06-20-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Doesn't Wanna Say

Wednesday, June 20th

Mens Room Blank Question: I hate to admit it, but I hurt myself ___ing


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He would sure love to hear is real. This radio program are soon. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Jews are. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is now. They say. The radio more than. Three times. I don't know they go get a similar 2840. And. Along with Steve the thrill hill. To Ted there's. One little ball. To my car. Okay the man through a. It's really three days so I broke right Mozilo. Coming up blue socks. Class the return of as the men's room. Can read play profile list. Plus headlines have been your shot of the day homeless or emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period a darn hard to go home why come from the beach is get sick taking self please add small marble walls. Off to Ireland we go where a man nicknamed Spiderman and legend grows. New York Courter who dies in a house fire was a model rocket scientist and a doctor to look. Another story we're eight dead snake makes a man's face turned blue and met pretend to be a three star general Atlanta helicopter Goldman's workplace all the impressive. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've read his good days TU a New York. It's hard if you live in the state of Florida there's all kinds of natural things that are out who killed. Alligators. I found Panthers poisonous spiders etc. Well know what you did bad boy isn't this caterpillar and the list. Indeed discovered this the hard way after she just touch one of them and then had to be hospitalized. More on that bit. Meanwhile Chicago Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow all right he could pitch in a recent double header against the Dodgers. Because he injured his back and shore professional athletes into the so called time. The bread and injured his back. Thank you know the fans you know I don't know if they saw those fans that he can do it less aggressive. Smelling the poisonous caterpillar that seems like a week gasoline hurt himself but look the human. We're human we've all age nerve cells in some dumb halfway evil we know better like. Think about putting to a basic slightly doorknob cop and chances are you're patient you're holding your hand while pushing a knife toward her own home. Also known as the wrong way to gotten out of god and everybody does. Well guess what George Bayer. They are all bear. George error higher grade because a man that's so blatantly promoted merit anyway the goal from the view and some random bad rep. Both have been made news recently they've both got themselves openly and avocado for the visit the way everybody that. Here's the thing people it didn't tell them stupid and or embarrassing world today is complete without knowing what it's a men's room Blake question. I hate to admit it but I hurt myself blanket. Your brother took on a four point 9990 legal arguments are on FaceBook follow us on to an Earnest Graham amends or live cans and those emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com. You're listening to the may consumer DO network. What. Job shall I go on the show number 2008 are up forty now. Now her as bridges where only three days away. All right Basil get ready and federal outdoor drink and end they filled with all day music. Freestyle mall across all kinds of great food including men's or sausage over Tony Beers available on tap to those tickets on sale at men's room live dot com. Whose Sox last we have not gotten word on who sucks less. Oh we're gonna be able to tolerate this one. I mean I don't know Mike and I talked about it in the office in the one of the stories you talked about openly and problems like man that that's terrible story in the dead Mike and I both agreed do you believe other than they sought the release of Chris you know the news is so happy Ali all year long we could bring three stories and then you tell us one of those which one sucks the least does not nearly as bad as the others. Also coming other return of as a men's room Andre. It tells was shot today and another round of profile that's coming up and that we start today with the story. And it involves Chicago Tribune a restaurant critic Phil Vettel. Men as the story goes. Phil just wanna sending the each he makes his living thinking about food writing about food and of course eating. So surely they say amount comfort and safety of his own home. Well I'll fill could find something has that gone and in fact he did find the perfect thing. And avocado. Now here's where the story gets a little Dicey. He's that I just had my knives sharpened and so when I split the avocado ended too perfect tabs. The blades slipped through the fruits as though it were butter. His anticipation increased with the pits the woody ping pong balls shaped or over the middle that was a little bit more stubborn he's that I couldn't get it out. So I started to dig in with a tip of the knife. Unfortunately. He was holding the other Condo and Pitt in his unprotected and at which is where the freshly sharpened knives ended up when it slipped. Jamming deep into his finger. He remained column he waited but the bleeding would not stop yeah and so Phil wound up in the emergency room where he found that he was not the first food to