Thrill's Big Brown Blog Has Had N'ough

August 15, 2017


Today was the day we do the Random Question Question. I don't even remember what we asked this one particular caller, but somehow he got the subject of who HE thought it was appropriate to call an "n-bomb" and who he didn't. Oh boy.

In his estimation, "good" black guys like myself are NOT "n-bombs" (gee, thanks SO, SO much) while "bad" black people and people who he referred to as "you know" are "n-bombs". *facepalm*

I tried to explain to him that his BEST bet would be to not call ANY black person the "n-bomb" as (1) we don't live to serve anyone's evaluation of us and (2) it's ALWAYS offensive. Most people get this. It's not that hard to understand...I never thought, but he struggled with it.

I was then informed the "n-bomb" is defined in the 'dictionary' as 'an ignorant' person. You might be right. However, "fa**ot" is defined as 'a bundle of sticks for kindling'. Does ANYONE think that lessens the blow if you direct it at a gay person? A "bitch" is defined as "a female dog". Call your mother a bitch and see how that plays out.

Do we really need to STILL have this discussion? It just seems so damn simple. Apparently not.  

All of that said, I'm in fine spirits with the exception of the hangover that has haunted me like a ghost.   

Until tomorrow, do what you best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!