08-09-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Is Stuck In Traffic

Thursday, August 9th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is some men's room. You're listening to the. Our friends coming on in New Orleans the buy you 95 seminal fluid on Portland's classic rock 923 key GO Lynn and good morning to the bugs are waking up and looking at Russia had 947 easy Indy Alaska's rock alternative and beautiful Anchorage Alaska mayor Joseph Torre today as the head just gonna Disney to details we haven't beat it taste testing and we also have some New Orleans style of food courtesy of Gmail and New Orleans I had shift. I just meat and potatoes I Sherlock is coming up and the meantime the game is big dummy if you like to be a contestant. At 844999. Although we have Jose alive and he's so we're gonna question number two cortina not sober yes indeed are. You. Here's tonight's question what extra is Chris Hudson's mother who. Good news alone. Or get a cold hard. Okay now go to Alaska and doesn't get the last night but everybody's going to be goalie not do I don't know what my new Niagara. No class there is a big dummy par 4999 alone who is our next contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Over the moon. So we're not so. Solar over Brandon in the show in her bowl and everyone was the worst drivers and road. Many bands German car Prius for bicycles. Pay your embryos memo my thing on the cycle. Sorry to hear is your question. Yeah and ended Dupree has put out by all of us. Sure sort of you know what I realized we do a Prius with a bicycles on the hood. Imagine that I like no one doing it went through an intersection before they just don't go out there. And the song the twelve days of Christmas. What did my true love gave to me on the sixth day. And rubies. Who today lose. Almost. No apparent that only. Fifteen years. I was gonna guess about eight and a half months let him. Churn and. You know I don't know might cure 82 offensive people who. You are I cannot see in my car when I'm Wilson intends description is on the loose like people grouping. Mike is correct it does see some decent way and I'll call you. Hey Brian what about I don't know I can answer raids there is a credit I can remember six people program. It sounded like I was basically able boo I would rather than managers I think owner of the things up. Right below then yeah. All our lines of go pretty good at it it is the M Inez TC. Didn't completely. It is whistles there's a mayor and as a little more bond and agitated now it's like they're going to probably out of the all right the question what does the only French speaking nations and the Caribbean. A French we're we're all Obama. And always are among all. Political audit that is a known as they got they got. And remember I think it's fancy fancy French. Mary pass and Tyler Perry campaign. And think of those books sharp. Maybe okay. We abandoned them. Programs that I mean things got so much better. I don't mind the mudslides. I don't age bronze age or the industrial revolution which lasted roughly. From 3600. To 600 BC. Withdrawn. It. Donate very. On those days. Third place finisher the number three I was mentioning. And in some dude you showed up they I got cold again their own Karl Karl Malone is just out there so let's move forward. Treaty of Paris formally ended what war. The a little or a jury or. Gore won the American revolution led government isn't. Wow oh yeah inside America. I'm leaving like a mirror I lose you are just I need to reach Brett you know I mean like always I lose aerial out of your dignity and wow okay again we're there I would I had an hour I moved up. All the French help to sell us to this and hello here's. Usually risk used to just go there in Seattle thousand lose it some how out of Laura mammograms. Is a good sign the treaty here. Firewall and certain parents. And the reason is silent Camden, New Jersey your screen is there one day we're gonna remember we did that. So let's just don't errors. Aren't multiple choice mortgage Al or ET which Combs from the planet of mail Matt. I. Yeah. More to our EU which comes from employing our. Mortgage. Als or EE which comes from the land of Mel Mac. All. Veteran very good but did you think was that. Uncomfortable or you can mall Borg was from pork breath and let them or more for more ET never said the name and all the disguises guardian on loan. Though. Had to try and hammer out a team is age is absolutely drag out. Last thing I and hemorrhoids. If this is that the failures on the drug study NC Imus said all this man is vocabulary list and his finger was the only thing without. I like the killer babes that's a big dummies they made more far 999 alone who's our next contestant try to play the big game. Even though the by the team that's he's like our new got a pretty you know. Do you get inside of some of the Internet back