Ginty: Rockin' For A Cause!

May 13, 2020

So, I’m sitting in a rocking chair in my home studio for 24 hours to raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Sounds kind of lazy right?  It is but there’s a very good reason for doing it.  Food banks across the country have seen a staggering uptick in need since the onset of the pandemic.  The spike US food banks are experiencing now is unrivaled in modern history and the New Orleans area is no different.  Bottom line, they need our help so they can help our neighbors in need.  A $1 donation provides 4 meals!  You don’t have to donate a lot of money to make a big contribution.  Everything helps!  Here’s the link to donate-

I’m not going for a world record or anything because I checked and there’s a lot of rules and no way would I make it! My rules for rocking in a rocking chair for 24 hours are simple.  I start at noon May 13 and end at noon May 14th.  I get a 5-minute break per hour to hit the bathroom or get something to eat.  It’s on old white, wooden rocking chair that’s near my microphone and radio equipment in my home studio. 

I’ll be on air during my show from 10am-2pm like normal.  Then I’ll be on Kat’s show, Stoney’s show, the overnights, Osterlind’s show and finally wrap up at noon.  I’ll be doing numerous facebook lives on the Bayou Facebook Page- to answer questions, show off the rocking chair or whatever.  If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated.  I’d also ask that you take a picture of yourself in a rocking chair if you have one to show your support.  Then send to us 
We may post it on the Bayou Facebook page or our website. 

Let’s help our neighbors in need!!  The Second Harvest Food Bank does incredible work in our community so let’s give them a hand!  If you need assistance or know someone who does please visit their website-

Thank You to Jay Vise and everyone at Second Harvest Food Bank for all the do!
Thank you to all who have donated already!
And Thank You to my partners crime, The Bayou Krewe! Osterlind, Kat, Coleman, Stoney, John Marty, Young Josh!

Let’s Rock!