08-08-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Sees Too Much

Thursday, August 9th

Mens Room Question: What is your naked story?


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This isn't. So men's room. Listening to. So our president and I'm ninety Iraq California's rock's future and that Sacramento also not in on Iraq and now Kansas City Iraq well Biogen news rock station base shelf break today from ESPN sports that are other legendary anchor known as Kenny Mayne joins us to talk a little bit about journey he's doing called run freely dot ORG. And what you don't need to know the hangover addition it is all coming up our question today what are short naked story 844999. All and this comment is perfect example of what we're talking about some of the work of the casino security. And the other day we had a couple fighting in one of the parking lots and upper a couple of minutes but guys strips naked and started helicopter as he walked away. When police showed up to grabs Franzen took off on foot into wooded area he was helicopters like your wailing as though you might drop you know mailing out. I know people get mad they do like Ted USA has died and so Matty rinses your Brasilia and it's just the Chris Brown moved back. I don't know there are Democrat and some anger and when to grab my penis and swing into circles is that you don't want anything you think you have and your shirt. They do horrific. Well again that is part of it OK you don't want her to turn the fight. OK I turn up. Tonight's and I'm sure go ahead and I want to take that as a deluge is due to act. And I don't know why you're ready just think if you think you know that guys fired up is shirts off does that happens and Mike in in the last movie you do is to helicopter off megabyte I think you won I guess it will take a big to me think in my on the other hand I don't. You might you buddy stop that I actually did end the fight. Not necessarily like I won bruises like that you don't walk around punched and you guys when nobody knows sure. You know what I I want to. Tight and don't cancel years ago may do this before the end and very very drunken days that we had together. Brent at a 7-Eleven or gas station whatever but worldwide by water or some thing. I gotta pee and as always I'm peeing outside and it's at night and sold. Manager or owner of the joint comes walking out. As we do let's amend his. Do you look if you look at this brand new asphalt my command I'm sorry adds I gotta go and so it is not acidic it's likened it to be as well. So are drawn gonna blow mall he goes back inside the big east sends out like this bouncer guy and always see those guys somewhere in this guy. For my impression is just a monster this guy is considerably larger than me and he's making it clear that he has been sent on behalf owner. And I should probably stop being so all I can think is. I'm about to get my ass beat but I realized. I'm. Some drama cancel my ankles and my interest charges to write until it like. I don't know what else to do well I do want some less sure of the guy ran back inside right. I play castle who is not let's say pleased with my decision making. Gradison by the shoulders those raiders guard takes off. Is a what did you do us a look man I'm about to my ass beat by like as a dozen big guys and I got that much. All I debate because it's hard to make opinions out and got him back off and and he did it it it doesn't he didn't need and our throughout called my parents. What down what is your negative story a 4499. Idol. And how they find they found him was his fans down knocked out all about that gas station parking lot of excitement and the bad blood. Hello Mehdi welcome to the men's room. All our American ladies wow. Compare. Mine start at 96 illuminating. Or just go home from the deployment. Includes crazy because you're a complete. And I'm sleeping air knock on the door and I'm. All there yet I just got back and install that on felt kinda calmed down. Go answer the door. And their ability mostly people the front door and two young lady. And all of a sudden you know they're just looking straight at my pace. I'm like OK in order they want so they go through the whole have you been paid yet. And I went yea no I haven't. And they're just talking to me talking to me they're like five minutes I'm standing there. I have no clue what they talk about her how they talked about it but it was just funny. To me. And and a lot. You blood they can hold our. Our lives but Americans. Don't open. Did you ever really realize that before you close the door. Yeah no I closed door looked down in my golf. The threat at all I can do now. They don't seem to mind me and not skip a beat and they just keep grand Lux. Straight in my eyes. They didn't look at everything else fail I opened the door and eat. It was a high level. You want and hurt my faith and I would like I don't know okay no I haven't paid AG but. Little I do. I would I won't give them credit on the one thing I didn't mean there is no calls I believe so much that if you open door make it a sense I want man I've gone back later. I honestly didn't. Say a word that's a whole funny thing is they did not say a word they went through marriage bill. Have you big sailor teases and did you know that Jesus probably did you pair of boxer shorts somewhere in your bedroom circuit if he cares enough. Had your piece that it's. I Carnell lake city thing. You'd be embarrassed to walking down