12-08-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Goes For Redemption

Friday, December 8th

Emails, Ted vs FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is a men's room. Plus you look terrible things did you do in the name of love a 44999. Nolan. I'm pouring into the phones comic comes in regarding the movie Keanu models that you have received you now remember based on the the knowledge Dorsey right. This came from a common says a bomb almost think in our remember miles talking about an hour on the end I'm glad thank you and god that I met in the listener who led growth you've seen the movie guy whenever you say that the that the a look at the patients don't want to see that this. I don't know if I thought only average every category hoodie lastly how do you not and you regular home. Hello Chad welcome to the men drew. All are they're still out on top. And our legal guys man. Right on right out so. Actually I would playing online video game at all and I thought this girl was pretty cool so I started chatter out. First thing she says to me it's what I asked you want. And I knew I had to hammer right right. So you always start chatting they're turning out today it couple weeks and then Nash did your number. And don't search market on all the you know. And yeah alert just hit an all pretty and final regular patrol looks like. But you know we had good conversations on the phone for hours you know and trying to find out she lives. It's our way. And now it's urged I'm until our merchant. Did I how Lotta times a long drive on seventy by it's one road once you get well you know I took a round belly actually but he had. Marlins I roundabout way if your goal is to get laid. Why did you take the roundabout way did you want my my dad let Saint Louis ultimate compliment. Good Z amount way back. You know that you're on the nail on the way. And Oregon trot out. Donovan looking aren't so what have you get the Pittsburgh and what do you discovered. While LA I end up trying to third year and you know I would I mostly. As we might did you you know we did pretty well liked it dead on the phone and continued our. As we. And hung out together there are I spent time there. Well you know I don't believe she asked a they'll want to stay for awhile you hope this without there's so. I. Basically put my lightly here and moved out there are a couple years. W years when avenue in the end. Well you know. Still don't ever talk leaders we end up moving back here. You still get an out. Yeah pastor marry me about five years ago now at about eleven years you been together you know we don't or Earl Lloyd I'm like aren't you know there's a positive crazy story. What you did is absolutely inside right but he is still there are positive outside of one man make sure that when you when you tell you young boy when he's in how did you guys meet you say I knew I wanted to mother when the first word she said to me or what the after you want to. Right now you know situation except that I knew pretty much dead. And that's what we keeper. What do you think you're right thank you could have theoretically they marry any woman in Pittsburgh go to that site that I act I. Yeah she's only got Eddie George street theater and I am I pressure. Yeah they're greedy is what the F do you want to like yeah I know roughly from a part of the cut my sister and brother live there that's exactly what they would both say that it's. If I called I would have to walk miles it harder for your birthday I have learned it. Who gave yet banks one memorable thing did you do the name of love a 449990. Hello while on the welcome to the men's room. Oh each one. Why were ice ball there and Mexican Maloney. Have you had the Mexican below me on the double and was trying to smuggle was it Arizona. 27 pounds worth it with a different link is it just heard just her choice or losing bet there's a better yet. You are the party you know Troy Dorsey probably had like a bad each shopper slumping got deeper and but who I'd like to my wife when I first met her. Men going on whether the when you've been. Here for O 20102011. Would you like you're about to tell you're not crazy. And a Null. We've met that night. I already had remembered. Thank you all have found my pocket. Ferry packed in the pool there are thirty black and the other glue that. So my friends called me up a couple of they've lived there they. Don't want to phone numbers and cool. So law. He gives her a bowl number. She gets all of them directly to will be remembered me scenario election law. So she's done the other objection that I entered the back. She got their picture. All right John remember you fun doing. And if so we've been together of course everything has. So you do not lie about her did you lie about the thing I remember you when you saw the picture. When a politician yeah. Yeah but remember you are you going well what does an ugly I guess annoy you don't remember the exactly. Yeah how long did you guys hang out the nights that the first night did you don't remember did you see Phil Molinari. You did you have sex whether. Momo Momo got tonight. But you well like you do you have no recollection of this well he blew up. I don't know kicking anything in the sixties these years. Every leg four years them for months that love daily. I told the truth hey. Ed Allen checked it out when we let them. Cute she would leave first went out the first night the first debate. She's got then make your rise in like your friend nonetheless