Ann Wilson talks to Kat

Monday, March 6th

Ann Wilson (Heart) is coming to the House of Blues, but talked to Kat first about her love for the city and what to expect. And that pesky little sister of Ann's.

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She's not your spirit animal you. Speak your animal. Is and you will see how are you. I am doing great here in the beautiful city of New Orleans you'll be coming to the house of blues march 9 with and right it's a great room and I know you love the city of New Orleans. I was I was just arguing weed that mine morning show guy right before you call. He said that you were he's experienced animal and I sit out how she didn't spirit animal of hair. Every and I look like you. Or Jones yet but you know it depends on the day. A march 19 how possible is miffed and will seem so well without that little sister or yours time. You guys do solo projects. You guys do a solo projects without each other that's great. We had a big year that it will Betty peak years but back here particularly is extreme. For heart and. We are now like wanna cut to actor like that which we did which can be. And that's probably why you don't kill each other sisters. Who is god bless you. So your New Orleans. Right after Mardi Gras in did. Mom saint Patrick's still it's still going to be crazy here so well. I hope you enjoy the good food and drink in any kind of music you yourself will go hang out and see what your year. Oh well we. Where they're pretty boy I'll blue but it. Haven't they are. Excellent that's I think we did have a day off so you know it will particularly a plan. Well I will be your tour guides spirit animal at the we'll see you guys perform. You do a lot of great songs from other beans. Why song happy you've done live. From another band that you want to. Having gotten to what song would that be. Well. Oh but I want them in. Yeah. The Peter Gabriel. Jimmy Hendrix. Got ready. I read a prank. I mean they are out. I'm going to you'd think that. That I've never tried so it's going to be. The. That's exciting lot of covers and your stuff like it on mileage to every when you love. More like. I'm sorry about it on. Your own. I love that. An in a room like the house of blues so intimately that the crowd b.'s just can be sucked dean has the right there. Yeah. If could have wrote. It. You're gonna see some rats backs the age you don't mind to them a little acts they're OK they're not gonna hurt you. Their. If you could like like hypothetically beat the lead singer in any other banned by your own. What they and would that be you can only mean one. You can do it you. It doesn't matter any different. I'll. Wow that is awesome right. I eighty I if you just called them up they'd be like come on stage with us Ian Wilson and any time and lots. I didn't. Yeah that would be wonderfully you know you gonna do the queen's song when you come to New Orleans. I'm right neck down and sending you a letter to remind you were. He and seeing being content queens gonna happen. I want I want to play because you know girls to girls. Up my little game who would you do. Have a problem with that. Are you ready number 82 dudes. Can you tell me too bright. IQ. Yes. That the first duo. Is Robert Plant or Dave Grohl. Merely. OK. I thought for sure you know. Enid cougar in all might be Dave Grohl that would then my pick but. At. What. Kiki I'm. I can't obviously. Right O David -- Okay good answer. Steal my experience. Animal OK so let's sweet little to late night talk show hosts. Com. Jimmy Fallon. Or Stephen cold there. I. Will fit in India we get all the same answers just so you know. Yeah. Now besides your sister I'm assuming. Would be on your zombie apocalypse team. Lou I think it would be. Okay you're. My away. Right two children. Really my daughter. Now let's remember what that he did to his mom in the Walking Dead okay right I don't eat guilt or at. A rights. Yeah right. I. But apparently it could be any yeah even light up something you don't know like wrestler or something I don't. At particular Tibet or. She got a pass. It. Okay. Lot chicks on that squad. I can't yell at my side even zombie Koppel lips Acropolis. And we definitely helped and will sit out. Maybe if he's saying to them the zombies it would be okay in legal way media does it you know. Right. At march 19 has some blues tickets are available they're going very quickly in of course the by U. Has Tiki in the rock box by nine finals and dot kind of yes of course edu and will sit I hope to I get to show march 19. NCAA and single out if that's okay yet set. Packet and I. Are they built at a C. I think it'd be conscious because that is like right after Mardi Gras. Yes because. Yeah we get a good week after all the Marty grub boom saint Patrick's then a week. And menu so yeah and we're back at it man with festivals and crawfish. Yet you're coming at a great time honey bring your sun screen. Lots of waters. Water we'll get some factories you're gonna be fine. One last question because it tis the season what is your favorite. Girl scout cookie. Are. Both it means. Yeah that's it. You you are my spirit animal in some. And they sound like we'll see you march 19 that house of blues. Out. All right 88 Q a lot and he travels safe. Out. All right I need a bike.