fall victim of his love of the other O'Connell in fact. Injuries connected with avocados are so common there is a name even a hash tag we know that. Are no men avocado hurts avocado hand. This week Steve as you were saying earlier talk show host George Bayer bar whatever I'm glad we don't actually know that. Miss work on the view because she was hospitalized for an infection he after an avocado hand incident in other words she didn't go to labored here of course that would be my guest is it not at Tennessee and I wouldn't get infected I got to affect. Although I don't wanna one thing about food critic and it was so he's still such a booty that when he's telling the store the stories about him injuring himself he still took the opportunity to point out. My two perfect hands about the cup are we out certain yes yeah it hurt like mad just say you cut and the only job he's gonna I don't know I can't I want you to know before injured myself it was too. Perfect hat I don't think we're drinking and I mean hell maybe Italy even dead sober you know everyone knows that same thing with the Babel producer but it could intuitive and did what. I don't think it adds to like and that if you're cutting using that technique. There's a good chance like sometime man and that's the last thing you wanna do is be the person that tell people how to do things like I. But you know when you watch your kid gravity knife and you've just got to well look man sorry we're I'm not spending a couple of hours in the emergency room. This is not happening and first of all you need a serrated knife. You're using the wrong never try to explain all these German did you execute that they had. Yeah were adults did you gotta wanna say it's your wife you would never I don't know you would emerge or you're just gonna in the Golan or you could be better off going to the emergency room. Then you would be saying it does seem correct way of doing something. He could I mean I remember my grandmother that we should cut bagels you don't say don't cut on its way. Would she knows. Bachelorette star indeed Dorfman Matt Taylor what she was definitely the best I don't know why she didn't get my affairs she was mine as well that she was she we she's in May I guess was she the bachelorette I do not know our I don't know mutilated. I'll post it on a social media about her surgery she had surgery for avocados and Merrill's street we know her she had a she showed her hand being managed I guess in 2012. Other rise in injuries obviously attributed. To the fruits rise in popularity. And then they give us all kinds of great of a couple of facts which I don't really care about or another budget but I still. Patients so look one thing that they definitely say is like. Missing a lot of these patients coming end. Trying to stab the pit tonight's atop the pit stabbing their hand. Patients do sort about sometimes hacking motion with a long blade of the knife into the pit and hack into the wedding between the thumb of the four finger. The worst one. You've got it. Going through the tendon you know you'll be looking at an appointment with a hand surgeon for further assessment we wanna make sure year. Good there and regain good functions. Even if you do make it through the ER without much drama you'll still have to weather the although hand attitude of your friends and family got to hang and be prepared to be mocked. The injury may be common but it is commonly mocked yeah really marked avocados and the most millennial injury ever blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah trust me I mock them yet in my us army. I had my Q if you cold and avocado hidden. But the ball about a man. I mean I don't with a serrated knife once those Thanksgiving now the strength and should without a condos and there's so soft like I'm always very careful. I am but he still holed it wrong like I say all of this Matthew I'm oh all right hand right now try to slice around it's good there don't we deploy or my hands Victoria yeah. Probably also sued the debate this guy just said Sami got seeing and have a devoted to the waiter at did you who has heard of table sidewalk a bullet. I have oh yeah okay you guys had that yes and match winner not understate the true obviously you have the first was ever had a where you get this was with Dennis Hoff in Nevada okay perhaps. If you get called the hillside park promote close a lot of Obama undid the dominant big mare yeah it's all oh yeah I had a good and fresh conflicted that I'm going to Wear that dude shouldn't regulate the like the deputy sheriff of Japanese that tells lighting himself on fire the yeah. If you make him and you're here for the show you can do so like guy puck comes out. Table sidewalk level and oh yeah now salsa guacamole now might completely off the whole injured and I'm just to get a table sidewalk of all we gotta get your round man for Sony BD. I've here's Lamar for a this involves the pitcher. For the cubs closer Brandon Morrow. A pitcher was unavailable for the doubleheader against the Dodgers. In his pants are to blame. The pitcher was unavailable due to a back injury he suffered as a result of taking down his pants yes blame the pants just and dressing in my house morrow who has sixteen saves on the season told reporters it's like 3 AM. In the closet. Got my right leg off. American led off his. Left one just felt like us spasm in my back it's