Crandall. Locally and will let Mike Scioscia explained what they have nothing that. Oh okay. So before I brought her home to me my family. I WS friend you have like Julia. Dalai lama's friend and my brother. IR LR ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I thought it. Okay. Yeah yeah I remember you show where cars are sure that whatever little things did you do in the name of love a 44999. All I was like please I was and it's documented thirty in the cooler the Iowa State. Thirty announce them for you think if he goes and thirty million people who don't play right you'll be different watt and of course it's new years. Hello tryst then welcome to the bedroom. Hey guys vote on a. So. When I was. Twelve my grandmother took me on a short term Africa. Shook my older brother and certainly and sister to a church there aren't as well but it's also arm but she took me to Africa. One and. I really animated out all the time. We went to. Crocodile. Do slash museum duplicate is juvenile product well other ball up. Nonsense and then up to Dick outside in the exhibit and they had a cajun not cages looked pens beloved crocodile now or else you know the big 120 yeah. So. We were the only one there and so the judge Alex rightly or don't sudden. So we got the option to go inside. Eat biggest crook not rocket out of their own 6012212. Footers and that is not a. Great idea grandma. Yeah no slower and use the option of doing a growing and now. When I'm playing you guys went in right. She really really wanted to have a light. A finds. So we get in there and how much a lot bigger instead of next door and as soon as we got it up at the altar of dirt there public. I'm not too sure about. So but I think it was funny guy that failed to take a picture dome like sure. My body turned around my I had it look at that bad and there's still there's picture proof will be there aren't you guys. I believe global. You must laurel and AM. All right so. We gotta get out and again the got a big and it's funny you got that flu like trainer brought. If we bomb. He's got a post lacrosse you know we'll move. He's clean he's funny he's splashing the water in the browse my leg. And I I've I've freaked out almost punched him. Because. I thought I have followed the cut out a gun not a court ordered Doug get them. Malia so are you say out of my pillow for your grandmother you were dumb and I saw an agent Don doesn't interest and ballistic because dunk Danica and Fuzzy Italian grandma god dammit I think it's into your head in the southern part of of Africa. Yeah I guess what just. Did and I understand the Nile comes basically to a delta in Egypt. Which is the north east portion of Africa they'll keep going right well how far south as the Nile go or is the only crocodile in Africa a Nile crocodile just the name not necessarily associated with a river. The good denials only in the northern Africa some function correctly but I don't I don't believe that he has now cartel trying to do just that I. They don't they stole the name I got to okay Bora it amazes me if you find another big as crocodile like an. Tonight a crowd around which one's bigger than my crocodile is saltwater crocodile irony that salt water one of the Nile crocodile as the one that ate the toward. Poor guy died right. Right and I think the saltwater crocodile amateur that same thing with us all video saltwater crocodile jumping out and attacking a woman who was walking along a beach in Australia. Did you guys Alexander's on the beach is walking on the beach at night and it just comes out of the notion into space the bears all the leg. The salt water once or Matt there's a video list Alia. I'll lay that Nile croc now he's all over Africa oh man yeah you're on the river than an hour now crack in our military lives in a van down by the river but there and get down there. No fans everywhere and when my newly. Australian woman attacked by a crocodile while walking on the beach they don't think I've been shorter man. I'll story woman attacked my crock I could even be and that's the citizen have a lot of hits visited us now this just happened last week so basically you walk along the beach. And and a video of them boom this thing just comes out of the water and I mean. You're walking along the beaches are due and you can't even take a walk along the beach. At night in Australia and not risk death that's basically are you in them. Moon patrol there that I I don't know why did you see this but I do still other turner devers is the FCC get those Van Jones radio you can email the bad jokes in the men's or amendments or live dot com mail to get your emails coming up on our question. What memorable thing did you do in the name of love you are listening to the men's or radio network. Thank you there's bad jokes coming out mean now the bad goes to the men's room and phentermine dark comedy the bad jokes right before during a toast. With Michelle today and also gun of the exciting returned. Ted vs the FCC will try to get one back into the win column today had a question what memorable thing did you do in the name of love and here come those emails men's room Edmonds in my back out. I don't drive my girlfriend's best friend that was new to Vegas to work at 3 AM. If I got out of work early I pick her up for mark the only time I almost had a threesome between girlfriend and the friend my girlfriend went to the bathroom and came back dressed. I knew was over into the very cold shower the friend was an eight