07-14-17 Seg 2 - The Mens Room Goes Back to Sleep

Friday, July 14th

Mens Room Question: What Woke You Up?


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This is dumb men's room. Good don't want fuel up make 44 at 9999. All love big shoulder turn of Ted vs the FCC coming up and a bad jokes on the way as well. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. Where a wild women going out Iraq. I don't know like I'm don't grade are you guys do not do and I'm on. Art call wolf my story go back about fifteen years ago. Florida Mary who out of date mischief. He would live with two other women in this house one of almost. Very responsible bills little creepy when Richard craziness and the girl that went out of Butler attitude and a boob job all liberty here. Which are trying to fit in with some kind of social group you know and Jen. So what are made the mistake of what are your social group but they really solid play and didn't like minded and it's so there are badly would they they were a group retired anyway. So this sponsored middle of February where you know the ground is frozen around Europe in February. Sure I'm white states they're the mad at her place I wake up at 4 AM through some smoke alarm going off. So our I jump up throw in my underwear head downstairs. And that's crazy girl with a fake boobs in the captures those accidentally checked her bed on fire oh no matter how what did you do today Paulson slogan well. Seatbelt goes you both labeled some candles burning and up her masters and everything was on the floor and rituals were like oh round compared. And so I guess you might kick one of the comforter or something and that you're caught on fire. Crawled up we got there and basically the bed I'll fire storm that hit our ground big pop soda water and beat the hell out of her home. Parts of the drug was Dallas sits in its regular not just on the front yard. Well better water pressure this house is so bad we couldn't get water fast enough. So right there and I'm like all right bloodier call the fire department I'm gonna do what I can. And it got the report that the flames were so high I had to basically get out of the room. So out burger filled with smoke gentlemen prefer grab whatever hair were out of outs. So what do archer show up worse and illustrate your bid that's slippers erodes our grandstand and they're in just my underwear yeah. There and got burned on my forehead my nose might hear lol who's I was trying to hit and run the final result. Well you don't try to Australia do anything occurred reported out but it start to get so hot that I could even get close to edit it or not what I said. They're picked I'm mater here my whole lot of your. Mean as a neutral on. Now you play a role of Gene Simmons into banks aren't. You're gonna go where Tim Madison do you do you ever do the fire breathing thing onstage. All earlier this show outdoors because you know Brit what screwed up for everybody aren't yeah yeah they they devil look we're glad when they would never okay so did the house them that they put out the fire. Error or look you up for dead but to what we learned as we have a yeah well I'm control fire in our house than it's been a room. Try to close that door your way out. We did I'd do that and lock system that damaged by the smoke I mean they're the responsible remain all of her stuff was destroyed how hot then you end up. That's usually just for being responsible how high do it again when. It odd left to burn my face spirit and I'm like I think browser it's hotter than hell. Hello won't comment on the card in the oh wait no they you know that could go all the Byron Nelson. I didn't know how good. Area it if it is powerful are 999 although little Q that's our miles and how honest and I'm like well he pretty much it tattoos and reboot he shouldn't. I don't think you're hungry looted a cutback ever I don't know about the finals so mentally just trying to picture this woman. She's great look at mama and their epic I just fantastic. Hello DJ welcome to the bedroom. Oh not an American job. All right our current blue okay inflicted on what subordinated debt held so go at the first time I spoke to lead. I would if I grade and I woke up to my oldest brother Ronnie eight. At our own our lawns little no no thirty cute she kept around Europe personal protection. What can I won't go to my brother will be are mowed gunned in my head and oh lead. I go really into his bedroom you go to wholly true leader belong with the forty makes it clear. What dale I know you already hold yeah visit your brother holding you hostage to do drugs. Pretty pretty much I mean I'm really I'm Craig mare my brother and you know we almost four years older so I wouldn't symmetry units you know. The latter part high school at the top friends. Actually he thought it was funny I was never steered. I used when he would not sure what