Hedgehog Love is in the Air, Jah

August 5, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

Today was "Random Question Question" day so we had a lot of random news stories to inspire us. Understand that all of us just kinda find stories, figure out what WE would ask and then Miles randomly picks the ones he's gonna ask.

One of the stories that Miles had that we were unaware of involved an uptick in 'noise complaints' in a certain town in Germany. The belief was that people were having ridiculously loud sex 'all of a sudden' for no particular reason.

That was not the case.

Was sex happening? Sure as sh*t was...but not human sex.  It was hedgehog sex. Apparently, these prickly little lovers make quite the racket when they get it on. Naturally, we started hunting 'the sound of hedgehogs f**king'...or something similar...but, alas, there was nothing.  

We know this because our very own Mike Hawk did the research and came into the studio and uttered these words; "Hedgehogs are discreet lovers".  

In that moment the entire theory of the 'butterfly effect'. The usual saying is, 'if a butterfly flaps in Beijing, will it rain in New York City?'

Today gave me a new angle on the butterfly effect..."if hedgehogs in Germany f**k, will Mike Hawk utter the oddest statement we've heard?"

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


And NOW's the time to get your Redfestival tickets! Outdoor drinking, Mens Room Original Sausage, live music all day and all the partying goes to help the Fisher House Foundation on September 14th. See you there!