and just started working at a strip club. In Vegas so to be like you had the idea that maybe that it happened but they never really thought about that happening you're just glad you used when four but you're still driving some of the word at three area. Our home for mark get it away and right. Right I wasn't shocked and ends with you as a stripper but maybe two. Maybe he thought it was gonna do good and in the girlfriend yesterday was like I'm not in the women or maybe she was going into work what's under the that the club schools in Vegas at the 24. I've heard summer 24 a got the door you've been through. You. Some of the yeah man beard and all night to gone outside of those morning yes. I had okay would have alleged spirit right now. It was also would undergo. Two or three aren't. Had some drinks it's I had won my four dollars that night spent it all very quickly. Actually ran up the tab higher than that the strippers are nice about it. And then you say here's toy box get we get in the car and go back to your hotel when I walked out it's like that scene from movie now and it's bright sunshine it is hot. It was awful single no movie in the middle of the day on and coming outside realizing it's daytime that you've been like two hours at a darkroom. Yet do it and went and what I lake when I got out of that car back at the hotel there's like families and stuff lined up to go do stuff and I just look at that guy and Iraq. Guys I had a torn three tendons in my knee playing football and I was an embrace I was not allowed to bend my knee. It's nota good four feats in around this time of my girlfriend was on the phone will be saying. She wished that I was there to start a fire for and could lay in from the weather. Well unable to drive the time I walk five miles to her house with a neat if I could not meant. I showed up the door to find out that. Someone else had started a fire clue it was laying naked whether. So I don't walk another five miles home her my anymore I didn't get any worse to that I had to be the worst thing that I've done for love rock on that from a dumb you know water. Look man I until I go for a walk five miles and snow like look I am upset I'm I'm heartbroken but let me just alone I mean like I don't want America. Look at the other Dugas RTM I know. He was already in there about a five mile direction in the snow. But your fighting out of one leg. He's making it three tracks go on there three tracks coming back he he he. I just did. The David Garrity there at the advantage the other go ahead what lack I understand man that's like a man walk five miles an hour how often I demand now log into the so dragon around there. Guys I'll bought my fiance to laptops. A tablet spread pretty much every paycheck this year on him. And we'll soon be flying and out from Newfoundland to live with me I always knew love would be expensive but damn that from mr. played man now my goodness mr. lemon you bought your level on this thing. All that she's lip about it. Hi guys I allowed my lover of three years to rack up debt of rent and bills that I covered totaling. 6500. Dollars because I am mentally damaged. Last week I gave my written notice to vacate he was not pleased and seem surprised. The power p.'s strong this is true either way. That from day Eric who says PS miles I'm with you those losers that ditch the chicken wings over taco should have given a nifty jacket and walked into a rubber room. Our guys I was in the army stationed at Fort Riley Kansas and I had a girlfriend in Flint, Michigan. And over the weekend I went out of my car at close of business on Friday and take off to Michigan it was about. 8900. Mile trip. About twelve hours. Which also meant I would be arriving while she was still asleep and you're in Flint I would remember how she would say that there was always the best way to wake up almost Saturday mornings. Mean react if you drove Franken twelve hours that was you don't Elian Monday if you forever and from that I deserve some twelve hours that is end up in Flint, Michigan. Any hit hit hit hit it it's just as the entire body with two cases of bottled water. There isn't enough that I would that make that trip they keep in mind that I had to be Bakken Formation in Fort Riley it's exe in the next Monday morning. I would be in serious trouble if I wasn't there had to explain miles that far away from post without having been authorized to pass or leave. But she was worth driving 18100 miles out of my way to see here for all of just 24 hours that is a maze without some comments. Absolute worst thing I've ever done below and the biggest regret of my life. I went to see the movie beaches in the theater no girl has worked for. Canada and I moved from Oklahoma to Washington State for a woman and after being here six months she left me. I moved 2000 miles away from my family to move with the woman that I met on a video game she's crazier than I could have imagined. Yeah and I asked her to marry me during this Thanksgiving of this URI. One more for a to divert Visio and another coming of well you little crazier than I imagined. But after American man just as you sound like Eric Hartman when you're seeing through. Conferencing voice command early and get it and it's a selector. Will do against Luna did you know I don't need me and you me. Guys and I'm gonna win this good an odd thing. Eroded obviously an Intifada the hey there guys other navies are in 2005 and I was driving back to Virginia Beach from Erie Pennsylvania