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Highest Paid Movie Stars

Osterlind: Highest Paid "Actors"

Osterlind and Coleman go through the list of 2020's highest paid actors. But, they noticed that most of these "actors" aren't really good at acting. Maybe they should change the name of the list to "Highest Paid Movie Stars" instead. Osterlind - Highest Paid Ac- I Mean, Movie Stars.mp3 Read More

Kat's 'Future Classic' from 'Shadow & The Thrill' (Video)

"Shadow & The Thrill are- Ex-Great White bassist and current Jack Russell’s Great White rhythm guitarist Tony Montana and drummer Brentt Acrement From the streets of Los Angeles and New Orleans! Video of "Crazy" - Shadow &... Read More
Nurse denies setting off emergency alarm to watch colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran

Osterlind: Dumbest Thing I Read All Morning

A senior nurse has been accused of setting off an alarm so he could watch his colleague’s breasts bounce as she ran to help. . Read More
beer wench

International Beer Day: Here's Where You Can Get Free Beer

Today is International Beer Day, and in honor of the holiday, you can get free beer! And that fine free international beer is . . . Miller Lite. They're running a promotion where if you buy a six pack of Miller Lite today in one of 110 cities in the U.S. that share their name with a country, they'... Read More