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Tuesday, June 12th

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This is the men's room. I think nobody. The good flat tire. I got sir I had relied on only one hour from now but first going jagged in my god for some of the stories and headlines he is not working. Act. All right some hackers in Vietnam says they've cracked the new iphones face ID would just a 150 dollar mask codecs that are skeptical. All courtrooms say the skeptical. I ever get over it you can't break it you can encrypt that feel like if you throw a challenge out there. There's no hacker can hack into quite count on the fact the girl gonna make the effort and then they're going to do it right. Limo guy once you say this is unbreakable or cannot be done or anything like that unless the only threats that we learned nothing from the Titanic. Just don't think it's like the same cool you haven't car right. You've been on a long trip you just wanna get home. Now I have to go through a very developed partners government traffic lights and somehow you hitting every green lights it's a sign that agreement that no one says hey. I can't believe we're getting all the pretty much right. It should be the same thing in the anti war don't say. I just I can't understand how mass could could if break the face idea how how mass could actually register positive for every face on the planet. Mike I know so little by the IT world like to me things you know work or they don't and I don't understand India the semantics and go through but. I believe anything can be done and I'm either side of maybe an army large west Equifax gets briefed everyone debris I just feel whenever you adapt. Virgil loophole and I mean even the dragon as a soft spot right that's always been. He asked how would just take I would think that if they were gonna crack and there are beat code not a mask that's. You know that's the point like hey we tried to do this cold thing and you guys are actually wrote the code of it's that no eventually corrected you know found a faster way which as we put on math isn't joking guzzlers. It doesn't need and it's amassed they thought I thought they made the mask here's the truth of matter I've got to one of my programs for my photos. As facial identification software. Enable put certain individuals into certain photos into a file that all has served their their their face up. Nice if I open up one of these files that who's to say open on my daughter's. Well we'll be friends you know like a mine that I Netflix different women in. So even though this also would be similar fight out Reynolds we'll see pictures of my daughter sometimes it's not like me Mike my other daughter's friend Jeff picture with her and that's identified as much it's just played. So just where it's not perfect by any stretch. And America might act a driver in Massachusetts was busted for driving with a license plate made out of a pizza box and a magic marker did you see you know this. It's it's better than I thought it would be but is still so pathetic so I imagine what the brown cardboard pizza buster they did at least use a white piece of and none of the people logo were shown but there's a few things that the Massachusetts. Massachusetts is hard to spell. Okay what they did a melodrama now that's for Obama gave evidence has mass and a lower limit the circle it that's one and then get on any license plates when you look at the number two. But when you write the number two some people kind of to the hoop on the bottom. Well like I have played their right to sort of type writer too so this dude did too loose from the twos and says mass. And it doesn't look like a pizza box but it does not look like a license and they make an effort it's a cardboard and magic marker and wanna know how long he survived on a and sand that was I mean a second day Mike gets pizza. It's been different if there. You if I doubt if he's your hard. And vegetable oil worker in New York recognized a customer has the guy who robbed her Rucker how six months ago OK and now the police have his picture and they're looking for. Seat left and I am damn good jobs though Vogel also among look not only that but I mean adventure game this season more than every. Person out there seems to have some type of monitoring device and our home. Some type of camera system something like that Sox you know I'm having a games changing a little bit fifth Phillies were mass death may Jesus Christ and yet it. Perspective gained there what did you think that authorities would have a picture of him. From the robbery though. They might. I mean they might but the thing is now she can match and obviously this is the guy maybe pay with a credit card Aminu I go through enough same jacket something through. Or is her jacket and he. You said to please a decision Detroit wound up brawling with the each other after an undercover operation went completely wrong. I understand how to read the whole sort of my understanding is that. The cubs were there to make Obama's getting a fight with each other after the homeowner who's there to be busted by the stood by and watched like Phelps. Did you ever do different authorities. We're working on this one case got into office to donate precincts in the end up getting there at the exact same time they give the exact same thing drug dealers say they got into he turf war. They did over who's who's buddies David and her exact group of homeowners like