after visiting a friend who was there for work training. We had went out for dinner one night to a good stakeouts at some drinks and told some jokes and stories. One guy named dawn talked about when it's cold night in your driving alone and it's slowly it's a great time for some self gratification. All right. As I drove back home in my 1980 VW van again through the mighty Appalachian Mountains is still had a condom from my trip. Sadly there was no other cars in the road and decided to put it on and test this theory. It was just me in the mountains and journey blasting on the radio after I did indeed I tossed the gun I don't know was relying you ran advise please have my accomplishments. About five minutes later I saw or heard of cars driving behind me and as I looked in the side view mere. There was a condom dangling on the bumper of my van which was one of those ones it was detached from the car. I swerved and sped up and slowed down but nothing would Russell that love thing off the bumper I got looks and gazes from all the passers by. But that baby for held on all the way to the next gas station. On my adventure. Peace and love bitches that from squeeze particularly the use a condom he says what I do for love to myself yes very good morning TomTom masturbating now yet maybe Morris might be one says is he just what I was late late. The first time at eighteen or nineteen and it's wanted to see how like I I never had sex of the voter approval the gondola Reza more exceptionally ugly death. Yeah that's that's an I can't judge number if you actually emails here for the men's room amends in my dot com. All others is always my son Aden Brown's little munchkin happy first birthday today. Can you know little kid's face challenge in an Al hitting the window may be an uh oh look out for this man's special day Iraq on Mitch is the podcast makes three hours behind the wheel to and from work each day a little laughs best regards that from Matthew. Oh look at. Oh. I did I get amber deja draws analyses eleven years old today he's been a longtime listener and a rockaholic. Gonna get a face sand wedge in some PG thirteen net not the German talk. Thanks guys that from Bryant yeah he is eleven. Stay in school. Do you hold much emotion that every me. Every media. Yeah. Say a prayer who is Joseph Biden and Graham. We know what children think. Yeah. Guys love Michelle wanted to always my wonderful boyfriend even the most amazing birthday ever he's 48 today gonna get a big old LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys that from Melissa. Yeah. This is my sister Sarah's story for a birthday today could you please get wedding view with a Sarah Palin handsome dirty Germans from Ted and thrill. Thanks guys keep on rocking that from shock. Dish oh. And simply both they want to put my one dog in Europe to begin. Yeah and unlike Eminem a militant young men and I. God don't you ever deja tobacco order Khazei is 32 he would like guy Joey just not in the dirty Germans talking about shafts. Does your son chance all day long thanks guys thank you Bob the great work that from Joshua. And don't you know working on another show called the movement to them inspected shot done right. Yeah I don't think I would say is that I've heard he's one bad mother. Schumann. Just taught him corruption. Guys like Carter going to celebrate against review turned around the sun getting eternal thanks followed by your penis is too small. And some dirty Germans about his being as being too small thanks guys that from Chad. There was no sense thing of the penis to to smoke that's what we have PS. God that's a joke penis when you came enough. Isn't always the emblem of the world apparently you do the size of pennies. Guys murder over lizards birds as he always tells me how hot thrill as my brother rob remains firm enough maybe you'll turtle lax for good measure. And Ebert Dave Dave that from Davis. Those fund. Okay. Can I grow up. The we'll look I want to get to busy open losing spend Hudson's. And on the cheapest I continued to feel stupid. If you need it with the yeah and I think she could into a mom bought like meet with it has not. You know losing and you guys for awhile lovely shows my birthday today getting an amber deja with a all you guys talking all over each other. Thanks guys. Love the show absolutely true birthday I was six go out every bit timid and didn't get and you don't put millions our governor at some moment what do you want to do something you're doing nothing about it and easy use application example are you serious you're more like not reach around everywhere and I was on the Mazen was good there why powerball up act for Obama right to call you my wife to run quarterback I don't back to some options and then literally take three states. What else. All the calls and Robin let's say here it is double d.s 54 birthday. Let's say here can you guys oh god. About turtle wax and dirty German thrill and Ozzie dead thanks guys love the show that from the other. If if it. Well look I'm. Broadly. Yeah double. There venue for Melvin Taylor double 33 of us who got three d.s and just go out unless platypus. Hi guys Jerry oh. Happy happy I did OK. Yeah heavy handed aren't. Yeah. I clay you'd think you'd go. Mid day and Gaza did you Germans brought. All available through these world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And am trying to apply to. I don't know if you're an animal guys I had a cat that was an indoor outdoor cats and I look