07-14-17 Seg 1 - The Mens Room Gets a Rude Awakening

Friday, July 14th

Mens Room Question: What Woke You Up?


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And believe what you're not seeing here is real. So this radio program are simply not that great. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And George. Or go out of this November 2640. Explorer. Along with Steve the joy hill. Do jets and Limbaugh. Did my car. It's an image on a a bad jokes pitches the return of dead vs the FCC. Get right to play profile this plus headlines Richard shot of the day fumble as three males and everyone's favorite TV time details like cracker did you I don't know robber may. At large after stealing a while first curb Dong any four ounce bottle of doc Johnson's joy juice. Did you not content with us well at one home in Florida opens up wider and assemble into the dukes. Let's go to Washington State hopes that more kids who can't swing amble buoyed his pool. Woman takes LP and knocks out 200000 dollars of what some artist thinks is cool and mental giant faced at two says it's tough finding a job. As though coming on today's very special episode opens room. Here's the question. All that this is good day to you and yours I look. Scientists cannot say for certain. It every animals week but they do know the most preachers and animal kingdom they do including a few. And few things feels good as falling a sleep because sleep let's face that is the summits and the eighth but that is the mountain top relaxation. Now waking up on the other hand out it's just not a school tonight and yes. There's a certain appreciation that we should all have for waking up mainly we're not dead but waking up and letting loose told service animal. It's more complaints and respect that are truly deserves and Ahmed said waking up sucks. But some days are worse than others for example a woman in California. She woke up to the sound of breaking glass but that's what happens when my god the him outlined crashed into the apartment window and lands on top of you. On top. Who view man she will. Any Mountain Lion. Is on top of her ultra grocery store them and then speaking of cats in bed those Tennessee woman out she thought it was her cat in bed with her but now. It was dismayed. Good times. Good times that drives make quite as good man falling asleep feels better on the waking up even as a Connecticut man you'll go to a complete stranger climbing into bed with. Yes we got to leave but the guy would. Then we got interest. Waking up so it's a poll we and so do you ever wake up someplace you don't remember actually being. You ever wake up making it on the side of a busy road break nothing but a more slugger homered. I have. Only want it happened one time wanted out with the that's all you need look man sometimes you wake up you're not waking up to a situation you're prepared for or situation that you want to deal with. For a situation that you respected and that's what we won't talk about today when they're very very simple question. What woke you off your brother Joseph caught 84 point 999 alone like the men's or month FaceBook follow us on what are amends in my hand to those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You're listening to the metro radio network. Men's room with smiles and drill hole which does I don't let it go gonna show number 2006. Oh man jokes Ted vs the FCC profile is referring to every day of the lies goods that is just and he asked not true at us there aren't talk about what woke you up this is a crazy story California woman had a rude awakening a Mountain Lion crashed through her apartment when no sand I. Socks off of her while she's playing her at first I think she thought she was dreaming it didn't seem real. They were a new apartment manager France's moon as he told a lot of a local fox affiliates because the woman was apparently still Joost startled to talk to the media. Footage obtained by security cameras. And shared with UPI show that the puma a young adults had earlier been spooked while narrowly avoiding a truck in the rain into the door of a bowling Alley off of main street in clues California. That's sound flip but about one to do later that night it barged into the woman's apartment perhaps thinking it was the entrance of the caves Arab are aggravated by its own reflection. Luckily the woman was not pay your eight and things like if I don't like I. It's. Going your way you know it's where improve as a anymore. Felt like death according to Fox News the woman was not injured and she opened the door door apartment letting the bleeding and disoriented animal escape. John dropped and who's a member of the close account a fishing game commission said the incident follows a series of puma sightings locally. He's an urban concerned about it for awhile considering how many lives together in your area. Trust and told the Kalus account a sun herald I figured they'd eventually get out get in the town and one dead. And then the story continues now mine's also known as pumas Panthers cougars in catamounts are normally afraid of people. In fact a study published in the journal. Proceedings of the Royal Society guy and legends of subscription that you know god bless you but seriously do that that's so he probably already read only to tell you this. But with a yes or no show that amount lions immediately leave large deer prayed that they've killed upon hearing human voices lead if they kill and ambling your human voices they are spooked. The research characterize as humans are super predators that spooked animals like pumas. Which normally would react so tearfully in this case both human and an outline we're