mistreatment this is not only wanna do but play in the when you don't know who. Century's closing someplace and so much more more fun to see if I want to work and realized my fly has been open. Given below the rim street because I didn't know but that we needed to work like oh my god all I know most I've been naked around bodies because. I ask you were skinny dip in whatever charge that's fine but I also go into a bachelor party. Brow woke up went in the living room faced down make. Do you know why. I woke up I did not know why Heidi if you I was naked now what I've pieced together review of told me they are very excited about maybe going back to. Go to a hot of I had my feet didn't make it all the way. Well you gotta say Leonardo detonated in the best I don't so great in this group would dudes is that the group that I am comfortable going skinny dipping rides into their dislike yeah I don't know Mandela blackout drunk and we just naked. And then there's this October this effort section was say in the Condo and furiously to to get out of our room and make it. It's what is your negative story 84499. Final Helmand when you're dreaming but even when you're naked your you know I do not then unless you're having a nightmare you don't even feel comfortable in your dream of your neck. The funeral for Gary Grasso correlates like that is is not a situation I want my hand. Hello Mason welcome to the men's room. Oh an obvious off the all right so. I think heating and air conditioning aggravated stuff like that so. I just have to go wherever it's broken it up so. I residential lot of weird it was it was but. It was a residential I have been working for a while they do have a hours based JD got it out. And I'm just asking do it here. And this solar ladies. Come out her bedroom. Knock her out just know scares. Just stare me down right in the dying. She looked a little surprised but not acknowledge she was you know getting out of my way you know often. So I. Zero gonna say easily hide your morning may do I mean anything so I'll. Know words but. You know I never did that image out of my head it was that she's definitely an older woman. Passing was definitely an old rule always talking like something about Mary Stiles and gravity yearly goal is those the big. Only now and if there about. You know enable level no doubt Larry and Bonnie asks. Me and I Lugar. Not a pretty sight at I think I mean I'll do it or. Our veteran time OK now Cleveland I don't get it to an effort to land. I don't know how he's only gonna get warmed up enough agents including me or something. It was. A little bit garlic. I don't think there's Ron would you very narrowly breast. Boy yeah early breast. Those pictures look at it it's not a guy I don't wanna think about getting to the age where breasts are attractive anymore. Little is relative to door he drank I guess on injured in your book what worse the biggest branded as TD right now. The old kids all the nursing home right so obviously. There was a love both of them look like uncooked bathed in a furniture brands all real polls and reared sponsored Mehmet. I think advantage you don't care because it is available and I'm sure she's thinking the same thing when you tell us we'll bring it down to your knees. I it yeah. And it happens all of us paint even if I am definitely I. And change it again you just certain fourth right now all I feel like. I say explain this I realize now I just check out the mom more. She's closer to my camera and all your girl yeah only a dude just remember her or your alleged armed. Glug and and tomorrow by the broader and more write like Jack getting your sophomore. So tomorrow and it's and that amount. With its solid now what is your negative story 844999. A lot of hello bad Amal welcome to the men's room. So back in school I was not involved in this group who have looked pretty rowdy and long story short to get initiated into this group. Yeah had to go through the night he will never ever forget. Person all. The group that the girl that I originally. It was the year before you. They ended shield. To the next year right and so they bumped into your house the whole you out. I'm out in the street they ripped all your clothes off and aren't dual band completely naked with. 600 it's. Are they all make it as well. They are all make it as well what is is an initiation for again. Without saying too much of a week and I guarantee they're all listen okay I'll ended lower leg and that yeah. Certainly enhanced. I get a bottle. Do you think now but it all Nagano I was an ally isn't much volume whether cedars society and the my message for months until they know the well I didn't know until we don't know what the masons the wanted to say how they do stuff. So I get it got me I don't reel dunks that I needed and I was going to be a long way. And when I stepped out of them and you're in the middle of the order somewhere. And I take a lot egg straighten that no one knows. The original that you're naked. Dominate but also I thought I haven't started Tuesday. I was you know I mean I have been hit down their before but never while naked like I'm not been hit directly then I got Greg violence. As all eyes like some calls between Anderson who still hurts like cash stars we have them a straight shot to amendments. You. Do you enjoy and reflect please tornado my testicles will maybe get and that's cool with me I need to be reported group that bad they'll do is get naked playing fast