thirty people. You know here's our new guy everyone clapping hands. Probably only you know thirty views on YouTube. Just completely he's a political hat he knew nothing about water knew nothing about sure. There is no there isn't general interest to know no one was even paying attention to it so and that kind of environment. Let's these people just. Take back until something hits them in the face like that he's a lifelong political hack he goes back to the mark memorial days when he was the mayor of the city. He's just one on one of a number of guys. We just keep keeps getting paid by the taxpayers he doesn't have the Asian expert in nothing. He's just a political hack oh here's a good job in a seat on the board. To New Orleans Georgia waterboarding as you can be the head of the board you know nothing about water you know nothing about shortage you go to the about Portland or six. Yet won't put you because you're friends with more reality your political hat all seizures won't give you this very important goal and what was the recent development last week where. The solution now is well we're gonna let. Civilians adopt kept raisins yeah 'cause you and we can't we can't clean them the companies we hire aren't good enough so do yourself come. But by our by our city officials and our city leaders so anyways. Once all the truth came out and we all realize that job budget Jack goals are in charge around here. And again the thing that blew me away the most Josh about the way as Josh with she's a fill in for Bruce project. A year Josh under station there's traffic you're on the weekends too would. I think you do cartwheels outside of the reviews you should you're one of those guys you clean the bathroom you do everything at the front of you know more about water is stewards of the former head of the Moreland Georgia one report. But anyway possible and I'll adopt to catch phrase and and I'll learn more today yeah. I'd be a part of your community get on your hand you need to go clean the filled by these catch patience. What do you think he guys out of New Orleans parish prison 2.0 put on a chain gang and have them go clean the catch patient that we fought. I did see there at the Latin like 15100 guys out Louisiana this week he did so do. So anyways our friends over channel four WWL television. Filed what's known as a Freedom of Information Act because when it comes to our elected officials it's are paid by taxpayer dollars. All of that information all the owner communications. Regarding this event. It's public record if we want you just have to go ask for and that's what channel four did well. Met earlier drew half moon midnight Mitch his job this text messages with other area officials have been released. He was out in Aspen Colorado. Looking for his next job. Actually was doing. And ammo. On Monday when I came in here and he still hadn't gotten back yet. I should look mayors are allowed to lie to you to leave town to do things. I mean vicious dog fortunate his timing he just happen to be out of town when it rained in the in the in the palms read or offer not working and we flooded. But his biggest error Josh. He knew while match Saturday afternoon about three or forty afternoon he knew we were in trouble and now these tech and I knew that I said that that day. And now these texts are proving that I'm reading through some of them right now but he decided. He didn't come back. Until either late late Sunday night or early Sunday morning when he found out last Saturday afternoon at about 3 o'clock that the city was in trouble flooding. He should have been on the next plane out of Denver. Back to back to New Orleans but he stayed he stayed all Saturday night. He stayed all Sunday to go through his what are reasonable applying for a new his job after he's figured out now here's mayor and world after the share. He never came back. And then come back on Monday with the governor Joseph talk about it works to do a photo op where they were they walked around the businesses that were flooded right. And and they had a shut down and it cost them all kinds of money. What Melvin text messages have been released. And yet he was texting back and fort not only. With some of his people on his staff here in New Orleans. But also others. White governor John Taco Bell Edwards like Jefferson Parish city are Jefferson Parish council member Chris Roberts. He was texting with all these people back before. Is everything locating it and let me know what you need in and they started Saito and are you don't get back here. Yet though though. Former pop or so current public works director mark Jernigan. Was actually on vacation in dauphin island Alabama the support timing. On that. Yeah I know. People are saying look you better get director one of his assistants said Walt the ones died yet. Yeah but you should you should still think if you get back here. And that not eat each of Walt and Aspen I'm but the Democratic Governors Association meeting Leo right yeah he was scheduled to speak on Sunday night. And he didn't cancel that no okay and came back on Monday he had to make that speech again the guy who's the head of the Aspen Institute. That's the guy who is probably going to give mutually drew his next job. It's a heated Wonderwall. He'd want to let him down. So while the wallet is flooding. The mayor of New Orleans is is out Aspen Colorado basically auditioning. For for his next job. And he didn't come back now he has since admitted that was his biggest mistake. This issue does he found out about that I Saturday afternoon he should put on a plane back here how much were worth that is an apology at that point that's all that's what he has to say. My bad I should the came back earlier but it. And so the attacks that have been released basically they're going back and forth he should Dallas County get and babble about here do you need me while it would be nice to meet came back. And then all of a sudden here's what's interstate. Even though we got the Freedom of Information Act. The cell phone logs provided by shady hall of New Orleans. Are incomplete. And give everything will probably be downloaded and ready to give everything. So city all of the media box that doesn't sound too much like the freedom of information there. No it doesn't. And the odd that the former head of the New Orleans Georgia water board it was a lost his job over this. Initial collected a 175000. Dollars in Europe the taxpayer of New Orleans for life for being his batting your job as you possibly can be. Is