terrified. A bumbling band but Wendell breaks obviously that's gonna wake me up and then with a half second of my Wendell breaking. The urge the puma on my chest you know I've been so I'm telling you right now I would move my by owls with velocity. As mound I don't watch it lately he's paying off my bed in rhetorical loop. When I wake up and ungodly amount line and here's something to make you feel better as the populations of mount lines of actually gone up. Interactions between humans and the pumas have also gone up unlike some cats like jaguars which are more. Weren't wary of people against ended overrated because they're huge mountain lions can tolerate op. Judge Tacoma general law. It's always Land Rover jaguar ever doesn't really do come our allies like. Come visit to a local jaguars and with the dealer today taking will speak at the British Jackson because he mixes more credible the hey get you off pregnant over and from Brooklyn even today but I have just let us hope I sound very successfully combining to have you law. And analyzed even tolerate living your humans and quite as an adaptable to believe or not. Now lions and humans lived pretty close in proximity all the time you just don't know because they only come out at night you don't see Emory come out and I. All of a they developed mad I didn't freaky day Keith. As it has got us a lot of cougar in our actions could do a Portland Oregon here she geo aware and you know York. I saw one or eight browse expected when he came back to the home and he's been house sitting in northeast Portland not. Now a man was sleeping on the counter asked him who you don't and he said I'm your new roommate. Then I did the press said the man was where Jews seem paired on. A present the man told him his probation officer or drop them off their anywhere in the three other friends gonna stay there is west. That's when fresco the homeowner Rosie Morrison rosy in the rose city. I'm glad Jorge was there because that's a reason he has here because I'm afraid squatters or people would come in here while trying to finish up the house. More into the house has been under renovations for the past year from the outside it does look like he vacant house spoken however it's my house so known as a write in our house as far as I'm concerned we're doing the inside the house and got that. Portland police officers questioned the man but they did that go. Morrison is worrisome and might become about back to the house but is thankful no one was hurt I can't imagine if I had come in there alone until the man sleeping on the would've happened and Morse and. We'll write that it probably not your new roommate the last if you don't call droplets that I'm trying to rob the place as the mine from the top some bad guy. That's something you would kind of respect and but somehow we near the I renew my litmus. This is worse and there's a noises out yeah but here's something else under once you've reached the point you Michael had to take was someone you might live together in a relationship. The once you have exited the roommate stage of life. Yeah it is very very difficult to everything about going back to that place oh sure I mean it is like look again it's like new roommate no room I don't any roommate no no no hope get out to the last place I was movements couple months ago that's my brother civilians who would about a roommate. The net and munitions that the next room and I have hope we'll be like a woman that I'm in a real relationship or does the blowing golf Soledad some that were really white flight one I'll get a roommate got four legs. Our question no one who woke you up. And. One and welcome to the men's room there right I don't think Paul and wow. OK to go out. I was fourteen and I got woken up what my mom spread out. Performance aerial view idly. But you have fourteen years old he woke up in your mom's friend. Design has a mouthful you. Let it air. Hello how close loses she's like losers like aunt Jane her and yeah you know her Margaret. You're out. You weren't sure that that global spread my mom clearly. We. I don't know all the line. Yeah opera or Portland I'd report about a month earlier the LaMont worker here. There that would like a model is outlawed those. The tour or the juror fourteen years old young freshmen article. Man oh man there was you know Tony did you have any idea what was going on her did you seriously wake up in the act I that yeah I woke up with that problem I would like. I've freaked out there about it Rick. Situation she okay I'm okay this argument from me. So love always she finish the job in this lineup top the other lower they're not a dog brought a very big book. And you at second as well yeah so the magistrate won did you wake up losing your virginity basically yeah it's. I told my wife yes there are not ever get every let voters here like you got rate that they're logo. How it looked good until they see that you are here he won't vote for me. If you did this ever happen again. You know a cancels one out and help it. Yeah. Wait that that would Larry I love it how much longer this woman living your day yeah 111000 you have to manage. About three more days forward David heard her Portland. Crossed the border back and then they took out seeing. How the result that's what I will rabbi or will you let him. And does that include bounce. And Arizona yeah I am has not they lost a Regina yup. If if if it's a good laugh. Homeland. You know I Obama thinking that your let our let it but I saw that. How weird is that man lights you know it's it's nothing to lose your virginity. The vendors a four year gap. Yeah. Bullet proof you use you some demand you know I