that the content scramble. What is your negative stories four point 999 although I'm or else coming up you are listening to radio network. Men's room was miles. Who's in Hawaii are being evicted from their and. Home after all why judge sided with the property manager according to the EP descendants of the Wahoo rental. Whole named it the freedom house. And had multiple these violations and disturbances they are accused of running a business the tenants angered their neighbors. After the freedom house's advertised naked parties got out of hand. Including loud noises and a fire that exploded and consumed the car seat at that point you've just done too much. That's really Idec and that's exactly right we don't care that you may get why as your neighbor did my car explode. Other neighbor who lives thanks to the house David Brown claims he frequently reported the parties to police and that after the police slapped. The music goes back up and on then have very strange animal noises were heard. I he said he heard moaning like wolf howling sounds. OK the attorney for the property manager claimed attendance operated illegal business in the home. One of the tenants Brad Thomas he disagreed this is the website that I decided that I did have to have people come together. Another tenants no pun intended and behind more. Claims the only reasons the neighbors and the property manager taking action against them is because they imposed their lifestyle and because I'm more frequently contain complained. About the condition of the home. I'm a naturalist this is my religion and I have a right to be nude I am not an offensive. She also added that she has been brutally aroused where she is so scared that can't sleep tonight lawyers are still working on defense and so leave the freedom how so they are still there. Parting naked payment. I'm pretty lenient as far as I never goes united gender issues are renowned again but. The moment my car explodes because one of your party he's got caught him right yeah you're probably gonna be sexually and comfortable around that he. You'll blow my car and how did you start to fire the global car blew a potential cross and a lot elegant parties that if we start blowing up cars and when you said your yard gunfire with you know I gonna press there no matter how do you set a car around him all the complaints against the it has gas in the thing Nagin was not one of the complaints that it was hey. You're making too much and always when such turning neighbor. And you blew my car how did you take fed chief. You have a problem doesn't make it I have a problem because my cars incinerated and and your music too loud and your parting too late us loud noises sometimes I think people miss the the bigger and more obvious pictures I had a doctor years ago. Female doctor and anti into the physical but some rubber glove if your guy you know as prostate time so of course I went around them. I don't know if installation goes. Is this a problem because I'm a woman I said the problem your busted finger but I think. No offense man this is not a gender thing and frankly you're more slender finger somebody goes that way but. It doesn't matter to me who would you know I don't lay PriceSmart how did you take that had that. And a out of my element doctors see any gun and you say you don't take our jesus' rough it's rough can be let's give a bad day every home and enemy as thorough. Our question what is your negative story 844999. Hello hello clay welcome to the men's room. 00. I don't know act. So. Might make a story take place in Daytona Beach, Florida. I can't stay and daughter had moved down there. Auto motorcycle school. And one night. You're going to motorcycle school. What does motorcycles guitar to be a motorcycle models. Nobody did they teach kids how to work on on. I did not know when Lou and good to know when. Yeah yet so anyway yeah I was in my GI bill went down that'd be that it. So one fantastic night my fiance and I at Acton on. Well league naked and will. Look up about 2 AM really had a list. So. After enduring hit like my bad. So I get out and it all the lights throughout the black course and I'm thinking I got it may and August she really gap right. No way I clearly sparked my place. On the on the screen door jam. And it hurt so bad right on down on the ground screaming yelling it did that broke and it broke and my fiance it looks like. Daughter or better room what's going on looked go to and look around left. It's unlike her do. And until I looked down and literally my eighth look Mike horror outside utility small Tito's we're look at a ninety degree angle. Moral. Oh you did break him. Oh yeah oh yeah so. You know I I was also enrolled in. OP eight so I did the best I could grab some elect me again. I just you know tape and the other the best buy I shot on the tightest Syracuse like about it behind. And I've got dad works importantly she couldn't take me so I borrowed my motorcycle probably 3545. Minute down to the VA. They're at a news story are I don't leave anything out. Time I who has euphoria when it was your right foot a foot. Ultimately if you please yeah I was newsstands now as it ranks. Yeah yeah so you know maybe at the Concord Monitor every time you know you're look at do accuser got hit pretty big bite and it's really very stuck. Now let me ask you this since then do you turn the light on every time that you go to the basket. It. Michelle and I I may have made a man you know