GoFundYourself 03-12-19


Here are some people that could use your help:

Our friend Del is in need of some support. His wife of many years was diagnosted with Stage 4 breast cancer a couple of years ago and she's been fighting it ever since. She's spent most of that time in constant chemotherapy sessions and various experimental therapies trying to extend her life as long as she can. Her goal is to see her children graduate. Those of you who have had the misfortune of being around this disease know that the medical costs are unbarable and pile up for a very long time and Del needs some help. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.

Last month, the world lost a good man by the name of Cody Mooney. He was a firefighter in Colorado and was known to be one of the kindest and most genuine men you'd ever meet. Cody was afflicted with a tumor on his brain stem that he fought for a long time before eventually losing the battle. He leaves behind his wife and his 4 kids with another on the way. In addition to their grief they now have the vast medical bills to look forward to and could use your help. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.

David Harris was going about his life like any other at work when he collapsed one day with severe head pain and nausea. He was taken to Overlake that initially thought he had suffered some kind of stroke which was later revealed to be a hemorrhaging anyeurism in his brain that needed to be treated immediately. The surgery was successful and he's been recovering for some time, but it's not clean when and if he can return to work and his family was living paycheck to paycheck. They've got a pile of medical bills on top of the cost of every day life and they could use a hand. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.

Our friend Dar unfortunately lost his Uncle earlier this month. He went in for open heart surgery and the procedure went well, but when he was in recovery he began to aspirate and slipped into a coma that he couldn't pull out of. His family stayed in a hotel as they tried to bring him out of the coma and never left his side. Aside from the pain they are now all going through, they have a pile of bills that just keeps getting larger and they could use your help during this difficult time. If you can provide any help, here's where to go.