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Thursday, May 17th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. So those are standing by we'll take color 9844999. All annual play profile they seem nice. We got your headlines on the way one hour from now firstly taken in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right and author in the UK did about two years of research and found the zodiac sign that has the most serial killers. Who are hoping to mind. Let us right here I can find okay I'll think cancers. Aquarius fisons Taurus Taurus Taurus balloons what month is that I'm an ornament. All right the end. Some golfers and I continue playing golf right now raised here born right now you're you're apparently doing that in our day serial killers have a son just turned sixty and that's not a very and I do love my dad and I am really killed triple what commanders. He's so nice growing up. Yep my daughters left a way out endeavors she seems like once on the crown and a hundred dog about Bo file know your mama comments. Mali imam your momma my successor to tell for sure. Some golfers in Hawaii continue playing golf while the volcano started spewing huge gotta match nearby and Soledad photos on the yeah I don't want her I don't care they're volleyed an adult there is no golfers don't care. That is iconic shots of when they were wildfires last summer he's Washington. All sides the hillsides of burning down in just alligator that was like the apocalypse and there's wildfire through kibo blame man like if you get a tee time your play it just makes for a neat Apple's thunder Jack. First I feel but at the TC still suitable ridiculous to me that you're in danger situations and absolutely. When my wife gill played golf. We know that if you're right definitely one of those moments wrangled this is why you don't bother to have Walter picked. Yeah meet a guy wanted to go golf on a golf course and volcanic eruption. What are we losing something bad and really lose any sense of making rational decisions of golf is at the center of what your family wanted to get the last trouble for the course destroy America. Former the last court before the law floats and all know. For my whole my whole life might be the start of the problem fire. Feel more Morales well they don't have one more round priorities and then he saw Florida going to be here next year men's play at Kellogg is releasing a new type of Rubens called wild Mary. How Barry what do they have more sugar in the forums is going to be much of fruit loops was the one where they made it seem like they teased separate based on the color but they all taste as it is in fact the flavors of patented flavor and and you know the flavor. Up fruit loop. Fruit loop you've got to get right to another matter the color all the fruit loops of say that way zona so so even if they do this it is now all those removed are going to be a different place was a sales of the that in. I've been scuttled those same thing drag from a part of the thing is that bright blue and scandal and you get to understand the reasoning if people of men they can't believe that it's like as yourself first who skipped. You're married you're gonna dump my hand falsely a 1530 BC's ran. You want Vermont at different flavors and about the world's great illusion you can join wolf when the bounds of the flavors. Syllables of the vote over random curly Fries they got. Because it looks like a perfect and percent it really does not I don't know don't juggles give it some like you know what if I have this prize. I would take the picture I was. Yeah everything a good save. Fidelity did immediately select your own around lecturer. My favorite was then we get the whole spring you know enemy and it's our 2000 out I imagine so I don't know I just want the damn hole over oil. Those that you like you like to thank you. If you like that type coiled on the big on I want it I want it tightly and I thought you may attack grill marks breakfast tired a bit soft in the middle type Clinton coiled. Sure and had a new survey found out our top three financial regrets aren't. Fascinating and oh saving for retirement and early enough marriage. Spending lavish you know having kids not having an emergency fund and take taking on too much credit card debt. That okay that and I don't know what it did not have a very light thing. Man you want your sons that their lives. The oldest living woman. I got through 100 and some of it's still alive now the two miles to play own my guy. This is Osama what Mendes at the world's oldest living woman. 120 something years a look at this what are mentioned guy he's like now it is still alive for a quote was. In spite of the fact she's live as long as she can't recall a single happy day here alive. All the world's oldest woman to ever go one every day and then you don't really know I thought that was an onion article up on we started on your mind Omar got credit score I had it I think also the bad. She's like Hillary lost lives are so that I don't Akamai death gusto to return to Frazier. I thought the headlight but I feel the call volume do and they didn't know what could have been known as single happy days. Well prepared to go love she might not remembered. Graduates he really decisions aren't happy days the existence here remember the long missile. Right no you're. While now won this good that day ever. Nobody took gonna do you have any hope he's not announced their rent I don't know. Yes. Remain anonymous and it's a 1 of the eastern bloc of former I don't know 500 fugitives in the workforce is that organic garden and on tiger stripe a little tired this crowded aren't my miserable life. We've heard there's over and over again the secret did you drafted true happiness is. Turning up your phone at 10 PM. Now they give