01-03-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets Sticky

Wednesday, January 3rd

Mens Room Question: Whether it was in you or on you, what is the most memorable thing you came into contact with?​


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This is done men's room. Our hotel and Amar here at the 99 Iraqi Kansas City, Kansas right station also Portland's classic rock 923 KE GON. And Iraq on a three in Fayetteville, North Carolina hello Fort Bragg Wheldon program who sucks let's coming up when you don't need to know goes the united states of Google. And today we ask whether it was in new or are new what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact with a 44999. All the we do have a list most of the wheel stuck can be who by the way. There will love bring to ia a coming up here it's a it's a it's a great start do you have what year of America knows you've got the throat you've got the penis the vagina and the rectum all these things. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in their database of emergency room visits. All of these items were found in people over the last year. Newton Newton and you know what I have not seen the full list I'm guessing most of these will be adults. If its nose and mouth a filly that's going to be kick at the Lego box someplace we know the vote. At some point the Arabs exchangeable near the object like that if it's light bulb that's an adult act. Right it's all kinds of stuff it's just that you guys there's all cash and everything you like yours for your for example for the year I feel a small red toy. Sure you look at I think I think we know where that came from right. Stuff paper talent ears to act as earplugs because remain was snoring and able to get an out of the year that's definitely an adult I don't exactly. Gasoline and left here while changing fuel filters on chi society and in. Pencil shavings kid could be anybody. Potty got to be live it up. Falsely with a pencil poked in the right here pencil lead in ear canal when he felt slaves I still think did probably do it could be any woman and guess and Q it was a great architect was running was sticking near. And fell dragging your fault she didn't get this thing. Well there is a new are on you what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with a 449990. Hello Andy welcome to the men's room. It's. Well I saw this dude right there. I don't know what I need to write it wouldn't let online negotiate. So. And but I don't we've education. And I understated black Santas are a lot of life. Guru bar golf course while I did not work out really popular that it Condo. No I can shower and a lot of it about the injury when they did it goes hand whenever. It into a political consultant Mike any harm and what happened had we had shown longer. Actually no my eyes don't look any kids at the end hanging Andre all. A bit but Lotto. Scorpions in Hawaii yeah. Don't shoot I was little in an anonymous. They don't go there now the prime argument put a new travel brochure an exact number Lou possible scorpio I didn't know that. And usually you know the growing threat removed or you can go look at Barclays does whatever means you don't fight Tarver what are you going to you can go okay the last two here and it is that there really do pound out. Better than competent to hang on everybody keeps saying little wider right. How are quite eat yet you know like a doctor. I thought it was a fabulous corporate. Well most of the horizon where I'm at every step that you ran. Heavy heart and obscure barbecue you're going to eat grass it comes you know a bit. You're either aren't you work so they can save the day and it would be involved. Born in Israel and that was pearl apple is pretty good plot any. Much better right now back and how about the staying feel like was it the equivalent of these stinger Lulu with a comparable to what. He has a lot of anglers if it wasn't that bad and I. DER guy who has like dirt or even Congo's honoring heroes and other right away. And all we're really don't thoughts on your ankle issues like that he really weird anyway I think blood test because. Apparently it's an colors are is are there. Really dangerous and an eight. So yeah that'll enable Iraqi border to. Oh yeah and my act out exactly. What you kind of mad zoo ticket in absorbing the. And then there are the most interesting thing that was on me cookie on your kids are being. Delay for dear life there's a wire right yeah our ground and actually I just you know the thought. They'd wanted to drown no but he asked Stewart goes ahead I was alone we used to work worth and she went down the visits of a friend in Mexico who lived out of Mexico someplace Yucatan peninsula the deal was. But then Hurricane Bob got here and so she drives a taxi or whatever they grab on to the ocean rim to the call on the draw card there Francis drives up to the house houses got this big ask why travelers Parse the bottom street. All the tarantulas are escaping the high grass so they. Sadly you can't see the ground it's just as the ground is Fuzzy math yeah that could forget that they know that if a hurricane warning of the higher land as. She's played it just walk around the friend lives at the top of the silt so. She's going river gorge by your colleagues you can literally and luggage