caller and she would come home. One day I caller into the night and she jumps back over the fence. With a piece of a fried chicken breast in her mouth. She brought it home as a trophy and laid it on the stoop to this day I have no idea where the piece of the fried chicken came from. That from Mike the bearded brewer and that there are any other type of brewer than a bearded brewer. Is that a requirement for the job I've known one ruhr that was beer list in a look weird and get parents check when you don't even trust them. Things I guys as far as your animal whose light Beers we had a couple of incidences where people are saying that. They're animal had something hanging out the backside. And there was. Oh and one instance it was like there's a record there was a tampons for those of it goes to Tampa on those also like a piece of Christmas ribbon three feet long those pulled out global blah either way we've all seen the thing where there's a hair there's a day angler you know you got to finally for some and reach in there and seeping in through that thing out. This one is a little bit of a safety tip. It does guys you should actually not pull any strings coming out of your dog or cat. If it is long and causing what is called out Linear foreign body. You can do a lot of damage. If you target and pulled on that and it comes out easily no problem. But if there is any resistance stop and go to the vets love the show that from jet when he Jenna most of my foot up on his ass is. Right now with a look back it's part of that again had to bail them out. I mean my god man and try to get out of its chain him to there I'm not gonna force the issue yeah I think both are able to gentle Thai man inside it. And I went on cardinal law more week of wearing and here are. Poop just good advice for everybody that. It's not another threat not just animals into trying to help me in a way to get the valley take your time if it is. The guy that if I got this I gotta I know of salad tong thinks about my time relegate Claman NASCAR comes out easily out obviously right disease visas tossed about in and it should be like. How long time listener. Growing up we had an orange tabby cat named Bart. And a dash in name bullet so barred died and my parents plan to bury him in the backyard of the ground was frozen so they put their Rubbermaid tub until the ground thought. My step mom didn't wanna have that categorize Toshiba on the side of the house. My dad comes home and lets the dog out and forgets about. I'll never forget looking out in the snow covered backyard and seeing little pieces of Orange fur everywhere as my dad try to clean up as much as possible. And get the rest of the cat away from the dog we never married another animal in a backyard again love Michelle appeared today at Anchorage Alaska. At from the lovely Megan so how are in different places you have to bear the campaign I mean do you bury all in one place for our newsletter will put the ball over here. The head over here and detail yeah. And now well I would see live here and anchors aground would be frozen would be difficult in the wintertime bear that then yeah I wanna say that the other day. In ninety minutes they got its. What snow was a reward of 5345. Feet of snow whatever was it was an amazing amount of snow for the time the snow got fifteen inches in making out. Now that's right sank in some areas even got worse so's a pretty occurs yeah look at him now. Frank weight and I'm talking about a it is wants to get out any huge trade Sharjah hair club just walked in children because it was said we're gonna help you do damage from this you can bring you going out Montserrat I think this really really bad what's what's wrong with the tenth. I thought about that responds well I don't know her personal you know Mae and Kent I think we're Ebola. I really don't do the dragon did you believe them likely within your talk feature actually. Think we should go back in time the last someone please tell vs the FCC silver. Let's go back into. Who gave me room many an enemy of my feet and Emma and meet. Late this slipped tick dip Rick fouled funky sacking fourteen cut from front. He's not back in me many enemy of my and in my and then you look at this they picked yet Rick fouled funky something you can. Fourteen cut front but barn in many many an enemy of my aunt Emma and yeah lick this slick nick did Rick. Foul funky sucking fourteen putt doom. Do you study an enemy of my and a math an enemy let this slip pick it ripped. Foul funky sucking fourteen. I. It's okay. Hope that we'll I was so little brands sold so these are looking at a crucial alliance and stones shows I saw him. So cool so most Ferrara. I was not yeah. Okay this. This I record says this is the FCC. They decided to to double dip blessed guy and Italy were round of instructors we know we shop on Amazon I've got to get our Christmas presents are actually a lot of stuff. I'm Bob Marley made it and it is targeted burgers feed the dog one of the total market and do freebies. But we were determined to push this. Please do the night. Miles that men Hugh Hewitt is three go to Canada you know you all for dear Leo you're leading into the tree programming on it involves a tree at dryer sheets. No no bribes to beat the doctors that is dangerous aren't available come this morning again we get this we there's a reason it's people like that if we get this. And we get a daily listeners know I went to Edwards didn't do that if so as we do lists are