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Tuesday, January 2nd

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Right resulted sending my we'll take our matter right now a 44999. All you'll play profile us coming up in mixed. In your headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right. We're gonna start the year or some good news 20s17 was the safest year to fly. Ever. That you need moon when it comes. Zero day. He grabbed worldwide I feel like that's the kind of thing where they say this guy's been 25 for 25 on field goals all year long and I out in a multiplex there's not I don't think what I believe right they'll say you're all so everyone's well he's pitching a no hitter into the eighth inning a high five when he comes back into the dugout no you off. W well he's basically automatic threat OK it is the only day. Telling her from cargo planes and smaller propeller airplanes seem like there's been a lot of crashes internationally Leslie this year. As far as like the lieu of Plano Costa Rica the crash that was there's been a couple of Ryder England's oh prime. You. I don't know I have enough of it. Okay it's as a flight from New Zealand delight took up early yesterday morning door is not going that direction. It's as if it's a golf which will January 1 since our religious little bit later on. Saddam January 1 of because of the time difference it landed in Hawaii just after 10 AM on December 31. They have to celebrate New Year's flights as ranked awesome drive. Your kid your age your New Year's it girl and and is very cool yeah he should do that you know that's the plane take showrooms on because then you feel like you've actually traveled back into. You bad bad advice. I'm in Hawaii and fourteen are there is there is Martina are the lesser focus. Think Africa I think a million attitude if you could I. This San Antonio war movie that I. She technically at war and end with a perfect eight trust me my friend all right do not get started fiddling around you inaudible over you go through five and he's the yeah hello there and had to move forward evidence. Against that could occur. Has become a theme didn't. And the threat the Federal Trade Commission says it received four and a half million complaints about robocalls last year. Which is up from 3.4 million into when he sixteenth. I get a lot of calls money last year just seemed like they started ending nowhere. Pro amnesty and you know I battered deer there robo call and wrote an article about the other day as I like hey. Well we knows did you you live here do you know any neighbors a wanna sell their homes. How much. Police say like Juno and your neighbors and analysts other places were realistic Governor Palin and Mike you're asking me to do your goddamn job. We had a realization hit an element like I dog economists in a good normally like on the like are you might like call you go like hey man did you find us some more listeners. Yeah I I don't know what you do with you I could even knock on every door that you know guy. But isn't this jackass radio show me just a week to be okay we won't get a job in the world you call other people to do your goddamn job. CEO seriously like what are you don't like to go find your lead that's what you do you're do you honestly think they're from real estate company they are and their premier house aren't like dude come on surely you can do your job. And here is they're having come off. Here's my theory as far as why like implants for robo calls are I think it's because they're getting craft here this is the first year that have actually taken a phone call says hello and I hear. Sorry I was having trouble with my headset can you talk for a moment. And it was a complete Robocop. All of those of their baiting you of that that's right it's you know because usually set for the hello I'm calling from these ABC hotel company only. And you gray ordeal is a big blank space in between the time that they pick up the phone like someone I bring in also like the computer and let them like some jackass picked up by blind date. Ago faith and an ago. Diaz we're telling them I'm done I got the water Mississippi ruled movies Iraq if you are not speak. Yeah everybody don't know your number I don't even bother to pick up and I don't know I don't know call senator like I can hear your kidney back into the political. One of the world come to you can't even when a cubicle somewhere. If you've got to make up products for threats. Our new study from the cities were people get least amount of sleep. It's the least amount say yes. That would be a good call buddy if you live there you know and I mean that's not just be I would say. I see some place hot and they're like Hawaii police the United States or anywhere. I'm now working on that I have no idea what I was just I mean how he's gonna limb and say New York City as they call it the city that never sleeps. You know that was a good thing back. I think magazine bids via there as well not about color said. Fred. Right. Imagine I don't know as a remedy it just to do all my yeah LA doesn't even know it does business sex so intent might be honest I'm here. However this study was done by his day delivery to. Company oh okay yeah around the bar and so it'll be wrong. Independent and I am. I think the other day threw softly about studies about something and some marijuana. They're like yeah this one study said you know like marijuana is okay a thousand words from the early Jamaican as a cop yeah. It's really made the bias that they in my right leg a mom buzzer blows it appears crude for you pray. Administered on his look at the source guess