Can We Fix Humanity Already?

June 19, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

How the hell are ya? I only ask because I woke up in the worst f**king mood today. No particular reason, just one of those mornings.

Sadly, as I do when I wake up, I immediately started surfing the news to see what's going on and any potential points of interest that might find their way onto the show.  

Well, the news, as it has been, is just a depressing clusterf**k. Something has happened that we are collectively stupid and petty and it has become the new norm. It's staggering how pathetic things have become. Just hope the damage and the pettiness is not a permanent fixture. Time will tell.

After perusing that garbage for awhile, I had the task of finding the stories for 'Who Sucks Less?'. That was a worse experience than the 'news'.   

Gonna go home, smoke a f**k ton of weed and pretend that none of this happened.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


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