and stuff with wheels violence again but she calls a friend on the cell phone so look man like. I was about a new driver but I I don't know what to do codes grounds moving at all these these torrential different like William Hurt it she's like that. That's our report in my enjoy the nature when I'm saying is. This is freaking me out what do I do the friends alert. You gotta you know Karl Walter and so yes she's ready she's decided it was like Indiana Jones wasn't the just torrential as they were the majority of of their every single bug that lived on and now she's thought about dragon master jays and crows I think usually I don't dad. Yea did I tell you got to bed at night you know they can finish someplace listen so it's Italy and ultimately doing how was your trip she's like that's how we're starting in the misstated door to more because of the hurricane slate now because every living creatures jungle spent the entire time migrating up the spill. Do you where you live there whether it was a and you Iran you what is the most memorable thing did you come in contact with 844999. Cola would you be cool some important Franklin an army might surprise you by emulating old people walk around. Is financially sound and now I would you know I feel comfortable files and house with one and a new one has escaped or anything like I've read I do that for sainthood. I take a snake in and I know you just have a phobia about like I would take its seat that's going to be like you look at the snake and go right I can even understand where you fit in. Majors fate in May direct guidance and a leg that's really sucks to be uber Daria. The torrential might. Do not understand does include just a monster like this is a little monster. I don't wanna hold monsters the snake snake a torrential for a demonstrably at terror because bugs. I truly believe are you a bug shouldn't be Harry usually you should get what you should not be Harry save that for mammals right I think we can all real world for a world where the pair pair group. Also if you're a bug if you get called a blue I just believe you should not get old Bruce or other brands without lost solitaire. It's funny you know I mean it homeless you know you have satellite you know there's a genetic thing an analyst Emmys I got careless strands and beat it beat trying to fit in there as I dared come on it's gotta be bad widely it was payers if you sound like you said children's book footer lutherans are there moron to give me a careless manner. You see immediate comment in the wild you ethanol wild card though your tweet about. Girls better whether it was and you are on you what is the most memorable thing that you've got in contact with hello AJ welcome to the men's room. It oh god yeah. But what's happening guys. Of not united not a damn thing are you agent I'm not ashamed branch was Jim that's where we are asked how how well our life is gonna feel they probably are their own little quote won't think about how bad this may have to work but they've all got a look at number could be drinking and I don't like them but if you are the hairless torrential. My sympathies with the good you know. There's no other trends along wants to be with you night you got out there there's no gently everywhere literature doesn't like the Burt Reynolds species. Dario looked at a perilous torrential I'd I'm terrified of what I'm gonna finally there's got to be a picture. Could that be just as scary just paint soliciting you moron you take on sale late tan. On being. I'm I worked her doctorate company hadn't just don't Moet debt backed down from Seattle and I'd pay and dear perhaps I've read altered the automotive goods on me and did. Automotive fluids I think are almost worse than bureaucrat. Or. Because they're oily liquid and they're harder to get off. Okay. What is the worst smelling one to get them. It did cart between. That water and water mixed up all adult. Or water mixed with transmission look. Well he's a transmission fluid is in hot I don't know if you heard anybody get that stuff so I'm having a radiator cap will be too early that that had to leave a mark. Actually I actually felt I've hurt transmission blew it knew it. It's pretty bet its most weeks. It felt like I can't. Eat you know at all you know when you smell it is your thing is. OK that I throw rod heard and I Crockett cracked an engine block and how much is this gonna cost me read this is going to cost me. Thousands as soon did you see like smoke coming out the front of your and it's from it's from the radiator coolant whatever like yeah you're screwed rude. That car is done like Alicia one of the thousands of dollars into them. Nobody does your engine shortcut to your new car oh by the way some people that know more about torrential the most mother while at the perils torrential have moved its. You know need to. I'll even scarier is a torrential hair is also a defense mechanism making key today you know sticking your skin of an itch for a longer sees ghosts or monsters that's why don't borrow it jointly passage exactly what I just said here's a purple look. Look at that look at it clear that cache control my behavior and go puffy but on omelet and a and then what isn't and one not many did they aren't spiders just like land crabs. I think they take it like rabbit