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Eddie Vedder performs during the Innings Festival

Eddie Vedder Reunites With Helpful Dutch Woman 27 Years Later

Eddie Vedder was looking for a familiar face in the crowd. He hadn’t seen the Dutch woman who had charitably given him a ride home on a bike after a show in 27 years, but he was sure he would recognize her. During one of Vedder’s two solo concerts in Amsterdam this month, he asked the audience: “Is... Read More

Calling Out the Person You Do NOT Want to Hear From

Hola Bitcholas, Today was 'Big Dummy' day. We blew through about 55 questions today and that's only a little more than usual, but that's a lot of questions. Anyway, today's Mens Room Poll asked the following: all of these people have your phone number... Who do you hope does NOT call you: Kanye... Read More

New Ad Is a Tribute to Stepdads {Watch}

If you watch this video, you'll probably cry. But in a good way. It's a new Father's Day ad from Budweiser that honors stepdads. It features three adult stepchildren and their stepdads . . . and they share the struggles and challenges that they've been through. The big payoff comes when each kid... Read More

Booty Slappin' Contest {Video}

Russia Just Held the First "Booty Slapping Championships" Which Involves Women Spanking Each Other as Hard as Possible- Video of THE BOOTY SLAPPING CHAMPIONSHIPS! This is the Russian 'Ass-slapping Championships', the female version of the 'Male Slapping Championships', in which women hit each other... Read More

Your Bologna Has a First Name, After All!

Hola Bitcholas, If your junk's name was a combination of the names of your first pet and last (or most recent) pet, what would it be? My penis would be named 'Duke Rainbow'. I kinda dig it, but I already named my penis. I did. His name is Lando Calrissian...same as the smooth-ass Star Wars... Read More

Night Guy Stoney Talks With The Great Kenny Wayne Shepherd {Listen}

On May 31st, Concord Records released "The Traveler," an album of experience and profound resonance by the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. Recorded in Los Angeles, while the band was on a break from their uncompromising tour schedule that left them road-tested and ready to rock, "The Traveler" showcases... Read More