frustrating anytime he can't get out of their eye when you. Can't go because of something stupid like. To picking your pants off. Getting hurt any tennis frustrated but what is not related to throwing a baseball it's even. That's much more frustrating now as far as the back goes the spasm the pinch and all that stuff. That does happen I have I have I've had weird pains but nothing that would keep me a debilitated for over a day you know many like grout would be I. Everybody knew what well. Louise yet maybe not do our job unsafe western URE professional pitcher. You know even if his pain no more severe than any of the dumb things we've done right and we. But we get the city. He is to stay an amount you are back a lot like well I'm with broken he's pitching right is it happening Munich a month ago on how to explain it. It's had a weird right exactly where it happens everyone Gilbert couple days straight every once a wide stand up or sit down just look at screws exert action involved. Slapped. Right so graduate I don't I don't know why your leg maybe I lifted them but I did say in late. I could sit Dow added up with the pain battle nobody stand on a mountain out there physically we know about it later and said it. You engaged so sleepy as you ain't gonna do something I don't know yeah you grab something wrong and in your bank's apps but again. It's sides but I think coming here rim like I know what hurts but I'm okay cities and so. After the show yesterday I decided to walk home. I got but I'm walking with a way to pack in aren't walking across the bridge and walking up some stairs to get to the bridge and I hear a pop in my camp. And like Alison tells them and I looked down today and I've got likes only to look at that. To see him walking walking. I was walking right well free to do it. There's still hurts yes they don't like it hurts all the walking craze apparatus that we have got it tied in the question soon. I don't look good man not a feel good men's or blank question I hate to admit it but I heard myself doing blank 44999. Cola you you heard about venerable. Dot really OK okay I have. Too many of these thing I've hurt myself sledding. Her right right fallen off a balcony. But is it worst hurt yourself doing something where everyone told you're going to hurt herself or is it works like me with a baseball do work you're taken off a pair of pants and throwing them back. I think this weddings worse because my body was like don't go down on that would out. Thousand out of B five yen that you knew OK when you say it Al out loud you know the risk involved. You think you're signing up for the you know all the days so it's different okay that if you were even though people are fewer go play golf frisbee. And I mean just just golf this golf and bring it up in drag in and and rip your ego or something like that's. That's messed up front and are from Jack has Clinton yeah like our right of gonna take a crate down out ice stream that phase of the data dump you off 4050 redolent interstate anyway you know Richard I do you beautiful older let's. There's a lot of bigger influence Eric. Lou and I like what I guess we room what a dance contest or something I'll have a senior year hope competition contests this when you don't think it's risky right. Dance contest about that. How close is likely you'll left and then boom dislocated my knee Kodak I'll tell you if it isn't meant to be out there are well well we've got a good look after. Hello it was unbelievable I don't think that's the worst of the flooding it. There is no inherent dangers you just injured good enough the 21 of the fund 33 and he goes down and the reason I laughed as the temperatures dropping like a box of rocks in front of that many people it was yes everybody circled around high school slowly our could. Yeah it at the time guy. What don't go into a dog park in Florida or my uncle if he gets a very morning it takes a dog the dog part of my god go. Almighty god as well most dangerous places in the world religious army 5060 pound dogs flying running a oh yeah I can't chase the ball to emulate. I can double a Google doesn't like on their gruesome as it to get a blog and maximizes guy it's got to happen and quite a ways that I these dogs don't look and they run like 45 enrollment economic. Com chasing balls Jason each other a. I'll do get run over by the same situation but dude got run over by his own Rottweiler as. He if he had like two weeks as he's telling us how awesome was Rottweiler his. But it is what like five dollars Jason is Whippet the with a little rain between his legs and as he turned around here comes his dogma and we just cleaned them out this dude was so Paris every also because it was muddy out and there are literally the muddy fought principles like you drew a month. Do a good bit so every yet keep your head on swell. My answer my question I hate to admit let's her myself doing black 844999. Cola. Wait a minute is that our most of doing blank or her myself but I do whatever you I just think it's sounds you heard there's like blanket thank you. Hello Justin welcome to the minute. Or not. They're the man are you. All of I'm enjoying their place at New York Times. Through all of you go back and all of my son who almost nineteen to about fourteen continue to do so. We simply don't delude you make your own home or else kind of deal also would kinda bunker on the