01-03-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets It On Them

Wednesday, January 3rd

Mens Room Question: Whether it was in you or on you, what is the most memorable thing you came into contact with?​


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He would sure love to hear is real the members of this radio. A person. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Lord. Invited to join the party. This means. All gathered in secrecy. This is now. They say. The radio more than three times. And your. So they go look at Arizona our 2700. And Paul today. Along with Steve the thrill hill. We did Smith and I couldn't ball. I had them by car. Hey yeah are an amendment a. Detonator Chernoff who's Smart slacks. When you don't need to know goes to the United States over gogel. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events are Jonbenet fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack. Accurate and Darren I'm doing all rest a woman in Connecticut police station dubbed Coke on the counter before starting gate big old mom play. Big news in Fayetteville Arkansas as we welcome our new affiliates ninety point three the K oh nice drive and make it. McDonald's announces that in Oklahoma you can actually get a burger meat was fresh meat you can see Indianapolis worker fired for trying to cover up coworkers stinky feet. I don't rose most expensive bottle of vodka has been stolen and hopefully enjoy it that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men drove. Here's the question. All have bad days good days that you and yours all right I was human beings we have five cents. Touch today's hearing commission and smile and that's great you want all five work. But it doesn't always mean that they're enjoyable when 12 maybe all of our senses were violated in some way will make for bad time. Like when he gets sick. Two year old saint west that would be son of Kim and Kanye. Recently rose to the hospital for pneumonia some kind of infection spread them loans in the earned himself hospitals that. And in fact and of course is an a on the invited guest well we do you were linked. So badly we choose to invite things indoor boxing to be cigarettes booze he. Medal ever in some cases ballooned so we'll synthetic marijuana. My cell and I'm being specific but a guy Pennsylvania did exactly bad as he intended to small with a drugs into prison beyond his rectum. I got busted but in a twist and I'm not making the Sparta hit the audacity to claim that the drugs found in the he is but warned his. The moment and look. I'm Antonio surged by the government promised you finds a mom but I put it there and I ended tomorrow eight. My lone American I'm saying I did when there episode Martha lose your blood it's yours. Writes we can all agree on that. Well I'll. Are you glad he's not even the worst of which revelation of the full list from our expense been dot com and it's things. That people got stuck in various or offices throughout the body back in 2017. So we've been. My data Cumberland coaxial cable would stay for the bike reflectors were all represented. Somewhere in the human body we'll get to that was to have been but here's the thing. Voluntarily or involuntarily we won't come in contact with something and some of those things that killed more memorable than others to Medigap coverage braid maybe got pneumonia I don't know maybe stuff barefoot on a slog. Today's question. Whether it was in U four I knew what was the most memorable thing you've got a contact with the brother Joseph caught a 44. Or 999 Oliva Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and send your emails to the men's room have been your mind dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill you don't have a gentle men's room. Our panel and they go along and show number 2700. And launch day. Joseph Torre today they setting return of whom Sox last what you don't need to know on. Partially goes the united states of Google. And some of the questions that each individual states needed to know about as far as the basic information so you get to learn what to each state was more interested in. In the year was 2017 as far as what will search for. On Google profile is coming double bring it to those who shot the day. And today on our question we're gonna talk about the things that you have been in contact with whether it was in new or on you open what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with and we do have a list here and we'll break down for Rihanna comes from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. And their database of emergency room visits. And they basically have a a working list of all the things that got stuck in people over the last year. Yeah including every orifice imaginable from the ear to the nose. To the throat to the penis and vagina included the rectum is is a big going on here. It's all aura that down for really the reckons the number one place right. I'll read them look at being lived paradise in looks to be a two major as far as that's the honesty that's. Regina vagina is pretty strong and then wreck he didn't surprise me not not that it's there but one of the particular things I read that that I just. I cannot wrap my head around telling me that happy since a small hole in the middle though a big opening it now it's and just some of the things on my man I don't. I don't understand how you did you think like a Billy Bob would be included but I guess you know there's there's there's nobody not even rent