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Mardi Gras 2021 Events

It's different this year but it won't be like this every year! Still some great local events happening! -Hoda Kotb about hosting Mardi Gras for all Y'all: 'We're going to make everybody happy' -Imagine 'Floats in the Oaks,' a drive-thru Carnival attraction in City Park for 2021 -Yardi Gras more... Read More
Drunk woman breaks neck trying to do 'Dirty Dancing' dance move

Osterlind: Dumbest Thing I Read (and saw) All Week

Somebody needs to put this “Baby” in a corner. An intoxicated dance teacher redefined “breakdancing” after landing horribly on her head while trying to re-create Baby and Johnny’s iconic lift from “Dirty Dancing” with her boyfriend (Click link below to see the video of the incident. WARNING,... Read More
Sharks’ Evander Kane files for bankruptcy with $26.8 million of debt

Osterlind: Dumbest Thing I Read All Morning

Sharks forward Evander Kane filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Saturday, according to a petition in federal bankruptcy court in San Jose, California, acquired by The Athletic. Read More
Canadian woman caught walking husband on leash like a dog while breaking coronavirus curfew

Osterlind: Dumbest Thing I Read All Morning

It turns out, men really aren’t dogs. A married couple in Quebec apparently decided to test out a loophole they thought they discovered in the local coronavirus regulations. Unfortunately for them, the authorities didn’t agree that husbands can be considered "pets." Read More
zep getty

Guy Tells Cops- "You Can't Play Led Zep Quietly"

This guy may not have a ton of respect for his neighbors, but he has respect for the work of Jimmy Page. A 60-year-old woman in Huron, Ohio called the cops around 1:30 A.M. on Saturday when her neighbor wouldn't stop BLASTING music. The neighbor is a 40-year-old named Nathan Rock . . . and his last... Read More
Florida man sets himself on fire while trying to burn down home

Osterlind: Dumbest Thing I Read All Morning

A Florida man was seriously injured after he apparently set himself on fire while allegedly trying to torch a home in the Tampa area on Sunday morning, according to a report. Read More
Orleans Parish DA, who is under indictment, picked musician out on bond to perform at his swearing in

Osterlind: Musician Out On Bond Performs At DA's Swearing In

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Questions pop up after Jason Williams was sworn in as Orleans’ Parish District Attorney, Monday. A popular artist performing at the ceremony could be a possible conflict of interest for the new DA. A Jazz Fest staple, New Orleans trombonist Glen David Andrews performed while... Read More
hairy cupid

Hairy Heart-Shaped Box Filled with Beef Jerky for Valentine's Day

Who says you have to put chocolate in a heart-shaped box for Valentine's Day? It's a weird time right now, might as well get weird with THIS too. Jack Link's Beef Jerky is selling a heart-shaped box filled with BEEF JERKY for Valentine's Day this year. And the box itself is covered in brown HAIR... Read More