02-12-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Welcomes Myles Kennedy!

Monday, February 12th

Emails, Myles Kennedy of Alterbridge joins us for a round of Your Guess is as Good as Mine! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Myles Kennedy from all the red Myles Kennedy and a conspirators on delay the return of mass amends or mare and a question question we asked us to have to be every and any wild game the reason we ask question. We go to Johannesburg. A suspected poacher was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of lions here close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa police said. Adding the only thing those left on the victim's body. Was his head. The remains were found I guess because there's not any good you know there would've cheeks are good to send a message right it takes them like glad to impair a little late he put heads on spikes the southern about leave and head roku like look man it will what's got Bob Wright and it was a horse's head and the movie seven wood student body for the wives are it was her head seasonal and has resting bitch face I would think that their cheeks would be delicious may no longer than smile a lot of his mood laughter talked in my tournaments elegant just. As long as they weren't moving too much pain is the best part of the human being Paramount I wrote to him after the Mets in Jerusalem poaching Bebitch into an alliance they weren't into his face and left and it remains are found at the you know weekend in the bush I can even do look at it that day. At a private game mark that's in the northern promise province where animals have been poached an increasing numbers over recent years. It seems a victim was coaching in the game mark when he was attacked and killed by the lions. They ate his body nearly almost all of its and just let this head of and a few other small remains. A loaded hunting rifles found near the body on Saturday morning and they're trying to figure out who this person is. A last year several I have found faith poison near a farm while I get to the dental work when I. I know public couldn't hit late snap a pick it up to tell people that is not connected to the body but like look if there's a missing person it's just the face couldn't do the same thing when anyone recognizes yet thing though there's been the lines first I mean you know. Then maybe men are gonna live and eat it all it's hard and that before a major that drew the weird thing Robin you were telling us so we're double leg lions he lives and all these things and you were saying you want to soften. And it's the hyenas and they kill b.'s extraordinary dirty creature. It went when they started eating a farmer in the strike hot one and I even as. I basically inserted instead the entire head into the rectum of the dead and a write in net and started media for Leon's death delicacy in some cultures apparently do you think when I mean and this is just my I'm disaster. Using and I ended temple's head outlook of the FEMA highly as that. I'm available through. Friends friends friends. I could do this you should maybe just scares off Lyons isn't so we're going to watch today. You don't have to be good attributed news you don't vote I Obama. Lot of sausage as in the stuff in the case in the casing faces let's if it's just straight absorbs. I've never. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Well I. Iraq. John let's go this question here lawyer brother put zealot embarrassing things. Did you or someone else discover. When embarrassing thing did you find you or someone else. Yeah well. I'm. I've got a dirty negative apparently owned another kid Beckett seemed a little odd to me. How no doubt we're. Double wasn't a good discussed by the age undiscovered penthouse to my father's closet and for me it made life a lot better. Yeah it may let a little better. My marching where your doctor that monitored so when my friend who school bus salute you better than you its finals of the magazines. I made it would and I'll gosh I don't it was one of the knock off so hustler Tehran release the name of that okay 31 deliver Playboy for the good while. We eat charity that's the their club international call look I remember although I'd like I guess that there might be different the magazine you file my. My father are penthouse normally deal late Playboy and penthouse with a candlelight. Our eyes in all that there fines but late in view. If you discover like the ones that you have to special order. Oh yeah they don't sell them storms kind of thing then you're looking at filed look into it in and that's the thing Playboy even penthouse was a little bit more than Playboy at the time as far as what the pictures of what the parliament should change the right and everything hustler was on that same level maybe a little bit more about counselor apparently. Out of breath if you had a polls and you were willing to detonated they put tonight and that was impairments of starts. Playboy and penthouse or hustler went over to retreat and switch either and out but then after that. It was a who's who of just what ever and one fiesta we swing jugs did you emissaries in Mayfair looked. This is our remember down a little bit the original Playboy panels. But jugs and Mayfair they both came in England and both of them feature remarkably ugly women I mean they are rested they just had huge boobs but it did matter what they looked like. It is is that they had what's called Joe's right yet but it was like club international and high society based Moammar mode boss of me Brad Roma or match. You know she's all the holes in Ramallah Jim say advocate in the whole timely please please don't ever to mustache I don't think you understand what masturbation means. But she's called