Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Bang Steins with You

August 7, 2017


Today we FINALLY announced the return of Red Fest! This year it will be bigger and better and that is why we are now officially calling it The RedFestival. That's right, we've added some "ival" to our Fest. That sounds dirtier than it needs to.

Anyway, Red Festival will be on September 9th in Enumclaw. Go ahead, make your horse f**ker jokes. Never gets old. But we'll be in Enumclaw this year because we wanted more space. We wanted more space because we want to add on to what we normally do. For example, a few other breweries will contribute this year, so while Men's Room Red and Gold are still the beer-stars, they will be joined by other beers. That makes me happy. We will have more food, more bands, more music and, frankly, more fun.

'Fun' is the key here. Sure, add beer to any situation and that situation gets a little more fun, but in this case we wanna have all kinds of dumb things to do. We like dumb things. For example, it looks possible that the New Originals will be performing their first ever 'yacht rock' inspired show. That means that I will be spending a lot of time learning yacht rock songs. In fact, if you have any requests or suggestions let us know. I mean yeah, we'll play "Ride Like the Wind" (because how could we not?) but what other tunes should we ruin for you?

These are the kinds things we are now dwelling on. We're pretty excited about this. Should be awesome!

OK, time to really try to beat this hangover. Yeah, it's been like that today.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!