mean you've seen the sunrise though they're one of those people that actually knows what goodness one how old was your mom and she had you. My mom more or me or point four so this is a 35 year old woman somewhere in there. Yes you're live. Early thirties mid thirties coconut and you do we see attractive retract or yes it works he would do. It's this piano really acumen and now we understand wow that's. That is never happened to me. Well that is not a member. Fourteen to a 430 or forty or never happened to me yeah I know never woken up that way. Dropping sum and got them all the Tokyo. Got a couple all the guys are out I'll ask any man. Love says is out of my regular job come on Jeff cook who is with the good brother you were trying to make you Monday at least we just. Say give up the boy you are broken up that way. Yes you have an. If you wrote it that way I think so maybe you would know. I would remember and I know you would remember I remember. Miles is that it's over two times. Well it all I think up birthday he kinda happened once but I was awake although you don't wake up to. I've yeah exactly it wasn't in what how long it you've been wait report start. You don't okay the. What made you brought about completely goddamn story probably two minutes. I'll get up to its fine. Okay that's fine I did you wake opened though this action was gonna happen you know what here's god. Don't want to story yes all right I was in his name out those in Iowa is idiotic. I was not at the it was a time where I didn't have the greatest tongue breaks OK okay so. How how I'm I'm I'm. Last week now and I'm not eighteen years old I guess I'm eighteen years old. And the one thing that I did as far as college goes I had to pay for my college so the way I looked at it was this look I can party my ass off but the one thing that I definitely need to do. Is if I just go to class and I shall open class a major my schedule was that I'd wake up. I didn't have any ridiculous or could just go to class. And take notes and you know if I took notes and just wrote some things down yet the most of that two thirds of the test is going to be in those moments so that was my the so I'll out of this class I was religious about going in like that Tuesday Thursday classes were longer they sought to analysts noses girl my class when do and she. Hadn't been the class like two weeks and a test of so I said dungy got to bushel malveaux I don't know she said diocese and heavy sticky and they also know she said hey she said do you mind my idea but not the miss the that this type so she said that back. He says hey you. When it can come over tomorrow morning and borrow your notes and coming on us that sure yeah my hero one of the does that mean she said okay. So I don't think any don't know that either you know I forgot about me just saying and I said like you or did they can I say hey I think it off the couple in your mouth it was right out of like in exchange for alleged Al given that if you give me that Joseph was joking when as a so those like it goes like. So and and I gave her my at Torrey and she knew where I live in the area to get agreeing Norcross from the bears you know whatever so she. Just came in. Like did knock on the door nothing found my room I wake up I drove it is these are the foot of the bed like him here for the notes and all the sudden bam on Mike this is also need to. I was just joking it's like Kevin don't want you know like I really don't I've had the incident as that's almost gotta just I was just getting in on just the amount OK am I all right that's fine it's the third day here's the notes all the little. Hi I know that we have as you have done a great job just getting my remember kids that go to school pay attention then why does take notes if that is the best selling point effort for taking knows little. I'm afraid to plead this out about your future you mark let you know that. You've got to give to get it but that was kind of profession isn't it. That you're looking for but if you take notes that might happen real honest about a notes Manning appears that we needed just by the fact that I had notes that guy what he got on it in my notes but I'm I'm the one goal in the class right you know what do you got argument that Guns 'N Roses I'll marriage and other notes. I got the nuggets are. To say and what dumb to not just your girlfriend here and in front of you to do it. What's what woke you up may fourth or you want to know how important that you among men want to know. She's got a part of my out. A 44999. All of your finish that it O'Brien welcome to the men's room. All out at all. I got it down for good or human. Not that old thing now we we thought you were doing terrible. I know you guys are really concerned I'm glad I could but you're concerned yeah. We feel a lot of relief now my mood ring of change governor back in assuming that I'm fine. I've its earlier taken note is one prayer that I let. So what woke you. Well I think technically it was so bright it woke me up but I think given the fashion in which I woke up that is the story diet when I asked her turn on my friend took me out that it to go bar hopping. The last thing our member was ordering too Long Island I'd say oh boy that's all yeah. I'd go. I don't remember anything after that but I woke up and about 6:30 in the morning walking down the street with no wallet is not a phone. And I just realized hey under wandering down a street. You and I don't know why don't walking. Four according to my friends were approximately seven and a half hours. Then this is the last time you've ever had a Long Island iced the. No I have at one cent usually try to direct a little