hole for a light water or spiders. You know I leave that way I know what you're saying but wait. I think when you look at it spider like yeah he was big here it seems reasonable he could crack his legs often eat up you'll remember what you call a crab and somehow we take comfort him like I can look at the crab and I recognize this is an Arnold pleaded god damn ocean spider bite. But I'm not scared of it in May be because I know hole. It's freaking delicious and bite you. Okay you're out there and about I'd bet look if that's if the torrential pinched me it would hurt yes but don't be better than if I thought it bit I would note that will do it at all I think rentals like scorpions identify understand this right the smaller it is the worse it is for you bigger news I think that's very that's because they don't understand how much insulin or how much poison of putting our senator they do so earlier in rattlesnake anything and has been in my don't think when they're younger they don't have a regulator. Well there was and you are on you what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact with 844999. All hello little Eddie welcome to the men's room. You know. You know. I don't Villanova hurt the little that they are you man. Excellent they keeping the jets. How big you little Italy in little Italy do anything. I felt that I put eighteen preloaded barrels OK a five foot 8300 pounds. So don't put eight GOI. What do I put. 1866. 66 lay out six days after we imagine little available why does every time you're little homage there's no it was duke blue. Well those your ideal what is the most memorable thing that you have but come in contact with a 44999. Only gets more your calls on the way including heading there right after the break you're listening to the men's or radio networks. It's you. True coming out there eternal blue socks lies damn much you don't need to know goes to the united states of Google and what do each state going to be the most interesting thing that they were searching for a questions answers and back I think Elena breath before during and those with a shot of the day our question today whether it was a new war on new what is the most memorable thing. Did you come in contact with key 44999. All let's go back to little Eddie welcome back to show little and he. Ought to be subject. So little that he wasn't in your on you all are open and you know yeah okay. There are no one appears to be able. To. The prince Albert doesn't do that big old people there are no big old you are migrating those double that memorable moment. Out of the prince ever go all the way through shall one side to the other. It goes in your free throw out the bottom below the butchered. There are old. She now when you you're. They does is cause the river to be diverted so to speak yes the darkly bike on the bigger retort what are got a strange death. In his is still do that. Yeah definitely delight ticket he looked dugout but ultimately your goal beltway don't you know look look at this goes you know up and down basically political right. Does say that's seized it on gridlock at all really bigger did you figure league maybe you can count pursuit. Not attempt to sort of way to go the other bacteria called little sore back there we moved we look to law. Have you gotten caught like in the fiber under under wearers super towel that they like it. You know I'll know it all around you know so it doesn't account I. Get to that literally kicked our ability to be pretty pretty painful burden for the ladies here. And desist from. Visiting crew does it help with essentially is it more stimulating anything like that. Or will it be built to support for them to distribute look at built in particular to move around America to differently. Got. I mean did you do it specifically for the women are keeping it looked cool. I was sixteen and does I was hey you know on the U goes over my brother do you shop these artisans and how long talked to death targeted at your surge did you brigade never gonna give you made news this stuff that does very when he did they did the eagle creek. Well listen to me fair if you tell us these funeral boy. This will help you get away no matter what you said. And how cable debut I don't know I write another you can animal Franken rattlesnake you say hey it is you know you feel like if you're seeks to even your boy I take my twenty dollars man. But as far as appears it did they would be different is it easy to keep cleaning everything you never had an infection or anything like that. And upload your barrel your smarts and a guy like so we didn't and it really didn't begin immediately goes back. And I did it did dig deeper part of their guards did or do you go to the open a lot of sports everything call have been relatively popular they got it could give you got stories about grounded hundreds talking about it they wanted to be it I don't know what did you do wanna budget vote for their vote. So what do I went there with a metal. Clinton would be broadly than just to tell people I have a prince Albert just try to show the my penis even know I don't have one. I beat. Him I don't know what you have to buy the album dealt velvet like the point that. I don't know whether I am losing my feelings are not worried about very normal procedure that environment