and a America. Well I think like you comply I was gonna say do you Leonard did. They do a drug or something that was smuggled in a valley bundle people don't under bush right right exactly it's like is that any worse now know it's not worse I mean really you know here's a guy. Who smog rules what is in the synthetic hair when he puts have been balloon to put to insure that all the story with a meth heroin we've all heard it the thing is like. I know that in the course of my life having done different drugs with various frequencies. At some point I'm sure that the drug that I was suggesting. And also been the rectum some sweaty guy at an airport and this is I mean if you play in the law of averages and you've done drugs in your life frank there's a real Ecstasy pills mushrooms right. If you don't drugs there's the possibility that those drugs at some point when someone's book yet. Here's the story. Pennsylvania and made loses appeal the drugs in his Bucs weren't his coma. No ifs ands or buts about it. It'll hit zero Lara. That's the message of a Pennsylvania do just judiciary panel that they sent to an inmate who claimed a balloon full of synthetic marijuana in his rectum. Was not in fact it is OK just just pause for a second night. One you're already goal in the jail should just except fate but wait that's the best defense you could come up to that earlier last week found in my buds weren't marked. Said that today and would not widely Biggs argued that it wasn't hits and they didn't have sufficient evidence. He was able to an extra charge of three to six years last April for the offense on top of that existing prison term and Allegheny Cammie. Which was upheld in the trial court a month later according to a five page ruling I love this tears and pack. A corrections officer testified that he told Willie bigs to bend over doing the strip search and having seen another inmate passing. Something. When really big spread his butt off to clear plastic bag dating a small blue balloon could be seen sticking out of his rectum move according to the court documents. Wiley Biggs took the bag out of the famous which officially opens immediately tested at the substance came back to be a positive or key to. K two K two of these synthetic form of marijuana. And I'll follow Roy's finals. They clear plastic bag containing a small blue balloon could be seen sticking out of his rectum. Wiley Biggs told them the officer he would take the bag out of his aides. Please do. I Arizona State correctional facility blood problem. And he said it wasn't here is. I don't know why would they finally reportedly survived a 100 foot fall off a bridge in suburban Pittsburgh while running from the police in January of 2014. Yes he did one of those things reed jump over a barrier are bridging you don't realize is there's a hundred foot drop below you. And he lived. He pleaded guilty of that dog is still a slew of charges including possession of heroin militant cell. And recklessly endangering another person and get a two for distance there but yeah CIA got bag of IK do but fortunately for him though wasn't it now there's somebody else would you pull it out. They're filling amount at the point against your shirts strip searched the compass and I could see it in there but yet when you gotta get. No. Oh how I am a you ask why but I don't think that's the thing to do I know yeah I would do bag and I'm just that guy. Anyone I don't wanna be Baghdad until I can Obama do if that was your job of the world are unclear if I'm the guy has gotten balloon a buck right and silica Marty humiliated how angry I know I shouldn't be a you put out in my dorm. I mean like if your TSA. In either is that room right now where you can you know you guess you get an extra special search you know they close the door of the cameras and everything else the media. Surely those guys you least you'd have to think once every day or couple days that to go through that that process right. I mean look there's an X ray machine and I see that something is. In you but I can't feel it in me like a patch on the bud and I can't feel anything enact. I guarantee but I just I think for the most part that Elise my experience and report. Most people are so hip and kind of overall these security things it. You do everything you can to ease your time and I'm sure I'm occasion there's that indeed thought the deal slate but I think overwhelmingly at the airport. Most of light mammoth drug human Sudan's. I'm with you I just don't know that it it at the airport people wire two Easter and at that much stock. Greg app Robin there you and he Phil assures generally when you find civilian airport like a mule like they had to have swallowed like a bunch of balloons or whatever they've got a tape to the body aches and on the X ray machine via our country your automobile terribly original Garrett who this is how brazenly get now man there's a dude in a wheelchair or should we push my body to go through the airport. The dogs are freaking out I can't figured out they search on the search everything they can't find the draws a New Coke don't. Finally they realized when upon director of machinists and Juarez is due wanna customs and if his legs a broken. That's the downside of measuring machine to realize the task was made of Coca. Why so they're searching his company to circles cucumber like Derrick he inserts an hour north of dogs man. Did you can understand dog with a dog was saying when you heard. You like Larry Magid today and they'll think