movement in the SARS type the French government says Weinstein. If if if if if it. Bowman is random dot com still don't quite believe what's in the story. If anybody can make a dock. According to a new report you might not be able to get shot Clinton forty years because the plans that cocoa beans come from are in danger of dying out as having you. For cocaine. Though a lot of them are that's come from the same place. Pretty close is that to say do they come from those in Oakland cocco writes I know they are all the time and ask him growing area or thing. I don't know of a mile plug away after I got out of the Colombian cartel I brought. And Coca I think makes cocaine in the cocoa if I had the right yes I think that I'm right that sounds right to me either way out of dead and forty years so I don't care to our salary and delicious I know me yet. In imaginary people the United States American Olympic cocoa plant Diana. Co co I think you're a senator Jon hood. I cocoa I would think it's from a different region whose chocolate late. Yeah Switzerland's stuff. It's like you know where is starting when they do stuff with him and I don't think he grows. They're now I think it's got to grow closer to like Africa are something that back if they don't read or write a dagger whereas like cocaine predominately to south American Clinton's threat that chocolate down there. The food and good afternoon I'm Rick Honda I was OK I needed more week. Our police and Louisiana have finally arrested some we've all been wanting arrested for years. Is that a tale about a one hour from now thank you my cock headlines are on the way one hour from now closed today Luzon. Trees. Season drug to please everyone how profile this is. Playing that's our Dan miles at the simple game worse there was few real life new story something that happened right here on planet earth or. Or. And as you listen to a story based on the stereo types you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello saying welcome to the men's room. Oh. I shame to understand how does your name's foot. I do all right here is your stroke. A 44 year old mayor installed laptop from a business them across Wisconsin. But somehow in the process he left two very important things behind. Some cash and more importantly the paperwork. For his probation. On the side note if you're on probation cannot bring your paperwork with you if you're going to commit a crime. But when he got outside he found his stuff was locked inside the building yet to called 911 for help. I told the dispatcher there was some stuff in the business and you really needed to get side. So the cubs came but at that point he was already gone in two days later the cops got another 911 call. That from the business about the missing laptop and quickly figured out what really happened so. But tracked him down and arrest them for burglary and obviously for violating his promote proper relation. Lesson is you believe that does genius whose criminal mastermind is black white Maxi or Asian. Community. I'm currently in NY. Ted what do you think. Local crime was he committing when he left the baseball in stolen laptop from the businessmen who left confirmation papers and some kept. To tell what is solid and so I I cannot think why can't Wisconsin. I think why because he called the cops have no problem. Nobody else before they got. He did Lee you've sworn enemy lately the only no problem calling 911 deceive you get assistance to it to mean that does not sound like something a black person would do. I know how the cubs will help me from Accra Ghana I I just I'm sorry this doesn't sound like. The first thing OK yeah I like maybe my body can help me may be right break a window and we can get in here. Since I think might even have loosely documents on him and if you do have the money why would you ever have them separate from your body. Why did you have them out it'll rain why did you bring them stupid to know why do you have amount if you do have to bring on what you've told them formulate an African. Under your socks inside to do if you were to go. Yeah I mean unless he just came from late checking in with the officer that's a feeling that right and it was an on the go steal something a mobile version. Oh please and I use deprivation right now Emanuel deprivations. And it is no notice of it and I and that's why. You don't want the Wi-Fi alliance. Why Donnelly and shouldn't kid you know I think I could now. Guatemala's human as you theorize about. Spicy food miles is saying about it seems pretty wiped actually called a cock sure but also his brother lives in Wisconsin. He's doing things differently that get ahead that it couldn't believe it was captain rob with a guy like you have the paperwork on it. I have no idea right doesn't say EU commission and crying when we may you may be may be Mexican. The video that's good for paper does senator and I can't think of why you have them on. You don't mean my goodness who's a threat of the night now here dude I'm on the since the united state battling here I'm on probation for this promise you guys I'm here. I don't know why you'd have them on you if you're going to commit a crime I really think he checked in and I'm good for the month and then went committed the crime. Think you goodfellas I think that one scene where he showed him all the money. And then like he gets called you realize there in a probation office. Flashy caption please use the mob yet. This guy as a midi Cheney you know you know signal light here. Yeah I got a real life. Final answer. Final answer Shane and I guess that's as far as I wanna find out who is black quite messy