that man loves a most of my time at bat. Whether it was then you are on you what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with a 44999. Cola. We would you do if you're next in the sky when your buddies with a person and a ball hard he's like bragging about having that thing influence like. I know I can stretch my satchel really far it's okay. Apparently cool tricks well European mr. I don't have moved please just playing so jewelry now by president. Just sit up immunity to borrows just when Nolan got new plastic you know enhancements. Good job I don't know what it is that's that's the thing I got new moves hey good to you in the in the shirts up like you wanna see you know now. Oh it's always a husband though why signaling she got edges are just bought a board you wanna see a broad data due this is awkward other preakness years ago and what Reggie got upset American working actually about the amount of bouncy boobs but she just annoyed the living hell out of me so. I don't know Hershey's draw a number of party in the infield as a ghost. Every year there but she walks over husband there he's quite proud she's proud impala out of nowhere. She's like I got new bootleg a grades I do want to see amber Leighton. And just the look on her face when she was to yeah we're sorry Arabs. And look I don't think that month and and to be fair amount ultimate rotate into its in my boot but I would say ninety members and time. You mean 87 year old woman can look sure surely agree. Because I guess. You're that far. She should ocean the boobs it's uncomfortable you're like oh god in the doesn't look talk Jim Hill right now well talk on AM yeah and then. Two years go by in your in that bar again for Kevin and it's. I am in and so once doesn't like. You're. Girl look Brenda dog and run those whom you know devoted to load. Do not together anymore. Same exact sort of all of I. I think this movie. Three times I've been through this and of where the husband what you gotta check come out like. Okay we can explain it tear your real aggressive I wanna see your proves this is very awkward Brett. But then yet two of them are divorced tar light armor still together but. Shouldn't they know they should be they. They don't mind that each of them has their separate attach. OK I think everybody has an idea. Whether it was then you're on you what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with the 44999. Hole. Hello Vic you're welcome to the bedroom. Our own job. And I you guys don't. But yeah your argument that the perilous byters move to Canada on. I. Had excited grant pay 300. And a dead heat and so they knew or I knew. It was on me. Who was there. Are we will. Why I used to do eco car for eleven Noah and there's really dirty minivan came and one led. And yeah yeah yeah. And I. I blue underneath the seat and this. Dirty baby diaper so much space. She and clearly you know little piano news bad news that your body drugs and cars. Alia yeah does that stay there are do you do you think got out. Oh let it Don. Of course it is ma'am I mean I think you need I of the clientele before you do look like you don't wanna do that to little itty. He got a better he says and me leave me your money vendor drugs. Yeah I have found 200 buyers mentally retarded bar's front bag we'd I don't smoke I don't buddy that was a ballet his role was like it was a value we that they would just pension now golf again they would dig a hole back but they're definitely gets up what's the strangest thing you found some of these car. Armed. I can dirty needles. Probably until bill. And gone on Johann and then you know them there. And outside the last Thursday and don't ever found to build a late in someone's home plate over the golf course the middle street in someone's car. In the woods in a sandbox when you might somehow that's the one such story I'm always looking up why are you it's never Obama you know win is always zeros in jurors. Yeah nobody would open the door like Yvonne to build momentum and look at regarding third is I think it's I think robbery in the street or on the sidewalk is a moral weird oddity electoral I have to hear that though like why is right no I think this is he's got the money came enormous social science. When revenue right genocide rock we have been under bush vows I'll walk you did lay Coca-Cola come up toward the street kind. The del Rio's crime and Carnoy wedeman you've beauty nudity sex toy right now in this place well the thing with a condom is is that no one goes and takes it up. Know it's there for like months and I like it when you walk by failure that got the gun on short notice you're such amount. Yeah unknown like a block down the road from me. Don't limit god Sadat moved and is based in a black and I think I think they're still managed seven months I think if you acted as ring who are going to grab president sect. I used fearsome duo walked along with a broom or something more though than have you done very I would know a file. Little does neighborhood. I know you soon on how to write your neighborhood about you know we thought are gonna go grab you brought. I mean this week with some sort of normal to see it started I like the rest that was you can name the thing did you see it every day. And it's green was so bright you look like the Hulk green. As