Two major college conferences elected to cancel their 2020 football season due to the unkowns of coronavirus.  The owner of Firehouse BBQ speaks out for the first time since she was ordered to close down because of accusations of being COVID non-compliant. Who are the highest paid actors of 2020,...
Highest Paid Movie Stars

Osterlind: Highest Paid "Actors"

Osterlind and Coleman go through the list of 2020's highest paid movie stars.
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Trini Lopez, Singer and 'Dirty Dozen' Actor, Dies at 83

Sixties singer and Dallas native Trini Lopez has died due to complications from COVID-19. The actor and singer soared to fame in the early 60s with the number one hit ‘If I Had A Hammer,’ followed two years later by another chart topper ‘Lemon Tree.’
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The Louisiana Supreme Court refuses to review a case of a man, now 60, serving a life sentence for attempting to steal hedge clippers. Also, another Louisiana man may be released from his life sentence he recieved when he sold $30 worth of marijuana.  It looks like the Big 10 conference is pulling...
An activists tried to shame "Kroger Andy" for not forcing a customer to wear a mask, but the plan backfires.  The Swamp Room passes COVID Compliance raid by Fire Marshalls.  After 10 months, one of the bodies stuck in the Hard Rock collapse site is finally recovered. Sceret sources say there may...

Kat's 'Future Classic' from 'Shadow & The Thrill' (Video)

This remake of 'Crazy' will make you cry....in a good way!
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Andy Dick wants to sue the venue, One Eyed Jack's, for not providing security after being knocked out by a man Dick allegedly assaulted. 66 NFL players, including 2 New Orleans Saints players, opt out from playing this season. Baton Rougue Judge side with Gonernor John 'Taco' Bel Edwards over...

Good Rona News! Medieval Wine Windows Are Back!

Bring this to Nola!
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