No Matter Who You Are, You Have Power To Prevent Suicide

September 5, 2018

David was 43 years old. He was my bruh, my bro, my buddy. Like brother and sister relationship. He was one of the first friends I made many many years ago when I first moved to New Orleans. He was a musician. That’s how we met. He introduced me to his friends and we all became friends. All those years ago. I’m sure David has many relationships like the one we had. Because David made everyone feel special and unique. I saw him a month before at a BBQ. I spoke to him on the phone 2 weeks prior to him taking his own life. I look back on that conversation. Signs? No. He seemed fine. The normal David! It was a quick conversation about boxes. Did I have any to spare. He was moving. I said sure. Swing over anytime to get them. Bring the pooch. When we hung up I remembered something else I wanted to say to him. About video games. For my husband. What new one should I get for him. As David and my husband are both video nerds. But then I got busy and forgot to call him back and that was that.
He left behind a large, loving family and a ginormous circle of friends that all loved him dearly. Why? Why? Why? What could I/we have done? What did we miss??????!!!! WHAT?!!!

Some say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But that is not what the person feels who takes their own life.

Some say suicide is a selfish act. Perhaps because the person who does it doesn’t want to feel like a burden on anyone anymore. And that actually ISN’T selfish.

Perhaps the person who does this just cannot be here anymore and it’s too hard for them. And we, the ‘normal’ people could never understand that. And we shouldn’t try to.

When I got the call about David that early spring morning, I screamed and ran outside and screamed some more in my front lawn. And the picture of the flowering bush above is what I saw. It was its first budding of flowers. And I knew that was David. Telling me he is better now and ok and for me to get over it. And smile.

I smile now when I think of David. And know all who loved him do as well.

800-273-TALK (8255)

Sunday 9/9 starts National Suicide Prevention Week.
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