cool I'm runaways one of those cops went to the the hospital because another cop put him in the hospital. You think they pressed charges. Half right yeah I mean you know about the thin blue line and I give it if I'm not a god Warner charges but it could top one count. And it's a big European size competition I got drawn out funding and if your counting on him as much as you do what paperwork the courses are really all that crap like look dude all I have no idea where we're got its own relatives closest holiday go home. If I though you did you got. You got to the door I got off paperwork nobody did I'm not saying I'm lazy bottom lace dress do you think is the first of those two precincts have gone at each other. Obviously there's probably been out there right there's got to be some sort of a build up there. Well also too like he got to keep in mind that area there and they're working narcotics in this analogous tell like like it. And she's a thin line between confidence criminal. After a while you work that many cases he worked with second. Criminal element I didn't start take it some of that. Persona ought to know how did you not to have everyone yeah you always has faced with Jack dancer at you don't have much crime in Detroit isn't who's. Not at home on the fifth. If it. A Manhattan club I have to say though what eyewitness do you think that they should communicate better with him. I think about it but I. I didn't come on man you guys seriously I know the communication was we got a new dolls stay home we got this one and it was repeated on the others as well. I'm the drug dealer might hey you guys think as long as you need to sort this out. OK and you know what it isn't that a man tried to hunt for a natural gas leak large. I think after antenna here this once the car just assuming if you're telling me use the lighter. He used a match I. Today used a match to light and I know what you know he wound up in the hospital with burns. Yeah it ended exactly the wage should mention it. But then I am is guess we'll ask the boy found it might I can smell it. Losing a pet is is painfully emotionally as a divorce and even worse than being fired or having a friend move according to administer or enforce them before it's good debt and the bourses Sunday may you've chosen to do with the death of your patent was huge children is not so I think there's there's a reason why people. Relief pets to family members is because at least with a friend. Friends go home after awhile you know that you don't have to spend 24 hours day seven days a week with a friend. Put a pet is with you all the time so really is a family member can do so you're losing a family member of the camp Cooper preannounce us. Yes. We both both the darkly Miller myself I did I did it was a dirty. No and paranoia and if you had been like yeah we're already 42 she would she put on the on the bed due to paw and feet past appear on the bed I'll. A noisy. I think there was some confusion there I don't want it or not and we had a do over on the weekends you would meet my girlfriends dark. I Hong end and I think he got a twisted her up little bits and then I'd moved her litter box in my bedroom for the weekend there's a she Canaveral little safe haven jazz within my mind now back after the dog when a hole. And then and I think it just confused your I think she was like I go okay this is where I. You brought chaos to build homes here and I guess. Dammit here's my stool. Finally the fifth. But she's she could remorseful for us. Sooner rather Cecilia. Stimulate I'm sorry moving Labrador deference I want to keep things I feel back them believes in Manchester from a man accused of deal why in an interesting location wholesale about a one hour. Now Taylor knock headlines only one hour from now personally know the street sense. It's easy to throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing and I start ten miles with a simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here I'm planet earth. Are firm. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Okay Lee welcome to the men's room. I I thought god I can't say I understand how this here game was played. All right here's his story is a real uplifting was a man tried to escape after being locked in a bedroom to wake police. By the alleged victim's pants so man felt there was death as he intended to escape the reform story window. After he was caught molesting a six year old boy. Now the man have been my two bedroom and his New York flat as they say about the boy's parents who said they caught him abusing her son and kid's birthday parties yet. To slog through a clambered out of the top floor window and jump to skate before police arrived. Well video footage shows and plunging forty feet landing on a metal fans outside of the apartments in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens. They say you didn't have a filthy mind he'd simply stay in faces situation that's the mothers and clearly not a lot of remorse. No Amanda said to have but invited three children included more than five year old female cousin into his room to watch a film. During the party while Boise your left the room acting strangely as it was imported from other later look into the room and salty guy molested two boys. Basically the problem for the children attending the party they began beating the guy up. Before the victim's mother and being selected and tell him the way that you deserve to kill on the let's lock him