for stock from she didn't care about the Playboy and penthouse that's when she got to the ones. You know better super twelve dollars right and it's like Obama please Dalia wait before wake of these the good ones I don't know this is true I remember reading this article back in the day when it came out but that's pretty funny. But whatever they did on the really expensive magazines that put this colossal look at film yeah almost like a weird way a minute but it was just remember what these are big. For reason. These were big heavy pages that have a colossal. And white Maltese and they basically what they surmise was if you were to dig up a landfill in in like 500 years a thousand years. No matter everything else that would decompose. Or her whatever him. Those magazines would still be and a I think that's good and that would be the only thing left from that. That time period of paper as it's going to sustain. You know and still be there and you're still going to be able to identify. Like a soda cans going to be gul. All these other things are going to be a glass bottle might still be around as there are few things in my view their vote for the most part. This will be will people be able to find and visibly look at and understand what it is. Know what they wanna live and I don't play him as like right now people can they found that. The money mummified body King Tut and that's a big thing people trust me. The person of stumbles on the lamp fell full all about the heyday of eighties or. And that these magazines. That person they're going to be a multimillionaire like that's the stuff that's going to be damaged him well we have bay dad here who has a bit of a prankster and the reason we ask what do bears and thing did you or someone else discover a site swank. Biddle going up to magazines Applera. I remember swank carried recover high society cherry fiesta we eat jogs Mayfair jugs. Droppings a mile silos. Right club a club international. One of them was slightly Bentley tabloid size. And the Philippines Korea missing about a battle I've made. The commoners analysts and on that so. This is the hilarious moment caught on video as they say as a prankster dad left his son incredibly red faced at airport security. Keep in mind his son is an adult protect our rights of this an adult site. Ted Anderson from fallen in Louisiana. Smuggled a twelve inch sex toy in a sense carry on luggage along with a pot of lubrication. These shocked worker can't Haider smile when she lifts the offending object out of his luggage. Ted most of the footage on FaceBook with a caption. When you plants a twelve inch deal though and lube and your sons carry on priceless and if that he started filming his son who has not been named and waiting for the female member of securities dad and his government rogue sex toy. At first she pulls out a neck coalition. And then transparent bag used for liquids. That is when the young man spots the sex toy for the first time he turns to the people behind him with the look of or embarrassment on his face. And tries to ID shake the group behind the camera are in fits of laughter as even the airport workers start to lose their composure. She says look at you you don't know what's in your back. The highly embarrassed and eventually turns the camera and says here all. Eight holes. A member of the party than comes in and gives them a big old hug he then realizes how the sex to I was by the it and goes bad and says that's why you all wanna meet ago. And smoke a cigarette since the effects of. Did the deal don't bag room random random friends hello and bread grand opening of the program. Hello. Let's go on their brandy. Yeah. Hopefully we'll that's probably you were in Disney World around you so much that Disney yeah. Because less than you can all of you still sounded like it does leader. It. And Jane you have to give your Disney movies and only if she's not at all we should ask for opera these fields and kept our branding here Ager random question question. Wind you know wind did you lock yourself out when are you in a situation where you lock yourself. And I. I don't remember a locking myself bounce back. Tell you outline how I'm not and now like and finally they came home. Yeah a lot of the aisle at the world or away and it day. Great and thought that he can play. Jamie walked idol and I get a bit like oh great we don't really. Mean look I'm Natalie yeah metal prongs on it and what it was just smashing it. At the right and I bet yeah. I. And if it. As just like the neighbor who has the blue TARP on the roof instead of getting a pesky things I hear my neighbor has an. Three and a half yeah the blues about Luke you know and then well they just put bluntly the hell of getting a new roof they should just have blue tarps on everyone's house. And you pull all the good lump that if they're gonna they're good for three years at least look and it's been a different three years we've got a few bad wind storms union thing with and around. And I keep thinking to myself after every winter okay. They had never Roth went right and there's no way there is no way they don't get this thing faced this year and guess who I am wrong every single year who's got the M TARP. It's and that discusses remarks on it and I'm gonna wind blown. Apple's column awfully how do you live in this house Paul Krugman yeah dose in the villages take it home heating bill. Those does that alone. Obama might thank you for sending me the video of the high in Clinton headfirst into the rectum of the bat man on a sec yeah reason whereas what did you like yourself out of got busted and let's settle evidence on the day go around 4:30 AM on Friday. With a shotgun and he demanded the cash in the register while the card David dome and the the guy