them forward to aerial view while simultaneously funny you won the lottery. A new study on the people who use their phones later than later the men are more likely have also the problems including low list loneliness depression and sleep issues we only believe Jerry joking strengthens I think he's got to turn off the volume and check it when you want. That's an idea as my new lives outsourced or anything you turned off by a I think I doubt that's new new new I told him new Toyota McLaren. Yeah I know I know how do better. And then you have to all of us are convinced you want out of all the evidence to. Out on the golf isn't very new develop as they call your phone I'm on the phone and I hate you does it busy as soon as you leave rule you've got it you'll you'll wind is always stupid and AFLAC and I'm glad I'm an editor and act. If you actually got the name. With a double in New York have been trying to get their thirty year old son a move out all year but he won't go. Because he's thirty and still lives at home so they just had to file a petition with the cut the county Supreme Court to get him removed Jesus Pena he knew that keep your own get a theft auto. I seriously and that's the easiest for this season my house I think the more is minding I thought they get the F out in his district of public cops and get an honor here of Europe. Blood or not make you are out. Most valuable. I am legally bulletin free load on his right I was eight years I was huge you. Because I've been like that they go don't make me go buy a gun and shoot draft I love given us energy and I'm serious you better pack about timing of maximum you're gonna shoot this thing would shoot that. Amanda Wisconsin who couldn't stop yawning and went to a grocery store and stole a shopping cart full of Red Bull us. Well I'm doing well. Aaron and supported pat pat pat you gonna do. Couldn't create these million and a half I don't know blu blue route there and do it. Yeah. If you've got to Weymouth had when we left the store they still try to drag it down now all I think you'll yeah I got okay. I got to believe that he does down the Dublin he's still right. Yeah Wayne rabbit. Aleman a Tony eight year old woman of Florida's brave and a bunch of graffiti love messages for her boyfriend this week. All she's a moron recovery easily able to track her down because she used his first to middle and size and. Only when I love you rise and our Randolph. 3215. I'll moron to drive Santa Rosa Florida. 43217. Phone number you know OK guys even hey you know with love it Sheila do you Williams. Also I'm glad I got our. I figure out this you let your report won't regret it you know I just unbearable burden correct. Michael Keaton had the perfect ending to his speech to the graduating I think Kansas State and it only head to where's sabathia a tale about when are now I'm Mike Cox headlines are coming up one hour from now first I gave. For three cents. This is prohibitively several and how profile this is playing that's our ten miles that the simple game where we Sherman do you real life news story something good happened right here on planet earth. Or. And if you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make less you with a did you think makes this story a story. Hello Michael welcome to the men and. You'll love it. Mike Williams fan on this here game of place. Yep that is. Fantastic not a lot of info but I'll tell you what we know and let's face it you just don't know when the rhythm is gonna get who's in mental lessons that he seems. Lori is definitely glories up on occasion warned us I few warnings all those years ago. Well earlier this month I got broken to a law firm and Fresno California. And after he got into the lobby. Something mostly hit home because he stopped. And started dancing for nine that gave them their loan. He breaks them all and I'm on the video. He's found to be doing and his breaking into a monthly demand and security camera in the lobby got a perfect some of them popping and locking confusion wondering. Anyway. After that he went back to was breaking an imam of stealing a laptop quantities of the contract in California quickly. They arrested abuse George confirming. Do you believe this man to break the law firm takes nine seconds to pop and lock invent this black or white Maxi or Asian. Moved. Whereas now lol is your cap off the map limited viewed three of the four. I'm left phone trying to head of the key things. And he breaks then you broken into law firm in Fresno California it's a very soon he actually sees the camera. And when he sees the camera he decides it's time to busted you pop pop tomorrow. When I anything yet. The about a block and isn't views and that answer. IdeaPad I didn't want to visualize it. Like you can pop a modified B would would break and you carbon locked down obviously you can drop you can robot. And an even better left gonna be what. You can run Alexander he's better than I I I do not think I didn't I think he didn't I well for a minute strike zone and have not been locked in real problem and lectured. Blue blue. You know while the practice he knowing it would be go to the law firm for any particular reason than to say stole laptop and amongst keys I'm guessing maps and the deaths and crime of opportunity pop unlock your wife got wet. That's true I'll rove out of winning here you know he's taken that. They pop and lock in if you had gotten down and bussed to different kinds of moves white goes pop and lock it's like you were you Popper break. From a breaker and that's been my head around a cover box to the candidate. Some cop car goes wide. I think you go wide right. Yeah look at it and look what. Why bilateral find out abused black white or Mexican or Asian next. Fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you know