Thrill's Big Brown Blog Doesn't Want to Pet Your Zoo

August 15, 2017


Redfestival is quickly approaching and, quite honestly, we're really excited for it this year. It's gonna be bigger and better than any prior Red Fest and I think it's gonna f**king rock. Yeah, I'm biased, but I think I'm right.

So one of the things we've done this year is ask for YOUR suggestions. Some of the responses have been spectacular, some of them have been craptacular, but the one I remember most is the idea of a petting zoo. A Goddamn petting zoo? Really? Even as a kid I had no interest in petting zoos. Then again, as a kid I hated musicals too. Disney movies used to drive me nuts because they couldn't go more than 3 minutes without breaking into song. Hated it.

I'm a parent now and I think I've seen MORE Disney movies now than I ever did as a kid. And guess what? I still hate them. Why do they have to sing so Goddamn much? If they ask someone how their day was, the response is in song. If they ask someone what their plans are, they break into song. Every character that is introduced is introduced to song. Drives me crazy. And somehow, my kids, unlike me, love it.

When 'Frozen' came out, I almost put my daughter up for adoption. Not only did she watch that movie 12 million mother**king times, she would sing that horrible song that goes with it. Now she's on the 'Moana' kick...and there are more bad songs.

In fact, I'm about to head home now and, more than likely, sit through another bad movie.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!