left. Boy got outside and partly cloudy realized he'd locked his keys in his car. So he had the breaking into his own car into a stick and he did it by smashing through his window and that he drove off. Cops trying to drag him down they say their looking for a gray Ford or car with a broken driver's window. And they're also pretty sure he robbed an adult store that they were far. And stole a bunch of porno magazines tank sounds like this guy's really goes speaking of that slate velvet gallery. Fox but my favorite filthy up more. My from back in the day puritan pureed appearance. Yeah. So the job my daughters from all the breads and Myles Kennedy and the conspirators we've got Myles Kennedy joining us playing a little your guess is good as mine and yes we'll bring it tells. With a shot of the day you are listening to the men's or radio network. Was smiles and I think still to come Myles Kennedy from all the bread to Myles Kennedy and a conspirators joining us in minutes the first time for a few he. Els in the men's room a bedroom live dot com. But does it is my birthday give me a day old bond Brett thanks guys that from Kurtz in the X Graham crack Cox. This is traded holders it's fairly day here British Columbia so even though none of my family haven't talked to me in a while it's still my birthday. And it's a paid day also cheer me up how to face Sam legend you guys talking over each other about how much you like each other. Heavy face pages and ads from Nathan sandwich. Well I'd think Google's about you have that we have to be closed law favorite part of the regular a lot of tolerant and to nobody ever see the little boy others William to be one Vatican for example I want to lead us in so basically it happened on the mound for a good time and I couldn't find he's got a damn button. To a close so this is towards from Charlotte. I like Jewish drag my 21 year old had a birthday wasn't your show every time he is Whitney can get only wrong. GO. Yeah. Guys like to waste the merits of birthdays are wonderful manager Jay and she'll be stuck in meetings all day so Abbott a second up cupcake thanks guys that from the ladies of the specs the game it. And happy Albert they wish to lovely shot on the east for completing 26 turns around the sun. Please send her around with a little dirty German doc thanks guys that from AK. And you vote today. It took them make them come to you couldn't repeat themselves. All of it is no idea ever deja drive be double life partner hazard. She's 31 who love to hear you guys talking all over each other LSD style about while crocodiles. Are dangers like there right now after an analyst demands a lot of things Saturday and his name is worst thing was to artist gave you talk crocodile hygiene articles do you themselves and I had an early though it was true a little only one problem I didn't because you know Michael what actually. Try to hang out there that it wasn't an arm and his season was talking to. Guys is my brother just 33 birthday and about to die a day job enslaved. God Hamachi to look at called running low on fuel and put my pump. Guys that my 42 birthday map blazer the birthday song along with turtles acts that from the army and Nebraska. It's a big news today Beaumont city 47 per day can you please give her a big old bomb ripped thanks guys from her son brands. Hi guys there you go home. Abby I mean everybody okay yeah yeah yeah okay I'd be yeah. I I can't angered a group. Mid. Does it did you German Bronson. Also available through these world sings on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. And im sure I fly to. We'll drag and tells with a shot of the day but first you know from Alter Bridge. Ansari is there I'm pretty you don't know how to collaborate in the stop abruptly grounded into that kind. And we give in the cuts signal to adopt you know it's who you these aren't linking applause lights and Iraq as it was our time with their program get away I'm just as they have been incredible control of your audience it's. They're scared of us and all the doors locked from the outside if they know that. What doubtless. And analyze your you're a solo artist and I we did some deduction as we're thinking you know you've you've been in a lot of different bands and this time around you get the money. Mean and we're happy about that you don't like money is going to you you have to split it would marker slash it's like this is more money more importantly when the ground we show up. You're not going to be the second personal look okay you know great try on the year and I asked him for slash right after you first man has used. Yeah I don't know I don't know I'd I don't know if personal it's the music business is there such thing as money in the mood he's. In 2000 at eighteen is the name of the store I get the money this time I got the is it cool to that they go out like better is it is it isn't a challenge to you because you you play with. Great musicians all the time and as you know I'm sure the man's great bit. It's it's your stuff it's it's the stuff that you wanted to put out as. Is that kind of intimidating and layers on the he really looking forward to it's some it's both. You know because I'm here and you're kind of walking a tightrope on your own and you don't really have the luxury of hiding behind any entity it's like it's your name it sure shows are your songs and and so. He kind of liver liver dive by that but town at the same time some I've wanted to do for a long time I want to. Gonna take this approach musically and and it's a different part of my musical DNA than that I've you know federal explored at the path so. Yes it's really exciting and haven't and a great time we'll look. We're not an up front crap and corporations to. You know it's assault while the