or now a guy goes a long way if you woke up walking you don't think he may be just sat down a few hours and ABC news to offer anything. Well when I finally got a hold my friends who were driving my car that I'm Nick Park my car is close to where I. I ran away as possible not about three and a half miles from where I woke up what did you runaway when they say live up to him. They certainly got so it stoplight and I apparently yelled. I got a OK and I jumped out of backbeat and so they've pulled over and waited for about thirty seconds reliability of common back and so they all ran in opposite directions couldn't figure out where it went. Jesus Christ right so what did you show up again basically when you've kind of came to walking down the street. Yes I wake up. Won my first time ever and in eight sitting in general from a tiny little town I had no idea where it nor what to do and so after about three hours of wandering around are finally found a pay phone and called my family who works three hours away and they can't pick out what you and I hope you all know how resilient. Hey mom hey wasn't odd thing. Yeah it was it was somewhere along the line that hey you're an app bar hopping thing out but still has my Yale law. I need some help. So that what happened what I called I finally got the phone number on my friend that was let in at night. And that it stood oh yeah so what we did it's. We waited normally you in the city with no vehicles so we parked it. On the corner of this industry would unlock doors. The work my wallet or your wallet aren't you are sitting in the passenger seat geez it's great that we weren't nice that it. Yesterday told you what streak to go to and I remember walking down under that ever written every single block I was again this is not a good neighborhood. And you. Yeah churn out I got there my car unlocked everything was exactly where it collapsed at. Somehow my body managed to you are my alarm with the doors. Unlocked. I open up the door the alarm started going off so I immediately opened up over a hundred aircraft my night I just caught the Cordova. Alarm system and broke home at all my lights flash and. You don't look like a thief and oh yeah well above the road cut cords and all good times. What town what woke you up 844999. Cola. Too Long Island. Politics. Hello Brad welcome to the men's room. Let's stick with food that is all wow. So I woke up there and oh in the intensive care unit. Would know what did not see. It's so much dark so. And those. Ought to go out to return. So yeah it was a new pair rude awakening but yes why every unibody catch. There whether they're that I don't remember all at the time I remembered. And I do an accident at work you know. 660 god don't drive articulated all throughout their off pilot. You aren't there error over I don't break a lot our north side of moments where. They don't know really lose it Bill Weldon lost the feeling I know where it broke seventeen bones in his blood got woke up till fluid off so. Wild and day out now are addressing might wake up. But but my satchel was bitten back Kyra a lot of breaks in golden hour and saying oh Steve you're out there and clip breaking seventy bones and bleeding out on how it got a good thing no woke me up with my G is she satchel. Well there was a fighter who unloaded a com offers almost. Almost four miles it was three up most and he ever if she gets that's you know like maybe your agenda Armitage out there it's been ripped something. Man I don't I can't imagine I mean let me get this straight. You woke up out of a coma because your balls and chip that hit a perfect world there are you what would occur if you know Oklahoma. Think for four months you're in a coma. Blow and the thing that makes you wake up at the is the fact that it that your boys are just on fire is my understanding this correctly. Yeah I'm very much and I don't know there's a little bit defeat you know. There you go there are great words because. Actually being used from Tacoma and enough local hooker like quo weeks short of humor. And when I came to. I had no idea what I don't remember any of their let you know ideal weather over there I just started rationing their food their current helping her ripped up out there about six start. It's. Okay you move me. C. Did you but bella knows but no time was lost in your mind. I lost about our goods are that there is. I only remembered bits that it is in between my hospital stay and then there was pretty much black in between okay what season did you miss like when did the crash. It was who. Know very alert. In you woke open it was a different year. Yeah a new Super Bowl champion. And here you miss New Year's Eve. No Christmas presents well for months and goma but the famous and now we know many of them go away you're a you tried to lose bees. I would not listen man I don't know that that would like them really and that on his satchel. You know the wake up out of his group both the victim woke up. Does this book with. That as well we'll have that powerful powerful words is that had food good. Would tell what book you are paid so far 999 although we go more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. John part of the show our question today dealing with what woke you up we have a woman who was sleeping in bed when a Mountain Lion jumped on her down in California. The puma got spooked he was running around down town it figured that either the doorway or whatever was a cave according to the equation don't you know he's actually know exactly what the puma was thinking. Reggie Bush are most Arabic it is amazing reading the story it's almost like they tell you what the plume was doing