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Friday, April 13th

Mens Room Question: When did you not need to see that?


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Hello all I can monitor our friends at nine record seven Khazei in. 57. How listeners coming on there in New Orleans as asbestos given up and I need three they Kagan lovely Fayetteville Arkansas welcome to the show big show for you Ted verses the FCC is coming up bad jokes as well and today on the question we've got too many stories though that. Our shot from yesterday naked man was sex toys stuck up his rear end ask for help at a at a gas station this happened thank god and Argentina. So we're nowhere close to this. No ma'am I don't feel bad for you does that my impact smoke terrorist William Carr pulling out two years ago I would. Say it's my I mean you go out like a man I wanna be good samaritan but I have. Terrible news for you you're not my selections and Ahmad outmaneuvered and I'm just on the what else we have here all this is pretty funny. At least Hennessy. Let's see here a 63 year old grandmother. Has appeared in court charged with sending obscene Christmas cards to her family which has pictures of penises scrawled all over. She is also accused of faking an 87 year old relative signature in a bid to get her home care stopped. This woman is a little bit nuts and the lean starch press reported the detective to told court around Christmas 2016. The injured parties in the case received cards. And letters from the accused which were obscene it with images of male genitalia on them from Graham all the marketing dollar round trip I had mosquito of the accused except one who was her daughter. The first cousin toward the cold toward told the court that she had just buried her sister when her grieving mother received the obscene Christmas card. But they recognize the writing from a sympathy notes from the week before for someone to use the same pen to write that letter my mother who was 87 is bad sad and I'm mad. I'm ashamed to say she's a first cousin of mine. With battles going on people are watching today what did you not need to see that 844999. Cola. Just because they're old doesn't mean their nights I'd go back to a character yeah you're right I look Jered welcome to the mid through. Hey hey guys are out. So thing I did not need to see I work on cruise ships go Montclair the year armed on all over the world. And one night me and another guy or some of work with Temps and I come back from the crew bar and there he is. With this larger woman. That I can say most votes would look away really fast. And he has served in Coker be dead. Guys sharing a bedroom. Yes unfortunately on the cruise ship jobs and we go out there's two beds in there and Khobar luckily he had autumn but. Loses another employee was assay I got a passenger. I don't know there's there's another employee with a company now. And we being gone for about two months away from you don't civilization that it is and he decided that and I was going to be is night and that. Earlier in the ninth isn't really he had an anti bats and it is found. I could yet it's I mean. What you guys have to realize is that when you're gone. In eat go to these jobs the first thing that happened as the girls. Take you out of the bar as soon as they see in America walk and their goal aren't sleeping with him. Where is that what little what more does this what world do you live and what we're magical world I blew my mind because whenever I get vacation time. How well you just need to go work on solutions that. Also got wood up ports of call that you're going it all you're saying this happens on the ship. All at it I know the White House clean out of our time but you have to think that I don't look like I think from the mouth of oh brother as an employee of the cruise ship are you allowed to legally go sit at the bar and act like your patron. Turn out to have crew bars I'll IC. So they have a horror downstairs in day Pete Stark is sports that you don't even know about. Where 99. Times out of ten there is a party going on and they are just going to and I don't. So that's all co workers. Oh yeah absolutely. Of the golden bow bow miles nine. And and 90% of these women are streaky and they don't care they have a man and Allman not. Yeah well they would be going away for lovely time missiles a great relationship now let me ask you this you say you're gone for a couple months. What other kind of job do you have where obviously you enjoy this job you keep that even also a couple months we do on when your back. We got to shop locally. And now Ballard that we work out and that made the product it was so cute to cruise ships. And to keep some of the guys relationships I'm better not tell you what. It is article on the call and call Mary Zarko what are you great working on a Persian glove most people about the work on cruise ships. While most people I've met cooked and intrusion that kind heat and it. Oh absolutely I would tell you actually took on a ship. We did. Seller. It's similar to sense of utero. And he told me those. But that similar narrative. Made her look I know oh my god you're black editing or American kids are more deeply via social I used to be an inbound and colored and negro that we got flag out to African American and now it's. But a likely if you're New York Times senator sends. Out immune. Pigment brow it's him into before the no I don't know how to explain when they have got black. Did very well. What the problem is where ownership like that burst out unique maybe one American and every couple of votes. You know I goto