to expect going into the bedroom or. A lot of these three feet through my mind RT what we are also more. Yeah I didn't know what you expected did you pass out from the bond had. You are right away some. Bet but yet I IE eyelash did I want to say maybe thirty minutes the last they heard members you're playing Nintendo 64. And I am I woke up the next day and just order your brother do for a living. And to be monitored and I. Pam your communication. Or you don't say. The guy that held again on your head a major new balls were a seventh grade it now so I communicate. Oca let's and that's what I did what. Could be. Last I heard he was he was homeless women on a river somewhere so I haven't had any conversation or contact the emperor probably six years I'm almost thirty now. That's too bad but amounts dumb of the guy who held a gun do brother's head because it does this involve drugs or mental illness. More so drugs talk he got to do more on court stuff I I didn't act like I say he was quite a bit older so. When he was going through that it you know whatever pays experimental data derby wanna call it our dirty tonic he. The consequences of their behavior and Ari Ari we're in a lot of mistakes because my brother yeah. Gavel implement. The fly a B and illnesses sometimes you gotta just blaze ahead man do everything so all the other kids behind your beer yeah but sometimes you're wrong I'm rose five neutral all right and so. As a parent or rural houses that's how you gauge what to expect from the next kid and to get this thing it's well long story short my brother and very Smart. Ease he did excellent school he did not cause problems so my parents I believe assumed that I would also be that way but by the time we go to school mammoths. There are laws like the socks did you get the same basic formula. With that in Europe and your own life. Men wrap it depends academically. I think you'll won't do better as far as. Personality wise analysts say the younger of the two was little more men to I've got to put it mildly I got that formula working for me as well. What don't what woke you up made 44999. Cola. A pillow and Jimmy welcome to the men's room. Flickr or you'll learn all ours. Polio and don't gunmen are you giving. Out your dad and I will look you up. So mostly permanent coach. And I actually look up to eight shooting back. As some people that do to drive our house and those cover glass. Although all the way we're here you wake up to your father's firing back. And people that are firing on your home targeting him. I don't know exactly who they're targeting exactly. I Fletcher then you're shooting at coached and only good gangrene and Jimmy. I'm not I'm not a car well who was in the house that you use your thought noodles. It was just me my dad and you're not sure who their retarded. Well I'm pretty sure it probably wasn't my dad because he didn't get along would feel it across the street Louis with courage and fired back. I mean which tells me on some level you're somewhat prepared unibody drive yet I hate rhetoric is literally armed to the teeth but I'm driving by I am firing under house so you don't. They love. They actually had dot they'd they ran around the corner part two got out on slipping stood on the corner shooting and they got back in their car and my dad ran outside after them Jesus Christ man the disease out of what was not a one off deal. No they shot like six shots of the housing Asia like probably thirty backs and they never came back to get her to the comeback no nowadays and. And our 100 fathers might miss Taylor didn't deny you walk back and how some for his adrenaline was pumping what. Always aren't sorry to wake you up that since I got trials how many economists say this is what what is he CD you. Well at first he thought our guys hit because on his way out he was yelling my name and I didn't answer so when he came back he was thinking you can have to do some medical stuff. And I just I slept. Let me Internet go to my big my kid's been shot well. Under fire for each guy and they were shuttled back and how many cuts how many cuts will. It's. Okay. Maybe aren't and they never got this that never got to guard never got anybody. No no and then they ask my dad why. He was shooting at them if they are driving away and he said that they just got them shooting up my house and were still alive so as far as I know they can be coming back. They showed up to get answer to the prosecutor that. We've got. And a it is that's crazy Internet by now no shenanigans lives in the same place old Leo. I nearly the same place so crazy is now got a didn't say slogans. I would move that would be the moment a move that would be the moment as they you know I love it here I but I don't like the neighbors across the street with all his drive by stuff going on maybe I'll maybe they'll go to a new place I could keep things simple like