Ted's Blog: Football Already?

August 4, 2017

I honestly can't believe that I am even typing this, but football (all be it pre-season football) is already back! The annual Hall of Fame Game that kicks off the pre-season schedule is already being played this week. Pre-Season NFL football is an odd beast. While it does scratch the itch of missing football, the first few weeks you don't really get to see any of the stars you want to see. I also sometimes wonder about the length of training camp and the amount of games. I do think that you need to have training camp for a while to get people into football shape. I do question the amount of games though as it seems to up the injury factors. I also like that sometimes the veterans on the team get a random day off since they have put in the time already in past camps. Camp is an odd time too because you are just beating up on your own teammates day in and day out. I think most guys are very happy to hit someone else beyond teammates and get that out of their system. Sometimes for the fans, the pre-season games are a time to try out their skills too. You know what I am saying here - fire up the grill for the first time, check out the cooler and the new spot.

Now, the reason I started by saying I'm in disbelief is because Summer is not even over. Hell, it seems like we are not even in the middle of Summer yet! I know what you are saying, "but Ted, it is already past mid-Summer and you're right, but it doesn't feel that way." I am starting to feel like a small kid now that doesn't want Summer to end. I do think that sometimes it probably depends on where you live and how the Summers run heat-wise to decide if you are ready for the Fall weather and football yet. If you live in the South and it has been super hot, then you are probably very ready for Fall. Who am I kidding? Most of the country has been hot all Summer, but I still contend I am in Summer mode. I have yet to go to a Summer festival and play in some rivers. I am sitting here talking all Summer, but I will be fired up for Fall and football here soon. So maybe I am ready for football! You?