or Asian next. Fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio network. Well I think just do his dance in and day out men try to get a a laptop just deal. Unfortunately he left the laptop and is probation or behind money and love building somehow. Simon called 911 to get him back and then when police arrived he was not there. But business decided to take a look at the security cameras they've installed the man there goes pretty easy to arrest the guy. I guess shortly after Sanford and didn't say weird dude did you believe this guy that left behind his probation paperwork at the scene of the crime. Angola the police for help is black and white to make your agent and you Wear white. Okay. Yeah legs. How prolific. It was not to. There for the fact that the Calder cups on the moment. He's in his path now pro TV news knowledge out of Stafford TV tab within an hour. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. How if you ever watch jeopardy. You know very much that. They're very specific in out your back can be. Sometimes people think he's kind of mean when he's like hey you mispronounce sagging mispronounce this or whatever but usually it's like a French word. We're like a German where'd you know something you really don't lose and and hum brutal vocal panel and as you said Alejandro both focused. And sometimes evil does not even close look at Mac and say you know what we will accept this answer because it's based on this it's not even amiss pronunciation it's just a different way of of please go my first super game like they're super duper gobbled down him. Okay they they are our look I'll I'll play the clip and then we'll see I think they're being a little nit picky here. But. And they they called up. A song by Coolio from dangerous minds goes back in time to become a 1667. John Milton classic. Nick what is gangsters paradise lost yes. Believe away from nick. But you don't even have to respond to take the lead away from it because. Our judges have reevaluated one of your responses a few moments ago I mean you say gangsters. Instead of gangs stars on that song by Coolio. So I know you're 32 younger away. 3202. Place. Police say you have the lead got as you can see it you know it makes it more Mitchell. Some dude at standard and makes out extra medical like mature looking at I was two back correcting you. On the pronunciation of gains that vs. Did judges take a little bit of time to so. It didn't happen in lifetime like he's got the points he's winning you know when you go to a commercial break you come back from a commercial break and that's when they do their correction on the on the score. So that's when both of us lost our mind and then there was another moment in the show that was just mind blowing but. So the champion he's not doing very well but they they go do the double jeopardy. And I into playing time you get to know little about your contestants. So I had got damaged you raise and saved did MP gas together champion thinner and things the idea of freedom big fat food tasty and that's okay that the guy didn't win but he goes opening goes I understand your artists and you know like who who who. Who we're who inspires or whatever he does. How Bob Ross some of the I have to admit I'm a big Bob Rouse and announce like. Who's Bob Brooks. And I was like really Al extra debt doesn't know who Bob Ross that to me that was more that was even as shocking as the other thing that happened now you know until now. About Ross wasn't on Canada public broad are the obvious. I'm saying man isn't going to be. Lights on them doing that I'm an error the night out like all right I know I rocked the wider effort by bras like action that did it execute them out of my head and so he's playing at all. Who's that I never heard oh yeah I'll think Jesus Christ out. These bunches you know about everything wouldn't you admit they are old Bob I always think like only third as you enemy you don't know Bob Ross's book you are gonna correct someone on our gains does better than you might limited and that's my little. Phoenix Arizona but you've heard of the Trailer Park Boys sure our hell I don't know you know enemy like you've. The hands you. May be right come on I mean some kind of cultural reference there. I mean thought he should know Bob Ross is. I would assume he wasn't gonna open white Afro my bags and also I think Bob Ross is the a a bigger I kind to people that liked. Relax their brains if you don't put don't you think that your let's losing one of those guys got a piece of Sweden all okay. I drink the blood of infants kids three young and strap you did you just figure something out director the blood of that case. Yeah he will be that guy he's a very multi room you know unless just he knows old I'm a bit of bone he's like all the answers so I just assume that he knows everything like he has that roller he knows all the answers all the times I just assumed you know Julio who Bob Rossiter and he has all cool your armory was on the big whale is not a gangster he's yanks. Deliver fantastic what he's still held as ditch those three strands of hair braided on this it. Violated when I see the video that separate the Edmonton FaceBook page is brewed up. All right now in in Jefferies defense though in the song is called Danks is Paramount in this and it absolutely is. Then remain addicted and he won he did what. So sort of proved right it didn't keep them from not winning so I don't know if you don't loss based on 3200 points I'd be paired together and you're like come via. And you know just. I don't go with base safer yeah I always put that edited the book starts out heart