David Cedric the Entertainer frank. That. He was involved at some of the stuff was well. Just before midnight. Half meeting where drew received a text. For now we war war we will work on getting you back as early as possible on Monday if you are in agreement. But if face if things worse in wool regroup. And again if you remember when lidge who was out of town. That first Saturday night and on the following Sunday morning there was a press conference which city leaders had Cedric the Entertainer Grant Wood right in the middle of a the head of his Homeland Security guy named Erin Miller one of the guys who he was shocked actually moved back and forth he was standing there and they're the ones that said. Well you know this is just a new normal even in all our pumps are working fine. And they can only get rid of all one agent now Laura half an inch after that every hour time it's proven that everything you said an international conference was wrong wrong. They blame climate change. You talk about a confederacy of nuts ax. That's who's in charge and it finally happened came back on Monday but by then it was too little too late. But detection are trusting others saying you know you should give back here basically. Well I got to do this I got to do that will what's more important your in my service city that is now. Underwater you know the silver lining here is that his is his support staff was doing their job. They're trying to get ahold of the boss yeah it's sad that that's that's encouraging yeah go figure and this guy Lee Andrew is being allow loaded as his democratic hero. By national Democrats. Meanwhile he's still presides over one of the most violent cities on earth murder town USA. The infrastructure and our cities falling apart the potholes and street. And and and and during the time we really need him not only is it here but he sent Ali an epic comeback tome and yeah well I don't cancel my speaking engagement so I won't come back to month. I afternoon about 1:30 PM it's it is money flightless okay he can't he can't get out of this office fast enough it tonight on channel 4:6 o'clock. There's a debate with the with the three top Merrill candidates for three or four top. Merrill can give looking forward to this young looking forward to it to what is anything really gonna change is ready hoped it would any of these people view is there anything there you go. I can't go entirely cynical and think that. We'll lay Andrew recently as of the last six months have set the bar really hello. The these candidates pretty much any of them did and I'm sure we all have our choices here it. I this it costs that are coming up next you know the Pope boy festival that's on oak street every year uptown oh yeah I love it. It's always been free living goes up by your po boys were it was always free to get him. Bush saying it's still free this year. What you got up by a five dollar wrist paired together a dozen Sanford this outcome of the poll boy that was good. No it does not stay tuned for that more run by united five point jump right 95 point seven the classic rock of New Orleans. I was on this day. In 1884. That we misses one under and why today does suck. But born today home. And 1884. Roosevelt. Probably the most powerful First Lady have horrible like she got to be when your when your husband's in a wheelchair. But on the stayed 1884 Elena or Roosevelt was born. In her 122 days DOS is sock and or twelve years as First Lady she established herself as an effective activist. And not just another pretty face. Machine room yes no no bloody neutral. Way I covered up next. The po boy festival lot of street uptown New Orleans it's always good free you always had to pay for your poll what we could go in for free or not are saying. It's still free but you gotta pay five dollars for racial hogwash. It doesn't promote global stay tuned for that more here on by united five point jump by you got my point seven in New Orleans only classic rock job I'll surely hear review. I just think story about that song take it easy. It was originally recorded by our a couple of people a couple of -- groups not only the Eagles their projection brown recorded put it on his album because. He wrote like minded national. And Glenn fry before he died he told schori the Eagles. He said that you know I had I had most of that song written. He goes but I just I wish I was one lying short I was I I needed one more line I just couldn't finish it. We were hanging out Jackson Browne one night. And I told them look. I got there I got the chorus taking EG I got I got a much of the virtues of standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona he was I need one more versed. Injection browned all got a patent and he wrote down what turned out to be involved final first I Glen Frye I was looking for. There's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowing down the take a look at. Also is how wondered like that works then not so much now because of the pickup truck pulls up to me real slow down the street how that stuff and different dot dash there retire. For Jesse Jackson Browne you've got one line in that song he wrote. And the first ever major concert rock concert ever attended was at meriwether post pavilion in Columbia Maryland. And Jackson brown fans would know that is a place where he got column. Is it that famous album that was recorded live with all the one with all of the load out instead yes yet that was all manner whether I was alone geez. And. Just who do along the mix of run and run and to him that his running on empty running don't have the yep. Yeah ago that was first picture went to pale Brewster is out today that's that's Joshua doubt bush I guess I should dash. Particularly what kind of radio station near new talks of faster to we sounds like you're Shane and Josh Joshua dash my Miami named it's more germ in the latter you yellen who would doubt shall shall but they do that with. He'll welcome and high school and shot shouldn't with the predict many times before. Have loved the New Orleans Pope what to. It's not a street every year up down there I I it's one of the few vessels in the city that benefits are really nice climate because it's always a towards the end of the year yeah. At. Every year. That'd that'd. Data goes on it gets more crowded in more crowded in more crowded. And that's the only negative about it as that they're Scholl. Many people it's not like you can extend oak street. And that's it and if it gets more popular. I didn't try to figure something