well the whole past makes sense. When they've had bases and anything that you can hasn't totally unbelievable and obviously it's in it's unbelievable what they do the giant got a lot of I don't think there's talk a booty action at the airport these capsules slick coming. I told him on buddy he well he he ran a warehouse that got flowers and from Colombia pact and it was a big refrigerated warehouse and the feds were in there all the time because you know he got refresh our words from coal or near the thing about how these things transported them to be refrigerated during transport donated to this warehouse their refrigerator again so. Much like keeping fresh food or anything like that like it's. It's it's a process but. The one time that he got busted and he had no idea what was going on was was that. They had him they had all these bases that went with the special. Whatever the holiday was and on Mother's Day year round how they were all glazed and you know that that stuff and it was part of some UK or whatever that they were doing. And they were all made of cocaine. They were all made it up and then basically you know you break him in the whole thing you're shatters and you know like a big ball cocaine and that's. That that was recent like Yemeni like they are slick because. It's not necessarily. They're job with the warehouse to confiscate this stuff they don't know exactly where like that shipment was supposed to go to another floor you wouldn't you assume that easily yeah he doesn't go play he does not know this is not for him yet gunning Ackerman and do this he's like why. Reggie was present for so but do not like the stuff that he has been that he told me that they had had waves that they've gotten cocaine and was just amazed. And really loved those those past missed. Just generally what I understand at least from the government I don't know what we do anything else but you watch these shows on cable or whatever like Border Patrol if it's cocaine nine times out of ten. It's directly in front of your face you just have to figure out. What I think you're looking at is made purely cocaine they've done the glasses frames. You don't like dude Martha lenses of the frame themselves from it so like if you're also got a Coca like I didn't like. It's almost like a game show is it it's a wallet hours keys and I think okay. Flow rate and that's having to argue between the tunnels and what the submarines they are using them while even that movie traffic member they have like little baby dolls yeah there are made cocaine and I was do is go man. He put them much thought in a regular job you could make make a ton of money that's the problem. Right on your health and the relief the tax free to just drop bales and a general area in the Gulf of Mexico and hope that'll open a month and next thing you saw the picture of the turtle the song that Carolina. And the ropes and Aaron I was happy just are warming up I was move on here Kim Karr dashing out of your last year now. Then a very scary end of 2072. Year old son saying was rushed to a hospital for pneumonia and when you're that young he had pneumonia is pretty big deal. Can talked about unanswered Graham said they had given multiple sound scan IV PC can now have a motels and optimized you have that it is scary and it is a cherished I don't know hearing her talk about nothing would would make me they checked him into a hospital LA last Thursday and he spent two nights there before he was released on Kim's close as it was three nights like to look. All Holman better now. Is she did Thursday a picture of herself and and Connie partying during the time of their supposedly they can do and how through the exact way as well if you you either like a party that two of the division of our parents demagogue new editors like you're in jail in the hospital for pneumonia he he he. I want that Kim said that a saint is very resilient and joked that equal probably say the ambulance drivers who. To establish trust and absolutely gives up or hit a look back but when we all know though the number one animal kills people the world scene is from the ski today and Steelers and and like you you don't think too much about disease or whatever but I that god got Esteban PBS you and I and they had this area. And the thing about disease and just like now. When this awful flu hit. The northeast you know probably a hundred years ago here in the United States is all the people who were affected and how many people passed away there based on the the strength of this of this bug that was cooler. And I was like yeah we tend to forget about dad squash that down but. You get about a did you say going I'm fighting a cold man you're like I don't think much about my five senses told him this morning and I hated all of them. By my turn your blog a thorn sort you know it's one of those that I feel better at this moment but yeah I mean. You rarely think about the stuff that gets in new debt and did an unsolicited it was beyond the American experiences as a show has been owes about disease should it is like it is guys I want to maybe there have been a lot of that is allocated. You guys don't play out mail out our would you guys you're not permit it is not the would you be as yours are important but. You've got to go work evil really angry really freaked out like. The world could be doing at my computer and let somebody downloads or else we get a flu shot. We we checked into a hotel me a few presidency Noah Wyle in Chicago. Right beside it. Our