in the bedroom to the cops get here and then you decided to escape. And it never escape but he also died. The question is do you believe that this guy who decided they these children for their party a wee bit too far is black. White makes you or Jews. Zealot your meditating. Why do I know. I know white annexing. It's the market we all that at this queens and got everything there be another. That's like every day. All these things and I. I mean don't we I'll say this he finished it in a neighborhood that ends in height. Yup and there was a small I guess an old school metal fence back that's one gets into the says chain link to think we using corn and no one has a lot of space senior citizens queens. It's more of their quarry. Friends and family America he jumps out of form sort of window and I'm assuming it's one old old school metal fence is just the queen's. I mean just the fact that the neighborhood called heights and it got panel spoon chain link an anomaly in black. I'm talking at all or almost the final observe. And we'll find out accused black white Nancy or Jewish next fat it was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is your. Through its. New York fans guys doing enough. So appropriate things children. And a birthday party fortunately he was costs. And some adults who were their view the fathers and they beat his ass real good and then they locked him in the closet because they wanted to stay there they call the cops and and just want calls that sound like. Well he apparently broke out the bedroom through a window and decided to just make you go out and any enough he they're jumping or falling for. Floors who has done it yet he ended up achieving what the father is reluctant to do a daily we ask you do you believe that this some of the marriage is black and white makes you or Jill. Aren't you went with your gut man and you do what makes it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know are not you like you'll wind up saying I right now from the TV news all the time it is time for TV time it is. Those hours in front of a talking. The deception you guys Jimmy Kimmel is pretty famous for having people read mean tweets New York. Now Jimmy Kimmel also turning fifty years old have a historic historically that's I don't think you can if you get thirty or you feel good while yet. You ship but an alleged giving Mo the alternative is dead yeah shut up. Christ almighty and I think even. Even people like us are huge birthday people yet Barack and red lake I do agree like you feature 21 birthday you're thirtieth or fortieth fiftieth on the tenth after that I had to putt. Told decade you could see some. You know halfway there are 4535 Tony five it's just you know instantly you have Lehman relieved it. And knowledge the fact that your twenty yet if thirtieth you know I still like in the in the younger thirties euros nobody has ever over. Yeah you're right like 35 think whatever it's it's like I haven't had mid thirty's that's why these that it's died off a little bit but man I'm telling what three or four years ago there was a time if you look. It's my 27 birthday observers all around like no hair care no one here I do think it's a younger person scheme though too many people their twenties or any more fired up. Yeah I'm sure they're about eleven A guitar thing about. Like a reunion there's a reason that you don't get together with people every single year and you knew 29 years ago you do them like an ice collected ten year in your twenty year. Thirty about a decade go by and then you have a good time seeing him again and then you start attending funerals right and then it seems like those decades really get really close together also you like understand this Omar got us now the next. Mean yeah well I mean look the older you get faster get checked that's that is merger so Jimmy Kimmel are very funny bit EO says people read meet tweets about themselves whether it's athletes or our country music stars. And that kind of stuff. So now which are gonna which are going to listen to assist people reading meet today's about Jimmy Kimmel Live himself. And I got there with being a little bit and don't smoltz will suffer an important and I keep that you did her job and it bubble like you forget to turn on the buttons when I have to do my stuff. That is very important morals running every door was already it's running everything hello I got an opponent mine and while I keep forgetting to pull the folks well ahead this whole set up there as immature about the listened soon as I leaned to the British and I don't think and that god damn pot is an. It's and I feel your man's worth less if it again. That Jimmie can you represent everything I hate about myself OK okay deuce back. I don't know how I got roped into business but here we go. We'll see your birthday Jimmy some and historic. Underscore media rights. Is Jimmy Kimmel cross site or just ridiculously ugly. Send additional troops. It's. Jimmy Kimmel does cyber girl and come back. Kimmel are you kidding me with that flabby body heat and the Jin man do you really shave your pants. Can call. Is that same black kid from when Ben Stein's money. Who grew up to become that fact kid from when Ben Stein's. I disagree. I think Jimmy Kimmel looks like a slightly blue just Carson Daly but not just fine. This is some fantastic but I forgot sushi. I was easily tell there's some famous people reading the need tweets to on the Larry turner Howard Stern as the