out of going to a parking Lauder problem parking lot action near an error I. How how tied is is it to coach it is that's part of the culture politics don't look shall we social record could spill out into maybe if published. People live right over double people open up their driveways and front yard drive off from the street. This and potentially they need to do something big because it shake it so crowded over there and it's up. Well they did do something. What the justice with that that's why we're bringing us up. Because now all of a sudden for the first time ever for the New Orleans public festival. You're gonna need a wrist band. To get into the free of that going down the two orders the problem is overspent is gonna cost you five box. Five dollars for the privilege to purchase of Pope. Edit does it cover the Pope doesn't WE they give your video we said it's hurry. So on top of it's obviously festival here you're paying inflated prices for food anyway. So and you're getting half in every you wanna get as many Pope was. And you always paid for the po boys put it was free just to walk up and downed oak oak street solo on top of that more expensive half po boy you're getting a quarter po boy you're getting that five dollar public cover charge however you can still drink. With never spent required. That's good news so if you're going to a sandwich festival to drink. Your your guy. Do you have a favorite pro boy initiatives we want Josh. Ha I've awful kind of global or business where you'd go to get a mobile ala I would say. Also went public on your and they should use revenue wallets what's your favorite ol' boy what is it in Marty get. I'll lol that's tough because there's so many good points. And because I can make like one decision that's at the half and half of shrimp and oyster she would go seafood. Yes I met many people what about the big issue food person I just. I guess because I didn't grow up here. That it's more just when you put Burris beef or anything else on it that's the subcommittee. That I don't think I don't associate too much with. Oh boy New Orleans with the way they do roast beef hero I know I know they they should almost never did any world they so comment via yeah I mean you kind of roast beef sandwich and most other places in the country. We'll just cut a couple of pieces are roast beef up off the off the slab and a floor on the bread and there you go not here. You know they carted date date date date chop it up it's really fine and that they they glitch shall for a day or two would its own ought Zhu told juices and it melts in your mouth. I get and I know it's different I just for me from my outsider perspective I just think oh boy I think pricey food. On to the French right as would a lot of people that's via and you have a favorite place to argue your how for Easter have shrimp on the go with medical park way you actually. I will however I would say though I don't think it exists in more bowl after Katrina that Taco Bell on Claiborne when it closed came back after the storm it was a half Chinese half Pope would place. And I was cheering for that one for the longest time what I thought I won't talk about human just told me about something that I. You know well it was still into the bit the buildings still physically in look like a Taco Bell but to what did you walk into why wanna pull voice early or do our white Chinese there was a half and half shop and I have IER I thought that place for long time as that was the best global. Of output and Chinese food on a pole while pool boy Brett. They played that's what this week general gosh chicken sweet sour chicken to put that on the Pope or that's the kind of suck they do over public fast if you do this experimental ones. Yeah my favorite some of the biggest seafood bad. My favorite po boy New Orleans is or Roche before board form one of two places. It used to be Paris sauls would Paris salters Paris solves any Irish channel or reverend there was some problem the older in the building. And then the old Paris Seoul's move up a block the right Out Magazine other Paul Tracy's bright. And I love the tree she's almost people what went right there with Tracy's. Is parkway. With the with the roast beef by the I like the parkway roast people boy and I've of the tree she's roast people what but I haven't evident every ball boy in his city. But those are much. How and there's an there's an irony here of increasing the cost to go get a po boy a public that's when Sam witches. Up supposedly for people who don't have a lot of money to make a sandwich let Kelly that's how it was about it. And here we are here's an extra cover charge your public. Could you imagine what some of those workers who were you out when the Pope what was officially named the poll what if they should always happening at oak tree you're paying for the privilege to eat like a poor person nine years ago they'd probably be rolling in their graves exactly. You Shia so just as you're across five dollars to get a bracelet just to walk around oak street for the Pope Wear special. He can still walk around there's no gates because a walk around the festival it's just when you get up to the counter to order they're gonna look at your question you don't errors and I and I'm imagining. I mean they're best at ten intentions aside a public fast this gonna cause a lot of confusion off because more than half the people public fast aren't gonna notice in advance of the other effort rock. Death and so I mean imagine when they get up there they waited in line what do you mean I need a racially and had and a lot of drunk person who waited in line is now being told to get back in Hugo get a bracelet go get back in line. See that's the scene that I I don't wanna be upon I see a black market business opportunities. Out. That's the capitalist in me I see some guys hanging around the Pope would finish that day. And that weekend. With braces to find out what color race is fair to hang around behind when she when he leads abrasive here differ one extra dollar mortgage republic for you yeah. That kind of all right coming up boy Roger Goodell in the NFL they sure big picture changed her tune real quick when it came to players. Get on one knee during the National Anthem when the money start to be affected all four attitude changes. Stay tuned for that more here about nine by point 795. Point seven New Orleans only classic rock John Austral and here we view. And Adrian Peterson's New Orleans change careers over the future hall of fame running