sultan who really wanted to happen. And the name of album is your time here. And reluctant to wage team is a year of adult right first of all knows her in Asia today signed it anyway you go to a little late we want to let you know that however it will cause your eye of the tiger again and 2030 files in the album is a little late or rouge new era. Well I did not so with SAI guess I'll hold this up now you're seeing guys I have I'm actually thirty back. Yeah after the fifth. You know a lot of a lot has been said about and not to do too happy in Syria's been a lot of the content on the album is about your father yet and you've said in a few interviews of the fact that. Why he isn't around anymore written and and that plays a lot into it is that. It was that tough to go to coconut in perspective on that stuff and bring a dollar was up more. Therapeutic. Well as it was vote. Yeah it was news heavy subject matter not father. There were the reason record is called here the tigers because that was the year and he passed away which was in 74 and yes tough case because it was rather sudden and it was hard on apparently obviously but see some years later I decided to. You know to have that be. Something to and that need to speed no way through through song and so yeah I was real challenging but extremely cathartic and that's the beauty of being. Songwriters you get to count work through your stuff and can document it and hope hopefully people. Other people who are struggling with some can listen to find some solace in that in the do you nobody siblings yes at the right idea I have a brother by my by my biological father and have a half sister. Is he a musician as well. He is okay is almost and you say there's only two relative few of siblings choice parent guy that got music her hey I got it out of markets open. They do have the opportunity may resist so your your your sister. From your stepfather is she is seals and process. Would you researcher on their minds and none of you know what I. I know she is I know that you know Glenn RR stepfather and that's where I remember when my mom and commitment that might my step dad and I was going through his records as prime seventh time there's this conceals and crops and that was you know diamond girl her some debris is all those zones in the diligent and I know some of relive what I think you know like dialing girl. We may never passes away again if you heard you and OK to the world I definitely knew summer breeze and I aren't into one of those vans on recognize everything in the place. To do. I'm demeaning Cano hit the window saying hey yeah. And they county has found like this and had a strange Bob Dylan and I don't director of the litter don't know us Eleanor any better and we better bottom thirteen this is a good one because that at a realizes what it views seem unintelligible the all the time with the exception of hope everyone knows. So I'll see Pearl Jam through time to come to realize Arnold validity saying now. I don't noticing an album and the truth is that he doesn't have to remember that the leaders like you really don't think about the audience the youths seen clearly so if you're gonna screw up everyone's gonna know dummy you need to think these things now this is true but you know I am. Especially as the years go on it's getting harder and harder to remember alert style if he's you know maybe later produced some performance. It's just going to be him Aaron the 200 ma'am we got to do you do think the up teleprompters are coming. There are there they're there yet guys a lot of up and go ice wind and you know like I got to point after like. However government records have been parred eleven record I'm in at this point exactly my brain is only says look I'm just admit it I'm not smartest sharpest tool in the shed. Okay equipment so so there came reports like if we're gonna keep change in the songs night after night where he. Guys Ian eagle helped dye is that it is the human spirit is well to what songs coming. You know what it is it's kind of like lyrical training windows it's like the lyrics are there. But it's like she asked in case you come to that. Third verse Munich what was that first word again and for the most part right you know it's there because it is it is a I think Susan. On the Kagan is your grand picture backstage Guns 'N Roses in and their right on the teleprompter is paradise city. And I thought to myself it's paradise that when we know lightning knocking it out of but it looked like you that sometimes his views have a brain can't agree it's a great partner that's that's really what they're there for and you be surprised how many guys she's. Because there are. I called Gavin Rossdale screw up earlier sequence. What good is it even that you'd think I would know if I get. We would like to play a little game with you called your guess is good as mine. And miles it's it's an easy game to play basically we give you want to categories in the end up from there. You pick the category wanna go with you got to get as many right in the same category before three strikes you're preparing to. So the categories we have for you today. And this is just it just worked out of does not just happened and I don't know how this happened but itself Alter Bridge Myles Kennedy kid record to change my life. Gonna have to get you going to you know do as well as. And even though this is an interview that they've ever laid in the Q and you when essentially broke down your favorite album that they changed your life now. There has won more of a fan base when here but this is Myles Kennedy ten most impressive vocal moments. You might get your feelings murder and out of that we don't know I don't know I know I I would think that there maybe some of the song do you think