vote among many via boat every couple months. And I might you one other American on that boat so when I see that guy you know weird kids in the bar he orders a Jack and Coke and you know Andre corona and he goes he goes where you are much sit yelling don't mom on New York remarked. All I did not expect. We look at Margaret from the other rub you out and Hollywood that was the Sonics left. Do you do not know yet if you look. You end. And and we started talking and he told me the other day. This guy with a group of in the morning work until nude and hot kitchen he gets from noon until two all. Bidding war from two until six. It turns 68 all the rewards and six to a lead and and that is okay. Go see today doesn't again that would be weird is is seven days a week like what do you get a day off I'm guessing during the whole. This back in the kitchen does not get it they ought to hear anything below it soon share. You are in that kitchen every day do they get paid well. You know and they call it the slave labor industry her resent they've really dome. I mean here picked unless you're excused shepherd boats. Or even in the engine room more of all if you are got. You know two or three starts you can make it home. We need to make these commercials when they do their cruise line's ships about this bottom area and all this fun stuff going on near me like. But still it really happens on a cruise ship. You know and they could do that but there'd be a lot of single people like you walked in and see your body or Nader your bunk mate you know having sex with someone that is. Next thing you know yours and at the Bard. Hang out and get drunk and work and it's. I've Wentworth there's one guy a few years back it it's collective back to the room after twelve are today anybody had need to rub one out you leave a mark. You know any candidate Mir on her book particularly now wait yell. 400 yacht you lay it on the bugs get to bug may need to demands have been. Our love for Baghdad's streets remain priced. Have you ever been on the ship during a Norwalk virus outbreak. So I haven't been on an outbreak I got off the ship and as soon as it left again. I got you know that it did have an outbreak and that had to go to a doctor immediately. What's so what's the worst of the highest sees you've been in way of life. Fifteen meters 400 and seven wall murder he wins. Down in New Zealand Australia area. I actually do a thing you got an email about a week ago the here's Matt. That's down down there. Yes yes how how high is fifty made meters in the united up 45 feet aborted because agony is that they can about people throwing up on the ship at this point. All absolutely look like you're walking down the court orders. And it looks like one of these stewards of walk by and won a million dollars with puke bags is there's it's everywhere. Thousands of people. Could edit it as you pedal a commercial to. Man don't mind yet that's. You know I'm winning this article last night German home which is weird it's about the merchant ship went down. A year ago. Although it's terrible situation I if those that's in Vanity Fair ordered it on the radio I'm red yeah I don't want I told you acted out something a little tiny one it's gonna dry yes from not playing happy it's it's terrible they all die all they have. All you need everyone dies. Only Abbott the last radio transmission but this is how the article opens its. Visit the captain of the ship today there's almost protocol you have to go through central which a panel Laura news read the article but he does is protocol. He's trying to reach the one guy specifically he needs to talk to cause this guy designed to ship or whatever but to propagate does he turn the damn chip right into middle of the I have heard don't know he didn't the problem was. The bishop started listing but it flipped the whole thing his ship is listing so severe. I that it is flooded up the Internet now they can't steal her little pricey but we're just had a good going into this hurricane okay 170 mile an hour winds and it's waves up like 75 feet. This is a merchant ship not a crew ship. And this guy places a call and he's trying to stay call but this little hole you can hear the waves hitting the thing and keeps them right now. The crusade crusade. And on the front 32 guys like Indian man. They all go down but I mean like I read this article and it's just it's horrible. What Oceanic and Merritt Island Caribbean that were going for a Miami Q almost a Puerto Rico. It was a target or just in one of those massive hurricanes in my season and they just like on a date so they lose the steering because the ship was listing that our. And they recognize that they are headed directly into the circuit basically this guy has fat final communications are. They're deploying around his nose he's heading there but he spoke he's trying to stake home. But he recommends he's heading into the heart and keeps in which read increases the waves increased. The situation with the crew keeps getting worse and worse and worse and I mean it's like you read this may and you realize like he just went into the circuit which. I can't remember which one of laws but to recognize the name like that amp up like that silent. It is ever give in to the rack sort of exit edit but they did but a dollar in her Nissan and got into some say Iraq found. They put on like total body suits the survival suits yet when they found out that once and only found two or three of the survival suits and in each one. All the found with the remains. Like this and gotten to everything that it is. It's riveting and it is horrible and to