back 81 yards later. Yes he played in he played in four games. He carried the ball 47 times he got 81 yards. And he made about three million dollars for. And probably sold couple couple thousand jerseys and he was just got treated to the Arizona Cardinals cardinals for conditional draft pick next year that means. If flaw Adrian Peterson does well. Yes how many carries against the fact that that's the condition so well that overthrew if it's going to be job of a better higher pick Europe or worse slower period. So technically we were rooting for him and Arizona guy that we get dropped the absolute Iowa absolutely but another. Bad player personnel decision by Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis. Just another one of the most dead money out of any NFL team and and and dead money means if you're not big sports fan. That means that they're paying for players that they don't have a lever have again but since there's a salary cap you can only you'll we have shall which morning that you could spend. The saints continued to lead the NFL would dead money repaid people. Millions of dollars and up with football here. I just keep thinking of all that time during the offseason where we had to hear about how hard agent Peterson is working out there and how good how young you apparently. They've taken like five years off his. Our depth. That there just another another another horrible player personnel move by Sean Payton and if you missed. A couple of guys I should be out here the active more than worn out their welcome here and warlords are just edged by united but what's up Deutsche. By united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Austral and Maury show is brought to you by the most ordinary men in New Orleans. And Lamar for. You know I Zsa. I've got morning radio before. When I was in Boston but most of my career I was on during the day in the afternoon. A home and the reason I bring that up is because. I just said compared like this happens every morning I just never talked about on the radio. In the war here earlier we shall were the first ones in here but I as the morning goes on more people show up in the office and every person she have to say good morning good morning. Marty supported recent afternoon Martin more note on dog I just miss those days when you could just say hi we hope someone. You arrive for most of my career what I saw someone at work pay a hot how's it going hey Fred hey Joseph why now. Every person icy morning morning morning. It is nordic I'll I'll order there was something schizophrenic like how becoming especially all of the stops I think this on time this happens me working a big office. Where you get to work you sit down when you're yourself and through the course of like fifteen minutes she said good morning to. Forty people I think are gonna start changing that when Michigan morning arms and say hi. Could it it's a lot I it's easier to say it's just it's I like it better and it just after after my 15 good morning Josh I'll tell you what. I just for Alex and not in the quick walk them all I like that part or all go places to skip to re going to be like that too. And outside Joshua dilution here Monday a radio station here he's Helena for Brewster today. Our boosters or medical marvel he has all these big different medical things you need eat and then he'll be back tomorrow. So that lawsuit Brit yes. Scholl Roger Goodell the commissioner of the NFL yesterday he. Are released. A statement in edict he released a memo. An email latter when every wanna call. But he released it all NFL teams. Saying. That the players. Are expected to stand from here on out for the nationally at the no more needs no more no no no more of the dome. Protesters and Goodell willing this will be the last we hear that I hope which alas we service. All edits it's interesting how all of a sudden he's changed his tune about way Roger Goodell Sharry the commissioner of the NFL but he he's basically. He's he's the puppet. All of and the puppeteers are the 32 owners he does what ever they wanted to. His job is to make sure that the 32 owners are happy and the and the money keeps coming. Do what's with real message. Which really interest thing is to watch eighties NFL. Just any any look of any old and a bogey in the eighties and you have a young fresh face Roger Goodell. SP in the guy with a microphone in new C assisted it's his age is adorable he came up through the right that I. I anything's possible I guess America they're Vega. Yeah you know one day you're getting coffee fur Pete Roselle and Paul Tagliabue and the next thing you know your name is on the football because it via view it. Go back in time and say see that guy to holding the coffee for so and so he's going to be the character of the NFL one day it don't. So he's basically he's easy shill for the owners that's what he is and that's why this whole protest with the taken any for the enough National Anthem is so hilarious. Does he want the whole the Dodgers a two weeks ago Josh. Dell said all were with our players. You know our our players they have a right to express throw their feelings emblem bubble about meanwhile the owners haven't. And what the players they have fought them tooth and nail for everything in the history of get a double backed and a strike. Every collective bargaining agreement every Shi VA. They always threatened strike and the owners are trying to get every last dime out of the players the owners are trying to have every advantage over the players. That's what made this whole taken a neat thing pretty laughable is all of a sudden. Now they owners and at the with the players is. This is a protracted version of what the saint's days in London where debris there doomed Dell's pretty much having boat. Yeah he's he's can I stand at the players now I'm with the owners and then very few people are gonna notice the flip flop. Well yesterday what happened was. When that memo went out a lot of people got upset. Oh boy all of a sudden a two weeks Roger Goodell point 82 weeks ago what with the players unity blah blah blah all the studies that. You're gonna you're damage you're gonna stand up traditional international at them there's going to be problems and people are wondering one how can he change his tune so quickly into week. Are we changes to the television ratings are way down. They've heard from sponsors no big sponsors have apple out yeah. What they have threatened to they said if this continues. We're gonna pull out I'm talking about Anheuser-Busch. I'm