your nail and you're maybe not according to expand an addict we go over here even the standard I think what our youth. I laid it down on zones of the family written you know we did not know instantly into the here. So you wanna go though the 101 essential albums here for Myles Kennedy or do you go to go with miles Kennedy's ten most impressive vocal moments as Myles Kennedy place your guess is that the I'm gonna hit one of the source of money to these as far as he did records that changed my life that would be you. You're the source material the other one is an amalgamation of fans yes I'm gonna have no idea. Yes I have a better shot trying to remember what I said and in the end it on and I've. The administration breaks into your finality to get ready albums or just were just like singles. They changed the whole foods we can record that changed you wouldn't be here right now all one for the whole outlook in the end of July came from looked into an album after it goes up I'm gonna do about it aren't trying to it will go it when I go tend records that changed miles Kennedy's life. I'd like we play the game is a unique to my guess is many correctly in the category there are ten. Before three strikes your out what do you think one of the album wanted it changed your life according to U if I just have to point out that this background music you'd like her about were the mystery of how yeah he noticed it. But here's a definitely in our market and that's that's OK and we know gonna hurt. Van Halen one Van Halen one. Did correct. According to Myles Kennedy as the one that got you wanted to load the car. They were huge deal of time I turned around and my third full wow what's that I need to learn how to do. The other notable about the man who quote if I lose. Oh wow I think you'll want to plug in your guess as good as mine either Tim records that change miles Kennedy's life okay. Chris Whitley dirt floor. Chris Whitley and and that's a deep weird when but yeah about a number nine I don't live tonight. That's exactly right. Mika and I clicked a to go to a no strike so far as you know pretty well. I know she's she's better than that about it. OK how about. Changed your life changed my life and I don't how can you came here lineman Marvin Gaye what's going on Marvin Gaye what's going on. Did good. According to a mile from the white kid from programs. I couldn't really say that ought to be that's socially aware of those things on record and a time it takes ball. I sent back yeah. OK you three for three. And a week. If if I. You know guys I met here. You could use gasoline correct out of the Ted got three strikes admitting their seven guesses left on the ten album. That changed miles Kennedy's life. Jeff Buckley hearings. Jeff Buckley grace it is such an amazing album and the fact that he covered hallelujah on their letter pellet now. That is at car rag and what that is not an album like Kate did you did you like doing did not change and I don't think it's visually than at present our lives pass while Kennedy said he didn't she's right according to that miles candidate that's about a lightly. Can carry the island NIC anyway I didn't smoke may have actually been saved his life and got three right so far event cable and one from 1978 Marvin Gaye what's going on and Chris Whitley. Dirty floor from London dealer to floor their floor I think. If it eventful two entirely different and I expect. Seven albums left of the pin and two strikes are meant to. How about. That's what happened construction boom you had to and you did. I don't know a dozen roses appetite though I think. Four out of ten still two strikes Manning on the ten records that changed your life. Kind of blew Miles Davis. Kind of blew minds miles it was 1959 yet little on the left. Three 45 albums are Manning you're halfway to home you have two strikes for many ups and downs that changed your life personal according to U. Okay how about that ahead. Yeah I'm one of those fans it's a it's a funk band in the our ten million members. Ten million members I'm gonna say. Earth wind and fire pointed buyer is number ten essential earth wind and fire this is the album come on late night. I want to be happy party. According to final third twentieth they're horn lines are really into its positive what better way to go. You've got six of the ten there are four remaining on the tenth album to change your mind one is a double album. When it's a double and a all it is moving higher ranked players in its entirety in the last two. Played in since I think I got. And Verona is little Floyd album. No. Doubt I dinner dancing for you see it's Motown hit about what you all are okay and now it's. Stevie Wonder songs in the key of life that is currently 76. Ten album came mild it got to have a pick for number one album the teacher life according you. The number of things I'm well. It was never a doubt that he only got three. See you youth just this is actually a lot harder than we have and I think because the routes announced in general won't do it definitely stacked deck if I'm shocked I have. Steve and steely Dan's Asia Sudan Asia number six we were just eight. One I think is good because. Yet when you should give it certainly should get how about. With that said Led Zeppelin four Led Zeppelin or what a monumental and. I Alamo. Bowl I had that good when I will say one of the now Hewitt. Marlon I've my old Montgomery and Reid could not rapper we were trekking with everything you had on the loose except this one. Two solo artists to solo artist whose four billion trio. What the white danger with a solo album there's there's a there's a Hendrix. I Hendrix cover on this preacher well. You just gave way to you know and I'm guessing no because there's this is. This is nothing like