have gentle men's room. Plus plus I just to Fresno California and a guy who wrote an oil law firm souls electronics laptop stuff like that but does he's a security camera there Izzy is actually moderate. And that's put on a show so they begin to Benson is popping and locking manner. It was a black white Mexican or Asian financial we ask you Michael and this in other comments that look I know Fresno man as a huge Mexican population. Lot of people what makes the Colombo the peoples that guy danced during crime. Gotta be black so just know makes the M black. The two overwhelming winners as far to comments go when you went ahead and said white. And I. He robbed a law firm. Right to exist and Wally Burnham were on the stopping. Detained a man is my initial instinct thing boy everything you realize that they got messed head. Yeah with skilled than they know in my life into law firm man that would please do not stopped in front of the camera show just saw the camera and dad dad. Overall TV is all that is damn TV dial a team. And I. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking. Present some. Good news miles yes. What are you excited about even fired all holed about a man. It's really encompassed my entire life and royal with a royal wedding yes yes exactly I now believe this is happening and a oh boy they feel you're the trumpets down. Yeah you really can't do it here in the candy carriages and all the way does he ought to be only her first official welcome great sound effects. Got to go but looking things the proper rights and yeah so obviously men dressed like playing cards. And you know it's tour Arizona this. I don't know who. But the media is usually pumped about it but I over a regular basis that a bunch of people in Britain don't care before they got their own little kinda keep employees is Americans care but. I don't know America and the like yeah. When he chaired an eye to the weather headlines broke out today generally don't walk through headlines so. The top headline says according to recent polls neither Americans or brits care much about the uncle who wrote what. He buried next headline was. When our newest Jake's name is mark whatever. I don't know making more goal that Markel I'd come all went anyway mattered that no not an overall about a guy they embed this was about to remind the first deadline if no one cares for the next headline. Was about her course sets and blu K. Lou is always you're telling us that we don't care than another no more information that people would care the least the bow when it comes to act every other course that I don't know that you would have. It is it's like it's like one of those things it only happens every once awhile so it gives people the opportunity to do what they do so like you said people who look like playing cards. But they've got like got big ass hornet's like six feet long and they keep that thing and a garage for all this you know they finally get a chance like. Standard aligned with flags on both for the other friends play that crap and blow it like they don't know other time that you hear about that does have received twelve days of Christmas right now until then we personal but see here's endeavors and they have fibers piping around we don't get here see in America. Recall cows play right or maybe your Regan actually you can do dress up look silly. We have an entrance or look this is just my cup. And I lose my hot and we're gonna do we want. These poor guy has because you actually have to do with ridiculous crap for stuff like this like they couldn't just get together and blow the horns and a park in Iran saying. But they'll be like blasphemous were like look if you want to address I don't know if you got draws a white nights and your sword fighting you can eat. We get it but it normally I don't know a lot of them are likely G military people don't know that I know where the same old here R&B I did a bit like giving them maybe Peter Mann has some lovely like an animal cool you look cool of Kobe beef it but you can't just beat B Peter now because you're actually be feeder. As Burton wanted to Renaissance Langley knew the neuroscience anytime you won't issue. At the royal divorce and went well there the royal divorce like we don't mean like nailing down with a new boyfriend girlfriend and they're happy either smile and yet I mean people off it I guess part of it is just because these these things don't happen that often. Okay gals assaulting an over under on that marriage lasted doesn't that's all over the problem that is minutes ago living in the world does not even real it's it's it's almost like you're watching Batman or so are we talking about the winter cottage I heard it's tiny it just isn't enough is done and that but either way it's like. This world of all these rules and all this crap and all the stuff that's all just made up and and just it's it's crap movie it's just crack. I referred to account like yeah he's probably don't. Care no not even a moral about it all I don't what Larry is that the U miles yet now the good news is. If you don't think if you don't really care how Will Ferrell and Molly share and help you out they have some characters. Court in trench right. And they're gonna come Tate the world wedding. But died there in character last night they run Jimmy Fallon and is morning there on the station OL did Eddie Kelly did you ever coverage I've been watching all the covered a nice yes. Your brain cancer. Oh baby Louis Green we have a kid coming articles have got a way to get this kid because you don't have any contact with the royal family. Plus this is what we wanna give him a cane when he in this hemisphere little. So I know rise though it's that he's hearing me all around the and it's a little royal sector. It's easy for them babies a