weekend. So I'm. They took different piece in that water just should learn a picnic table and had them delivered between my knees can only employees. Of the drill bit and come out the hole where the the others were doing an out and let the declaration should enroll until I can. I. How deep so. I'm a separate scored about a foreign scarlet arsonist who and in deep. Nearly as good OK okay. Do you have do then put the drill in reverse to give the ma. Rick in Atlanta lawyer secure and came out the side all. Use through food. So I did whether they're on to another. Abducted site directly to. Preeminent country in a car and I drove it good on the dash to viera hospital. And god seven stitches. Our let me ask you this what kind of sound we're kind of words came out your map. So I was just so good so everything I learned in boot camp came out of my mouth. I Dow's got and I and I actively do not use profanity around my children but. I was three hammer not that long ago I hit my thumb and they got a life lesson in some words that are wait. If you get evidence that did you did you ever to divert house completed it ever become wonderful home for the birds. Yes and that's the funny thing is we don't use a different color scheme because news. Send us please. So we weren't gag that they had. Thanks so the merger be free Delhi dude I'm telling you there's blood all over the god damn bird house cat you're how to somehow that doesn't bother birds like. Blood to me if you can identify why it's there it's not good there's an ATM I went to divert blood on it. Go out bright and there was no order round but the blood on the eighteenth I thought you know. I'm not going to uses an edge chili from a birdie at this brand wrecked LA via a bird like man I loved to eat that food but I'm totally. That house is covered in blood. I used to eating the birds to tell who was human blood. Doesn't matter. Looked a deal could have been any kind of blood and gore won muscling him into those would want it doesn't matter now that's all set I don't matter but I heard myself doing blank aid for foreign. I 99 hello hello Courtney welcome to the men's room. AMP. Only god. Well what when my daughter went potty training like she let them per. National caveats. He peed on my hardwood floor in the living room and went running out Eric and I let Blake at the parking you know rarely been out there and. Oh you know even. What do and so are you there and we we do you cut out your phone cut out revenues did you slip up in the air cartoonish. I'll wake up like a cart he had he Cali elated after they air and I fractured tight but. And I had to Wear one of those weird losing being. So I went to go how honest are you with the documents like damn man a slip in my kids' T. I totally get to that was funny and I was laughing and it is ridiculous how did you break your thoughts. I'm not static regarding had pinned the net and when I broke at a different I highlighted had to Wear like that the moon this thing and clump around and looked down and let them. Next week. Thank god knows broke before now remember anyone out there considering having kids that is life you broke your foot slip digger he did your daughter CU. Yeah it'll. Assertion that looks like he did she just wanted to I guess she was just by walking around and just just peed and it went right. Yeah actually he went there like all the way you know good at it as you. Out of hand you beat on the floor. And get out of you did you Gregor for the first time legitimately trivia there isn't. I don't apparently I was the bartender. And I don't know how old but I started hurting really down I eighty I and every day or hurt so I'd and it started getting really mauling I I remember kind of like checking out on the item of art world when I. I think he's got to keep working. And then spending my mama could be don't shot that I know chalk it up. I went dot. Anyway well enough your your mother didn't say it you know go to the doctor Tom about myself about the sent if you don't shut up. Even if you don't shut up about it and go to the doctor I did in the top not. OK okay I like. The Italian partner at the slit in kid. I have Bud Selig it's joins on the I would object a man some cleanup and a as performers just dripping and cry like I was pretty disgusting it's because allies are all created in evil would that and you get a message to. It's limited to. It's still stops with Pete does not go far it was a mess and still not also but it's like I don't know why I think that is. Because almost everyone's educated being affect anyone would debate the debate intelligently in the when they become parties can be worth it when they become potty trained in May become a part of the other club. So they become a part of now a pat I don't know we get past it if it hit it it it writes yeah. Ocala whenever I try to think of a girl I was being a girl and she. In cheap too in the bad habit what is going on I'd argue but I would be ideal girl whose dog poop there are bad showing us that what you're gonna puke Don and of course of relationship genre it's inevitable ever so you don't want Wallace later never so not I drug approved but it chair and a bedroom once and those what do you do to date and that's what you're thinking it'd certainly could go oh. But I didn't make good contact with the trial with with approving in the bed at a hotel really the only problem no