Me and Harry All Day long

April 12, 2018

There aren't too many famous people I know. Or say I can call a friend. I'm not bragging. None really, except Harry Shearer. Who if you asked him, would not take the title 'famous' well. Not at all. He's just a normal dude. And  a very funny and talented one at that. As well as his beautiful wife Judith. We hit it off many years ago and have been 'buds' every since. The reason I'm even writing this blog is to remind people how awesome Harry is! And to go see his first ever solo show as Derek Smalls! Saturday 4/14 at The Saenger. The LPO will be playing with him and his band and Judith of course will give a stellar performance. Harry promises surprise special guests that won't disappoint. Harry keeps secrets. He once told me the rock star's name that has the smallest penis in rock n roll history. I will not betray that trust! Sorry! I digress......
Below are Derek Smalls latest video. And his new album comes out TODAY!

Derek Interview here-



I guess the best thing about Harry is that he thinks I'm funny. And THAT makes my world!