month old. Beautiful necklace. So we want an Indian and all that can be like. All but they England. We can tell you knowing good and I think we might say I'm not an accident snow. How would you is that real jewels and these are not these are costume jewelry I. I raise basset hounds is in my lower. I series champion Bassett hounds and I had. Then in a royal setting. So these were on my dog's side effects. And then you know I know we're offering them to do royal Zulu royal baby. Now miles I know you watch is finally the whole full clip of that is up the men from FaceBook page and watch it it is hilarious. The only seem to have an outlines he would have a lot improbably were doing a we Bob Dole and Buddha yeah there in the character is gonna roll the character right like I could tell like the obvious the setup with a little baby sector in this and that that lake. Multiple times you watch a full clip. You see her break to have on a real player okay keep it together for about at least two minute break in at one point they're talking about is if Molly Sheehan in hand how Will Ferrell their characters have never heard Saturday Night Live. And they're like well Jimmy Fallon virtue known for keeping it together like this man with a great pieces of diet. Yeah it's pretty it's pretty good and that that Libya but so you wanna watch some kind of world coverage. They really doing the coverage. You know apple RE for who now I don't know I don't know I don't know but I would watch it you know what I'll talk to the TV you know what. We should look that I guess. Okay. But I won't. Yeah. Actually I should know and I feel bad about that should not arrived on the way out on the one as well well into this I love this this this is all I read about. My ousted immunity just and I am just at Marist in the runaway emerge that's a good learning right now only yeah I know it's crazy I know you and you get crowded came in this morning as it Robin when the emphasis mingled over. Those went down with him. Here's the problem. Once they get great years if you're not thinking this through once they get married it can be the same coverage of the stops and wedding I'm going to be the newlyweds they're gonna do the exact Santa Monica Maher mar amid these X and charged but is that a single wedding that's. The newlyweds we did two years back Fred it's the only the biggest show I think. It's just we're gonna hear about his dad in the step sister don't care for years and what you guys joke around about Jimmy Carter's brother and yeah really start really you edit how. Skylar William Morrow will Clinton's road to. Roger. Roger runs round Trace. Yeah Roger Clinton did elect bill would like to view of presidents. So I think that's gonna be the newspaper is gonna hear about them all the time and they're gonna make so much money as a result of nothing it's the other most popular thing right now is what did you hear. Did you hear laurel PG here yay any I don't know listen I know but. Inside the NBA does it also thing here it's after a playoff he came so you know Charles Barkley should Cuban hero. With the Kenny Anderson in Acapulco and I would call tree and cast. The main host. Any doubters inside the NBA they ate they're gonna play this game so they're gonna see who hears watched and chuck seems a little hungry. Please flyers. Did you what did you hear. Our ball club. And if I hurt Laura our local what is your your call. I don't hurt don't know. Noted clothes and our future of do you. You don't know we're not but aren't the reason I thought okay how. Until they're ready to go. That's how Marleau. Yeah laurel and do enough. It's the first time around we were just born to a lot of new courier. Well. So he did your daughter because everybody go to Disney animated he's the only way to let it all they all eat a little bit of that at that frightens. How did it lake that's also unmet I heard don't know the actual moment the must have been. Men and most of them all god you know menace that they've they've got this figured they they will easily. We would go on to the Jobe lucky with this person and you read all the crap about all the stuff that will Jason wind go to the Booth and do they. Guys man take a cue from these guys who every from the Booth to do that they'll call the game and a great job but more importantly make it entertaining and between the lines that's Osama plan and these guys do that. So you know you could take a cue from then it's entertainment it's fun if you're having a good time in a thought though they elect have fun because they're the very serious and they're very. Very conservative in that way but they can have a lot of fun man like they think I don't know Dion was doing it for awhile there when those accrued again at a mature officials foreign office. Well the only two Ernie Johnson now. Since the Tesco said I think so too is sometimes like they've got. Shaq in there and chuck in there right and Blake. You you bring up Jason went on to whatever. Bosnia and Jason yeah Dallas Cowboys tied in to retire right now going to boot like that's great off are you funny argue good I'm going to prove that it is different it is it is they don't mess around as much during train wreck but also into the NBA and excellent some of the reporters and stuff sometimes legislate. And I are both companies want everybody to do a hundred jobs are these guys just going to do that to inflate to be there very good at certain banks that Lake Charles Barkley I think probably would be a little. Not so awesome calling games and not only to yourself oh yeah yeah but it's it's shot greatly give him the Mets studio set and he's perfect for Brent but bill when you turn to Chris Carter he's put it into bookings portable what he's being very serious and that's great and if you really want it. If you