goes in there look you need to turn on the light just adds that extra layer being weighed on. One thing I have figured out where same thing it's dark it's a one eternal life normally can you go out like I doubt this. The European realized more impede. But I don't even more reflection and it may turn on the light to like OK I'm not got a big bonus to oil entirely separate out just go just sit down. All their might throughout ma'am I. To turn on the light but like I would just sit down as I'd miss the toilet. Entirely in my efforts with the lights on front if you spread to Baghdad we hit the trash can figure on foot didn't wedge into the corner and light it on man you're not yet. This probably eight peeing in the dark. It's always a my love is so did you ever since say ninety you're never gonna hit it and I'd rather just deal with then. Blocking my way to block and you brightness. Which hold the brightness you can get away with Africa besides the worst is video flipping back off men marry Jesse now okay journey all the way across the the room when I wake up well when you wake up initially it ease don't want the light that is too much rather miraculously the enemy yeah it is joining the a year ago. I got up in the Miller nightly so I thought it was probably 2 o'clock in the morning don't wanna get a glass of water. So I got downstairs to the kitchen and like I told you before man when I when I I have a water dispenser on my refrigerator and when you push the thing and the like comes. Ranked tennis like a spotlight that comes right down and you're just yeah that's right it's it's about Fred that level and you shines right down on a unit music. Young. So against the more I don't go along. Yes there's a process from Dalton. Cats don't rely on price tag and here's the Dong so I took over in I realized that someone just rolled over on the council might almighty god. My daughter's spending the night she must've fallen asleep watching television down here like she's there. I gotta get like from point a to be joining me my past her somehow like I'm mark you know I I'm like oh my god my blood desire I took up my other Mets. And I couldn't ultimate well I didn't have anything else and occasionally you bring in our reads the feet. Nod to the and you just shined in life until and you think he's isn't as you how you know there's you can syndicate I know I have a counter all of the select where I was situated she's you and you'll see that. But my whole thing was how would your pastor Manning back I just used oven Mitt. I'm playing other men as well I had no way did you cobra your peers in the oven Mitt did you actually insert your penis into the odd convert it okay. Yeah I didn't have one Abaxis and you try sleeping in my shorts. I know I was asleep them. I'm now she's on the bed or a little dark and family members. Critics on Sunday about hair short and laser Floyd then you run the more to my eyes started putting somebody I'm gonna slam and I get kids in the climb into bed I realized why. I am not ended the state like eighteen months old complaint are OK with this event possible and I don't wake up on correction this is not gonna happen so. When hundreds of times people slept in fact my son as we've we can GoDaddy. Why do we sleep in your underwear and under one of our model Maggie bridge as you walk in my room and Illinois community daddy would do this is not great data you saw does that. I had a good dad daddy would welcome to daddy sent it's just how polarized yanks haven't. They both are 999 hello what his aura I think wanting video I think if they don't think the only thing as me he also used the sinking of the apparently shorts on death LA sometimes I'll sleep make you an idea of a middle and I don't think. And again make it feel it's the thinking is there anything else and that the measure like a short lifestyle. Is doesn't sound like cattle is starent. And a legacy don't take a spot of the thing you know and right I'll look I'll wake up and in my domicile whatever needs is looking at it now Mike oh my god it and the thing is canceled that I go to the Verizon's I'm gonna have to give the rose you know master midmorning under the covers. That is anything who's dude. To the details of roi in all due to curtains part in this can at least like five feet anomalies you know what you have world was forever we're going to. I guess once nowadays are mega story for 4999 old I load John welcome to the men's room. Oh up okay. I did got. Oh weird story. But like back in the day when he satellite by your pocket your friend you know it's. And I don't expect him. Yeah you have to edit the lights are back there like my buddy. They include main ingredient is a marine and yet. Nobody brand. He's. The only way to come over how working you know I work late you know I get up work usually or it doesn't work if you don't like midnight. And so he's I dirty talk them into outcome and true gonna hook up by a bat or slowed kickback. And my fuel bill I didn't realize. That. The whole night even try and Coca but the girl even try to do it. And another friend a barge. When you saw like that it does sound like he's really bad example I like him okay is trying. Hey I'm fine day unlike you most is how it's for hours this couldn't couldn't hurt on how to work I think. That they needed it most say it's those kind of let other people get trying to look up whether you know trying to get their pot. And one friend in particular. They Ralph