take you cruise I'm sorry to bring this up. But it's just I don't freedom last Saturday that I was talking about it Israeli rule of ports of call it just relax enjoy the crew that you'll be fine you'll be (%expletive) easy lay and I'm sure you're single thing you can have as you get sick of the buffet a bit. When did you not need to see that a 449990. Like you're listening to the bench or radio network. Listen miles. Bad jokes all the way email the match goes to the men's room and men's or my doc I mean also sent him to those on Twitter and meant to live as well if you follow us there our question today. When did you would not need to see that 844999. Old. Hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. How our whole job it's yeah yeah. So the thing I didn't need this EU. It back in the late ninety's I will happy in Seattle. Great topic to remember them. We're hoping you don't realize when driving cat display. Are you drinking Katayama it is startling twelve hours the other particularly you know and did you know most places like Cutler only if you define creative places Q. You know relieve yourself. Gala in the middle of all four area town home. Well you know I can keep your view that it appears that they're pretty gut these but. I don't I didn't look like they're gutsy that he is getting now block and over and gone about it measured. But there's you know there's places you know that are good spot there on the Indian and one of the stock that always hits well is there used to be. The triple A building bound now. Denny and 99 there. It was like kind of a dead zone or the much stuck down there and they had just dumped sterner as you know little patch grass near or whatever the. Beg him for you to Pia. That's the way has the knowledge that fundamentally. Well yeah I had a spots all over the pretty good a job people are definitely now I gotta go gotta go out like well this one. I thought of that spot. And now. Not to attend Adelaide on in the car what they're really they can and I looked over. Next to the dumpster. And the thing I didn't need to see loads. It was a it was a hot steamy session of hot gay bomb along. Okay. Little extra dumpster diving if you were the. There I just looked over and there are you guys are just an expanded out then then. And I kind of go on the town and I was like oh all mine and I just and that I can and drove off. Yeah and a member. Back to. At a very large Shepperd back in Lebanon Baltimore and back. Worked in restaurants by the time home for two and more whenever but I can't take our formal. Walk around the block of the global car of parallel parked. On the side of this one road and my dog like the whole time walking toward the score. You could the quite agitated but something has caught my notes to your feet straight up in focusing like satellite dishes in detail comes straight back and we turned cornered dog takes all went up like the re about the recall and as a cab. In this cause they large ball so it's now on its way. And just drops down to the passenger winter distillery in to this caller I mean this dog vendors told climb at this point so. I'm still not piecing together with one out over get my dog and there's a cab driver and a prostitute just doing. I heard that are what I've felt so bad Google's I get my dog for an instant I see in the car like are out day you know. But me in the cab driver like we make eye contact and he looked so irritated me like he wasn't embarrassed he didn't care to sleep kids. The app out of an electrical bad for the yeah I damn man started make concession mob began as dog jumping out of got a public comments came and as far as what did you not need to see. I looked up and stay with us when they left they didn't take everything. We want to move the mattress and it was a crystal clear but plug everywhere into the closet to finish cleaning and errors about the views tampons rappers. Well just the rapper. I would be but there was a guy. How old is void we couldn't you blow bottle of Iran or. He needed to be needed the he's the leading out of there and getting news into work let's say we had privacy rooms of my work we've talked about earlier. And says one day my manager walked in on the guy performing on the girl as she's laying on the table. All the balls ran out or the guy ran out of Bentley she did to within the next week my coworkers and I put up a new Simon called it the tasting room. My mother's boyfriend doesn't what you do need to see. My mom's boyfriend's proved stained tie you play these in a bucket bleach water on the map and owner on the bathroom I'm honored to have them count sometimes is you know sometimes a loss is a loss is right got it recognizes its. And just take one as a loss yeah I had a friend into his twenties would. Skid marks. I mean like and we all kinda like joked about it but every time you saw as kind of disturbing play yeah it's gonna happen every once in awhile but it should not be the no no it was consistent. But you just like to ask but do you look at the toilet paper and why today I looked at Canada and I Amazon. Do their anywhere from like fifty bucks many of the whole business as a couple there like it here a thousand estimate to too rich for my blood there's there's some in the 200 dollar range that what were you saying read before you made this proclamation of what it is you should. What we everybody in the office you'll castle talk about whatever and you just say hey man basically I'm glad payday here you know write my final and say hey don't built spin off bills. Gasoline and says man come to camp in mildly not it's just look for all the