and really can't figure out an album there was a subplot. He's like me Jose believes that moments like I am talking about his youth we knew now Lou. You have no coup. Yeah and they went home so if you get Jensen Greg's got checked on them. Yellows active welcome to the liberal. I agree on these children are over. The other. Then we're told today bad drivers found. A minivan during our brief bicycles. And bicycle bicycle. Well look what do you would you what would bicycles specifically are you not enjoy. Isn't the guy who's wearing all the European racing near the study awful a God's idea it's a mountain bike guys. You know I knew life. Grown man number one Ciba. Oh yeah I got to buy a hearing things like that guy use his right around one hand on the handlebar. Here any materials flow of the vice chair things not concentrate I had had I and that they. What is unbelievable to me entirely if you can just leave that by oh my god is the third and where when the news if you. In the front of the adorable lobby overbuilding and I don't go there be a long called like oh authorities yellow light when they come from my place and it is beating. And I wanted to wanted to take a goddamn thing and thrown into the canals. I was gonna professors and walk outside and somebody who I nick knows that we need this annoying really high usually does that you're riding now paint. Also claim as a drop them off they're okay what are the deal Lesnar is configured up front and got them. Well some people are I think drug configure the laws because it was like an alarm was going off and what do you do many other I would after physically prepared god damn thing up into the downstream. I mean I was thinking about a serious thing and I'll tell him that America he moved through I'm not her bottom so pissed off. All we may hear them agreement which got local TV and you damn people let me just put GPS on. Tried our question. Is it came out and an intent is that people are and what is it Obama. When the movie over and they go learn. These. Any it was the first I have also weigh in America cook cook I always thought Brian. That was my guess I'm living. With a few month. I'm okay. We're on I think you're like oh man is like being on a whole roller coaster like you apart like Coney Island all wooded bracket yeah. Gripping my oh my god could not based on the data that Clinton. The Manhattan Project was the code name for the developmental what. Yeah yeah. The Manhattan Bronx. At noon and even heard of that before. You know. To slum area in Manhattan. And by the way in Manhattan Project it was that she is in Chicago police are the reason they didn't come from the Soviets also case when she's kind of clue so it would be immensely interest that. And was amazed how himself now but back there menagerie of spying. They called the Manhattan broadly and so maybe this new ground Manhattan. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah nuclear bomb Thomas. Oh atomic bombs. We all those the ones left. All of. Do you street street is that none of the above loaded up. Yeah does he generally makes fireballs and your mouth then have you worked 7UP. I am. Yeah thank you doctor Barbara goes I'll learn that Texas Utah could go Dell and apple cider. All I guess sugar boy that's a lot of sugar a white guy adventure veterans concerning you Andrea and firefighters and then they figure you can say fire ball goes by the minute you guys look like I'll gone I'm dying who wrong with you. I had final two weeks yeah. They sight gags and athleticism. In these legacy I think the atomic fireball can grow faster than us. It's totally lose your kids. All right here's your questions until I caught the ball as we really gotten bad recruit for some I had written as they do we really bad ass little drink a fireball sank in the rose Pettigrew lives that goal you. It shortcoming of these a difference incarnations of the young threw did you go through the your mice aged. Yeah there you go through these waters stage but that is those things aren't I was a miles narrow it down. We're going to use yeah we're on and I. And I have those goddamn big those upside down not a machine and the bars you know and had to be coming has gone big time. Well the thing is. To me the farm all years of a much better years believe me man you itemized taste like crap please Arnold tees it's a whole lot more McDonough coming up 844999. Hole if you like to be a contestant you're listening to the men's or radio network. All out until. You don't have entered the men's room. Yeah Alexandria rebels as a New Orleans south facing less than my great New Orleans food and address them special beat a beer that's coming up with a hedge yet. And sends me a potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy if you'd like to be a contestant 844999. Older we still have a Zach online does rub off all right we're closer now that