mayor Larry David was the last one put the video up in the mentioned FaceBook page. Check it out I mean Larry data can barely keep to get their refund and all those who Kristen Bell is in there. Anthony Anderson and so any end in kennels. Episode kind of there's some birthday surprises in this and that is pretty good and I we set. Fifties a giant monster once he got celebrate that in and Jimmy Kimmel defense all the fat jokes were being thrown his way. To me he looks as good as he's ever looked you looked slim looks like he's in shape and as a compliment. Well I think and I'm another I don't know another you lose good I really don't I think that's part of the jokes those that race he's in the best gym was like no okay yeah the coming out like or people bashing on his weight I mean there are a party at a tobacco people bashing everything dad yelled I don't monitor our delegates are right because it's like whatever. You're fine I'm fine you're fine get used to each right back in the day he had a little child bottoms and a some OK I have that attack at back to my derby unless I happen. So right there has given how about that plus also lake so does Jimmy Kimmel. Even for somebody like me is obviously TV expert. I just forget how many DM shows he's been on. But I I forgot about when Ben Stein's money. Like to me shown. You mentioned are what Win Ben Stein's Money he was like the guy on the side to kinda it was like the psychic whatever. He's been hustling to get that guy currency started in radio coral Jesus Christ did. The stories famous as the guy in Seattle aren't you tired and he was. I guess he was a program director Khazei OK okay and I think that's the station the camels on and so some Kimmel is on doing a nice chilled there. He is on for however many months he was on and big guy. Who was program director of fires Kimmel he says he doesn't get to show he doesn't understand it he can't figure it out like this is the dumbest thing as it did sound familiar. No it's absolutely so he fires Kimball. And killing goes back down to LA and and ends up doing radio that he continues in radioed in that they gets on the man show and then all the stuff blows up and reason to blue up. Is because some idiot in Seattle fired as as. And he went back to LA so this guy is known as the jet in Sierra is the jackass and the fired Jimmy Kimmel but really what he did was he kind of helped start. Launch his career by. Him having to move back to LA sure you don't know out of time here. It is hackers via I would I mean there's enough you're trying to judge someone based on their talent. So that means that they have potential talent they have future town it's like somebody who's gonna draft the seventeen year old kid play in high school baseball ever teach you think your person and you know when you're how the jury I love you but your assumption is is that you don't be like. I'm banking on this guy based on his abilities. So the reason that is such as slam is because like you've put out pretty good radio show. This guy just couldn't judge talent so I'll get him but every right every bit like look at any GM or whatever it even the best Jack iron talent. Talent judge hears even the best people have those jobs that you're always gonna miss on a future. They hit an Amazon fees and songs and we don't have Michael Jordan was not the number one pick yet though about that now now you're break they ever do. We're sitting in a room and you know you're the smartest guy in the room now because you're Smart but because we've been talking to are stupid and they might be an authority and am I thought it was always list. Him. Without them being aware you could manipulate them into doing exactly what it is you need to do to help yourself you know. Okay don't look no worries I mining and swept this amendment act today you give them to do would you want to do with them thinking of their idea that's basically don't move on and trucks are bad guys got to come from them right that is as long as they think they came over the idea you're gonna go right. The metro man played us someone's ego he got on an. Haven't played trusting my ass I'm with I think obviously in retrospect that looks kind of foolish but I also think that he did not get into right you're going to be pyramid Sid and I think we know how this industry were yeah yeah and. And ma'am we've been fired a couple times and we are now I'm a late night TV so right now that's the different looks completely out of the difference and so am I thank you all about your family like that I ever made up my record and I have none of those popular TV show holes on television right now there's a different level there really bad guy doesn't that doubt. It's different if you like drug bust so local news guy gets a job at another time he's still gonna let her lateral movement outlawed the kind of a bigger deal than that. Yeah and look I think that day is the main person of one there was a guy NEC or woman that said. As that seems crazy let's give Michelle meaning you know obviously he had done a lot of work to that but remember when Kimmel started like that shows a mess they have live borrow man oh yeah and the night before like. How does he people who didn't want on the air name or led the girls come along where he's just bouncing on trampoline for the bumper. But that was a man's shoulder and adrenaline there aren't yet zigzag zigzag or going to look heck I could drink some Beers. All right. So we we've talked about this a little bit there's of a player for the Boston Red Sox right they milky bet black. I think that's our offense and her daughter or remove key conversation. Now. He's famous because he's also very good bowler. Do you guys think of polling is an exciting sport to watch no you know man I've seen a couple videos those a guy who bowled three. 