01-11-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Picks Looks

Thursday, January 11th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He what you're having here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Lord and I'm from the invited to join the party. This news. In secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. I don't know why you're going to lose no number 2746. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do you tell it's where you all good ball. My cock. I had to make a. I want to get me play big dinner today. Ted's meat and potatoes goes to the world a picky eaters. No way Sherlock is back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines of wizards shot of the day fumbled as your emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with a quick laughter getting dry cargo goods made to each of the arrested after taking up skirt photos. All students during class. A new law in Switzerland means that lobsters will be electrocuted. Before they put the little box but we do and boil their ass. US tourist dies in Australia during high because well he he was just hiding down under. Any person who destroys a hot delicious Domino's Pizza must make you wonder a Japanese fugitive caught in Thailand while playing checkers on the street. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the mid drills. Here's a question. Although not bad kids good day you think you and yours today is the day that we play. Big dummy the game show that rewards you. Where your studying ignorance and even though works you call us we spend. We've been category real in bed we'll. From that category but. You were big W separates itself from your average more reputable Intel. We will continue to ask you questions. Until you get to wonder rights because as always we want you. The lead Peter. Smarter than you showed up now to date our biggest dummy ever at the two headed beast. One part globally Kimberly one partly equally lovely Eric Bolton who dug deep. And found a way they are nineteen consecutive questions wrong can you do better well of course you answer duke to call and all we go. On big dummy thing it doesn't play they don't they call 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter have been survive and to those emails in the men's room had been jamaat dot com. You are listening to the badger radio network. Change is your. Soledad I'm gonna show our 2746. When a large and in charge program we have a great today all at all as a definitely oh did you really show all of the arena because we don't care about too but this is the weekend show. We will now but today's going to be a big what a big week show. Here's what we've got a break today Ted's meat and potatoes we've all been involved of that person you know there are friend or girlfriend or boyfriend a family member. And they are in fact the picky eater. That you had ever met in your life as a matter of fact ten and I have a mutual friend that is an incredibly picky eater. What defines is that we're being picky eater I'm being close accuse me evidence of live on the pick either took a lot of stuff I don't you just like would you like if you don't like you will don't let your particular could you don't like your vegetables yes yeah even if they're on there I. I have watched you countless times taken off right it's not it's not a straight at the picky people who don't wanna try something new rescinded bad lower right leg he'd leave it's on here I don't pick up touch my body like YED you know that you don't like it if you've never tried to move I don't with the way I just I. I had so many in my family. I look obviously it's my brother who I love my brother I look up to him and everything else you would undermine his own. He won't even try so she got a nice fiance does he like right edge tests course but he. It's well yeah you know you really try and typhoons and I don't know Man Ray I don't know I'd be attacked this week. You're growing up here outside the DC college spicy food. Oh no sir well no so no chicken wings. Outlets buffalo wings have smiled a guy on a fair enough you are some pain. Well probably yes. We need an hour barbecued let's silence is death I've got I guess a big eaters coming up with a head chef. No I sure log is back another round of profiled as. And we do have exciting news today as we have now gotten our own app believe it or not this is what got as you said there's been this coming game as there's just floated of a dramatic about some salsa. So you download the app that feed your fan attendance. Look I got. You now it was a New Year's show where our show to whichever one you wanna download anywhere in the world previous episodes or mentally exhausted. Eight you can find the beer if you are looking for men's original reds relief brewing company. You find the closest place that they haven't either on draft. In a convenience store if they don't have national we will call them and have them ship it where ever you almost like look let's put an is that a lot of cup Bob what do we don't please we'll get our ass is on it anyway. The blogs will be up the rules and for the first time ever you yes you can take on that the FCC. You vs the FCC is an exciting game any complaint there when you download the men's or map now and it's available for the android and the iPhone so you get a need to place a little disappointed that the ad did not make him for the holidays because. What better game to play the family when you're sitting around the big dinner table 'cause. You know you got the little kids there by now you've got. Mean all. And pop pop sitting around as well to try to play U verse