Thrill's Big Brown Blog Asked and Received a Legend

August 5, 2017


You know that saying, 'all you have to do is ask'? Yeah, well, about 90% of the time, that quote is complete and utter bullsh*t, but today we hit that elusive 10%.   

See, we have Red Festival coming up and we're nailing down all of the different ideas we have. Miles wondered if Krist Novoselic (formerly of Nirvana) would want to play Redfestival with his new band Giants In The Trees. Miles asked if he should just send him an email and he did.

Krist got back to us within 30 seconds and asked if he could just "drop by" since he was close. And then he did. It was kinda surreal.  

We've talked to him before and he is one of the most gracious and genuine people ever, but that he stopped by was still a bit mind blowing.

That said, I've been farting uncontrollably for the entire show. YES, I had a chocolate milkshake at about 11 and YES, I washed down the milkshake with an iced mocha (with whipped cream) and YES, I AM lactose intolerant...but I don't care much. Too delicious to worry about.

Ah, but I was blowing it up today and Wobbin very clearly stated that I can NOT stink a guest like Krist out of studio, so try to get it under control. Instead, I lied to Krist when he got here and told him to forgive Wobbin because she's having stomach issues.  

Wobbin did not find this deceit as funny as I did. She said many colorful things to me...and it was worth it...and I'll do it again.  

Still waiting to see if he'll play Red Festival!

Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!