talking about forward you know the biggest the biggest and his big sponsors who paid money for the NFL so these guys could make all of the money that they make. If they start going away. There's trouble and that the reflects have been happening so all of a sudden yesterday Roger Goodell said. We are going to our stamp from the we we demand that you stand for the National Anthem. Or the will be repercussions. There was already a meeting a pre planned meeting that was set for next week business repercussions are vague now we don't know what they are yes he did not yet we'll see the Sunday. But next week it was already has a meeting scheduled long time ago the owners get together and meet. And dollar and now they said what they're gonna do they're gonna change one word in the owner's manual of the NFL Manuel. Has in the manual. Says. Pause the players solemn you know very dig dig. Stare and for the national active during their cross sell the word showed and they're gonna put. They must. Stand for the nationally but what I got a lot of people check yesterday. An extra quality ownership actually of modern day slave owners again that kind of thing which is absolutely ridiculous Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. He he's come out several times saying you know at this point right now. If the that the players put my players will stand up for the National Anthem. They're not they're playing against. Yeah. So it's gonna be interesting to see what happens and we talked about this earlier. You know this whole thing took on a new life it all started last year with Colin cap predict who took a knee. Here's what he perceived as racial injustices he still unemployed yeah when it came to how white cops treat black males. At even though there's been ups buddy don't at Harvard University that was just released over the last couple months saying there's no disproportionate. Number black men being mistreated by cops then white men and by the way that's a fact you go look up that study. That day are Harvard professor did that study could he wanted to prove that we have a problem in this country with white cops in black man but dish it just takes don't show. I don't show I always wonder when these things become main talking points where was this argument ten years ago twenty years ago it's you could've. Players could conceivably done this at any time and not only that all these multimillion dollar football players Josh. They could do it could protest federal time they can come up with causes they can do things on the wrong time. But they don't they date they don't they're happy with the money coveted and they see that's something that's kinda hit it trendy. Why are forward to taking me put that cup predicting which just about over if you go back to the first weaken this year the first two weeks. There might have been dire to want a few teams that were still taken any it was a done deal until Donald Trump a couple weeks ago went to that rally in Alabama. And what he said when he when he when he said those sons of bitches better stand up and we said. When would he said usually you should not be protestor. And those are two things that really bothered. NFL has. And and both. Those two things really bothered a lot of people in the NFL. And because. The NFL mostly black players mostly black people are are mostly Democrats. And they did have one thing in common they despise Donald Trump. So that it went to a new level a few weeks ago and that was it was a college cap predicting anymore it was at the mistreatment of of of white police were black guys it was. Let's show Donald Trump how we feel about him. Wasn't wasn't cap or neck and some other guys I mean on top of these larger social causes the fighting for they do petty things like well on market where the official had tons. Of the NFL when I walk through dial. It was also unaware the ones I like and not the NFL sponsored for ones that they were just do little petty things and are defined for that because you're supposed to use the stop that the NFL uses is that three work and that's why you're a multimillionaire. All. While all of a sudden be dealt changed his two and it's going to be very interest and she went out into and make no bones about it. Wonder who's going to be the first head to roll the heat on Sunday he changed his tune because of television ratings are down he's she's key she's. The laws some of the big advertisers saying you better get ahold of this public relations disaster right now. Or we're gonna pull out. He's heard messages like that just don't go to social media. And even other some support for what the players you do when the overwhelming. A law about of people in America are just what the players are doing when it comes to take in any during the national at the and you saw a New Orleans Saints fans on YouTube videos in Pittsburgh steeler fans and fans from teams all over the country burning their gear burning their jerseys after all this went out a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering how. The guy and how does this affect liked your gambling contingent or yours to Tennessee football guys there they're just like get all the game. Yeah I want to that's. So it's gonna be it's gonna be very interesting to watch it anybody meals this Sunday. There's got to be repercussions now that it's in the rule book now here's your here's your rate ratings spike has used your gonna wanna see what happens to go but first guy. Who who sits there Ian kneels. And it's officially in the books now you can't do that Charlotte what that penalty is going to be. But this is now this is now epic gone beyond the Donald Trump situation. And now it when it's funny when your bottom line when your wallet is affected how how your opinion can change pretty much overnight. You'll want to stay tuned it's going to be very interest in machine what happens this weekend in the NFL it's a commercial free ride. The last hour Marshal every day. Here on by united front which I you know anybody point seven in New Orleans only clash at rock Led Zeppelin. But the video that 200 went viral while few week few weeks ago about the nurse in Utah. She was in the hospital and a cop came in no rush to her she was working she was a nurse on duty working. And and and police officer in Utah went into the hospital. Demanded that she take blood from an accident victim that just came in she said that's against policy can't do that right now. And he rushed over and physically dragged around by hospital and I vaguely