300 games in a row which is be as good as you're gonna see. But does not to question I don't think NASCAR's exciting to watch if you should know pilots and ESPN initially slowed here's an unfit. Then it is exciting to bully a present lead we get we don't know if we do gimbal perverted and reconsider watch it absolutely not. I hi I was I was a little bowling I had some examples for now so let's just take a look at the examples of the excitement level. From him blowing in from his day job so first. He's bowled a perfect game right and should be real fired. Yeah Ilia. Boston Red Sox outfielder move keep that's on the precipice of perfection crossing. 300. Games for movie Max. Yeah okay all right I think you heard and let's check in with his day job where he catches above all to rob a home run. Today innocence what I take to right. Are you trying to tell me Ted Smith that the Boston Red Sox are bigger thing than professional bowling I just couldn't get over how boring that guys call one Alistair hundred Lily if you're ever. If you're like. Sorry that there should be a little start up perfect game. God damn man what we do have all these broadcasters just ran like you need you ping pong like are given a shot. But still it's a Malay came and give us the perfect ping pong game ornament in the senate would congratulations. Do over the hill there is probably from China had dumped mark Craig playing pong game. A one C Taiwan is very good ping pong took round do the Asia cup if you watch these guys point. Playboy played ping pong we are our heads are basically touch and table read. Got probably may be due to this day and iMac going to be here you are today back seven feet off the table and may hit this ball went on in tennis. What blows my mind more than that now. They hit an eye on the table still but that the guy that does play against them can still track from the ball is. And yeah no Marley for like 45 seconds on my Jesus currently underway here's the thing the guys held an athlete. Now this bowling athletic feet look if you aren't good at it you don't mean like that's and they you're not I'm not he is what is it. Let's look if you run I believe the venture is not an athlete bloody employees to me and asked just look if you were a professional whatever. But that you are the topping your game like he has a plan to live with the rest of us whatever level that it but it's the most the thing you can go you can win like a pool tournament or played a professional pulled from isn't a sport. But the thanking your good of both of those for this one you can't really devote the time too because. Your day job is being announced your resume Cuba like there's no other play the ravens who was a pretty good offensive lineman and then in his spare time he was excellent physics but yet it doesn't make physically it's like you included both of these things and maybe you're good coordination and it. So that we'll bowling pool I get your coordination without a doubt baseball certainly the baseball so called Plavix. Pull bowling I would not and I know people that that play pool. And bowling are gonna get upset I don't care much argument I'm saying I do not regarded as the athletics gets a gain for shore yet and if I read an actor Leslie could be like your in the national chess tournament. Or whatever as an athlete it's amazing to me that you're good at so many different things. I know I agree with it. Bassett got a real little are thrilled to look at some of making them being a good bowler mention super creepy. He he's special based off analyses that rather good actually Iraq but one thing that then they earnings Bo Jackson when they play football but what does not beautiful like this border even appreciate wanna keep punching Mike does repetition of order but as I know I actually three you miss one a hard time. All get out trust replay. But we recognize that there's still takes athletic ability. We're bawling welcome as some of the best bowler don't seem like bill mount another sport bigger blameless and sumo wrestler there Rowland now balls and an inch of going off the gutter bringing it back thrown in the night I buy this theory. If you drink beer while doing it. I think. It's not the seamlessly the other sports so baseball that like the Mets who won a World Series don't. There moved. If you get me out. This day and headed out of sport usually now playing into the balls and play. You know don't usually hire those guys don't do that anymore they don't but they did but they did that tonight they won. Approach remain the April this hearing on her own series the drinking Miller Lite beer like it like they were gonna stop making it at the end of the season they didn't drink it up on it. If they want the good yeah ultimately I mean rocket pitchers are on Coke. There're there're there often to gather thirty perfect game and as Olivia a dock. Doc on ballots I mean like get bigger come off both living in the NBA what 85% of the stone to the be Jesus I believe when I walk out of the locker room. Yeah I'm always a lot joy that it goes on the we think Cardozo why I heard your races for him