hey man you know I'm thinking we should move somewhere. Mostly because those guys were fired about a thousand front Kilmeny so they're the school with you let's. I don't exactly guys like no I'm not move our guys now moving grass he ran with house Democrats say I'm Daryn hi how do you do now move me out of a thousand that if I etiquette that I you have to shoot with sixty shot but you don't want to admit to that same guy if he's like I think my house promptly sought more movement. Also like I said to rally hats and she's been neighbors like I had issues with neighbors before I never thought they'd shoot. Now there and my labor wouldn't drive over to our home park on the corner should be robards with a car drug back in general in the parking Ryan Grant. What's a little Q will be 44999. Alone. Hello this Yani welcome to the men's room. Oh don't have regularly. To name right. Certain but that he didn't know put it up on it but I don't know. I know I have I was dead asleep when united. I have a look up a book that was. I've got sleek and now know from their debate. We know there's still a gap we can. She and she was just to ensure that our children are you part it all right well I. Why you'll go to the stink it was a brutal. Are we were able to figure to. To create a period. That you phone keeps breaking up I want there aren't artists hobbled and other gobbled it up myself for the fart I've woken up my wife for the RIA parts will weigh in the other joins against. All of god by a guy that's only weeks and be able to fire. Do you ever did they have that is how just wrong. Ted ripped one man to throw the ball was almost over with a guy he's disaster and he's married now a draw capacitor. Ted reform and I mean it smelled atrocious but this dude who'd been pass the F toppling an hour wrap weasel boy Luke. And I yeah. Why didn't that. And he's stone cold sober now AC over him up if it was the most amazing what you batters out. What don't what woke you up 844999. All you are listening to men's or radio networks all big chill. You don't have enjoyed the men's room. Okay whereas. We'll house sitting in Portland Oregon and they came back to his place careers housing and it was a man sleeping on the counts as the newer really Saddam the new roommate according to brands. Present the man was wearing shoes and seemed paranoid. He's the man told MA probation officer drop them off and he was waiting for three other friends are gonna stay here too that's great news had to address called a homeowner Rosen Morrison who said yeah I guide I have no idea who those people work. The real story of the woman in California who lows awakened by any amount line jumping on her head heart question what are you won't even 44999. Hole. Hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Cool okay. Yeah. I get Millen shouldn't or you. Didn't judge Sullivan kind of well delivered to report very well known commercially from New York. My new best. And don't use a I already own. Okay. I do okay. You know. Well thank you all yes they hey Tony Reynolds. Do you know how all the pubs. Eight except. See the great Barak. Oh and I'm Obama here I had I got a military and I heard from her roommate at. Still. Move all my roommate really nice girl. Are hanging out and you could lead at the McLaren well ironically enough her sister lived next what. So we hello Mary. Why were her and her sister not rooted so why would they live next to each other but she still needs roomy. I have no clue it was weird heard that would really really rich and he owned both houses so warned that the delivering one stroke or are you familiar how to catch approach. No legal or in Iowa according and into goma and Ahmad all night our go to work the next day. Or go home in bed next thing you know you're later I wake up to hurt there. They did in bed naked and I'm going well at all. Gee we're so we didn't have that you thought that you have curb and damaged older dog. No I'm just assuming he dropped a close jump in the birdie. There was an unbearable played yet. And the next thing I know I wake up are they in the morning to go to work and her boy earners and they weren't yet and hall. Not what your leg you sleep in and underwear look. Under my arm if you bought it very good Ole. And so I didn't I mean it kind of caught me by surprise. Black depending too much of it. Until I woke up at him then then our goal this does work well now. And then eventually we get into a quite awkward because he bought that I did what I heard a. Worse it did work since late may and you can't convince anybody I mean you can't convince anybody that situation you walk in their your girl from the bed she's naked. Your your boxer shorts is no way I'm ever gonna believe what happened. Right good guys come out here from New York trying to take my 140 gig yeah. Yeah. They're so a couple of weak or where my. He ended up