problem no problem. Album is as you know stated there's no real place to strip the bed and put the sheets for the cleaning ladies to not know that you crap that. It's like you know the only you're kidding you who do you street your your underwear a little bit and gentlemen approved if you hit the underwear in the corner of the laundry basket somehow all known wouldn't find it in we've moved a little bit yet but there's no place to hide those shoots. From the people who phenomenon adorable gore do Lieberman substantial tip how much money. I don't know well worth dollar dropped forty bucks somewhat at my craft over the a hundred dollars. What I want to ride that I would one day although the first there was barely positive about the and I still thought that it didn't all of our okay let's look tired out there. You know normally he deceased opera couple hats. Creation museum and midterm likewise and I hate to Amanda but I hurt myself doing like 844999. Cola pulled library golf coming up you're listening to commander radio network. Age is you. True it's a specimen. Returning to a Portuguese beach encountered quotes a scene of horror so early Tuesday. The unrecognizable bodies of a tourist couple who appeared to a followed 100 feet to their deaths while trying to take a stealthy. Britain Louie Benson and her Ozzie boyfriend 33 year old Michael Kearns were found at fisherman's beach. At the bottom of the 100 foot wall on top of which set a foam. According to the Bristol post everything seems to indicate that the fall happened when they were probably. Trying to take a stealthy. It seems they drop their mobile phone and fell down while leaning over to retrieve its witnesses saw the couple who'd been staying at the local hotel crossing a safety barrier. And sitting on the wall with a legs facing the sea before they toppled from view. A day earlier Benson and Kearns had shared photos on social media issue on them enjoying fisherman's beach and with a point from which they would fall visible in the background. They departed their home and Australia in January idling the holiday and had recently attended a friend's wedding in Portugal which is. Why they were there are questions and drew blanks style I hate to admit it but I hurt myself doing blank 844999. Cola. The truth they they really put a damper on the wedding. Thanks Gary are going to get married my gap while they didn't make you if all the damn cliff. I'm sorry. Hello Michael welcome to the men's room. It can't stop the signal bars are not too good to know thank you thank you remove the I avoid doing good man are you. Doing trying to trying to stay staple in this heat now we're having. Yeah 75 times brutal. Yeah it close to 8080 find something there. Well not a good man. I hurt myself trying to let a client run aground and possibly heavier steel beam. What's your bare hands by cells. Well. You have very chance basically by myself mullah. So this happened. In we got. So I company got a call that they wanted to ask to look at some possible tolerance. And produced. I think is the lead Anchorage look we were made by professional. Basically builder who dug that you can. Always tell you know you can always tell that though I mean right off the bat out looking like you know that that that's not the guy thought you were wrong I want to. Well you now to be fair who once again I've got a pretty good record about 95% gone. Anyway so we'd get them into our laps and well we've progressed I think we do little forklift but don't reaction means or all the way in the back of our storage room. And are work work can't sit through a hole to get there so. As vice Herrera and that they put them on the front but they didn't earlier on what to put on the back and he said hey did you guys can't get through the back hallway. So put him in the it's there's no way the foreclosed gonna give them back the continued. So now if we get them out to a lab no problem were low income on a volley Bud Adams were trying to get them onto the we're trying to get a one on to Anchorage to this day I I don't know maybe my grip slipped a rating get a very good grip on it. Chemistry and achieved so. I turn my back a long and I would like backups. Yeah at the 500. Pound I think any man how. Does it had to go. If you had a cutting actions. And I'll let mild comic came and instead notes or to five degrees says it's no I do use Smart mouth f.s face. Now except that I'm ready to do it on wolf there were. Jared. God who bitches about the heat. I wait a minute but I hurt myself doing blank gave 449990. A couple comments came in Denver and talked about you reduce located indeed during a dance competition Greg told government this person says I dislocated my be the first time just climbing into the backseat of a minivan. Oh yeah. That's impressive. I just looking at once. Just jumping into saint. On the beach knee dislocation so well it's good that you know in the problem is you feel it. Coming and it's like you can't stop of these symptoms can try to straighten out or need a pop back. Report out I was with a problem that was supposed to occasional got to lay there for a minute they're like all right here we got a somebody painfully straight I doubt they go to guy. Pops back game this time god I hate that. And thereby less today to admit it but I hurt myself doing blank gave 44999. Hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.