and I can even get a verdict added effect supreme athlete percent to a I would wanna try it. But yet. Yep always are weird too that you play and I think always a weird it's always odd to me the people that are really good bowlers but there's not a certain night. I think the stereotypes it's an old kind of chubby white dude sure but like when I was a janitor and work of all black dude stayed lovable. But OK the thing we did a Friday night after work at stuff so it's a bowling you're right is a sport that brings in a wide variety of people. I never I've never had a bad tumbling any day I don't do it regularly but anytime you go we've ever not a great time even if you're not throw the ball well and not have a great scores it's like you know what you had a good time to those were not a good time the people that are good but not professionally good had the worst Rambo. Do they spent to do so much better in around like blood you've got play golf by a trick. New guys and have a bad day based on what you believe you should be able to do because you've done it before around pretty well proving that I can only do what I can do that never did but that's on abides by the experience I would be able get a sense golf clubs getting thrown an almost it depends on good or better like I'm ever gonna throw golf club last site. If I hit the ball goes in front of me I'm like hey good and I'm not gonna throw golf clubs is gonna go farther the mob ball within that will be more and actually go through the ball effect. Bill Murray terrorism Bill Murray fan. Did he knows Bryant and his brother Brian Doyle Murray. He was also back in the day using can't hurt he wrote caddie shack. Pretty anonymous. Yet and he was also the head of the caddie Freddy played loop but OK okay our he was in Wayne's world Bradley he's been a few things if you solve. You recognize his brother besides just being numero brother. But they have a show now. Bill Murray and Brian Doyle Doyle Marreese extra innings and the I like the premise it's very simple. Bill O'Brien spent the summer biz and in small town baseball community venues and now obviously resists he would they got into who could. Kinda weird though we had heard about FaceBook have a TV shows in this and that the only show I know FaceBook so far right now when him the home far book like the ball family. Big ball you know big dollar brand okay area. So they have a show on FaceBook but in a new face that was hit into the TV stuff but anyhow the dumber show is going to be on FaceBook group yeah. And how good they look everything's changed you know I mean hell Amazon's got television shows. It's just it's you know there's a lot more opportunity out there if people believe it right and it is you create together those mortar round worry there are so I that's that's cool but. Now one thing I think miles thrill they've we've already into this I know my cast before and I certainly have to. Sometimes you do any job like this in the entertainment business. You write it Joker somebody rates a trip Korea you really like the joke and you know this is going to be one of the jokes are just crushes that day right. And he's. But she just. You can't quite get it out you kind of stumble over it a little bit so go to my what my favorite guys Seth Meyers. It's a phenomenal joke but Seth really struggles getting back. I'm an Idaho known by authorities as this issue bandit was recently arrested after. Multiple dine and dash incidents at Asian restaurants in the area but he kind of does this they have good. This is so good I got excited I do. I guess is it ended up every underdog here do you guys remember hearing got. He claims since the instead they'll also see me in court. Chiefs at Tora I didn't get to that I mean a long way to hold them. It is but I know that I blame them because she she need cortisone stupid brother. Incident which is vertical well thank you very go to your headlines on the way with my cock coming up in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real fine during a Netflix admits that does 7% of people watching are also dropping hoops and if you hit it. Delivery run hit it to rewrite its basic human tumors is ice cream and pizza I'll take today. Free starter goes ordering for first time Australia and is immediately attacked by a great white shark. A man is busted for. The police though the horse in jail it is time for your head. It's time it. Scanners. Might call. Ash out I got a Manchester where Maine met a man by the name of Mustafa movement. Was arrested and charged the deal. I move a move. And moved with him move the metal M movement. They handed us this afternoon it moved and moved into another room move user residents are the deal Ivan how things came together and weather story it. Police some moves arm but he's gotten the road with the car alarm blaring as it went by. Feel that it was stolen obviously pursued the car all the way to assess nation which was his home for he probably ran the car and into the house. Officers followed him inside and got them under the covers where he claimed that he had just been sleeping. Despite being completely out of breath. An investigation of the cars in the there was a breathalyzer ignition lock on the car that would sound the alarm and eventually shut the engine off if the driver failed the test. Police believe that he was just trying to be the log home and got tossed he did. As DB to lock home and he got caught that tells me that's not the first