you're brand new contestant from big dummy load maintain welcome to the man drove. All. Hey you sober enough over the. We're over make welcome the show men's room hole today sounds like you're driving do you believe is the worst drivers it's going to be a minivan with the German car Prius or bicycles. Only bicycles that I hate is strong with a bicycles are strong and really as we've noticed that today man I ask for short. Are your your question how many years was Robinson's words overwhelmed I'm the desert I. Love vibes. Cameron told them. You know and I hold no Helen this wisdom about how does went down okay right after I figure I don't want to guess what it's absolutely everything that. It's really just. We. I think there I don't know I know I had students ranked probably 28 years 28 years. Longtime and long long time and when I found an led flag Tom Hanks from cast it's. A New York City and that's Five Boroughs Brooklyn and queens the Bronx Manhattan and one. OK okay. And it is more and more. Won't be worth the other one yet. Brooklyn and queens the Bronx Manhattan and where else. Boom. President might combat that got a little long. The all I know yeah my pin neighborhood call you but it but now one of the birth. Or Staten Island know and every member means it's. The concorde is the capital on the one US things. Okay. Yeah yeah. And yeah. Gore. Okay. Yeah I'm sure it's. My new hands Tribune today another done isn't it or the amount of them may well have no clue about Robin's brother were doing a tribute to our fans of a New Hampshire since he's a somewhere on the job in fully understand where this is where the trail stars get technically a little bit more difficult. Warrior climbing rocks and do some of the graves nobody made you realize your New Hampshire I'm like why am I doing apparently as far as the I'm blessed drills concerned and I don't know this is is the tough part. Of the trail the evening goal that entire way now we're surgeon at church when you're on one of these psyche folks do you think at least Morgan he's been on the journalist for five months somewhere around there are so. Would make more sense to use your applauding and how is this what you wanna do with the endowment. Think he might be for teens put on the other hand your muscles are used as a lawyer or leave to both short putt or do you just want to get it over with a front. I mean it depends on the season where you take off so I let them and understanding what the hard so first or last. I wanna get that yeah and I don't think yet then go there for five monster smelling desk. The army and I'm just did some covered in stuffed tiger tell me I got to do this I sure crash data I wanna hear it. And I'm in New Hampshire this big dummy par par 999 all I do we have a new contest and right to play a big game. Hello Gloria welcome to the men's room. And I meant a lot. Story area on teams over going on over. Hello I'm so we're on alert still RF know what that sound. Story men's grill. Of course driver many men German car Prius or bicycle. I go okay for kids. About no miles Brooklyn isn't she's coming owner of a all right here is your question the rabbit ears range castle peak and mount massive. Aside from being nickname for my prom dates are all located in what US state. Fully. Rabbit ears range castle peak mount massive. I know who Montana. Out of me too. Heavy. Yeah clears the ball. And I didn't sound he's he's he's on there indefinitely in Wyoming there there are they in the Colorado and other mayors and I don't know I don't know if I've never been an idea is he'll announce and would tease. Start with TO IOK yeah the image in my mind losing their housing QB. There you go into what this summer Olympic field event has two main styles but why tiger and spin. I. I don't know it's summer. Good to make fun idea which is call call. It flies in the left the quiet and mystery and camera proofed. Close shot put and egging him. And concerns of those camera probably. Or. That you may have been unheard bend them all there. It's war was fought along the 38 parallel. Your chance he's there. They're all hard question all. Or. Going toward. An aura. The Korean War Hillary I'm unprepared. I'm very separate beds. From straight Grand Canyon soon. Everybody it's. Sure. That the quick what school did mr. Charles monkey in banks. And low ends KP. Your. And does begin a Monday oh my god we brought up the rhesus monkey earlier which was the thought of ambivalence on the monkey monkey base SO during the commercial break ever gonna tell you guys that are on my clock runs and hearing goes yeah that thing up basically what the frozen spaces that will abandon its frozen space they told us we just didn't care quality frozen space. If froze to make it. It because they let them there or throws before they thought it would for I don't know what happens on the went wrong and monkey throws