really care about how the vikings' offense you just watched the first half of the game you saw what happened. Entertain me in on me like I wanted to critical breakdown for you in our image our planet that was always super serious debt it's like come on show the highlights have some. On lap event I guess I've been telling us what we know yet little forward Ron Paul really the did random three under the first under other good guys you are here man I don't know we weren't sure why our team was giving it to really almost dropped passes they need to catch back. Thank you for those in the ten minutes of his riveting insight and I mean no kidding I don't watch more highlights innovative my grandma. What's the bus loads bees or whatever they want a joke around and have a good time it never got to show make that show Terry Bradshaw tribe and he can't take anymore. Now exactly Amy ray. He got to have the right people for. All right again all the news shows kitten shows get resigning not signed it dropped. One of the new shows coming out there over on CBS is gonna be reboot of Magnum. Which originally ran from 1980 to 1998. And here's really really different things that Higgins Dow's played by a woman. Who damage is not the thing is you don't need to do you could just like to have a private detective and what it's fine let's got to be a war. So now he's in Afghanistan war because of the car McCauley loads pitchers. I've been trial like OK but it doesn't have to be so I didn't idea my back. I think percent right it doesn't have to be ready doesn't do PME eight Hawaii an idol I have fighting actually are coming not a show about a private detective nor fans that's nothing new to cops showed nothing new and and it is what it is people like in the wake. But he said it doesn't have to be Hawaii five O which is not a cop show who changes oil on an island for a Ferrari. Mean it's a good question I mean I'm dead serious many of the 2000 dollar oil traded at a Ferrari dealership. Now one good drive and read Farrar I don't say it like what you write any like you can look at a lot of cop shows and make. I don't know some of them I'm driving a Ferrari but some of the cop shows are good looks like more some cop shows more than like other trade of the day greatly cop shows are options. I like hospital setting shows kind of going to be I wanna all complacent with the hospital says they like I mean I've never watched grease a matter of act. Grey's Anatomy I can't imagine it's that much different then ER. We need to collect an actual cop blog of the day like chased down tackled a naked man. And I had to show and then you had to incorporate that into a real half hour television I think the different should be this do right now what not able to watch more moreover as you'd be SV US UV special victims unit as you write so none of us want to button if you say commercial source. Ripped from the headlines and give little taste what's going up in you know the headline I wish they would change to. Ripped from the blocker because the police blotter is a hell of a lot different than it is from the headlines read Mike is a naked people meth heads domestic didn't you've done. Carl did you steal some good for real nose around and not. Can you reach in your pocket and pull out candy bars flees the convenience or oversight that highlighted region your arm on Karl raging at god damn pockets of blocked gay bar all right. Five Snickers Karl Jesus. Ripped from the blotter let's and they don't. Another new comedy current CBS is called the neighborhood but analysts star Max Greenfield the new girl. But you know what I just when you get to this exciting point Cedric the Entertainer is gonna be on the president played a neighbor I was like that you can entertain. What does Leo what what what what does medical condition he was pump enough there for awhile said. Was us. Age appropriate. The NCAA I mean it's it's just like hey man you do knows when I have agreed with diabetes get real how is that I don't remember but wait he shows up on a commercial might be diabetes government coffers in the sound so dumb right but. The commercial start from just the regular people leaves in the commercials aren't that I I have whenever his idea. Somehow if I don't have whatever standard has but he popped up on guerrillas are not listening to separately and they are listening to him tell me about the struck. Yes and he Palin does it right but he's not funny newcomer to the death. He's been so easy sedated like oh yeah I saw do an interview did today and thereafter about the original Kings County to death and he was like. I'll feel a single that it was awesome yeah is that how and a cannot say anything we do for procedures that has now got nicknamed entertainer. Than. It's a shadow holes in the song the original Steve partnership and I think it's great with the moment. Miles you can be disappointed living biblically. CBS cancels. Stock coming back I know. So I guess only have to look like Helena mean ya gonna man. I'm sixty minutes shocker govern it. But a secret ballot get out of here yeah definitely go make it I think the kids love it man brings brings a whole MM really does have a you know every and any of them have the did have it the looks you know I mean and I hate seeing that. Clinton Leslie stall all those they stalls and make a hundred years old is Star Search or you. I'm Lesley Stahl eulogy motel room aren't. You work on with her oldest U wanna announced six. We didn't know your I would Walters then no I Barbara Walters you could you take out. Oh when he bring a take there's been a lot of data breaches lately which you know some have managed. Restaurants you need to take away from or whatever but I James scored that's but he followed that. And number. Major corporation has been acts. Customer