hotel was laurels world famous Chicago style Italian Pitt beat select OK it's gonna we're gonna go they'll such Chicago dogs and so like are really go there right away. Go there and my body just like dude through sheer pleasure to consumers and Mike what car. Brick is wrong with you man I mean like what is bug come on man my worry is that. McKinney be for Jamie pork or how much I don't know how are you now because he got bit by tech. He always is how all I know yet so wait so it did though weren't so now what. So I can kill people boy did he was doing just fine in life and got bitten by eating it does he he does water conservation stuff so a lot of the time a little he's Taylor the tick so we will he works for the city elevates us water in a walk up to stream goes down there they'll think sampled the water it's part of the water supply system for any of the communities that's the kind of job because but during this process of doing this and he's run and all kinds of animals trust me he said like look out of bed like you don't. You don't we're crazy beavers try to tag me or talk and the great but the thing didn't think nothing of it if messiness always I don't know. I don't think much about beavers but anyone that's ever been attacked by aren't you think Obama you don't want to categorize the Beaver Dam there mouth that I get pissed off of that. But he was like do it I added knows right he's I don't Romany took a few years. And then eventually. You know the doctor was able to diagnose and end those a couple of cases like this out of Canada what had happened and it just I guess wasn't medically that known it's time that this was something that could easily happen to Bernardino forest I don't know why he can be efficient shake. I just know that he can't Catholics he cannot eat beef. And organs and is not the worst thing in the world what happens it needs. He gets all swollen up but he swells up but his whole body I don't think making Embree going Alia. And that crazy if you want to eat it leaves no he's like exactly though off. I don't know who are for a month all the time in hot dog really I think got Abbas and then elect Democrats any good nearly a decent rather like but a plane all as chickens and the audio branded you and I knew I don't think so great to grilled break kind of stuck there trying to pass off what is. I hit driver here you know we know you don't want to you know we don't we know we want to branded one million figure we give this option to make you feel better about turning it down right to you and me like a good and that's a that's no one goes the grilled chicken breast. Now mustn't strict health man yeah and I'm with you can't chicken eating bugs isn't the worst thing in the world but I just really about was that guy I would want one thing in life and it's the state. Yeah that would ask is what are some things you can't admit that it's like I have a blog so I wouldn't go to Chicago Molex files are mostly like to we go somewhere else little lives like that. You know anywhere you go I mean like he can't give pepperoni pizza sausage anything. So like he only went to breakfast you know like we do it through it doesn't do things. The hands of the men in that hotel moon. If you have breakfast is a much improved cockpit preface is dominated by the peak it hit the Pentagon team if you hit. We did escape and no way should that chicken and waffles know what total was he should got them bacon and just give it to me. Don't mean like outtakes Moret and could each. We don't even though he may even be I'd say yeah you could eat Turkey bacon Modesto bacon I don't know if I lose that's back to soy Superman you know it's. They re don't don't call what it's not that no Caldwell is not mayhem just press crack summon a comets as Lyme Disease racial allergic to red meat. No audio. Now I don't know if I didn't I never heard them. I've heard of people getting old. Verizon is what I've never heard her people getting Lyme Disease and never herded you know knocking out the two wonderful food groups known as pork and beef you real lemon lime disease. No I've not so Lyme Disease actually nobody's bride the search. But it was and you are out on you what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact with 8449990. Hello Angola welcome to the men's room. A government let you know I'm look thinking guy talk actually came up with a better story but that was what was that side someone else not side at least so it all right. So I I don't know which one you want to hear about I guess we'll start with Mike. They'll adopt the dog go back in 2011. I guess the question that street dog got a Taiwan. I don't know on the street the Adler somehow that's solely solely on the most either. We do is try titles three dog. He would actually on the menu Sadat states. Oh nice. So who's right so close to being by no wonder he sounds so tasty Shiites who was emphatic armament at they don't Arafat at. C actually she got herself await the election and they yourself there. But a few years after I hatter came down very ill. Dropped a whole lot of weight at the doctors wrap their head to what was going on. And go a long story short they've finally came up with a little bug that apparently I thought brought a terror from Taiwan. And they've only had very few cases that they'd being transmitted to humans and I just happen to be one of the lucky ones to get it or not. I really strong strong round of antibiotics the free heavy duty antibiotics lemon on earth. Eat them like