they came back he was solid as a rock and here's what went wrong way to make each way you never made it back. Maybe didn't shoot that monkey out there for good way to make a Big Brother among you they had and how well dog lucky dogs come back. I was out there you think the Monday in a dollar dissonance there in orbit well you know oh yeah burned up on the way back man who sold on eBay says I am. I'm surely nobody gives were smaller than the actual number of them brought to America when you don't figure out. I keep bastion of a lie and be among did you indulge all the stuff. My understanding there is at least two chimps. That went up right united front amassed through reentry things let's just say they did not mastered re everything's OK and so late in the monkey minute lag all everything good. And as as burned up on the way to old after they were in contact with the monkey whenever monkeys fatal car I had. The exact OK because you don't know where I would not wanna hear the audio that. Let's sound it take a month you may see space I don't think the heat but when you realize is coming into reentry things are going got. I'm Daryn. Probably any language that you don't know they still drop F bombs and as bombs clearly is a lazy man whose store industry engineers don't know guy named Eduardo and martyrdom that's. Beat a leg of the was not preclude Bailey thank you just not right. Never ever ever so he's running into a restaurant he drops his entire trade classes they all smash on the floor and I swore out of his own. Tomorrow at that could take a look at what would you speak English but even when something goes wrong it's still does he earned a best buy universal ruinous. There's big dummy par par 999 all lose our next contestant ready to play the big game. Great so I know when I've been to Mexico as we tried to translate doesn't dirty things to sort of so obvious I get around to mother effort like that and like honestly man they're like you would say it like this in Spanish put if you were saying at the way you would then that. We Jose mother. Nice happy evidently you must quickly turned you remove the like we we kind of understand the sentiment even if it's not translated address in your. I mean like my brave. Every single and as such for their mom and some neighbors and our modern day whatever but I don't know if you're mad. It's like no mother ever straight okay Mike good to know they was just spreading. Hello and and welcome to the men's. Here on. Don Young team over the summer. Don't know also reflect about. Who worked on this all week how are you done. Okay and yourself a Democrat America aren't yet any intelligence on corn this summer. Screen Supreme Court. Photos are bold on worst drivers on the road this thing Mel and German car Prius or by six. The slight chance and you're encouraged to use as a military test I think it's. Go to slow them you know finger roll loom owners have. I would all right yeah. And what about the way the a couple of comments came and so we were gonna giggling about the warranty songs. Part of those who grins you towns were named by French explorers and made me basically big moves and friends because that's available are nice jazz or lose a few times hey at least look at those. Scale as to use. Kyoto the distance or. Yes they are down the aisle are they different who scores like that divide moves let's call it the big boobs and I that's the name of we gave a big boobs don't all look like you said. Art is your question what is the letter S stand for and JFK's name. All this girl. Who's. Dog until one and done for Don merry go down until places of fassel is a big bottom because the two mounds of wood to jam but. This is real so bullet. We're gonna go by the book Aaron the squeeze will be a battle and there's a down a boulevard 999 all who is our next contestant ready to play the big game or you aren't other rounds just did you get there first young guard Iman they need when you play mount thrilled centers founded. And Dave welcome to the men's room. I. Billions in government. Today everything is the worst driver minivan German car Prius from bicycle. Okay a Gold Coast but hopefully I think it's normally I ignore those people who you're on the blog on. All I'm. The heart and I really dumb man ICI yard days. All right here is your question what day of the week. Isn't the title of more billboard hot 100 songs than any other day of the week video of one and seven cents or. Hello lol but yeah. See that's come on Saturday and Monday's among. It is thanks Sunday. Pro life. How 100 million pomp and I think Newt MI Friday and Saturday those things clueless on this. I don't know this and so Bloody Sunday you only important solid but yeah. He is. Is an bags under my own and by the way thirty songs with the title. It week Sunday apparently taught contract and as close as it was Saturday with 23. Today