is the FCC plus if we would have done before the holidays we have made electrical and because I think it's nine dollars and 99 cents to download and our round lead Amanda held a lot of money. No it's free okay I'll and how we live in a limit what are your and a woman you don't know down play you vs the FCC enjoy the new out there and defined the beer ordered the sauces straight to your door it's all up there and they had ready to go. And we also want to thank all the people. That made that possible when most Iraqis together a lot of people who are your asses off at. Including a lovely Robin and we want to thank them as well Heather does a lot of hard work on the ad she's gonna hell of a lot of work on men's room live dot com can on the get the guys and that they're put in the effort and Robin thank you so much so you can listen to it's anywhere in the demands are met pat. That's what went along courtside no now know that some of our co workers there actually normal decent people they are nothing like does. You run economic Heather and they are probably as nice of people as there is right in Atlantic without what is being accomplished so Robin said that during the testing of this that it has been going on for a long long time one of the big things was the U vs NCC. Robby came in after one meeting as a man. You have not lived until you've heard c'mon trying to do what drives go to the work I got my nose and mouth over the last things that a guy like him. Whenever say and I am not I've not had the opportunity to witness this in person but I'm gonna beg c'mon at some point this week like please my tiny video camera just affords us. Bigger neck come on man really do think if you stick your match. Ontario daughter if he thought yeah. I today isn't everybody gave known as big dummy is an easy game player either playing pretty sober or team not sober and basically our ask you is to get one question right now. On every week we do a men's room poll last week the poll was would you rather know windows you are going to die or hell you are going to die. And the winner was most people would rather know win they were going to amen over how it was going to happen so they just want another time I've been drum poll. It's going to be a tough one for you today. Would you rather be. Rich. And ugly. Or war and really really really. They good luck to me this season and it is just written hundreds and I'd look at all of these rich ugly ugly ugly ass guys got a diamond are implicit. We understand. The arrangement in neither side will amend it but. Take that ugly as rich guy you know and you pick your wife girlfriend whatever there's been clearly he's punching above its weight class. Clearly she has settled but as I understand. How these things go. She gets the money he gets the sex right. I mean that's why the vet basically she's saying you or uglier than a seals ranked number but you're billionaire I got a problem that there remained this. Have sex and a couple times under retained or somebody else can Israel do that anyway and but he got enough of of the cash flow. On top of that people look at somebody who's four and really really good looking and then wonders what the hell are they doing with their life into its fifth given here's my issue I've been ugly in my whole life oh sure I could go big. He's on the money if it but I would like did we see what it's like to be really looking out I'm gonna look. It puts a lot like being rich. Because when you're close still comes to you ma'am I think doors would open their easy secret stuff going on all era plus just little things should I mean like I just you know I cannot imagine what an extra tip led did you guys like me like yeah Sierra foothills base could you imagine a woman looking at you and actually being attracted to you while she had sex. No blood at by the money I don't care I don't how they're now I understand. Is that they don't I had a Marley. Things would just beat Carolina mountainsides in this and having a really nice really nice looking at it like that old skid on the senate bill over Eddie Murphy was white per day could threaten the and I think like I like the super thick Republican. He walked by a very attractive woman and her look at you like manner you good looking that would be wow I didn't gain a magic I'll be out there waiting. You know now we need to people she yeah. I got here I didn't really get a check that was not creep you could wake of the tickets are creepy reduced to ruin the game on a pull up my ugly ass in my miles around it. I had no idea how round orgy in my cardboard box yeah I think Tiger Woods really hot homeless people. That's exactly who you're gonna go to San Mountain View than if you're good yeah I have to attack. So that's the guys are miserable today would you rather be rich and ugly or foreign really good looking so two votes report really good looking Robin or due where do you stand on this what palace rich and ugly all day rich dead on appearance and a little sick on a fade for sherbet that money is just stick with me continues sending me to I. Listen assigned. At all that's all it and I look at how many ugly people it's okay and you know why they are makes good economic plan to when you walk through first class. When you walk through first class that's who you get a real sense of what's gonna educationally there are two good looking people sitting side by side occasionally there too ugly but more often than not just shriveled up ugly you can raw bacon look at Mo Fo. Sit next to the hottest chick you've ever seen in you understand. Exactly. Why this is his shoes cost more than you can sell your soul to the