this on my started back. My favorite out before you could and you have one strikes remain all time favorite later comes in and number one I mean I think that's just ordered enabled and you know they put together might have done that feel like that. You probably games in images but it's now there's a reason is number one. For two reasons number there's a reason acting out number it can I have one hints on this is it's. Englishman. And mustache. There's the most measurable. Was their mustache and why would during the recording this record or Iraq previously had yet there was so don't there on my door. Pretty sure I'll let up its heart really sure there's mustache. I'll give you one hits. Is it Madagascar are. Are not mentally outsmart it is sort should be good enough Morocco with a rock I go back healthy for a Flores. I'll just start with a B. Is that what would you think. Looking at that he's from. The fans all of the bonds and the ball really sends yet. That's it originally from have you ever been and a sensible. And I definitely drawn a blank here. You know I answered I I think I fail. It's the little little hole I tonight you know it was queen news anymore. Soledad. First record exactly remember the goodness yeah being number one and that's how I was on its number one burglary and and I think that was very good rounds 4000 barrels a game there miles Juliette Gordon did the bar pretty Mercury like unity tiger by the way is how. March 19 you'll be hit the road and going to the United Kingdom and you can actually hit the United States now we do we're doing to it's just went on sale for other parts here as well and always at this time around obviously but no English Canada want to. Yeah he thought to be back to see if it actually thanks them papers absolutely. Outfit. It continues like these are life. Changing album. So acknowledging its nose job today is on the way there turnabout the man's nervous coming up next you are listening to amend or radio network. Count how big of a break into houses out of the day is just minutes away but first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us get over. Yeah. STD. It's my mom hold our questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good. Got a question craft meant revisionism came out to the men's room lemons are my dark comic the subject as a manager of an ass away like this one guys how about a section called ask a woman. Of course Baden fox would answer men's question about women. For example. Men do accidentally be on the floor near the toilets do women also. Yes they do Pollyanna you kidding me no party view before me I've just for look I'm not a woman but as I understand it yes yes yes and on the toilet right option. Hit says it can hit the edge of the seats and then rolled out the front and it's hard. Here's your Zhuhai now if a woman as squatting now paying attention it can also just go right in front of the toilets in front of you followed it. It that way is for it to happen because villains of women's room is there. And got an opinion on back in my own influence and I'm sure I cannot be alone loose. Like you've been to a map and do not want less muscle pollution to realize it is overshot the toilet and landed bag and things while more real quick here. Mike Betty plotters pretty impressive are there any other as a Mike can do well loved the show. Guys thanks that from day old is that there's a handful you got Tommy it had a misty got the apple is the solution attack in the stimulus Tommy down a stroke play dummy data but it did teased out on the topic too tall trees but the Apple's there's a good learned the more complicated won the apple is this the famous this'll septa will sifting as simple bunch of the vessels for 3000 does that you wouldn't think of his thumb. As the old one but I have trouble if you have a question brass demands are viewed as an email to the men's or amendments remind our economic the subject as amends or my I want and we manager Greg attacks. Nobody else they're deserves to be ready. It just the way it is. Good candidate and as usual only had considered Afghans even thrown out to find out nortel's that yes indeed today we chose Duncan who rob. Of somewhere in England now. Doug and as a Christmas gift for a corporate he bought tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Belfast at. And you birdie side it does it together tickets for only 41. Dollars and anyway. They get the tickets in the mail they had to the airport the board the plane from Belfast by one on the play indoor front obviously start getting excited about the show and she decides to look up. Who's the opening day it is for the rest until about but couldn't find any reference to the peppers played anywhere in Belfast and so more for now Duncan pulled up and how global the tickets he looks at the ticket today and read until the cover right date Belfast all that stuff right. The reason tickets again and realizes. The sub for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For real about tickets to see. The red hot actually papers be world's best bagpipe. Bank and all manner actually had receded and that do you for real I do for now you don't let it still saves in posting your browser mile way where outlawed the whole thing a bit of William Belfast they're little pissed about a an Indian who went to the show anyway listen luckily. Now that they get two miles we're gonna go to an open Mike about the city funeral give Alina red actually pipes pipes. We've for the supposedly during this move is because we think it's Yemeni down acts over the song and album world to party in aren't Tommy's. I'm not voted out of Arizona. Could get doesn't online profile that's dollar 9844999. Alone. Shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.