a green content I think you should throw down a sewer is obviously was a ninja turtles into the why do they know today at one of the most memorable thing did you come in contact with a 4499. And I don't do it down there and moved April April April well well well who else may not be your writer Stuart it just right but now it's four pound 38. It is simpler April showers and hello believe her doctor if you didn't you. She should do it they're welcome to the man group. And volatile. So what was it new or are you. Actually neither would actually in a friend of mine current. Back in the early ninety's. We were pro about twelve or thirteen. And we're walking out judo archery range. And there were these kids playing around. Ann and aero got shot the wrong way. They actually wound up going through my friend's eye socket. Well now me. And it back out of the backers neck. Iron and miraculously. Just missed everything Bible. It sent to La media and drool heard anything weird now I think that we turn a microwave on order and another like that. Now. You still have to buy it went in like right where the teared up did that won't cry right rose I didn't die. Did you think he was dead and and I'm assuming he does drop to the ground right. How how freaked out where you when you looked over you see this arrow basically. Coming in and out of your buddies had. I can't. How literally all you lose move that well it does the thought of anything there guy is just mentally Booker so how much of buddy did he prove himself. Probably. And actually play you made a duke in your hands and a perfect in every I think if you don't respect your friend decide to have the Errol I can see this take you back. Chart I just I know there's a point where you could get scared enough for you luge or bounce. After he thoroughly think. I am likely alerted him. About the time our so called aero coming up. Okay that makes a you loosen the loosen the muscles so I yeah I mean if your money and just what is that line of like I am so scared that I lose all control my bouts it's a year hey little I don't know how right we like I've never been there I guess the point where it's happened because I'm never. It is just. I don't think that you think is gonna it out yet time to think about Wright is a place haven't been to yet I don't wanna live there right I don't either but I don't think it that way I don't I don't ever want to know I was souls and the driver out of a plane you all got you know but I've been I was not thrilled about that at the moment but at no point and I think. I'm gonna prove myself even a tough sell off on her booklet I wouldn't be that much of is a great and the food or when it's essentially happened because of the scared one he was a kid to. And so there's got to be a trigger I mean I've been that fear I was gonna got around like screaming. We Denon has yeah I anytime I could improve yourself available global we don't like you got these guys don't hold your body but it probably if it had lasted a few more seconds I probably would have into the provable part. I've I'm OK because they don't Firestone problem on the East Coast life I mean if so then you gonna you it's different but even then remember having done in debate. And I was nervous. But it was never like but the terms scare the S out of some Weaver that I wanted to know it's got to you know it's gotta be if it's going to be a function is wondering what do you think would be what is your body feel happens you're on the surface for me. Your serve more you see the search for encircle. I it was attacked you do see the debate yes sir I'm Bridget that moment. You might ask yourself. Right distance and like what hasta happen for your body just got my irons good food then it's got to be nature like I feel like it would until people write a thermal units you do is you just to have you whatever days you don't want that but it's. We can rationalize that in America but if you see a large rural Georgia what you just don't understand. How bad it's gonna beat you don't saying yeah. Yes well I don't think I would be that's going to prove yourself or or your world jeeps and Africa and Iran welcomes flammable Bush's limits Matty your Jeep for whenever like. People always have got a giggle I know pulled muscle there no question about these things show. Nature man nature its nature. Manmade stuff now so maybe some people are just scared Coopers and some are just gets to sleep I think that we're not all scared and any situations that may be some people just drew but some don't. Well debate Farrah the other guy don't really glad I did I I don't know I know there's loads very well here's the thing if I said Ted for a million bucks did you squeeze undeterred right now. Right now for a million. Are all within thirty stuff it's a done trying to address that is why I gave a little push as well as he doesn't have the money. I'll probably not yet innocent until the tiger came up to you right now like. I think what it has to happen for you put yourself either. I think sick with major. He's bright because of the tiger tiger coming up match doesn't do now but if you did seem to congratulate you don't have I would give them a million bucks he can't do it in thirty seconds put the tiger or other since. Just all over the place and you can't control it