coming over really really drawn. And I would in the bathroom you open about adore each jump me. I bought my eye opener of what they're little and old. They're net hanging on the wall where you really want them over YouTube. No I would actually brushing my feet. I'll cut I think unless you brought up versed in on me and I don't they just finish and then that you read this stuff kimono. Yeah exactly well here Jared donor and per week you know it would mark all I bought over there I would really really grown gotten to know until argued gotten red. He didn't believe it didn't shoving me mark my eye open and ironically enough. I'm we start fighting our are grown hay maker. She tried to open between asked our blue work coat and not her called out. All night so no I mean like the fight and in that moment. And what else is pretty much sits easily heap on the floor so now what now what do you do you move out to mean you can't just live in this little communal and I know everybody Fincher you know. Now art labor. And nobody knows the unity incidents. Fidelity and an Internet and we met up maybe a week later he kind of avoided me we medical recorder a local bar and he apologized to me in and whatnot and it sure looked you know I didn't. And not throw the girl she did jump in the graduate will be drawn obviously. I forgot worship work. Yeah I mean that's the journal apple that's true hey look I get well this isn't his own was bad bad to look too bad. I when I I think those engaged at the time. And my. My wife and I were living in a one bedroom apartment and her mother in law came down to visit. Now we determine a doubling time we don't pull out sofa that we were gonna sleep on the couch and she could have bet right. She's going to be there for like one nighter to night so it's not really big deal she's gonna take over bedroom and like anything else I get up in the middle of night. And I'm naked and I go to use the bathroom until it's a one bedroom apartment there's one bathroom like anything else and get up in the Millen night you can half there you can have valid. And I won't use the bathroom and I went in my bedroom and I crawled into bed. And I put my arm around my mother in law he. And that's when I realize you were you Spooner religion who basically yeah. Which in not only external it's enough to not only that but I'll probably don't have house because you know when you wake up your life you have after earlier your full attention that by the time he had the bathroom it. SARS is slowly go down pull pension what is known to meet probe for eye on this issue in this woman right exactly in this is my mother in law. Who has unbelievably huge breasts and that's what it actually alerted fruitless to the situation because as I went to the my arm around. I realize that this is a different shape and my wife will bushy and she would wait she goes miles miles. Via. Yeah want to like blood and with the deal are all over you know like what you want to thank. That you're not supposed to be an other oh god oh god that god is on two's so reality is it a little bit sick that they wow hey okay back to the bedroom. Back to the couch where there. This instinct pillage your dad I need more regular no. Or do you euros and ordered the humane guy governor Donald murdered. You know like I'm so sorry I let out my side and like he made sounds latest shift I want for breakfast at the that's the way of all the facts are messed up I mean I feel like I just felt so low and it was obviously intentional just you know it's Grossman like crap for like days after the like oh god. What's I would look you up to 844999. Cola. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Earlier opened Gelman all I'm. So my orient. There's sort of a couple bunnies. Every time we go out it's always usually bad. But. Surgery again downtown Puyallup. Very a couple of hours and then I have blocking out trying to find my way back to my buddies out had been under time. And get a lot. By 8:3 in the morning and then not. I guess. I guess I'm tired so and so I try to find sort sleep a night get like crawled in that guy at the back of the guy's card. And I woke up yet again in my head. She's she's pleased with the what time was it when you had a gun deer head I checked my phone has brought seven. And no way commodities agent. Our aid this federal what the hell are you doing. And I I said Jimmy come back to our in our area. The film slate event you really are just him Bobby elated when I went man the guy had a lot Abbas. I was still pretty drunk you're gonna go eight all my body and out in the pick me up and yes we will Arafat. And I doubt them Bellevue but I was a block away without. So this is guys neighbor. Maybe I guess yeah now that's what it's about my age either and it debuted cart to have never look back and got him. Yeah our guys are wouldn't you demand and a I'm never done that