The Song is Too Short!

July 1, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

We love our job and, frankly, there is precious little to complain about. Even a raging assh*le like myself is hard pressed to find things I DON'T like about the job.  

That said, there are some disadvantages to doing a live broadcast. Namely, pooping. It's not a problem often, but every-so-often you have that unexpected detonation in your intestines. You know the feeling; it's like someone INSIDE of you punches downward on your rectum while your stomach makes a sound akin to a water cooler dispensing.  

​I'm glad to say that today, that was not MY problem. Miles, however, was not so lucky. At one point during today's show, Miles had a gut bomb and had to take a dump! Problem for Mr. Montgomery is that his gut detonated as we started to play the song 'Song 2' by Blur. Or, the "WOO- HOO!" song.  

'Song 2' is only 1:57 long. It's probably the shortest song we play. The timing was not fortunate, but Miles, after declaring to us in the studio, "I have to sh*t!", ran to the bathroom AND made it back to the studio in the allotted time. I was impressed, he was proud and you, my friends, were treated to his sultry broadcasting talents without knowing that he was 'up against it'.  

I'll leave you with that.

Until tomorrow, poop, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!