Kat Blog: Why The Royal Wedding Matters

May 15, 2018

Because it takes our mind off of the crappy world we live in. And we go back to a time when the knight in shining armour will rescue you, save you and love you. Yes the old fairy tales are just that, fiction. And we know that. But it's nice to pretend if only for a fleeting moment. Also, Prince Harry, The Ginger Prince, is the best Royal of them all! He has one job, to make sure his brother and brother's wife and thier kids never die. He will never be King but he has all the perks of one with out having to actually be one. Brilliant life. He's a royal rebel. Marrying a divorced American actress!?? OMG! He will bring the Monarchy to Modernism. Yes, I care. Why? because sometimes I like to live in make believe. So? I have watched every single Royal Wedding on TV since I can remember. And I will do so Saturday May 19th. 5am our time is when I will awake, put on my gown and tiara, make some royal mimosas and watch. Cry, laugh, yell at the TV and pretend I am there. I will then wear that tiara all darn day. Right to The Bayou Bash n Boil later in the morning. I will then rewatch the wedding later that day when I return home. Adn I'm sure a few more times after that. Until the fairy tale wears off. Until the next royal gets married. Thank You England for not being like America. Sometimes. America is still superior to you but this Royal Family thing is fascinating! Here's to ypou Ginger Prince!