remember those are that was Sharpton involved. She is filing a lawsuit now won't know what the original follow that story. Debt Utah police officer. Has officially been fired. After a man handling and then trying to wrenched the nurse. For just doing her job. Now as an all protocol there for police or maybe it's just here we just suspend them and tell the story goes away. And then you bring them back that happens a lot what is story shall big debt that it takes social media by storm that British talk about it. Our salt lake city police are detective. Which fired at his supervisor demoted. I guess is super Malaysia and now he's been demoted he's going to be easier rejected boss passes for senior citizens. All he's been demoted for their roles in the violent arrest of a nurse. Who was manhandled and shoved screaming into a squad car she tried to protect the legal right to an unconscious patient. All in many people were demanding that the man be fired and it took a little wobbly he finally did get fired. It brought up a great question I mean he was totally wrong and gets gross incompetence it there with. Pitcher but let's say there's a big car accident that this guy just cause. He's dead people on the road because this guy. He's an emergency room laid out on the table as are fictional mall they're trying to. Put it back together. To prove that he was it a drunken and he was impaired you know you need to get the blood test run. Actual point they would they would want it it would have been right to get the guys blood would it just not at that particular. Moment. When that cop I wish for because he wanted that guy's blood and the nurse says I can't I'm just doing my job protocol says. I got an unconscious patient on the table here we're trying to save his life I can't be taking this blood for for for you. To be using it and and a blood test that's yeah that's interesting as so essentially if if someone's drunk and they refused about breathalyzer at the at an accident scene. They know that by the time the hospital they're still covered for few more hours before they can actually get blood from them. But if you put if you. If you refuse to take abrupt allies or give a blood test date they wished you right there they bring you jail gonna. I guess how to manage a breathalyzer on the table and accidents as opposed to shore up. But you have to Richard Richard fascinating question when it comes to well. Would it when it when it comes to taken blood from a guy who who you're just assumed. Naked skirt shows people imagery get a driver that gets skirt this by training police officers had to take blood. So so take you guys want right there is usually in their diet undecided if he has whatever. Jurisdiction or or proof. That like I can take what is police officer because this is an investigation. This thing clearly calls an accident yet he had that Utah cops name not lost his job over our. Trying to arrest that nurse in the emergency room for not taken blood of all from the on crutches conscious kind of table. Eyes James Jeff pain he was fired. In his job as commander which was demoted to Rex. From lieutenant to common officer he's a commoner know why would his boss get demoted. Unless his boss told him that he was in the right I did not only did his boss felony was an right exact days Boston at all for. And and in touch with the trip took him down. What that would shock you know one day Euro lieutenant and the next day you come and you could drop to ranks. I know you're just account officer could fuel that's two people who don't know the rules so I felt I'm just guessing wrecked thicker Sharjah is probably in between. The rank of lieutenant and regular officer. Cuba imagine every charges now can have fun we discuss if this guy made their life hell what Yahoo! does delegates promoted over yet he's out. Boy I could imagine when you were lieutenant you gave me all kinds of crap and you look I could say anything because you were ranked the bobbing valuable bowled me. Now you've just been demoted you're just a regular officer why am I gonna go clean up this mess here take a mop you do. Yeah ball that it was payback for all hoosiers do you give me crap because you were ranked higher than me now ranked higher than you. Now one of those people that were arrested and put it to jail because it's the cop. A previous accident Koppel with a nurse and got blood. And then can say that don't know via the but the video went crazy was a couple of weeks ago people on FaceBook or not. The thing about FaceBook any time a story breaks everybody. Everybody did their they've only wanted to tell ya think especially when it's at its police officer muscling. A look like a small personal vault and if it got people into your gym now one big show leader at their opinions and what FaceBook is fashioning Josh I don't know how much FaceBook can you do. What I do it because of of the radio show and you know what I haven't put on the radio I very rarely FaceBook. But I do with the help promote the radio show at the one who works in tandem with the other goes hand in hand. He also causes a lot of stress because they see the vote political fighting and about certain issues that come ago I think that. And however people feel whether or not they had baseball ten years ago twenty years ago. That's that was the equivalent of like you're drunk uncle at Thanksgiving sure something embarrassing most of the time we never would have even heard their opinions on most of this stuff but just because you never heard it didn't mean that that's how your friends and family fat mound now. Because of baseball were learning about people things that we never fought before and your right with the election of Hillary controlled without with that with that election. People lost French real friends registry book fragile people watched real friends or how how possibly. Could you vote for Donald Trump you know outlook while possibly could jewel like Hillary Clinton and real friendships came to an end. Because a FaceBook evidently the stuff that people never talked about friends in head until face how good is your friendship if you never discussed anything like this good and then when he did get to know the person your friends with him out now if you backed out of Allen. Good point. Well I koppers out of a job in Utah for. Tried to arrest that Hirsch for doing her job and an emergency room and took a little while he's out it's a Josh early morning show here on by. That is my point 595 point seven classic rock of New