time then I am glad Texas now there's about human polls and out of nowhere and keep this in mind those of the words that you spoke. Boy I'm glad it's beta have made credit card woodham. Two minutes past as a silent or work accusers. And miles note I got to bar me every day right it's going to be another credit car. Would you would just. Mentioned about it but I can pay off that bill this onetime and is known names doctor until I told bill offers impossible but if you're thinking about it just seems like if I don't drive I only by maybe the camping about a couple hundred dollars and from a credit card bill then maybe the bill B Hussein what does that we're you gonna put it. The Victorian day yet think it really him. I do nothing while we get about one Suzanne it's not a one money's tight and I'm really I'm really they'll pull the trigger on this Huffington go to public debt they'll Pallet cheap ones is no temperature control these had a solemn temperature and it's only the light collectibles he didn't even much easier terms in the dark. Which I'll play nice bowl at right now yes yes so I doubt it two days a good one for the kids because there at the age where the describe the strength of our Ireland tees right yeah. That's consistent. Yeah I think they may children on where pre brown you know it is just based on the fact that you have double females living in your home this is a good idea because toilet paper that's a little bit ago systems mean it does it flies. And I would in I don't know one of the day with children around. Well I'd use it's going to be it's got to be what do what should write a volume of biting them in the now I know I just look at some point eight. They got a problem gaelic then I start playing with that are stuck in the lake. It's going to be used incorrectly they will but one thing and that's good about kids right hand man was guilty to buck than it becomes funny but one thing about it but your but as it is underage. In the single most disgusting place on your body. Yeah so touchy about but not interest. I'm for a final on the play Osama daddy and hasn't changed Obama but I mean whatever it is they're not gonna to attack. And I had remote control untenable but they don't want everything to do it sounds stupid but if you say your budget cuts that are out when did you not need to see that 844999. Obama giving good dialogue dog thoughtful but you know. Hello Max welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah. Look at gallant warrior okay I'm living down in Florida and my buddies regularly they get hit by lightning. Six I go to visit him in the hospital and the lightning exited his body on everything that was pointing down. Those fingertips but bottom of the seat all blown off all blown calls. We're like a bird hot dog on a grill lid open cracked. You really can't win about Tom his penis. Well yes well he rolled over and is Smart rolled out. And I saw. So but I never ever want to ever see anyone won't they yen whom did you actually blown clear. Back halfway. And had to capture up the middle Burt hot dog. We all know he lost half of it. Look I mean I don't Abiola before but it looked like about apple got a wrong. And they hope you're right in the middle and the use out of his mind on drugs. And I never told him that I knew that. Sony definitely say hey man failure burned out pieces it would look like like a hot dog exploded in the microwave kind of thing with a hole in just blows. It's just Burton mark the end I mean it was chorus. Walsh had Agassi had no idea about it was that corner do you think he knew. He did you know we want to that point yet he didn't pop by lightning. About 24 hours earlier how long road did this happen. I'll it happened about about fifteen years okay. Fifteen years have passed and into I'm still laying in that bed staring down a mud on man have you in my mouth and he has not said a word yet I'm still trying to process went on scene where we're where we're did you guys live in Florida. Yeah and another subtle slowdown in Naples is it Tampa Bay Lightning fan. In the jerseys. And equality law. That's what we'll look at all about and talk to him cents. An argument crystal. I'm but you can't really put down on them publicly dude houses here. How ya how does not relying on your crew is real debate lit you know white just had a baby so. That doesn't mean I thank god as the ghost is still could have been there and can been functioning. Eight I mean to plow I just be curious. I mean like do they do they do but I sort of there and try to. Cosmetic surgery year I bet you they did because he would yeah it would you know we like what we I'm not particularly vein about most things but right now my penis is a burned out enough. And if you have the ability to goodness you did it look better could you as far as the muscle is concerned or whatever goes in the blood supply like he would sing you'd think that that's still. Yes some of that left right because that's internal yeah but here's they must've done something that he in pregnant woman but also. But part of having sites is you hope to warm underwear of is also attracted to. Right so even if you think is functional but it looks like a burned out Campbell way. I'm not sure that she's going to be excited about this happening in fact the deal might be blown off and I can deal that might load off. I do the wrong lord let's fill if I get filler maybe if the deal breaker right to heat ahead. To have some kind of surgery to make that thing look. Palatable. Right means something I'd be sought to emulate because she's looking and listening to and like pins already