Article II - Booze Etiquette


Section 1: If you bring beer to a party, you must drink your beer first before drinking anyone else's....unless otherwise permitted by the host.

Section 2: If you bring beer to a party and need to leave, the beer stays there.

Section 3: If you open a beer you must finish it, never leave a "Wounded soldier" (Paul in Mt Lake Terrace)

Section 4: If you are at someone’s house you must ask for a beer, you can never just take one.

Section 5: The last beer will always be reserved for the man who originally purchased said alcohol. If someone consumes the last beer and is not the original purchaser, that person becomes solely responsible to replenish the reserves. (Rodney in Spanaway)

Section 6: If a man gets up to grab a beer, he is obliged to get one for any friends who are in need. (J.D)

Section 7: Never drive drunk or let a friend drive drunk. (Kyle in Seattle)

Section 8: You can't narc out a buddy for showing up to work hungover. You can however harass him as much as possible. (Felix in Seattle)

Section 9: In a bar or club, the guy with the drinks has the right of way. (Russ in Tacoma)

Section 10: Never relocate another mans beer. (B. KIng)

Section 11: No frozen concoctions at a sporting event, pregame or postgame. (Thee Ted Smith)

Section 12: No man shall ever drink beer through a straw. Or drink anything from a bottle or can with a straw.

Section 13: Never turn down free beer on the basis that it is "Not your brand" (Sean)

Section 14: If you didn't open the beer, don't touch it, drink it, put your cigarette butts out in it. It's not empty, I'll be back for it, I promise. (Matt)

Section 15: All men who drink must know at least one drinking game (Jezter)

Section 16: If someone offers to buy you a drink, and you accept, you must drink ALL of that drink. (Kev Dog in Olympia)

Section 17: If late night food is sought after a night of drinking, the designated driver shall not be required to pay. (Connor in Monroe)

Section 18: When someone offers to buy you a drink, unless they specify, do not order a more expensive drink then what you normally drink (K.Smith in Fremont)

Section 19: No man shall drink from another mans tab/pitcher with out buying a minimum of one round. (Honkey Kong in Puyallup)

Section 20: If it's your turn to be the DD, suck it up and do your job, don't mope about it and bring everyone down. (Jackson)

Section 21: If you can help it, don't puke in the sink. (William in Bonny Lake)

Section 22: Never toast with another mans drink (Brian in Arlington)

Section 23: Never tailgate at someone else's car (Cole)