Ted's Blog: English Soccer is Back Too?

August 9, 2017

So, my last blog was talking about how the National Football League was coming back and that pre-season was a good way to get your fix of football. I should also state that as far as soccer and the English Premier League go, I am a Arsenal man and it is my favorite club outside the USA. The NFL is in the pre-season, but the EPL is having a league game this Friday with my Gunners opening up league play. I bring this up again because I can't believe that these Fall sports are already back. I am pumped for this to start though, I mean it seems early, but hey it is regular season. For those of you who are not into the English Premier League or soccer, I recommend you start watching the EPL. I am a big MLS fan as well as I am a season holder of the Seattle Sounders FC, but for the new fan, the English league is great. It is the best players from all over the world playing for some of the top clubs in the world. There are plenty of great leagues around the world and great club, or what some would call 'super' clubs. For my taste? I prefer the EPL.

The other big thing I will recommend for getting into soccer is there's always soccer one. These clubs have their regular season, but also different tournaments that they play in during the season. Lets look again at the best club in England, Arsenal. Arsenal will play the regular season while also playing in the FA cup in England which is a tournament open to any club no matter their size in England. Outside of this year, generally, Arsenal plays in the UEFA Champions league. The Champions league is really cool because it is a tournament that takes the top teams from all over Europe i.e. Italy, England, Spain, Germany and a few others to decided who the king of Europe is. That is just the club stuff. But if you also get into watching countries play, then you have a whole another set of games to watch all year around. In the USA, our National team plays in the Gold Cup every two years and if they qualify, in the World Cup every four years. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Another great thing if you are thinking about getting into soccer is go play some! I had some friends that got me playing indoor and that really helped me understand the sport and the great plays these athletes are making. Go Gunners!