attack. They they are Danks care who you are you realize gangster or a good but a lot since 1920 don't have an irate in the twenties yes ashes were of those banks stance. Backward caps what happens with the ladies with Dayton's. You guys winning big for New Year's Eve now now I've watched a watch the regular or are they looked around CNN fox said Malone. Thought he had. He had army aren't there looking and constantly cold and the like a bad man villain in that white jacket he was having a hard time with a teleprompter did not list of Al lowered was go to break about a mile from gold. Posing welcome you examine our dump. Could it was cold man in the mid teens nearly ten degrees there and you're like network cameras not I knew we just in a partly your mouth is getting cold it was only you're talking about it and the major storms into. Did add a year and is part of times trailing in a war but the mouth but he did look like a weird pimp from the 23 century. I mean it was just so white. I don't know what he's jacket and backpack. I had someone who just went TV trailer he obviously they got it off the rack you know any announcers are telling I was like I win the somebody's going to Broadway version of frozen OK why don't you dress like this is this is what this is what other than and they do do live performances Mariah Carey was on the the ABC performance. And and Steve Harvey had musical acts on there as well it will always it was ten degrees or minus eleven or whatever they said it was like had done Neil Diamond came on the sweet Carolina that's about it says Sarah Natalie Cole look like I got the Morton's fisherman you know enemy had appeared a bit got into the stuff but the weird thing about it was was that the year before this thing need to get everybody. I was really gauge where. It's a yeah yeah yeah. I would on the Las Vegas for new years yet first of all I don't know what time squares like I know it's freezing cold Las Vegas was great but sure New Year's and the amazing fire response I don't understand why they're not there but anyway so do I'm with you that the whole time square thing boggles my mind it's just like why would then go to the middle eight hours don't know stuck it up and re right at PN everything's expensive and I'm you can even buy a Booth they'll kill him. I said realizing that's my first thought that I would you do there so Vegas is great but okay to the ninth open doesn't what I figured out the night before. Go see Lionel Richie. OK so Reggie he would go to libraries shows Obama well and Irish she stops the show any says listen I just want everybody to know. Then we are going to be on Dick Clark's new years rocket me. OK so he's like I wanna go back is that I would come out is like ladies and gentlemen you're gonna be shower of confetti. It's gonna be 2017. Tonight early they're gonna take this and are gonna run back wanted to play tomorrow night. So old. For that night we had a fake like it was new years we are now this year when I'm watching that but I can't wait does that kind of take out of the moment don't really like it. You're trying to enjoy the sweet sweets are on the lower Reggie but it's a boy you to streamline a happy new so it's so weird thing about it is not a lot they keep going to Sierra who is it was in Los. La land use and Ella she's in Allah. But then when I realized this this this was taped like a day or two before this and all these segments where they go back to the big party which is inside. They've all been pre taped because they did two or three from the show's over there available and put them on ABC are that Neitzel wasn't as Leinart Reggie. They had another show that they had taped a camera that was reminded Elton John Bruno mar toy segment. You're in the background a lot of rich you're acting like it's New Year's you're going to have Nina year you danced a little rates so the guys off the table forehand. That was not realize how the. So drastically you blackout like yeah when you go to Key West that's obviously live with their drop and I'd right sushi. Into the giant high heel but he certainly go to that one quadrillion requested their miracle overseers hosting it all back Kravis and take a little earlier that day I don't know Mozilla and it could've been a week ago. But I know damn well she's in on accounts Russell Wilson wants an immediate anger and like I am the law the book value was saying the same thing to keep listening is crazy too easily there in New York right. And then they cut to the one in Key West. In New York against Steve Harvey looks at a villain rightly so bundled up and I think that the Key West to people like. Maybe have a long sleeved T shirt are what their shorts would you rather careless there it's like Dray get out of plastic conflict there without their lives their mails and then I like to they got to Key West. Right so really there's not a street drinking and having fun they're real loud. It comes back to Seacrest. Everybody's frozen he's like I'm making make more noise that man and it's like now. I'm you get the iron in my lungs her. Are some of the highlights from meteor stuff number one we all remember last year Mariah Carey had kind of ladies just asked. Jerry bad form and I have a question. I don't even remember her music like cut out today and she kind of was she's got it gave up on the performance Africa yeah yeah okay Aaron I'm being an accident this year she does she need to teach onstage. Disaster okay well we'll just have to rough down let me just like everybody else was no hot seat. Then maybe I yeah I don't know I don't know she's kidding I know she's on drugs I don't know if you