double to. He's uglier than a bag of school programs but that. This dude has this chick in you 100% understand what meanwhile I'm sitting next a really good looking dude in coach. Yeah man. I don't know did free drinks does that I don't get a good look like a yeah I like our class to play nice. The only evidence do AM when you're really rich and you really ugly who over the dime is that you bought right essentially. The more drinks you feed them the better looking dead it's kind it it works out I guarantee you to be the best looking guy on spirit air because you're going to be here it is another ally. I attacking happy that they're really the best looking guy and the Spirit Airlines flight I mean think about that. That's always you've got to keep in mind like we are miles and I had this good looking now. Yeah yeah I mean. Yeah were full ING barrel behind his own act but does what does seem to like the delta club or whatever I app now we need you guys did get out there and we have a vote of Utah got belligerent even know when I'm having sexual hell I don't know or the supermodel was hurt. I know she's big sure one of the to you but yes but it doesn't matter because we knew that ugly and read these dudes have to know Utley. Picturing anyone other venue Ted ninety go to any club in Vegas just us to go to the front of the line in gated community who were really really good look at even though were you afraid if I don't get horror we are not spent another dime on a god damn sure now we're shirtless guy. Yeah sure let's go how would I or should we do know. How are really look good. We're glad that I got hair and got our the other may have done nothing but hair in my belly right and we both have the same water I keep seeing Harvey Weinstein when you describe yourself I mean Denham I can't I'm out of my head every number I'm trying to break even without a guy doesn't figure usually does have not was is looking game right liquid fueled a lot of money at stake all the sexual stuff away from. I that we don't know about that now he's just he's still that poster child right Arafat without Ali Abdullah really heinous crap he's still that ugly. How are. And hollow the I'd rather be poor and ability movement and is on track as good of him yet I want to drop the rich. I'm sorry man I do like a character from an outsiders should have just really good look at. The chicks wanna have Alia white T shirts Randall Larsen resolutely and all that will give them credit it doesn't suit it feedback. Now you can do I mean do I did dance over everything I could danced at. I can't I would I would love and you noted what US so much a matter man filed a club I felt. All all you own your crew Peter got it right out of her two good looking dog let him back dead baby picture of them tonight when I'm adding things to do you guys will say that you were last night I course and draped. You can indeed in the best way to Digg it tag off these might keep animated elephant ivory. Just because it's Davis they've done a far far 999 all of those are first contestant Redd played big game. Say hello didn't really welcome to the men's room. Little old guy. I know it's over now. Billy would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and really good look at. Oh absolutely. I'm already on Sunday night not workbook and a friend Jack. You are no Gavin logo look for Obama attend comic payments instead. Among gay what you're not ugly you're good looking into it's he golf bag offensive. That's the company containment that is regular meeting of court heard today easily you know I don't know from Texas today and I'll always that day iron and then a big sex. They go beat six to tip. Are relatively good bye Texas beat. I hear if your question let's just say you know technically. The president of the United States of America but that's supposed to salute military officers to do for your commander in chief. He's still civilians but the first president who started saluting with what twentieth century Republican president. England. I know Carter. Mean he did them okay. Gotta leave that hole. I never knew that for his head in my lifetime of all the things. But he has even technically we're not supposed to be president if you. If you voted to deliverable law in did not salute the troops you would be massacred a solution. Good to go back and respect when in truth there's rightly respecting the law all the way it was written. So. You take the president of under the threat I mean the presence of military stuff for like the last two bomber trump like you pull him aside and a very very well Lou and properly your relatives you'd probably end you probably where I was right next military guys right that's one thing mature here. You're civilian I'm surely Toyota do original play goma for compiled there. The next question is multiple choice. Apple can be stored for up to six months twelve months or eighteen months before the sold. Didn't. Understood he gets eighteen months. Got sold over Friday's. And you find the little mushy apple is just doesn't end there for a lot of things like this it looks finally outsider. That's always the surprise of the gift. True or false your hair and fingernails keep growing after you die. That would be where a lot of people think they didn't read it. There's been all these myths about a but they say look it doesn't because your dad when you're dead things stopped growing gave his big dummy for 4999. Alone is our next contestant rated later games hello hi and welcome to the mantra jobs. Here so we're not cover. You're sober. Todd would you rather be rich and ugly are up more and really good looking at their