step. What I'm banging it on it is when go to view he lived always it's like like that put it back today. Nobody MOU I'd come around like it all I don't want popular front door late at night I. The window out the window and you know by the bank spoke out. And so. I you know do our normal thing I realize that all night out have been banging on the window. They call them and he's telling them like a man like I'm now good night now on out. And so I got off work early as I showed up like an hour before I normally would. And I deal not following nobody can doubt about it by the idea they're probably been bugging him all night. And he grips the blinds open. Any candidate but make it is great likelihood that you're in an actor and you know black that would pit stop. And its goal I don't know if you'll probably end up trigger an illusion of daylight. What I know you know. Got a quick glance in the window group girl brutally in an agent to. And a walk off a spider played racquetball I do heroic guard broke page I thought you were Ralph go. I'm now and a matter of you know did they don't give you Wi until I got rid the Norman's own Enron to downsize like. All the hundreds and put some miles it's all good. And yet. It didn't I have gitmo we theology I came back out I only give you a few minutes the finished junior bang and our comeback by Viacom that by getting out we didn't. His girlfriend is more there's a few. Did you did you the did you England's a bird. Yet it a season earnings. Yes OK I didn't think I'd waist up dirt out of there are no you were little did you know. Here's a penis you know the thing you wonders I hear people tell me stars like our our kids. Gonna look at us the way I don't know we look at our grandparents' day if there around people were bootlegging. Right sugar Gerber says Heyman and alcohol well I eagle probably I knew the guy we were drinker stuff so it would you tell these stories are kids anyway. We knew Bob read from a friendly. Kids and one time this was illegal so Bernard or anybody was that's the value but we've for a GAAP numbers are your kids you like that's that's like Lucent and that's the prairies sketchy situation is just just trying to abide summoned as innocent as marijuana well it. Because. Before we it was legalized some of the stations seemed to me. Armored to peer review we from the guy the only sold weep. Which was fun and it's fantastic he's pretty chill and then the guy who also sold a week to go to. The also sells real guy he's sells everything else and that's very diskette there was a I Baltimore knew we were right in the line. Yeah and I mean he's like man there's a guy from another radio station anyway they're gonna have a party Jimenez got smoked off. And he's demanded from rolled by like no problem and it's okay ML smoke. So walk in his kitchen man Newton is some scattered to the wasn't just guys from a brilliant stadium has all the bodies as well. A walk in there and I'm like yeah right this is not just read these late. Yeah I don't want to say that parties like. They all do smoke we put that they want to smoke and right now and that's not some of the subs don't like to be in a good time but it was. You real sketchy situation British awry and the lions still owes me a quarterback. Nobody owe you because he disappeared all of my money and never came back. Okay. Good big. Disappeared never. Our job as president disappeared alert our man and now part of it is that's would you tell your grandkids allied that they. Here's the data we go back that all he disappears. It is a bit more money more indicate that he really does disappeared if you don't this girl got a job I don't know euphoria and it and you probably if you knew this guy in the knew he was dating you. And I don't you more information every public stuff but it's like that your girlfriend's life Obama is you know we always laugh about that they passed. Makes the money flooding. Of course if he drove a fifty dollar mini band wouldn't Brenda remember do it and there's many mentally for years is added or paid fifty bucks for like what. So yeah fifty dollar default style more to his girlfriend. Remarkably prominent position ever won the city's aware of who she is only. How does that sort of like now man army and monies I think Obama didn't. If your kids at this is a stereotype if a movie a funny guy looks like the and so we all black Omare Lowe. I like it couldn't be nicer than I was if once felonies or negative story a 44999. All hello Lou they welcome to the men's room. I dare unless it's time. But you learn naked starring meg apple employee and it. He hears ago I was living in this third floor apartment in Tacoma Washington. And right across the driveway. Then there was another. Three story apartment building in the public crush on me nobody lived in. So for like a year I lived here nobody wished I am in an apartment and I used to just cannot walk around. Sand clouds why not. And one Sunday I just got out of about having him. Walked out into the front room shut down on the couch and you know the windows of course you could see right in the apartment across the way. But I wasn't thinking about all of the hammering a bit scary Merrins so (%expletive) Damron I leave the Sunday paper in there. Towels lives down and down now and helped later all of a sudden it dawned on who had just. Somebody's in the apartment across the way. So yeah they caught me in the news. Is reading the paper though. Are ready to