should say tomorrow. Mariah Carey. I don't think she's kidding get everything you hear about army members a high maintenance and take leg moment cheetah Neiman travel like in a wheelchair she has to travel like laying down what people care brown in his life she's a princess or queen or some of our units up and let the rest that is exactly. As lose they don't call every world 200 million dollars he doesn't act the travels on our Brevin debt what my little by the the sad little sliver and drink champagne and an 8000 dollar dress made another but diamonds and gold could just like the rest of it now this just lucky and made a million dollars to stay there and panties she did he too saw her and she sang them minnows freezing cold and she actually sounded pretty good I was supposed to and they don't break the film Mariah Carey like unlike other Blake I think kind of famous singers and nobody's ever since he can't think and I think this is just crazy. Right there's a real crazy man. And just how Blake Paula Abdul that Madonna like she's crazy but she's funny crazy like all of this Lisa if you quick break real burlap you see how. Happy new year Mariah Carey's crazy like Muslim and she'd traveled to like forty people. Yeah you know ate them people who make up seven people who do energy as I don't trust me liner Richie was out with her for like five dates and violent like. You know that elective knee surgery and you yeah I think I wanna get down down this could activate rice and admire residency this was nice I did maybe so. He just basically said look. You can do whatever you want in on mean Mikey you come home for me you go on after me please don't be late if you kimono like a metal beyond like that it 56 shows the other and others like boom and meet the dominated. It's a demagogue oh okay. The need surgery and is Abbott and. Now this some of the good awkward stuff idea as a member Nicole kidney and at the Oscars this year is kind of famous for how she clapped. Her hands are kind of her fingertips are gonna. How likely are you a fair almost like a reverse seal yeah I guess and I know the seal yet to lose lose your moves the only animal not that talented singer and where America I don't weren't overlooked so her Hogan from the CNN here's specialty Nikko and color course brings it up bend they can't give it to a. Call the advice. And I think the Oscars to clap with her hands like this so that she wouldn't damage her jewelry. Did you ever expect that that would become such a thing. And it's an elementary. I mean it's still a logic to clap when he's on his slam your hands together with the greens but what they wanted to but they don't make sense of. I've placed at that it was more important things he may get flagged about other people and I think them aren't lending the magnetic clapping and I don't see but I would. There are their arm and he's ride this but if you look here's the deal. I agree with them as a couple like they're there is other things open bones broken fight but also lake that was a very odd way to clap like its New Year's Eve. But he just got out of a man and probably made out of it just made that way weird grace like the probably the sealed. All right as some of those traits do so that's how I clap. Okay. Maybe but I mean school about it now everybody got to go about good does the Maghreb problems this new program motivates you bury a taste. Everything that you bathroom your fish food at the London monologue all the professionals are dealing with at and. So and then. For me undoubtedly the king of New Year's Eve has turned into CNN's own Don lemon last year he was kind of famous because he. The last couple years he's been always been a new war many really kind of tide went on last year even got his ear pierced locker room TV which are pretty sure he. I'm downtrend you'll have a really good news is my first shot of tequila and BS did. I Billy Hillary you need to be correct here are urged other night Sheryl last year he had so many great quotes like people can say I'm getting I look let. I only use that term correctly yet guys like gas rewrote the drug konduz and how. It's your car. Well whatever that it. This dinner hey you know if you move. The news room. Me. Okay dark. So this year I kept it a little more in check especially here's a fun time talking about and it's I don't know. They have I don't do revolutions a minute headlines here that I would be open to religions floor room when everything. That's happened so. It's that goals in my life yeah. I'll do an awesome night. Never uses hot Santa. Yeah a. Marlins are aliens and everything I'm saying I am. Mean it's nice single guy drunk yeah I still think he legit with this drug does he was the last two years are you sure. Yeah I mean illness and of that right when they go well also authorizes civil right there regarded enjoy it and really happy because last year on the same night he met his now. Yearlong boyfriend and I thought man that I actually got up there one year anniversary there already vetoed drunk when are you drunk and and a good mood that's what are more. They have they horror there. So far is ready like if I'm doing that I'm happy for sure but I'm also drawn at a guy and that Colorado slogan wait. They had an N had a lady woman in Colorado she was reported that she had a joiner hand they showed people hitting bonds' personal smoking out of bonds. Damn business who guarded about. Those what do you scrap old tunes. Now listen how when I was asked a question we masturbation I did for me if resume only if you're gonna come from pulling to always to bet how did that not become afterlife. But she's she was