we're yeah homefront. Regularly like I know what is Bruno and I bet you know you've got one in the chamber surely not for hours and other gun not loaded. How did you find your. Our home is far into day into night. Combat. That Senator Obama and Florida like twenty times you don't read what I can give if you don't have anyone like that I went back got approved for the situation thing about a late this right. Something crazy happens people of this adrenaline spike and that the caller officer. But any normal circumstance you can't lift the car but in that moment your body has this reserve library for the so filmmakers like what little late to not look like can pick up tomorrow he's crap yourself in the event that you're gonna panic it's gotta lake out. You know left subtly breaking case of emergency that. I think it's like amateur bodies who OK this is bad let her rip. Yeah and it should only happen once in new lightweight at two breaking Jason Wiemer break is over the tiger is running towards you like release of third mentally this is the time and if you have proved yourself and figure. Do you think it was proved themselves towards. I don't know for fear that the if you got that you've been so scared I improved so he Dakotas into totals about a though obviously you survive. Dario Vegas or another scenario you'd think you'd ever be and where you might you you're so you can you roll your car eight times you somehow live remedied and crackers made the group. Yeah to me like you should in theory I think but it's a difference a year makes a professor of seeing lately but these are all like. Something that you could rationalize. The lake that's a cynic this store just flies open and tiger walk. Yeah anything about the golf tiger den toy while you don't have to this out of the loop almost blue red and I think delete your whole body should they are good. Like I don't know what I'm amazed this. Give our rationalize oh it's an easy life size review and he growls but no matter what car death but proves that we out. Can I got my approach whether there was any UR I knew what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with a 449990. Hold a lot more your calls coming up. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Not what you donate you know goes to the united states of Google I want each state search for the most in the Euro was 2017 our question today as we have. List of are things that were found in people from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. And they have a database on emergency room visit Seoul all the aura causes are recovered from the ears the nose the throat. Down to the penis and vagina and the big and here is the rectum we've gone over the here we'll move onto a couple that were found in the nose. That includes gum up pink balloon had a heart shaped necklace dependence all kids fish tank gravel. Baby bottle nipple and one magnets in each nostrils. I think I remember the story that you can they use other magnets I'd leave him draw them out of his nose the throat that's that's just about everything open safety pins cigarettes. A diary key an Easter egg aquarium thermometer. Sewing needle. Swelled up then because no one paid attention until he swallowed hearing inner sleeves that was in our mouth when you fell asleep. Golden shiny penny. Confetti. Half pack of gum in room at home empty rappers everywhere big wad of gum hot sauce packets. Sold three plastic push pins if they had their school won fifteen bucks. As far as what you define your penis this is there's a little bit more interesting we have a little screw. Phil thanks group. We have a sharp joy and 84 inch long metal sex toys and a plastic spoon a piece of a domino Beason a plastic shampoo bottle and they go axle cable. As far as the giants never bothers me ma'am there were stuck in people as of last year and are you charge stuff scented soap. Okay V panorama prom but I mean Kapalua deodorant stick. A bottle cap. A penis ring with spike sucked. A piece of rusty metal. Little broad rules TJ and I mean the history with the spikes is doing when it makes sense I look at how that's eleven balls up Asian states it's for you know when your husband leaves town. A bike reflector headphones. Like with a hot towel. A phone. Hot towels and still hot when I got so hot towel Ackerman does read what it says here candlestick clay lolly pop. Toy magic wand now let's move on to the mother load here and that would be the rectum that is yeah. I have faith in my. David this is he or if there's all chose to move or is where things get stuck in your body the original Fanny pack it is unbelievable. The list is is Islamic auditors which can. Things down in the recommend good golf ball a peanut butter jars the spray bottle the curtain rod. Stuck its oil distracted because he thought he was constipated. Toothbrush toothbrush holder. A flawless container for a mouthwash bottle and a party having fun of male friends Vermont was shot glass in his record. Small wooden Knick knack screwdriver plastic fork joint missile plastic vibrating item. Cigar tube the tin cup hair brush marbles a large bottle of shampoo. Cat food K and that bag of oral tobacco water model three double A batteries do AAA batteries that these battery and deploying. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.