comes first really a little. Nurse admitted that vs the FCC this weekend receiving get through this and that goes something like this and it is from our good buddy Dillon who says good luck. Deeds prickly pickle pepper rarely pray to pretty rakes pick but pretty Rick's picks like to pack Peters prickly pickled peppers. The limited devers is the FCC is gentry that one time through then three times fast. All right thanks don't. With hopes and singer might oppose them for about love Dylan Pete's. Prick early pickled pepper rarely. Correct Diddy. Rick's Dick but pretty Rick's. Picked light impact Peters Erica Lee. Pickled pepper present track meets personally pick Culpepper rarely picked pretty Rick's picks. But pretty quick pick we'll let. To peak. Metres pick only. Michael pepper Lawrence has our what our. All my dad why well the good news is there's only do our right here in spectacular there will be plenty of misses on his adversity it's easy even knows the record setting year for him really lost that much. Now I do is like the chiefs. Is that good for me particularly as well as steroids this year hasn't it says that he gains a mob. There are bad dude dog away far far 9990. You can also email the bad jokes do the men's room. And men's or live dot com bad jokes are coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Jack may have more far 999 all you can email the bad dose of the men's or amendments or my back on the first to ensure that the bad jokes last for generations to come. We first must bring you these rules. This is the official men's room bad jokes rules. A joke is Obama. Not necessarily how dirty joke for instance from I guy walked into a block. Yeah we know how that. We all know about the man from Nantucket. And why they. So bad Joseph is a bad joke and not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind before you go. Get out get a bad jokes. All right so this guy goes up too little and a funeral he says he monetize their words. She says now it's all right go ahead what took the microphone goes. Plethora. He says thank you that means a lot. Well done my plenty of Clinton and even want to. Take yeah. Why do child where battles why you Cal's Wear bells user horns don't work. Maybe that's a joke. A kid dressed like empire for Halloween goes in this lady's out to ask where's his Buccaneers are he says Bob Buccaneers run in my bucket hat. The eggs they into the pot of water what is the eggs say the pot of water but take me awhile to get harder and he's got millions. Please call guy had three with a suitcase. And kids who cares what a branch manager. What you have would only to green bulls in your hand what do you have when you're holding a green ball I. Permits under Biden attended the. Our job as an easy being green. Doctor says well looks like you're pregnant woman says all I got them pregnant doctor applies. Now I just looks like you're caught. Oh yeah I had horrible and hold. The devil appeared in my town the other day everybody ran did a couple of old man. The doubles I do in my and the doubles beelzebub evil incarnate viewed not spare me the elements and no allies that I have been mergers system of reporting good. Yeah I don't not a way to the very attacks. Deserves to be ready. I'm thrilled knows just who it is well. It's not as good as usual we had the very best game. Steve at royal find out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose 52 year old my he had to Ryan of Vancouver British Columbia Canada. My I was recently diagnosed with an undisclosed quote or mental illness so how did she cope with the news. She spent several months with or bolts on before basically departing. And leaving a note that read and I quote my body hurts my heart is full it's time I love him. Mention boarded a ferry strip naked in jumped into the water she was gonna do this. Our own terms but once she was under water she is silent revolution didn't really wanna be there at the water's cold I know how to swim to an art to drown yourself so. She had far I've cold hours to think about that in fact they called off the rescue. But in the winter in the smile when they were to retrieve the lights wing from the boat now infamous or floating chemicals to bat. Particular hospital she survives but she did have to go to the hospital for a week while she deserved that week that's when you found out that that she was not terminally ill have brawl. A little bit have been wrong diagnosis am yet so given my primary and normally don't spend some time with your family in this case or some adults on. You jump into the water does are gonna do it yourself go to your terms. You happen to get rescued they take you to the hospital and oh yeah I do in Europe. She discoveries and got a pain or somebody poet Emma and take two of these goals and more if that's crazy and all court. Yeah I mean think about it you know her son at some point got this letter. In Canada's crush of Hartley and it gets that he understands he knew essentially you know better take it didn't punch but still. Mega ball OK intermountain. Does well it's no. I'm not dead AM everything we're worried about water under the with an abundance of death. Let's strength. Report this blows him a drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni national over the tone and downloads for a few Barney in our Tommy's. Down our lab Arizona. Good it does not live profiles will take Heller and I now a 449990. Luck. This is many things continue on the men's room radio network.