Orleans John Austral in here with few. I was reading where Disney World which by the way could of been in the New Orleans new wallet wallet Jerry. Arm before he chose Orlando Florida. But the go to the stories go there at the local politicians around here burial and get their pockets lined and pocket creased in Walt Disney usage grew I'm going to Orlando I hit the stole second and upload the river though for a big go on cruise ship dock over by the naval yards. That's on the cards. Does he wants the by huge portion along the river. Yeah but always miss that Disney World. We definitely. Because if if Disney didn't choose Orlando Orlando would not be Orlando that we know of too because there was nothing there I mean nothing charges he bought a watch or swamp land at George pastors and and he turned and now Russia. I mean it's still I expect government to Orlando and nothing but with Disneyland. And an NBA team. You know the British rebels look to it by column I've just read an in 1971. If you want to go to Disney World for the day. The ticket question three dollars and fifty cents for the day. All which if you put in today's if you if you filter and inflation in today's dollars that would be the pulpit of of twenty dollars to imagine even. Today trying to get into Disney for forty box parking is and it went nuts to park ever toy box and it was 971. I today the shape ticket cost a 115 dollars to get in today's Britain where a question. Three dollars and fifty cents or 1971. Which was around forty books if you put the patient. That's up to now at the exchange. All right we finish assure every day you know we call the cigarette today data is sock. Law. Today is October 11. Smart today he'd gotten struck. I was on his day. At 2000 it true. Former United States president Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Every mode most people agree Carter nice guy good hard. What has battled American president as we've ever had them. What starred Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize today in 2002. For his decades of law and hiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflict. Still farm the great he got them. He knows his beat up. And I exceptional video not that long ago he's still. Rosie still alive but he still has some work and on how she's built an house for some four version. Yeah as I mean he tried he outlived the next president after Reagan by a lot of years now where you get I think it was always older than him. I think. Since. Most of the Jane while they were alive but I I think I've faced. Doctors always older than Carter. October 11. Why today that this Iraq. It was on this day. In 1923. Of mail car exploded during the train robbery. Three men blow up a metal car. Of a southern Pacific train carrying passengers through southern Oregon. At a bar robbery attempt. Just had betrayed a critical. To our bed jumped into their third man appeared with a quality big big big Rudolph. When we were talking about trade robbery have a day job. Could you imagine being evolved. And and being someone that had no prospects in life Renault. Nothing to do no job prospects and all of a sudden the train was invented and here's a train. That's coming by your small town but it's got lots of people want a lot of money and it's gotten. Cut money for banks of my money's being delivered from that's called job creation yeah that's. I feel like what struck me like Jesse James and James gang I I think of how easy it was the rock things before cameras prepare ahead. That was to stop me for just get on this train intelligent fellow every Jameer money before cars actually yeah he could just run past you could Robin. At a good older. Soc. October 11 it was today it's 1793. Yellow fever breaks out in Philadelphia. Ol' ball 5000 people or dead by the time it ended. Dad told me yellow fever epidemic of Philadelphia. It hit its it had a hundred people on the stage 1793 but it kept going and over 5000 people by. Guys that Baghdad would you pick. Literally died from shaking someone's hand or get some sway not get from someone if they happen to have them play yellow fever that kind of day. You were damn it I'm glad they have figured that out pretty quick I don't think they were referring to that when when when trumps that make America great again. Why remember if I've told the story to my grandmother on my mother's side my maternal grandmother had thirteen Bob Brothers and sisters. And one of her Brothers like the oldest one. He and his his pro he died. Brutal football injury I think he broke his leg. And he died because what broken leg because back then they didn't have that medicine that could stop the infection you know an infection now. Can you imagine uncle making ballclub though the mortality rate for women during childbirth is like that ascent. Yeah. You know I had all my grandmother and her and thirteen most of referred few Brothers and sisters they all lived really long. I wish it would capital will be donated more to talk about that David we should. He died played football 100 directly involved with before they had medicine market. You're particularly today organizes doc about but to think about my Mickey everywhere and all of a comic you want to while government obviously. It was today 1776. Benedict Arnold. Fights valiantly. At valve core island this was before he got became a traitor. But he got beat. Understated 7076. Of British police undershirt guy. Carlton. Defeats fifteen America and gone votes under the command of brigadier general Benedict Arnold. At the battle of Belfour island on Lake Champlain. That is now Clayton county New York. This could have been the moment when he said that's it I'm switching sides agree creditor. I'm tired they gonna be over there. And that was before he became most famous street wherever they are the sock it to the trader are more famous trader. The Benedict Arnold. Who. Some people may not at all the pictures like famous character trait or historical a historical trip so people you don't let that that. Former all military person Bradley Manning who later became Chelsea man. Bradley emitting with the Persian because. Bradley Manning when he was still a guy. Gave WikiLeaks thousands of pieces of military information that could have put our military and our. So that person was supposed to do pretty much most of the rest of their lives in prison but Barack Obama on his way out commuted. And then when when Bradley Manning came out of prison became Chelsea Manning. And now lives going on television shows but