time he's done that now that tells you that if you blow into something Ilya. You know you shouldn't be able even drive period in Miami and I've known plenty of people led to blown go man and that was like that might you know honestly years ago cash and I am new into radio this is what my first you're outside the studio. This is the big NFL deal okay. Okay solicitation over the station. On four out of one reaffirming and anyway so so first and number two violence decision to give your life. Those boys. I'm already nervous whenever I show the station there she is she is all the scrap the last to do give my and I'm real movements I don't quite know. Begin to regard she says toward businesses hey. Yeah I knew me afraid of what what's that. Did you blow into my. My car for life when we talk about so fuselage got a DY Simone gone white. Year after play when I'm gonna attempt of last night on what almighty god you'll learn lovely so here I am. And I get my I couldn't blow into it either. Golf because I'm lazy and I don't have a DUI SR when I got drug plasma is still going before we notified the third person go to this woman's car to blow into the thing for at the start and a hanging. If you look like mystery. It Erica. It. She really desired items fairness. Yeah that is it doesn't I don't think she shared this and both a lot of people and I and I kept a fairly under wraps and over remember him like Jesus man. Around the world it turns out but Netflix is a great distraction from a lot of less eventful moments throughout the next new statistics show that 26% of people have stream while at work. 17% had missed their bus stop because of but being distracted of Netflix 45%. Of people have cut somebody else watching what they're watching over their shoulder. 27% event. Have had people interrupt their stream and that's what they're watching in 7% have stream flow on the toilet. Yes because most people. Okay I'm like you when I'm on the toilet. And look I didn't grow and Iran and the cell phone revenue convenience of the bring yourself with me so to me eat. Taking a dump will be when a Buddhist monk feels like meditating is this moment is for me. I am contemplative I think about many other things and I've never. I've never looked at my phone like lump whooping. For wants to show and I felt like if I'm on a plane absolutely you know like I had nothing apparently never write it. No I can pause this and sit on my couch and watch this later on them have to be proving what went up both to me it's my eyes then so what what would show was that great right can't even take approved without watching breaking bad. I might give you my life I have this theory that you might be all right I don't watch TV but I read my fellow top gambling without watching TV reading room. Now yeah but it it was a sports game would be I was gonna say if it's a sports game and I just couldn't hold it that's didn't have that moment been sure I mean is seen in a joke there are things that you can find unfazed but that's okay stuff scrolling and white I mean. People's Grohl are unfazed again it's already taking up too much time. If you're spending. Half hour watching a TV show or even worse an hour on did you ever arrived bought all this played out there right around grants when you when you sit on the floor of the salon when you wipe institute driver and I think. I'll read you billionaire through even when that's my neighbor that's what I'm so he shouldn't have to whet the toilet paper up. In Brazil a man was so incensed that a horse that kicked and damaged his car that he demanded that the horse be locked up. Well he got exactly what he wanted to we've got the photos to prove that authorities actually took the horse into the jail and locked in a cell. And then watch the horse didn't learn a let's go right into horses to that's exactly what I was a little physically upend the youth you accomplish nothing. And today a man I asked do you feel better now the more you went to jail deal or does endorse learn its lesson yes. Amends I'm sure do most holes were brutal if you receive a horseman. Annuities and go to detailed analysis that are strong applaud started to depict a barge it's a pair of it's like footer turns into your room but in the room yet make your TV computer takes a talk quite old girlfriend OK pizza oven and Robin Hood store timeout doesn't help you rest your case. Every rumor house were sort of where your home for does that star we go we haven't gone the floor space. A commercial supply ship has finally arrived at the International Space Station two days after launching from Virginia. The capsule Terry's chocolate and Vanilla ice cream maker of flat bread pizza is enough for all the crew along with some needed equipment and all their love and life of their unlike other new along with some needed a group there. That's no Leo I think there's an early on is that you're an ice cream drink ten Italian news there should be targeted ensemble or other guys I do. I need pizza Pollyanna and everything he says that he even says here it's 85 pairs of slacks Pete says he's learned slacks and when I got flagged since. Whereas I think van lines of that money on the they might we appreciate it was DNA sample return of who Sox last. Something notable figure out tomorrow and profile that did everything miles that absolutely is true we've done so until tomorrow please do what the hell you do best pitches and until then. Early this thing it's. I had beautiful.