that we just thought the dog I don't want it but they got rid of it the case. Problem man tiger Letterman having those scores are ones you don't know so horrible so my house saying Taiwanese don't walk the dog bug if they get it it's there's no way that in twelve Verizon delicious page yeah. Last year I wouldn't do you know maybe he's. You know include liquid for months. If that's the well there was and you are on you what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact with a four point 999 cola more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. I want plus he was suffering from a. Serious bowel disease for six years before desire doctors discovered at a Heinz package of catch up inside the wall in her intestine. The 41 year old patient had bouts of acute abdominal pain bowling lasting up to three days prompting doctors to say. Probably have Crohn's Disease. But keyhole surgery found an inflamed of mass in the small of the intestine. Revealing that she based got a plastic package of Heinz Ketchup in her intestines slowed down home she had no memory of consuming a mile involving the product found her rating of all of her god however as soon as they took it out she was absolutely fine and went back to being a normal human being but he just the regular old basic. Ketchup packet that you get mcdonalds and even got no use while I don't know but it would six years six years it was inner stuff. If she had no earner in test and you know idea Italy and they're trying to fix it she's married. AG noted there's an answer that is to say yes it. Yeah there was if you or I knew what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact with 844999. All out double quick comments aired says I would document takes earlier your buddy got out against Lyme Disease that could not eat pork or beef in spite of you going to we got to go to Chicago briefly as owls Al Al Al Davis and is bordered yet so says as if the war enough reasons to avoid takes. Symptoms can develop and blades are from a certain kind of take the calls is an allergic reaction to red meat. A bite from a lone star tick present in Missouri in Kansas can cause severe symptoms to develop after eating the million meet such as pork beef or let him. Fact I may be Guinea land either. And although he never he might mention that but I don't know and we of one this is from a police officer we're talking earlier with a story about a guy who. He attempted to hide synthetic marijuana inside of balloon and the place blew in his wrecked. Fortunately was not list yet according to him not this alliances with them like it well if you read the story one of the things the guy did he offer when the cops discovered the blue and hanging out it was but he did offer to remove it for them. Right and today US light. Would you just say no way I can get is starting in jail he's already getting an extra chart you have a bad move well this comes from a cop so you might want to rethink the strategy. I'm a cop predominant pull the bag out and suppliers and a chunk of meat is coming all. OK okay and yeah. Are solo on the Internet or we were talking about correctional officer CEO Jack kind of free him right back to me out man. At each other was you moron you what is the most memorable thing did you come in contact with 8449990. Hello Franklin welcome to the men's room. Oh it's. To date on all I had great frankly how's yours. Pretty good on that. I was thinking that you could see the Grand Canyon. This is weird and out are being mean and kept it he is an abuse of policy. Okay it's time. Did he send that picture though he did he tweeted to us cinema to watch the show today from this beautiful view there man that is the lies villain thing and that's why you're having your freaking day Coca outreach we are right now I don't see what people do. There are trying to did you have an in your onion. Army I was camping with the family a couple years back and that the applicant only opened. Our oil and he's earning boiling water or he would opt in everything. And I doubt came running into the act so boiling water all of them always. I don't know it played or you want you to what degree murder and did you suffer to the tweet and bears. All of a oh definitely as well I didn't but all you get like of the third degree burns who's under testicles and penis you unify all the stuff. That's is where her degree and it got the respect and there were you were used no campaign and well I want snow camping re camping and high elevation where you can't even in four feet is so why are we having the Coleman stove inside the tent. All of it was just a way is it that outfitters and and so debate and and so all I see studios and extent of units you put all suffered. Yeah so what I wanted to wanted to let you know there's little Colorado. What is the recovery like I mean do they have to do a skin graft to the Johnson did so I'll degree burn a bad man I gotta think is Amish were. Remember it like. A whole bunch of ointment and in removal hard. They act only to recover a crappy but he did let. No I won't allow Mac out of the look like a good debate in Iowa. Now look at what faith and we record it again and ironed out. I can't imagine and then Stewart TD record heat for granted everything tastes better when your candidate who got so longer d.s wonderful feeling and it got us that Sox was still pretty. What it was then you're on you what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with a. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.