That Bunny Is Far From Funny

April 22, 2019

Hola Bitcholas,

Happy Monday and all that. Hoping you had a good weekend and Easter.  Easter is, essentially, meaningless to me, but the kids seemed excited so it was all "Eastery" yesterday.

As I scanned random news stories, there were, obviously, a ton of stories about Easter. Naturally, no 'news' story about Easter is complete without an obligatory picture of the Easter Bunny.  

I am yet to find an 'Easter Bunny' that doesn't look terrifying.  I don't get it. Seriously, like every Easter Bunny out there is a nightmare scenario by any child's metric.  I think it's all the more mind-bending because 'bunnies' are just naturally f**king cute...and occasionally tasty...but mostly cute.  

How and why is it so hard to replicate that? No one expects you to recreate the inherent cuteness (and tastiness) of a bunny, but what we've created with the Easter Bunny is a far cry from 'cute'.  I just understand how we've f**ked that up SO badly.

Think about Santa Claus. We've found a way to take an obese, elderly dude in a red jumpsuit and make him appear NON-threatening.  If we can do THAT, how do we f**k up the Easter Bunny?

That's my observation.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!