won we've got him things in nature but like. I imagine it marked. It just it comes ready to go look like things better it just looks like popped arguments on the grill too long or in the microwave hole and blows off at the record about the description job when nobody. It's. The butterfly. About that moment. Think about the moment there on this guy. He finally you know you gotta come through drugs were often the doctor has to explain. Listen the way the lightning exited about it facing down did you know his first look like ours was his penis in the you can look at his penis. I don't know what else can happen in life. That would give me Paul's like looking down in my genital and realizing that the berms split up but I will say he got struck by light. Right but it the first thought would be like all right I'm still alive boys I am still foothill affected ill thought. I mean how wise life worth living if I may just right. In looks like him explode a hard look at your fingers are gone our men would be that would be horrible. Let's see here as far as our question what did you not need to see that. There's a new survey out here as far as Americans having sex in risky places and then being caught so. No reason basically for people to have sex in public. Besides the alcohol is that thrill of being caught or someone seeing so they do in new survey and they found that 69% of Americans have gotten on somewhere risky. 52% have done it within the last year that is right. Half of the population on the survey in the United States have had risky sex in the last year does that numbers in mind you guys who. Love road I'm. Tony Draper cinnamon caught at least once in A lifetime 76% of those people have done it outdoors. 68% in the car and fifty have done it in the kitchen I guess with the windows open or with the blinds open. Does that count as risky distorted in your house with the windows open I. I am assuming so good I could be caught doing it I mean it's always be seeing you can be seen. I mean in the printer houses and drum the first floor right backyards Mueller getting on there 46% of people have done on the beach. They're 1% of people O'Donnell and hiking trail and Tony seven say they move over gun right at at a highway rest stop. Another element yes. And all that can be positive they say that the present thing that's good for the relationship and suddenly say it makes you got a closer together. And having sex out there at the rest up. Handcuffed to a tree you wonder do not need to see that 844999. Cola. Hello caress welcome to the men's room. Patio. And now. And I had I was pretty young I probably late nineteen and I hit Jeff meant that here. From Wyoming where I live my entire airline now probably a little on Nike and EMI eight counts and excited to go and do some shopping and the at all and we didn't realize it was pride weekend. And so we got of the city and everything went. You know all of us that everybody here and nick came. So we decided to go ahead and do the shopping that we've gone over they do and suddenly somebody can get in on the road completely make it waits. I mean I got Barrett right away anyway and just turned bright red ING spot right on the button and see how they apply. Oh and they issued flopped it around everywhere. That's true tales RS is until plot welcome to the big city man caress they they have a nude bike parade in my neighborhood every year. And I'll have to look look like the in him most people are paying an up. And they go they do this thing now. Then the parade is over but yet is still in the neighborhood for him other people milling around and having a good time they continue to an innate. They they they do the whole weekend thing with a beer garden on the street and everything but. You can walk into a bar and it's literally couple hours later and there's always one or two dudes. Always who are still walking around in paint with a Wang yeah yeah this is what I like. Re not paying blue when the visit by the parties over race is not it is over it that way right now and anyone else has gone everyone else got the memo or got dressed and you look over and there's a did you stand there with his Wang out and it is just. You're like man it's. But the brain was that line it's like it's 530. My real problem in Maine is when you go into the bar and us open standing in the corner. Is that he's sitting on a more school finishing his beer. You wanna try that and of course he's the first one venison like. I don't wanna sit now Morris is clear that he's direct ass to vinyl contact. I was I. Having dinner while nice little party right after that parade in a neighborhood. In watching people like the looks so cool comic and I wanna do that but and as the day goes on and watch him peel all that pain after like. Allen now what what part of Wyoming our forum. I don't and that's southwest part of Wyoming and pretty quick that they eat how ordained. Man romance of the middle know how funny was the closest was the closest major city. I've Salt Lake City and about 200 mile blaze from my eyelid. It's always a holes like that the big thing you guys had a tap fast food restaurants or what was. I guess slate then knee in lake. The restaurant that everybody like been downgraded taco time. All right there we are talking attack are touting all the time I'd be happy at a taco time what what are your job Larry boarded job prospects if I live in that time while other than. Being a teacher working at taco time like what else could you possibly do. I'm not working either in the mind like that all mine from the undermine plate pretty much anything like baking soda