yet while the broken up to a gun in my head. I got a gun in my head but I never woken up to a good undermine the weird one now that's scary. I think the worst Jerry even when you don't wake up to it it was scary when I had to go into my head. I was not does waking up early this is unpleasant yes I don't know how this is going to pretend I was up I was I was. And a 1920 years old really messed up coming home one night. And it started snowing. And when it started snowing it was one of those snowfalls that was just absolutely serene it was. Late at night big fat flakes big fat heavy flakes fall and almost lit up the sky around certain point you know and anywhere it seemed like those make you got to turn your head lights all fired on gas and that in the snow was just following social slowly and so softly and he knows it was it was just it was surreal you know it but he was he was accumulating pretty quickly. Now I'm and one of those states where. You know when your real real drunk in your body just keeps lean into one direction no matter how hard you try to walk straight I'll make it left hard left turn. I'm just like wall I just can't keep it right like I can't keep my direction right I just keep swerving left on the sidewalk the whole way home. So I've bumped into this box what an economist would this big heavy bush and cassis lieutenant port turned me around a little bit when accounts to stumble and enough by myself like I'm snow Angel into the bush if you look at kind of leaned back at Peter still on the ground may not only to back like 45 degree angle the bush is holding me up. And I'm looking up in these huge snowflakes are all of them. And my mom. Is really cool. And I fell asleep for it if if if if at it's I don't know how much time has passed. But itself a guy is walking by. Any just starts shaking my arms it. And he won't you you'll live Bruno might not. But. He brushes it feels. Richard hand brushed across my face knocking all's not well I'll (%expletive) up and put it out it is like you know gamma dead it was good that you're sleeping and bush you think you can hit in the snow. Lowly job. Yeah blue. Rising public and I'll sleep good I think goes I think Causley doesn't take another note do you know it's not like you're not actually sometimes. Think if your wife has elected you policy during the relatively high you've got to think dugout out I'm like I would have loved to watch in the death got a lot younger I guess I thought I woke up at their party and guys bathroom. I'm asleep. And he's like hey I'm like well acting it's got to go home my kids are coming back from the it's looking good didn't you didn't okay. What's let's hope you 8449990. Look hello Joseph well welcome to the men's room. Learn oh yeah. And so I had her party and had our cameraman house. Fantasy. And that. Hello notables phones today I don't know. We can barely hear you start again CB conceiving a fireplace rear folded and break up. I don't attack and I credit card and not an outside that duels is wherever your standing it's not gonna through burglar. Can't. Sometimes it rains I had a party and having problems. Aaron. We are getting credit bad I think their home at a bank or just got a bad liberty around. I wait that's because they hear apparently grabbed pouring down and making me very not yeah. I know every year here or something Kerry get up in the air and they're well. And I opened my door my friend actor aren't completely you know where he came away. It's dad's death why do we do that overdrawn I don't know appeal over the corner and a bad. Yeah drug appeared on the screen window I would heed and pardon plant outside of a Mexican god damn hotel room but make it nom locked out of the room incidentally. Under their surveillance cameras will be when we first moved here and there are three days and roll rom like. Where's is I think Lee coming from because. My closets leaking and leaking directly if you have to look at dirty clothes. Vassar and and I could not figured partners no telltale signs on the ceiling and I mean. I'll move this way 45 minutes today camping as I keep waking up my clothes are wet again so. I 94. And we used to get blistering we drunk when we first tried so. A wake up mint tea a day forum rules I'm standing in my closet would light on and on. I have. I've tried the hoop and the chair in my bedroom. I'll do well here here's the what do you do likewise I'm trying to take get asked. Follow you're sitting in the chair to better my my bad sorry my bad you're page story can out okay good call the comparable to a definite yes. There aren't comfortable so. I just got him I just got a new mattress to the matches that I've been sleeping on. OK we predicate this by this few years ago my dad comes to see me any spending three or four days he is sleeping in that bed. Now that match is the time was like and guest bedroom and I