some people are saying that. Bradley slash Chelsea bidding. Battle it was the biggest. Traitor to manhood. But out of marriage traitor to the United States of America I don't know that sustained him Benedict are also has the name yes nation. What about the the husband and wife that sold out the Rosenberg and we've talked about that other show before. Yes the white got a raw deal she you know was going up the husband knew what was going on. Yeah but that October 11. It was on this date 2000 today why today that is sock a blind driver breaks the land speed record. A man from Belgium named Luke couched their mugs sets a new world speed record for blinded drivers. I didn't know there were represented a rule all of these blogs guys driver out trying to break the record for them. Fastest blind driver would go for your 492 miles an hour as blind dog I drove I'm willing to bet that that that record was fairly low. Like the black driver records are you know thirty miles per hour for him sperm while he did an August 8 2008. A 192. Miles an hour Luke Scott Custer Marlins he shot the record and a borrower Lamborghini. Gallardo. I'm a long straight stretch of airstrip near Marcellus France. He was hurt he was accompanied by a carload of sophisticated navigational equipment as one as well. One human co pilot. What it was terminally ill. Must have been if he's going to be like today I thought that we get we'll try and AI airport runway we can probably hit 193 break that record real quick. Now all of now with the U we've come along which is 2008. It was on this day. And 1968. Apollo. Apollo seven was launched. Apollo seven the first manned Apollo mission is launched without astronauts. All Walter and sheer junior. Don I sell and Walter Cunningham aboard. Under the command of sheer the crew of Apollo seven conduct in an eleven day orbit of earth. During which their crew transmitted the first live television broadcast from all over. A lot of people don't remember those out of the movie was made about those guys the end is already forgotten Apollo. But you put a blind eye on the shuttle and has the fastest of blind guys ever traveled yeah us. That should be today in history why today on his sock October 11 it was on this day in 1975. A few hours from now. A little quirky television show debuted a big you know that was gonna make it a month let alone. All these years. She you know I live debuted today in 1975. Yeah. Still love that original cash. I always thought John Belushi we we've talked about the mountain Rushmore of Saturday at live Brewster and I argue about it. All of you if you could only put four prisoners are coming here on mount Rushmore right. Only got to go with them early early cast because they sent the founding what they did it. And I've always said I vote we shed and John Belushi should be on the mount Rushmore senate dialogue. Eddie Murphy has the I mean he brought that single handedly brought Daschle how we might not how many times they say the show was dead there was over and they restock the cast what the first time they said that it almost was that got that one guy. When he did stop like mister Rogers neighbor of mr. Robinson's neighborhood he did I'm going to be damage he did what we got we got shot. Eddie Murphy did so much point James Brown of the hot tub. It's felt he did so many funny things but I would put him on the mount Rushmore all all of all of chat live with John Belushi I would put Will Ferrell there too and us. Give your if your mount Rushmore is going including four generations. For decades I guess you pick one from. 70s90s. And that that fourth one I always said it could be Chris Farley could be built Maria could be there's a few guys that I could think of but I would always put John Belushi Eddie Murphy. And Will Ferrell on that I've we've always we've prepared to her argument I Withrow Farley on that would be your fourth and regardless. Although a lot of people don't like SNL these days because. When it comes fish you worrying people they pretty much a leash you were one political side. Yet today why didn't make fun Harvey Weinstein as we get more Michaels even show at. If he's so big any that's there that that's a New York thing what weight lower Michaels creator satellite Harvey Weinstein heading to the bigger than just New York. These are the core of what women that he groped and harassed all over the goal. Well now that enough people come out maybe it's slow and low enough hanging. Root for them maybe this week although widely. Wimp when that guy. And on this day in 1975 Bruce Springsteen scores his first popped it would born to run it didn't go to number one as a matter fact. Bruce Springsteen never sang a song that was number one on the billboard charts he broke one that somebody else say the only one the only number one song Bruce Springsteen ever had. Blinded by the light it was early song he wrote on one of those early albums never really released it. But that may have forbids her bid covered it took it to number one that was the definition of one hit wonder that's them that's the quiet ride disease right there you're number one song as a copper come up Illinois. Sleep it originally deduction. And finally. It was up. Sock on this day and I I am October 11. And it was died in 1975. Bill Clinton marry Hillary Rodham. Why Tuesday won't stop is sock her all moreover arrangement Mormon business field and a marriage I think it kind of worked out for both of them. She helped imitate what he wanted to. Yeah that yeah it's that was a great decision. You know they both clearly got what they want that I believe allow that or Hillary got what you want and up until last. I believe the last time they slept in the same bed or it's actually two other. Chelsea was conceived. So called what you want. And that's why historically. Not today. Is sock at all over eleven doesn't show. Well I Joshua doubt bush. Equality dashed before you shake your names of Russia sort of thought it was you got to that was far more muted pressure filling in for Brewster not a problem and it also adverse to get Dhabi question for Josh and his station he does all kinds of different stuff than non. Yeah I know who don't have if that anything that happens to Brewster where he dies you'd be in the running for taking ago. It will soon births paragraph that at all that coming up next it's dainty. He's got your music notes at noon it's so much more able chatting get tomorrow morning it's six it's the Josh early morning show. Here are bite eyed about what you.