take yeah and urged him plead innocent you know national action and David is weren't home so you know what he had helped drew is an ironic that you lose them ironic monsoonal bush declares a test and practice. And yeah. I didn't miss so why did I can't even remember that god my god I can't go Slorc. So fast it is all into the kitchen. I'm so unfair and. I think that's a chronically naked processor and four and an employee if it's done tons yeah what is your on mega story 844999. A global primary goals coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. And may sixth in the pocket the British are coming. As the saying goes the US had sort of an ally of Paul Revere restarted in back. As DMZ says the best laid plans of horny men often go awry or somebody like Gavin the video on the bare ass British man. Having sex with a girlfriend and a busy part and definitely applies. In a video shot over the weekend and leads you can hear a concerned citizen calling the police report the guy's failure to golds. Breaks and his girlfriend. Within ourselves arrests apparently a cricket match. I'll once the players noticed a violent case of point is erupt this went down. One guy ran over and put an end the bangers and mash by slapping the floor or in the face. A few times yeah I'll more than a handful of park goers called the jobs but in the end it looks like the creditors handled the situation. I mean like it's never incessantly sporting event that's one thing I'm just one of those people see you having sex in your car. I'm not gonna call the count and I'm just not I don't there are question what is your naked story 44999. A law. And with. Insists it doesn't matter man you're late you're in the car and spice Emma a big ass dog you would walk a little bit from me did need to be in the lease and yes it. Who would morning. There's a cab parked there were just not a usual though Monte Carlo parked cars but he jumps on his hind legs impresses his former homes. I'm a passenger window when he's look at them normally come on what do you do on and then our realized cab drivers and or you know don't buy out there. What I like about it on the East Coast instead of being embarrassed he was very angry and I think it's got all the drama I'm sorry man I'm really you're you know. Hello Lindsay welcome to the men's room. On the hello I'm that the little black thought lurid and Leino got a little bit loose. Hank and says yeah that's. Want to know is there a moment I don't know man yeah. There's always those people were so mayor ended Jim Walsh my they don't have a share role. Well it didn't get pretty entertained. Up a couple of different baited them over the course staged. And over again and haven't done little girl like people aren't happy about both comfort in the last minute by cooler ever. All of sudden he would like stumbled and stumbled and then all of sudden just follows straight on her back. Really liked how China's Fujian OK we're real hard to compare around drink. She. Slipped up dirt kicking off her pants to prove offered shirt and third string. A naked. Jumped on the theater making tell them. They're for a couple of minutes after the event and really into it and then try to bum rushed the stage and then gets carted off. What girl wouldn't you know she was gone to get to that point. Life you know now. I don't that he had or I mean no is just this is the talk of the first look at the sort of like heard initially charged for a state yeah. Yeah. Again respectively like. What is she took him an early as well yeah I'm pro Vera the guy who's got randomly made out with Amanda and anyone else computers okay. You didn't do it heated and it's likely like. Yeah where Manning going into it. A guy I Drudge that a festival a naked woman stars made a now familiar tell me he was cool thing. While being got you back. You're totally cool it Q and then doing it. I doubt I Buehrle back of public I wonder where shields up in the morning a lawyer she remembered and who have. Probably I'm Matt but you know I've got doesn't sometimes I talk to somebody who innocent how is your closer we get that you have a good time and she said yeah it was great out later around naked in a river for two days and I was like is that would you do OK all right sounds good to me what I like about it is miles and Susan Rosenberg tried to Mormon so like hey Harry you. You look tired. My man. She's does she look I mean she not like she didn't know I know and she looked well I spent two days and the bags and in my eyes stone dropped everything you always look like Cleveland Monday morning shielded the place 53 hole. Every state and in so I mean she was hey new life all very very day very much so what is your negative story a 44999. Cola. You know welcome to the men's room. All are all top yo you know what I'm Jim oriental. I'm sorry I'm old oh yeah I've got a good down only designed a number of times does he started this is. Well you're pregnant and pressed up against us and you're going to the festival is you don't need to know coming up is the the hang over edition and we'll have been for me has been a sports entertaining may momentarily is gonna join us to talk about the run freely dot ORG of Iranian freely about what evidence they get these guys coming up here and just a couple of guys are question what is your native story 844999. All of port calls coming up after we are stations identify themselves. Since then again. And you know men's room radio network.