god. Are you questioned multiple choice the highest grossing media franchise's all time and time. And hello kitty Star Wars are Pokemon. OK okay if you don't always. Six. Yeah man I cannot. Play it by you have to boost. There's more important. I do not I had no idea I had no idea about the words about him as in the bird can refer only to the females. It's like your falcons in Atlanta Falcons are they where am I labors. So falcon only refers. The females what does the mail falcon called. And snow okay. Let's go again. We know what we've heard this term I had not heard this future. Fortunate there regardless we're never going. I believe the bid for mouth tears so TI PE RC EL asked. So you falcon is absolutely number who's a good luck to. This man had many irons this here literary it's. Our rights. I don't know pharmacies and I just feel whom. One more or two away and battle that was fought on American soil what state didn't happen. Well I think some people want to hear it yeah. I don't look at. Is one I don't reported third. Alabama's homecoming after. I'm of the summit that the bad poll and moving his V. Hey there all. Always all you like or from Wisconsin. And I think it just sounds cold there. Only Tuesday. And we never had a temperature over 100 degrees Alaska is one of them what is the other boy they're going to be Datsyuk he's. Good Fairbanks and again it was out there must we have. I'm gonna go in May it. Only thing they're there by every single. Okay I'm never gonna it's important gentlemen members are on other things change the same day. Almost everything they Simpson's mind does raise the working OK billions in the way the current and all the stuff like that it's. Like any time you look at the term penalize you look at between 79 and 86 right dads is never been over a hundred it is humid there. Yeah news hot and I get you gotta get stuff done what 730 and they are more yeah. Internalize and that's kind of an ever blame us when they are people who lives about humidity but I noticed in Hawaii people do not bitch about it we'd exercise is really cool for. I'll. Yeah right yeah. It is illegal to own Raddatz in Queens and Australia. And lets you work what industry. A oh undergo measured. Now then people are evident that all out on the European money with another thread so yes I'll be his decision memo that rap you've got to think those arguments somewhere right we all nobody Australian thing rabid right to go and primarily Affleck monies as they say. Take over from Cleveland like look man you can I don't know rabbit Beatles song guy I was they. And then. My goal money the kids currently partisans of rap is there is pregnant regularly and air ticket I've gotten blown squirrel in my head the isn't there but sensible though. Total combat up my hat to his remarks to dump and ruined my name. They're impress about a quarter revenue of my hat like OK ma'am Pete liberal do you. Rabbit please do it anymore. I man up a little Jason's gonna have a real rabbit is that what they always does really well come on you think there's a lot of people. Kravis they're leads you know Galbraith. I don't think that doesn't have never never seemed rather an eagle double foreign cars are you there have been a proper show. I have hardly ever and I've never seen or held my Mike Hough would have to do this you know what a museum a magician you have seen the just of course she ran. His wife in my case you've been a magician and more revenue out of him. Now he's out OK but he he's thought about how his family wants me I don't triggered human ample the rent and I sort of the outlook on the streets that you would do I'm turning seven years old and I'm gonna tell my kids here's my dog he's a magician a dual I had to do. Double card tricks to make the scarf disappear my fists. If you can just. Our disappear in office so and you're constantly exists and will you stay here in Saudi earnings faster than kids. Lawyers and volunteers the vols well this is a dimension that he's a robot because I think like wealth disappears and your fist and wow good as I don't care I need him on here yeah. There is on that yeah but that's the I don't like a card trick and if I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt a commitment quarter disappear. He's double it's green shirts. Some with. The Turkish or sweatshirts and he's an ideologue feature to make it disappear I. I'm assuming the a magic cat has a false bottom and it is that other rather it is how dominant the bottom of the hat to you know I'll tell you authors and don't give up the secrets of like everybody miles but I won't spoil it for you okay. And my what might we need to take a big YouTube now resulting imagine trees I think that that's something people might do you always illegally did you tell the I don't know. It goes don't sell produces cigarettes now come and how to have a satellite and let you