holding all the stuff I don't know that she actually ever smartly she want to cause you dig it. Well now she doesn't half to two she's a party that's called puff puff. Paint where people were smoking joints that stuff and you pass it along to continue training process to she's in a small room like she didn't smoke. But if you destination kinda got hot and I'm sure she did check local people's vote the way is weird to CNN the news network but honestly the best night of the year is clear to their efforts. Appears. There are people don't really party we got Don lemon in New Orleans getting drunk and I realize that out only Kathy Griffin was not on the broadcast this year but I didn't mind that. Now mother reminds you didn't. I don't know there was a lot of people there was there was some back also about life and my personal preference does that do there was time without tax you so I'm not I don't know I don't really will have to order but I meantime she's not on TV there's a better chance to be watching then I will say in her defense and that's not a huge Kathy Murphy fan. Her on New Year's with. Anderson good and Anderson Cooper said carcinoma and institute Cooper. Was always pretty funny to their actions now it was funnier to back in the big if he wasn't out there and she just hit him with like joke after joke of flight just come out of the closet already. Yes I mean I. Yeah I'm with you I don't mr. but yeah that was one thing out your credit she was pretty funny took lovers can't. I our way how I wish her well I've just not a fan of anything she's overburdened. Yeah I mean I don't like hey man I'm glad it's worked out for I don't get it. Mean hey are they went and anyone else I was just kind of annoyed with whoever was. There was the guy New Orleans deserved Jenny McCarthy you don't like now I got. Know these people can do live broadcast. Well some unity like you can't talk in front of the camera you can't do this for a living and how difficult it is they. Well you do say I'm hammered too happy new year let me talk to some of like. The smoke and sings sweet Carolina uniform you'll get nearly good Dubai shot we'll it shut up. Got to where we don't wedding. It personally thank you Tim Wii version ten I don't know I have my cocktail and other minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. You're starting nose as the Nigerian friends usage emails yet turns out not a Nigerian friends. Phil telescopes coach jumps in and grabbed the wheel of a buzz as a crashes into a very good and it affects. We're gonna Florida where lady master made the bus stop then uses cops arm for help meanwhile a Florida man calls 911 after getting tiny clams instead of leaving a negative review on Yelp. I can't pull over Florida woman drunken horse and the horse is now sitting in the impound lot. It is time for your headline. It's time day. Scares. Mike I I'm sorry it's finally happened if they finally caught him in Louisiana. I it's a hobby infamous Nigerian friends that has been scanning people here. Taking his richest team who says he's still been stamped it applies anywhere anyone who's unaware of the Nigerian brew. Xenia millions of dollars for you do things are actually distant relative than he needed some place this money into a regular accounts is that the game that's exactly what it has so why doesn't he just seemed you the money back. And right. That's not my experience and roll thing is that you need to create an account. And then send him monies to bed there's transaction in place in the new details Ariza had the money exam has now that weren't so get this he's not actually a Nigerian prince guys. Oh ice following an eighteen month investigation the man was arrested after he'd scammed thousands of dollars out of people and faces 269. Counts of wire fraud and money laundering okay. So yeah who isn't. His name is Michael new on a bulls all day. My good news I do you resumed in Nigerian prince he still has terrible English. Does he really thought man you read those emails I had I have big American deals or do you think. Around the world in Florida police were called a bushel for more woman was measuring herself for motorists to seat while drinking a bottled stole Montel by herself then Garrett. After mayor ray when I'm Diana after making racial comment further black officer on the scene she was handcuffed him and got weird. The will begin rubbing her crotch against the arm of Therese barrels to an effort to continue masturbating. That's act on a act counts of felony battery on an officer along and a couple of the charges she is now facing again they don't put that in the top TV shows. Automated I like to me that's the board timberwolves reverse complex who grows woman who has maybe a mild stuff. Started using your arm to finish the job a couple of get a little bit more word more air time though they got the body scans gone on now they can actually see this grabbed dawn on you wanna see that. Don't you want to Bonnie Campbell and here. Who think that does want a bit got a ged but it is mega man. How are men of Florida where a man company to call authorities after he received some suspect for email. The miss up to deceive the restaurant on his lunch break and ordered clam that he sent back after receiving them because they were quote tiny and had nothing in the shell. All come on our plans to install Mac yet at at the rim I've been saying why aren't I am all they are my neighbors they don't see you tomorrow for the return of who sucks less the heart is bag and profile lists you as indeed it is all truths or die than lose. Do we didn't do best and for at least the same stuff. Yeah.