and any anyway I aching that comes from Wyoming. The. All right I know. What is it about why is Wyoming the baking soda godfather. Begins and we have thrown a mine and speaking at a meat from traumatic. You know white you know that picture from digital what I want to say I don't know what else yeah crystal today and you know attack and what's the name of the town your from. Dirty river Wyoming Green River I'm looking at right now right by the flaming gorge national recreation area. So maybe should've been more up to speed and you thought. I welcome do welcome to the big city and well right near Green River right Iraq springs and little America. Middle America which is just down the road from Opel. There's just little America for a little while ago you've got the flaming gorge national recreation area which actually looks lovely. He sure looks lovely there and it's a green Y shaped thing on a map it does not look lovely well pleased to have a talk with. Our question what do you do not need to see that he'd par 49990. Morey calls coming up. You're listening to the men's or radio network. The answer is a bad jokes on the way as well our question today windy do not need to see that they far far 999. Are you married a guy. To my fellow Giuliani in a hurry I'm. I would I. When he won her show when I was in my first apartment I my and I got a male roommate. And about children's stature I got my male roommate I and Aybar and you play Cheryl. Abbott and male roommate probably wasn't happy about that. Really not a bit you know we were used to friend and I didn't he know it. Can check out I worked at a seminar let any any. A suburban Dallas had. And I came home early from work Wednesday. Let me know it open it into top stared apartment window is going OK thank all of you. I'm like that's weird Jericho and how city it's just Kelly super loud. I don't in the bedroom door Ed. It is my boy friend them on which my roommate. Eight smooth. Together. Kicked out there and stick yeah. Just saying you just served like you know Tony chili dogs breed during your shift. Pretty it up like a Ayala. But there are a lot of wrong you're male roommate who love you Dana is that Gaza. Yeah sure do you need Machida I don't negate eating job in the middle of it. Yeah what I put my boyfriend is cocked. Our allies de Oca on pop. Wait how awkward is that situation can they both turned around and say hey none of us expected this I mean. Did your boyfriend stayed as he does grab a scrap and leave do you stay route they took on. And they know that I've walked in the door they are clicking meaning continued that they were doing I. Okay sorry about their way of saying you know we're in an interview that I mean you do you couldn't see you couldn't see any of those the writing on the Walden checking each other out those those nothing that you. You know I Nadal. On this or its branded it catalytic echoed Jack fertile farm need it. Campbell I had no clue. Couldn't get a farmers only doctor around them to go out that they are today are they are not only are they still together. You I'm now did the dregs what did he come out after battered and he's still trying to keep a Covert you have to go on FaceBook is either I'm putting kids. He says so he's not malice and he's not in the closet and on me maybe Poland. He walked into the closet okay I'll I evil children adored in the closet but they'll hand my. Economic Gallo are at the start out there and oh yeah he's not. Not publically out that fuel that he knew at that time after that they had it. At bat I think giveaway I don't know I don't know a whole lot about being gay and I don't know a whole lot about living in Texas but I would assume the both of those probably don't jive in most areas. Play outside of all sleep exam probably not I am maybe I'll on Dallas maybe this at the right area to be able to do I don't know. Now not not really a video. Man oh man that's when did you when you now need to see that 8449990. So they successfully quite a I just like the fact that it was her roommate. It's with a roommate hey man I thought opportunity utilities and other than that conversation went down they don't like how about a look at me a little of that lone star. If it has components are there partnered with it if it's a load Tyrone welcome to the Madrid and the equipment are. Yeah. The T I don't give up our sirens and a lone star's. Yeah I seen the lately it's like 88 I would like 16 under Doug I am here good. I like eight years old and mean he'd get all blurred drunken let me drive his car. Around get my wheel you're now. And both he wanted to be taken to restore. Bullet into the store and received some commotion had local Asian restaurant bit at a bar that all all the colts would go to. He just under absolute and matter. And at a couple people there around the park a lack. And we pulled out. And I'm really pleased the way the story goes that when it told me inside this guy was celebrating his thirtieth birthday. An actor likes fashion I don't know I have an injury and he comes out. And not commit suicide. At a party I. And I don't know if you ever seen the actual color of a real. Will bring you up close and personal. But it still living color grey you beverage in a word like any over the didn't report the police even arrived on this. Yeah you really need to see that. Yeah see that it did not meet this heat don't know that you be depressed after a delicious Chinese meal. Man oh man in and I am honest so good. When did you when he not need to see that 844999. No I would not once is enough softball. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.