know I love how do you find. Yeah but how do you find now you got to get in the club in Delaware guess I notice do you learn trip like no one's really like New Jersey men really want no don't no they're not just about magic you've learned the tricks. Seriously like in the far right it's a failure obviously from Haitians again. Don't worry is that game may form for a 999 Olivia by two be a contest it's more they gonna come and if you are listening to the men's or radio network. True you went. You have going on Disney says we're anywhere Andre New Orleans style NASA brand beer from Reno brewing company in New Orleans, Louisiana and we doesn't grades at New Orleans style food here from June meals a locally in Seattle zarrella New Orleans style tends meat and potatoes coming up with they had ship and of course we will drink a toast with a shot of the day in the meantime game is big dummy 844999. Cola hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. All. Carries over and I felt. Orderly over tire iron on the show where our men's room balls they were dealing with the we believe the worst drivers. The minivan the German car Prius or a bicycle. Now I see. A whole Honda is good noise and it barely cars kind of like a right idiot yeah no I'm always goes three. Do you agree. I'm gonna unfolds everyone but I want to you know I still like Prius the least. By the way we're talking about magicians will grab consumer and my the fire in the belief that. Outside of the movies and cartoons you just don't see them on the comedy comes and apparently still happens okay and it says myself George group home let me just show up for a good part. And he and my other sister Miranda. And a printer Al so bad Heathrow is. Let's grab as the makes an appearance at his Arizona come here to entertain and I think you know I'm Google wall lying maybe I'm flying through the air maybe you brats. I isn't question. I do think mailed to the zip code 96598. Word is ago. Oh okay. Yeah I EIA. Barnes thinks our economy has grown. All. Shoot Iran and Syria outdoor 00 lead. When you know and believe it or not. I think I have the feeling you can just right after 96598. And is confined situation that person. He deserves an air bag to loosen the suspect mirror and see where does. It. Which what are these happened first the death George Washington or the discovery of dinosaur fossil. After George Washington. Tell them that long to find a dinosaur fossils so. George once and indicted 79 to nine. Fossils found 1824 now that savers recorded fossil like you. You know how that history is sorely Columbus discovered America let's just ignoring the vikings were obviously there's a fourteen and I didn't and so document he has so so ones that you realized. George Washington never knew about dinosaurs I assumed to be fair. Dinosaurs never knew about George Washington sponsors and you'll also. Still value yours. All right welcome to remember. I don't know odds Agnew and I'm surely get a dollar bills you lose those little lady I'm. John sounds like you're driving your plane would seem so we're. Harry another good ten minutes good for you. And your call today doesn't throughout their worst driver minivans German car Prius or bicycles. Well I don't think a bicycle Claudia bowl following normal volume and it's. Okay. Make your fairway and got a lot of different on your. Tigers questioned mr. James grabbed Danny Kaye met the man who invented the American cheese. Do or what country Canada Sweden Ireland former. Please. Follow up. Ireland. Read from an idea. Our next question. Which singer topped the charts with songs and everything I knew I'd do would you. Golf. Yeah. Yeah. Events. Right now. I didn't score in the red zone no one's gonna go. The microphone. Tell you lose momentum on another. Carlos there. According to a thrill list dot com. Once they eat as the tightest races license boy it's put out their lives so they about a week ago I went through all fifty states aren't gonna rain delays on what they believed to be the most attractive licensing when you cool looking license. That is an East Coast. And oh. It's airline. I was so close faithful home three mile farther South Carolina. If we don't like South Carolina aren't they got the palm tree damage to Hillary's dad played for just. Flat black yeah understood that Delaware does it and that was perfect for Delaware. Delaware. Mississippi good all right as I didn't think the palmetto tree right Byrd something's not palm trees how is our guys around not and I know I always South Carolina men's and Paul Holmgren knows and knows Arnold Jimmie attract. That's not a momentary. Yeah cities and you don't know. So what's your team is its okay three times the Super Bowl. Revenues plus important. Yeah. I don't belong there don't cowboys don't. Number I guess the cowboys' season. And many news continues on the men's room. The radio network.