miserable. Oh Richard ugly ugly unequivocally pro sports it's kind of a and a pick anything you want. Bill and area it's just EDS when Roger looks right now odds are you're good looking guy are you the uglier your hands of all the important stuff to make up the other. You're probably I'm more like them to do you wanna be you would you wanna be written with the flu death and we got great guys learned a lot more money. You have an attractive name Martha Hahn should be oh harms no MM. Well maybe yes maybe back out there and let you know they've originated unfortunately not your faith. I was there when the neighbor originating Hans. I'd well you know my great great whatever with German itself you know like guys like big over there a little bit more than year. Yeah our homes all hands on deck and I didn't say that it's just act upon the coupons. It's only sounds like a synthetic all homes that are right here is your question sounds. What does the regional and got him code could the cocktail known as the martini get a sneak out of the martini give it to. But the man named Barton made a pass. Yes they're definitely got to invent America. Dean Martin I don't think him being our news was Apple's deals and martini with a kid who's the guy out from no no no I think that's a guitar player for Brett. What do you think Warren. 200. Gave his big dummy four point 9990. A more big dummy coming up you are listening to the beds are radio network. Smiles and heptathlon Lloyd says they have details goes to the world picky eaters in the meantime the game is big dummy 8449990. Let's see who's our next contestant ready to play the big gains hello Olivia welcome to the men's room. Usually the hour I welcome the show. Painfully stuff. Things Politico would you rather be our bedroom full rich and ugly or more and really really really good looking. I'm good look at all the way more good look at the visionary reds got. Exactly. You don't change a quiet book that you can't change your genetic you know hi Bolivia have you been told you you are really really good looking guy individual. Up by a few people I never resulted to really really really ugly individual. Not that I can remember Paul you remember. Oh you're inside. Yellow Libyans. So beautifully on the outset. Our ability to answer a question of multiple choice in either it's the king of Siam. Speaking of Samaria or emperor Caesar. But the origin of the expression white elephant believe it or not it's when one of these three gentlemen will be given to idle elephant as a gift to someone he didn't like. The teams I am to do scenario or emperor Caesar. You know looking at the Marriott. Nobody hate that I am. So even played all these people do. When asked. And if we didn't like you have to give them a vital elephant the ideal world. Know what's gonna by the Obama offensively so they've defeated correlated slaughtered but you were coming in kind of a more people doubtless yeah. That's exactly who that. Let's stick with colors what color is the blood of an octopus. Cradled. They all the blue moon. Rich dead back to put. Aren't selling a woman like to have about my strict so what is the national drink. Support to Rico since 1970. And gadgetry and I do as Romans nice little. I really don't. You know you. Gave it to our individual or did he caught the first. But you might like Pina colada but I really where that likes getting stuck in the. I'm saying yeah. It's fun day at oh thank you very much but that's not your question a big dummy you're question is. How many noses and do aunt sent. 35. Or something so. I only did he could be if they had done it. They had five which is still a great program for me. Homeland collection from cheese if that's five and they have I don't know. I wouldn't work that maybe goes maybe something smelled good and I'm content but that probably isn't a bad night I would like to see you remember when asked for until you teased little baby. Let's say F five knows. All you people and knows well and I like apple more. I didn't realize that this is years. Before I had kids toilet when he 45 years ago and I didn't realize how dumb kids actually our kids three years old. And I didn't know him well but for whatever reason he just kind of standing in front of me staring at me and I'm drawn out. Like break the ice the response though. I did stay right got you girls this is just horrible. I mean just absolutely freaked out early broad you can still believe obviously I'm sorry. Our revenues for real and a truck bombing of the white you know the black do you gotta like no you really think you're the black males that's who you could. Community try to put it back on his face of Mosul. Are you a question what is the hottest planets in our solar system. Hamburger an accident could have done. Mercury and Venus and is made Mercury in the banquet for the so we'll record of never met. I know you wanna sign yet. That's been great to end the uses hot and moist seem. To where it's wet yes. Actor who's the voice of Darth Vader in the original store shelves. I don't I don't actually know. And he was also the voice of I'll crash using new online it would move also that's the bad lie and there. I don't move the from the line did little sneaky Hughes also Eddie Murphy's stand in coming to America. I don't know any of it put us. You go through the band of all of Schwarzenegger from the barber who's also the boys so fill the blood just. That B day girl grow mold a lot of poor first like everybody down a four part 999. Ella going up more out of lovely Olivia and had 7000 dead meat and potatoes all about picky eaters. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.