information has been compromised. In a recent data breach of the restaurant chain Chile's. Chile's customers were furious they look like I want my data about data back. Chili's the. Addressing the problem meanwhile downs everywhere suddenly very concerned about the level of data security app and neighborhoods who it is. You go you're paid to simulate. Do you have look at Chile's BC car on pole but they do a much Julie's point Savannah that big news I know it's only to Chile you know our views on a virtually his MasterCard to good morning person off Herbert on an open at Charlie's just attrition diamond under the gun resonate and why he's getting Intel is has the speed of repeats like under the Julius Lebanon at. He could kind of an avid he. I've been flagged and I now bananas with a lot of southwest negative leverage and I we had ahead I've got to bear out momentarily but Mike off you are listening to amend their radio network. And Swiss miles you know let's see what's happening in the real. Our new realize we got a New York State any sex offenders mug shot that will seriously harm your dreams. A Louisiana lawmaker is unhappy his bill to block so he punches his colleague and then screams. Please get 45 year old Els man posing as a high school kid families or does the Mother's Day flowers say cemetery did rated. And seven Wiener dogs intact and kill a woman in Oklahoma it is time for your headlines. It's time to. Yes there's might call. I don't John Darby got against. Eight where they're graduating class was graced with the presence of actor Michael Keaton. He spoke for the last given them an inspirational speech to what was to come in their lives and with a look at their ventures though what's making headlines how he ended. He was invited back to the podium to receive a plaque as things from the school offered SP union decided to give the students the student body do what words. He leaving both of them like the said. I'm bad that I suspect that it's worth the death but more importantly is burdening. Yeah I mean if an Oscar matters. Four. Off I mean if that quality FL matters he's mr. mom. Yes mr. Obama tackle or clean and sober. He's Batman. Donors in Baton Rouge a couple lawmakers decided to go to war for what they believe them. A state representative claims that a senator punched him several times because he was upset that his bill was blocked he was. The representative claimed that he didn't strike the senator back and says that they merely had a gentleman's argument that ended. With fists when a police officer arrived in the season they were to bar and everyone else like. He attacked me trying to punch me a bunch times I was mad and have it kind of deflected it wasn't a throw plunged about body is my friend right we get into fights until we do. Gentlemanly dispute me out of it OK yeah nobody was arrested kind of like the way used to be. And right now to be that old guy screaming on gay kids on the lawn of my god man like it was. Right pretty amazing a lot of growth chart their quarterback and I got that you're better than I just told them that you know not no we don't want to press charges were over frets are allergic but he's got the fight we got drunk on markets and a white a deadlock a drunken guy running back. This is not the first time he's thrown punches they had they have did exactly. I really really was or this dress like thank god there are real men exist. That's the only thing I did not ease say it's just that exact change you know at all. Off off off off off. In new York and core I convicted sex offender has been arrested after violating his parole. The man was cut out of after his curfew and after the search of his home police found that he had acquired a Smartphone that he was using to get on the Internet. After he was arrested emotional release and it is truly the stuff of nightmares WC MF in Rochester. I guy is your neighbor. Damage that it's that guy who's. Fold this year at all he had all good Molineaux CNN. Brian men as those that don't hold your dreams and that's a sex offender. Stand taken back like those rights are meant. In Dallas police have arrest at high school student rush Sean Richardson. Richardson was enrolled in the school as a hurricane Harvey evacuees from south Texas. But after a little digging official revealed he wasn't a student at all but a 25 year old man posing as a high school student library the question is why did he come back to become activated. And education. Beauty supply. I know he's dating someone and I play and what are they arrested as I was growing band playing with high school again back to drop bucket and organized magnet yeah illuminates and this whole thing that he was never well that's right he's played a little bit oncologist wasn't. He was all right then basically just I mean the dating the girl is terrible but I think yet initially went back to the web as well oops. There are huge if she sits right. If tiger just played high school basketball things would've been great and how can I mean who. We did I think he's going back I know like I thank you do it again. Since they are confusing CNN Baltimore Washington international airport as a plane landing from Florida was hit by that car on the runway. So I'll have my bad the airline has only come ended and on a twinkle that's your thing that they were relieved or one that's OK but no further details email. She's in your road I mean and how I just figured I think deep down nickname Bernie has been through these big long stretch ray. That's a very headlines was that might not have that I see god I can't return timbers the answer is the bad jokes or bring it tells a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we'd be all about lose a bit so until tomorrow please do what you do best. And poorly this thing. Day.