had really done much with a as far as putting sheets on I didn't have a cover it right that it was just basically sheets in the bed. So wake of the morning and all those sheets are in the washing machine arm and my dad says yeah peed the bed and Mike are the puck. Hit the though we we probably more you know we probably have you know. Too much to drink so anyway say he teased about it and I try and that's just that we are currently has triggered a goner if Donald did birdie and an event. And happened so I go and and I feel like out of Iraq cleaned up most of the bed at that I went and I bought like a cover for the bed Luke and all these other things OK so then netted let's fast forward to that's the bed that I sleep and now haven't really thought about it since the time that happened. But now I'm getting a new mattress so I have a plan for this mattress I'm going to donate this mattress and I'm going to give it to a charity in the gonna come they're gonna pick this matches up here let Jeremy I made the call about peace stain Matt completely forget about the peace is it okay this is the time that he is clear. And I can't see sustained read I just kind of tried to talent out in the wash the talent. I can't see anything is done doesn't smell to better things up Cuba as a put the cover on and I'll let you know. So I get to new mattress now so much volume was at this thing off you don't mean it input the mattress downstairs. And there's like a four by three Brown's stall haw all right La Roche. Okay now all the guys are in my house from this fifth. Does I'm taking as a part because they're coming out golden and there's this huge stanger and some idea. You know because I know what it's much better right as is not a bad and I might add back of my bed. So these two guys come industry as it is and a from the charity organization. And I am like guys I said. As someone to a bed and in and I showroom of there's a series you can see if it hit it. And I'm like I swear to god. This was not me I have repeated many times drove it don't get me wrong I stood up Pete on the corner of a different dad but. This is my dad's. And it says I don't care who repeated it we can't take it now this is still call OK I don't like. God I gotta be marriages that there don't you don't want to give you hear the opinion that they no matter how all bad the situation is Debra about you you're got to pick up this matches. And they all take because my dad didn't get fit as I get after without element to this mattress well. If it may still about a they don't think that you're dead people I know that. In my dad and have to worry about it because they don't believe me that they reported that he had still better than no bit it is better than no bad that I think are going to on the list I'm gonna take it in re distributed to a family the needs of bed with a giant ice here on out when I mean it's a huge piece that if you can like go out and rings like it's free. But if they go weighty book he kept the what tell what woke you up 844999. Old. Are you happiest day in baptism you're let me get ballots still in my bedroom company reportedly just that narrowly begged for the big peace blotter on the I think it'd make a trip to the dump as called dark brown and hopefully I'll hydrated and have that you can see my EPA rule that tonight there's. Hello Hector welcome to the men's room. Failed to go on auto shop. And a source North Korea beat the mattresses. About 10 years ago I am dead asleep. And I wake up because the pop in my stomach. Turns out the greens have punctured in my stomach. Oh. Good to know my way man came on clothing shot right up in your abdomen. There it's so awesome it's your natural reaction if you look at what's down there there are doing it may push emotion. What lifted my Ohio poll that most been going up and you know back a little bit. Can't just bring to act bit about it and over and Bowden and I'm looking down I heated spraying and now and it's an exploding on my funny I had you know my stomach is you're hooked into the bed now. I'm hooked with the sole holy cow what is your next move this morning. It's one of moments where you get. Shot in the not sure what to do so I figured the motion moving backwards that both fit they've got to go forward. And on the market go up how does that work. If it'd turn black for about the next couple weeks. And to the hospital. Now out out out no insurance sort of like that's so you know if there's. All America. Oh we're doing. If they're going to prove I'm stuck they've bonded or let our guests of the blue duck tape man with a did it digital video of them matches over at least. Ali Abdullah now in the middle of the night so out pretty much come to a situated but the mattress over went back to bed you know no insurance and now than he's letting go. Yes sometimes you gotta hope for the best now okay you know man I my