how the group was thinking how the elevator I really maybe just came downtown for peace asked. You know any needle no reason to be the favorite thing is like rummaging through the dumpster behind Wendy's you don't know why he was there are right either way he got on the bashed through the window lands on this woman's head she was so shocked she did not talk to the media. But yet there's there's a lot pumas in the area and they kind of figure was first on the right downtown. And I think puma landed in my just allows sleeve but a broad broad level like what question you had I do remember at one point in time I had this arbitrary. A puma broke through my window can we get ahead get a quote from Bret thank. A puma jump to my mother happened window inlet ended I'll meet while I was asleep. That's the old god day and story my it would be nice note the pumas was Lincoln now. Because he's scared to periodical from the old it was scared making said he does pictured in this lady of the puma just stared at each other. Did you get quote from the boom. The dog and that is most terrifying thing I filled the window and window on the scary looking woman. She is light and standard and I got good results here in my life it will point time I lived an older building it was probably build them like the late eighteen hundreds or the early nineteen hundreds but it did have three floors and I was up on the top floor. The room that I lived and didn't have a lot of room so I would put my radio clock my digital clock basically on the the syllable windows was right decided to add to that actively as a shelf on the glass one of their everything else. So one point in time I wake up and it in my alarms going off and I mean it's in it's an old building. And it's hotter than hell on summertime and Mike Hough got on trying to slam the alarmed to shut it off. It's so hot I can't hit it and I'm I'm asleep. And I'm like so I do what I normally do which is I cannot flat handed the window. Yet in the know what push up and it would just can't take off Noah and as I got old rope system that single pane window. And I put my hand on this time my hand went completely through the way. There's like. Slash falling three floors on the sidewalk below that today held in grab the clock he just threw out the window and back to switch you can. That is I woke governor morning yup you know I don't know I just yeah. People home and all Merkel. Call it. I looked at the went up moderately dude what would a million billion here in rather a might. Busted the windows and threw the puck and if he isn't that why alarm was going give them crazy. The alarm that I said yeah and all what woke you up 844999. Cola hello Jessie welcome to the men's room. Fairly don't know if a guy. So my my awakening was brought you by area about eight to mature him then to go to the MB amazed. While my. Yeah I had. They're pretty negative kind of self destructive thought process kind of guy herb probably lots and here's my life. And just the very go to journey inside armor deck when Mary and then Matt. Came to getting sunburned in the morning and the other neck okay. And crack in that today I had woken up and I quit smoking cigarettes and became a vegetarian I haven't had a drink of alcohol. And I haven't engaged in a negative spots. Well against myself or other people and it's been pretty amazing so you really dig clear your head. Third leg woke up kind of whatever consciousness that's been sleeping the last you know however many years and yeah it was amazing yeah. In this on beliefs that the negativity out of your damn brain enemy they're actually getting the somber and might not be the drug Isabella the sun Rollins evaporated as the departed Brian where. I can't think negative folks not I don't know I've had a few of those before around just you know have that that state of mind just completely be. Wiped out. Just have a different outlook you know and I mean after I woke up in the strict nine slowly crept out of my baton you know after that next MR god I had and then held it up but it Tony to who cares you know and you know just young and I had a good time but it was always it was always something. There was always something more cerebral that I took from it from just been deported 200 turnaround was always a little bit more you know absolute look man we were older guy and die that he would ever festival has come and gone of this one moment. Then but eagle on disposal all weekend long thing gonna princess watched I don't know doesn't matter. Boy was we see a mildly that following Monday hey man how was rob how you're and it's like an on duty it was there was a really good time. You see any bands that you like he said listen I dropped acid for the first time local school goes now. I will never had musicals and again called off hurry up a dude he was a life affirming moment for the do remember reward. Right nor am I good right off I mean you could tell he was movement well. And a lot of stuff to you can. You know. It could be Superfund and then also don't tend to a lot of incher you know interest spectacle of yourself as having a lot of people we get a festivals whatever your kind of that middle line are you wanna have a good time party wants to there's a reason or would you say it was a resent the United States government is doing a study with veterans with PG SD and building exactly those types of stimulus. So the state. And how much they developed that that's exactly wanted to build Validus Olusegun practice the whole reason we got they've been attacked. What now what woke you up paid for Ford 999 hole Maury gulls on the way. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.