body Tony. Reports on the equipment but the first. How's that we moved into woman moved out of our parents us and he did that. I continued to live with us he lived with us written tightly he was not room he was only six days a week. He would eat the food is the place in my bed when I got to four or what because so. But very dear friend but so that's where our furniture was garbage again and were all sitting down. Watching what ever it is for watching on TV I don't remember but we are well week. I had just a hole in the VCR from G she's a force that could trigger finger directly at this keeps up this bad news they had at least you are those are took to the TV in the ball horrid speeches so us old VCR put the dress bag called Tony Heyman pick up when. So we'll rent movies that night with the big moment horsemen who he gets to go to the bathroom in the spring. Had hoped through via cushion of the charity thing an Angel admitted they did look into his satchel sued if he's. And I'll probably obligated to do imports there. Moved off the floor and who. And he called global law at all what is their value of its new lows. The only people yeah and it it really does know his stuff up man. What's a little Q 8449990. You're listening to the men's or radio networks be free. And Israel went too much else bad jokes ready to go 8449990. Good the bad joke story coming up our question today what woke you up got a double commentary miles the first one for you specifically as you explained you could even. Donate a mattress to charity things a little monsters peace day in the two fob that's Donna yeah. Odds says peroxide. It's pee stains out than talent then. Baking soda to draw the smell in any extra motion are given a shot video gives a gal called back to go I know that he's gone now to our Denny was the death a missile into average stands over the outside it's just a big bleaching mattress now. Oh yeah Aaron. The number no I'm Lisa water column out just don't let him put it over. Well the problem is it's a platform bed mattress so yes it's only one sided. 'cause I thought about that like at the time most gonna flippant but I couldn't because it did him a piece they managers that you don't like to end. He says for the children from her gold Jordan guys are cool piece I didn't realize long lines of another. Half an underdog now. Now the I've got more comments on Walsh will go to my boyfriend of the time mister rating with my hand. No really bizarre referred to sleep spiritualism. I never even thought I could do that I some offline. If if people knew or should I just don't get enough and you surely you'll make the news got dale and I don't think that's masturbating now let's not hate is. Only like that profiteering and you'll notice I know what I call but I can't say it on the air Arizona noting trouble I think. And code that. I've lived with it there. A powerful arm and yeah good. Mahmoud but it didn't do what he did it ever bury. What did you what bowl we up too much power this morning woke me about a mid densely scare the hell out of my wife to. You scared you wait for the apartment and you just CNET sulfur I'd kinda far tonight sometimes yeah so egg he and so nasty like they just sit there and they're thick and they don't move a stress and if you forget and started in the wintertime yet that had he has won a man only. You know maybe afford and power over you roll over and done move the boy never come home are you for a couple fart in the front of solo is how you drive the concentration. Part of you just keep it in your hand a couple of your budget rent is so tremendous hit it and by the time he throws it really is a distinct thought they were kind of flies out of your hand and you can hit them in the face of oh yeah it's true. God it's great for truck parts way to fuel up yet came back from a two day once in the summer like football. And the my stuff just stunk so bad again have a different body was asleep and he popped up with a oh god there's the worst so far so good kids you know they always. The wake of the middle of the night and climb into bed to the come out the living room without results I'm dozing off watching TV my daughter had come moderate Hutus who put her. Two balls sleep but just the way she's laying next to me. Her blunt is kind of next to my face elevated up on the Illini an asset teams don't want and it's wake up to the. And reflect the correct. Alcohol she's blown want hope like too insular immigrant like Darrell. But let not man. Would you got to go to bed put that somebody would move on dude squirrels. That and does that. Irregardless of what what if our whole. Oh come right back gadget. Right they don't make them times of ice Pena back. You know posted favre's lob. Floods now what woke you up 844999. Hole hold the line Mario golf can another minute. I should many things continue on the men's room radio network.